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About the movie: 1. What aspects did you like the most and the least about the movie? Why? 2. Make a short summary of the first part of the movie in 8 sentences. Use simple past and past continuous. 3. Make a report comparing Batman in this movie, and Chapulin Colorado. Use the comparatives studied in class. a. More… than (x3) b. … er than (x3) c. Less… than (x3) d. As… as (x3)

Time to listen: Listen to Yu Hong and Ajay talking about their experience as immigrants in the United States. Then answer the questions. Use full sentences. 4. Where are they from? 5. When did they move to the United States? 6. What important event in their lives happened that year? 7. What did they study? 8. What are they doing now? 9. What are some of the difficulties of being an immigrant? 10. What do they miss the most?

Time to speak: 11. Imagine you are an immigrant in the United States and that you are being interviewed with Yu Hong and Ajay. Record your answers.


A set of questions about the movie Dark knight rises.