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About the movie: 1. If you were as rich as Bruce Wayne, would you do something for Popayan? If not, what would you invest your money on? 2. What did Alfred wished for Bruce’s future? 3. Imagine you want to change something from today’s society. What would you change? How would you do it?

Time to listen: 4. Listen to the conversation between Tracy and Mark. Fill the gaps. Tracy

Guess what… I’ve found a summer job.


That’s great! Anything ____________?


Yes, working at an amusement park.




So, have you found anything?




Being an intern sounds more interesting than landscaping. You’d have better

hours, and it’s probably not as much work. Mark


Time to speak: 5. Make a recording. Replace Mark’s voice with yours in the conversation.


A set of questions about the movie Batman dark knight rises.