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remnants brand identity manual   by stacey harper

Remnants Brand Identity Standards  |  Created And Designed By Stacey Harper

table of contents who we are


this manual




the primary


the secondary


make-up 4 sizing 6 spacing




signature use


the palette




business system




business system


digital applications




mobile app












store front












signature developement


digital roughs


signature development


digital pieces


print pieces


who we are Remnants is a non–profit organization dedicated to the education and exploration of a child’s imagination through the use of recycled materials. We provide recycled goods in the form of kits and educative programs to over 3,300 organizations and classrooms. This saves 28 tons of material from entering a land fill while impacting over 275,000 children locally. As a non-profit, we do this for the children and their future. Through our services we help children learn about themselves and the word around them all while improving the natural environment. Our greatest achievement is a child’s joy that comes from a free mind and an ability to express and create.

remnants brand manual  ix

this manual This manual will illustrate the guidelines necessary for the proper use of the remnant signature and the company’s brand. In the following section you will find descriptions of the principles and inner detail of this brands nature and application.

remnants brand manual  xi

signature The signature is a stand alone representation of the remnants identity designed for instant recognition. Our signature is unique as us and our message. Some rules have been set up to retain the nature and flavor of our signature.

remnants brand manual  1

the primary The primary signature is to be used first and foremost before any other alternative solution. The signature is the face of the remnants identity and is an independent representation of it. Alternatives have been designed in the event that the primary signature cannot fit with in the designed materials and should be used with care.

the secondary The secondary signature is to be used as an alternative solution to the primary signature. It is important that the signature stays consistent, therefore the secondary is to be used only when the primary is too small or the design calls for a horizontal signature.

remnants brand manual  3

remnants signature



primary make-up The remnants signature is made up of three separate shapes and a line of type. These shapes and the type should not be altered for any reason. The remnants signature has been designed with precision for the most effective communication and recognition. Always use approved artwork when reproducing the remnants identity. Only use approved signature applications.



remnants signature

secondary make-up This version of the signature is less preferred than the primary signature and should be used only as an alternative due to limited vertical space or sizing. The logotype should not be altered for any reason. Always use approved artwork when reproducing the remnant signature.

remnants brand manual  5

reference width 2"

6 1/3x

17/20x 1x



proportional sizing Proper proportions are important for this signature to retain its strength and balance. If reconstruction of the symbol and logotype is necessary, be sure the follow the appropriate measurements for spacing. When aligning the logotype to the symbol, the logotype must always alight within the borders of symbol.

4/5x 3/25x 1x

reference width 4"

reference width 0.5"

reference width 0.75"

minimum size The signature size is based off the x-height of the logotype. The primary signature is not to go below 0.5 inches at any time. The secondary signature must not go below .075 inches in size.

remnants brand manual  7




spacing Spacing in important to create a clear and distinct separation and hierarchy from other elements in close proximity. The amount of white space around the signature is directly proportional to the signature itself and should not be altered for any reason. 1x is equal to the x-height of the logotype within each signature.




remnants brand manual  9

structure The symbol is created using a system of circles and squares. When recreating the symbol, be sure that all corners are set at a right angle and that all curves are set to the arc of a perfect circle. All elements should sit within one solid box.

remnants 10







kerning The logotype requires specific kerning for proper representation. When reproducing the logotype, pay close attention to the specified kerning. Proper representation of the signature is dependant on proper kerning.

remnants brand manual  11

proper signature use A full color signature is preferred application. If a colored background is used the signature is to be reproduced in white. If the contrast is great a monotone black version is available if a full color version is not available. The signature is to be produced in only Pantone PMS colors, black or white.

improper signature use The signature is to follow the provided guidelines at all times. When dealing with outside companies it is important that they are aware of these guidelines and that they are supplied with the appropriate artwork. Shown are some typical inappropriate applications of the signature. The signature is not to be separated from itself. The signature is not to be display as just logotype without the symbol or just symbol without the logotype.

remnants brand manual


primary pantone 321 up

cmyk: 010 1 40 7 rgb: 0 158 161 hex: 009ea1

secondary pantone 7405 up

cmyk: 0 18 100 6 rgb: 241 195 5

hex: f12c305

pantone 309 up

cmyk: 28 0 99 13 rgb: 174 193 45

hex: aec 12d

pantone 213 cp

cmyk: 0 100 24 4 rgb: 238 55 128

hex: ee 3780

pantone 2695 up

cmyk: 69 85 10 11 rgb: 97 67 132 hex: 614384

the palette Only use the chosen Pantone colors when applying colors. Also, the use of tints is allowed but only for the provided percentages and only when full color is deemed inappropriate.

100% 75% 50% 25%

100% 75% 50% 25%

100% 75% 50% 25%

100% 75% 50% 25%

100% 75% 50% 25%

remnants brand manual  15

primary Helvetica Neue (T1), Roman 55 / 75% Black

secondary Helvetica Neue (T1), Light 45 / 75% Black

AaBbCcDdEeFfGgHhIiJjKkLlMmNnOoPpQq RrSsTtUuVvWwXxYyZz(,.:;#!?) AaBbCcDdEeFfGgHhIiJjKkLlMmNnOoPpQq RrSsTtUuVvWwXxYyZz(,.:;#!?)

Stempel Garamond, Roman / 75% Black

AaBbCcDdEeFfGgHhIiJjKkLlMmNnOoPpQq RrSsTtUuVvWwXxYyZz(,.:;#!?)

Stempel Garamond, Bold / 75% Black

AaBbCcDdEeFfGgHhIiJjKkLlMmNnOoPpQq RrSsTtUuVvWwXxYyZz(,.:;#!?)

typography The typography accompanying the remnant signature is important to the feel and flavor of the identity. Helvetica Neue and Stempel Garamond were chosen because they have an extensive family and they display well together. The treatment of the typography create the environment of remnants brand therefore it is imperative to follow these type rules.

Header Adobe Garamond Pro, Bold | Size: 14/10pt Tracking: 30

Secondary Header

a place for children to create 6 centers teaching science, and math

Helvetica Neue, Regular Size: 12/14pt Tracking: 10

Tertiary Header

friends of the earth

Stempel Garamond, Roman All Caps | Size: 8/10pt Tracking: 30 | Color: 75% K

body text Stempel Garamond, Roman Size: 9/12pt | Tracking 15 Color: 75% K


We use materials that you no longer have use or value for. If it is clean and safe we can use it towards a kit or activity for local children. Materials must be clean and safe for a child’s use. Children enjoy the ability to create, pure and simple.

Helvetica Neue, Regular Size: 7/9pt | Tracking 30

Secondary Subscript Helvetica Neue, Regular Size: 7/9pt | Tracking 30 Color: 75% K

Jake McAdams (right) and Dave Pelham (left) enjoyed this weekends featured event, Aliens and Space.

remnants brand manual  17

business system The business system is for the members to use as a printed representation of the company. This system used various elements of the brand to create a final cohesive experience for each customer or business to receive it.

remnants brand manual  19

business system The letterhead is one of the key players in defining a brand. The teal letterhead is to be used for business communications while the lime is to be used for public communications. The signature represented at the top of the letterhead is to be the same color as that on the reverse side. Matching colored envelopes are to accompany each letterhead.




2in 1.25in


specifications When writing a letter, the following guidelines are to be followed. No exceptions or alterations are to be made to the margins, typography or any other element. Print on Mohawk Via Smooth, Bright White 24lb, writing stock. Stationary size is 8.5 inch x 11 inches. For printing, align the bottom edge to the printer to avoid issues with the die cut top corner.

remnants brand manual  21

envelope Envelopes are the first thing a person would see and experience when receiving a letter from us, it therefore needs to be just as considered as the letterhead. When sending a letter to a business the teal envelope is to be used while a lime envelope is to be used for the public. The interior of the envelope is to be flooded with either teal or lime depending on recipient. Strict margins and placements guides have been set for the envelope and are not to be broken.





specifications Strict margins and placements guides have been set for the envelope and are not to be broken. Envelopes are to be 9.5 inches x 4.125 inches in size (or a commercial #10 envelope). Print envelope only on Mohawk Via Smooth, Bright White 24lb, writing stock.

remnants brand manual  23

business system Business cards are the embodiment of remnants and its staff that people will keep with them for future reference. Business cards can be personalized for each individual. Each member has the option of choosing their own color for the signature and reverse side of the card.



specifications The above guides are not to be altered or broken. The business cards are to be printed on Mohawk Via Satin, Radiant White 100lb. cover stock. The cards are standard business card size of 3.5 inches by 2 inches and include a die cut on opposing corner.

remnants brand manual  25

digital applications The digital applications provide a quick and easy way to access the remnants community and information. It creates a level of convenience for our customers that no company can go without.

remnants brand manual  27

website The website is an alternative location for customers and businesses to gather information about our non-profit. Included on the website is a section for donations, programs, shopping and more. A calender of events and store hours is included so customers can know when the store is open for a visit and for shopping. Also the calender provides information for volunteers so that they can schedule their time around events.

contents Along with a calender, the website also holds a shopping page for visitors to purchase various kits for themselves or groups online.

remnants brand manual


mobile app The mobile app provides an additional experience to the website and the printed media. The mobile app provides a place for committed members, parents and businesses to upload their experiences either at events or with the individual kits.

contents This app allows users to share their pictures and experiences with their child while learning and exploring our kits. Also the kit holds a calender for users to keep up-to-date with our events and store hours.

remnants brand manual  31

Applications The applications of the remnants brand expands its identity out to customers and businesses. Our applications have certain specifications that allow for a fluid representation of our brand. The following rules and specifications should be followed carefully for a proper representation.

remnants brand manual  33

where imagination and recreation meet


Contact us

Help us serve 275 thousand children and recycle 28 tons each year. Donations of any size make a difference. Amounts of $10 or larger can get your name on our gathering van. Donations can be made on our secure website or by mail. There are 3 ways your donation can help: program support, scholarships, or equipment.


313.640.4411 mail:

remnants 16135 Harper Rd. Detroit, MI48224

donation methods

acceptable materials


Program support Donation Guide

gasket scraps cuttings punch–outs washers part covers clothe upholstery vinyl leather smooth wood wood turnings

Support our 200 special needs volunteers donation list who help sort and prepare materials weekly. Scholarships Supplement programs for those who receive free lunches at local schools. Equipment Purchase dies for the tool shed, heat sealers for plastic bag kits, and other materials for the shop and kits.

colored paper patterned paper surplus or outdated stock unusual packing material sturdy cardboard tubes samples and sample books foam pieces promo material plastic bags cleaned containers pipe cleaner

please no:

styro worms, sharp metal or glass, materials with lead, materials with phthalates

supplies wish list

liquid hand soap work gloves cleaning materials lightweight display system tape carts and dollies copy machine supplies heat sealing machine

brochures Brochures are an opportunity for Remnants to create awareness for our company and for our cause. There are three different types of brochures; a teacher/parent information guide, a business information guide, and a donation list. When creating a brochure be sure to use the appropriate colors: lime for parents and teachers, teal for businesses and purple for the donations list. All brochures are to be printed on Mohawk Navajo Text, Brilliant White 100lb cover stock.

postcard This postcard is sent out to companies and community members inviting them to join in the support of our non-profit. To the businesses, a postcard asking for contributions through financial, volunteer or material donations is sent. To individuals, a postcard encouraging families to bring their children for a day or to come themselves to buy some materials for that next project is sent.

remnants brand manual  35

billboards Billboard are an additional element to the applications. Billboards are highly effective due to that mass amount of people to view the daily. A billboard needs to be easy to read very quickly.

remnants brand manual  37

posters Posters, much like billboards, need to be readable quickly. However, unlike billboards, a passersby can stop and learn more if he or she so choose. These posters create an awareness of the company showing the fun and creative side of remnants purpose.

28 TONS OF MATERIAL RECYCLED EVERY YEAR remnants collects recycled materials from over 170 businesses nationwide. these materials provide 3,300 organizations and classrooms with an exciting learning experience that also positily impacts earth

learn more: call: 313 . 640 . 4411 visit: 16135 harper rd. detroit, mi 48224

TEACHING MATH, SCIENCE AND SOCIAL STUDIES remnants provides 12 educational programs for groups and individuals at their 6 different locations. these locations are geared towards explorating, educating and inspiring children.

learn more: call: 313 . 640 . 4411 visit: 16135 harper rd. detroit, mi 48224

remnants brand manual  39

store front A beacon for thrift shoppers and scrap lovers, the Remnants store front shows customers what they are all about. The store is both fun and educational and it invites customers to explore the possibilities that lay inside.

carry-out bags Carry out bags are reusable bags for customers to buy and are encouraged to use when revisiting. The idea of multiple uses that remnants invokes is continued with this reusable bag. Customers can come and fill their bags to the top and take home their goods for personal use.

remnants brand manual  41

store Carrying the brand into the store and onto the attire of the volunteers and children within strengthens and reinforces the brand. An apron for volunteers and members to wear and keep clean is in lime while a child’s apron is teal.

remnants brand manual


umbrella Many of remnants events are held outside. As weather in Michigan is not always reliable, an umbrella is available for customers to purchase at the store as well as at events when while out in the elements.

kits Kits travel to various customers across the state and across the country. These kits are easily scalable and can fit into a USPS flat rate box for the cheapest shipping possible. Kits contain materials for pre-planned programs for the individual, student, or child. Every kit is educational and entertaining to create.

remnants brand manual


process Great research and iterations are needed to redesign a company. The creating of positioning statements and user personas are just some of what was needed to create the brand for remnants.

remnants brand manual  47

profile research

A Detroit non-profit organization that uses 28 tons of recycled industrial materials to help 275,000 people of all ages and abilities each year think, create, and learn. Arts and Scraps is a constructive and creative way to recycle industrial materials. Arts and Scraps competes with recycling firms and landfills to obtain the recycled materials. Arts and Scraps is different from other non-profit organizations because they use materials in a fun and creative way that in turn saves over 28 tons of material from entering a landfill. Because Arts and Scraps saves tons of industrial materials they can create fun kits for kids to create with and learn about recycling and its importance. Target Market

Arts and Scraps’ target market is the children of Detroit. Arts and Scraps was created to entertain and educate children of all ages while providing an alternate use for industrial materials. Customers

Arts and Scraps’ customers are the parents of the kids as well as the teachers and businesses of the area. All benefit from Arts and Scraps. The children themselves are also customers. The service created by Arts and Scraps is directed more at children than any other demographic. Category

Arts and Scraps is a non-profit organization who’s main focus is in recycling industrial materials. They also donate all proceeds back into the community. Motivating Benefits

Arts and Scraps save up to 28 tons of material from entering the land fill every year while putting over $250,000 dollars back into the community annually.

positioning statement Remnants helps out the local schools with educational craft kits that inform the student on the importance of recycling as well as encourages them to explore their imagination. Not only does Remnants educate and inspire children within the community but also help large and small corporations. Remnants partner with over 170 businesses and corporations with green solutions to recyclable material disposal. Remnants also provide companies with employee volunteer opportunities, event sponsorship opportunities, program sponsorship opportunities, and an opportunity for team building workshops. Along with those, Remnants give companies a chance to create custom kits for their company brand. Each kit can be custom designed, branded, and can create positive rapport for that company as it is a product that supports positive uses of recycled materials, it is made by volunteers, and all profits are paid back into the community. Located in Detroit Metro Area, Remnants has access to multiple corporations willing to contribute their time, money, and recyclables to their cause. Remnatns receives materials or support from over 170 businesses within the Detroit Metro Area and throughout the United States. Due to Remnants’ location they have access to multiple corporations willing to donate time, money, and material. They also have access to schools and children ready and willing to create and learn about recycling and creating. Remnants uses their kits as a means of broadening a child’s mind with creativity and thought. They believe that each kit of material is unique and that each creation made will also be unique. Children are encouraged to develop whatever their imagination holds into a standing object. Teachers and parents are encouraged to engage each child by asking them a few questions as they work on their kits such as “What was your idea when you made this?” “How did you make this?” and “What materials did you use?”. Kits come with curriculum themes but Remnants encourage teachers and parents to create their own. Along with these kits, Remnants provide programs that include workshops, party event hosting, gallery exhibits and field trips.

remnants brand manual  49

moodboard My moodboard for this project consisted mostly of bright colors, shapes, children, and scrap materials. The new brand is bright, playful and geared towards children.

remnants brand manual  51

top picks little bits of something


consigned to more

knick knack pack


that which remains


bits ‘n pieces

building from the past


making memories

stuff ‘n junk

Final remnants

naming Various research was done to find the most appropriate name for the new identity. Research into synonyms, antonyms and word meanings lead me to the existing brand name. The following is a list of some of the names that I had developed for the brand.

complete list creative recycling

stuff n junk


bindles of fun

creative solutions

green bean

little builders



green stuff

turn around

olds and ends


green art


odds and mends

live again





craft savers

better ends

new history



better means

recycle shop


artsy fartsy

new ends

new beginnings


parts (AFRP)


hand crafted


fill savers

get salvaged

melting pot


rags to riches

born again

lost and found


rags to bags

new life

a new meaning


found materials

green toys

something new


found objects

green kits

waste not


bits ‘n pieces

creating futures

creative process


odds n ends

making memories

processed arts


odds n mends

forward thinking

skilled collaboration


tub love

the leave behinds



tub lovers

that which remains



hodge podge

waste not the imagination






trash pickers

kids ‘n bins

bin pickers


kids ‘n kits


material animation

consigned to more

new remnants


me to you

tin bin

knick knack pack building from the past tiny bits of something build | destroy | build

remnants brand manual  53

signature developement Creating the best possible signature for a brand takes many tries and many iterations. The following are some of the iterations I went through when designing this signature. I began with research and ideas with pencil and paper then worked along until a design that I liked came out.

remnants brand manual  55




emnants remnants

digital roughs After I got a few logo designs that I liked I transferred them into a computer and began to clean them up.




remnants brand manual  57



signature development After I figured out what style to used for the symbol of my signature, I had to begin creating specifics that eventually refined the symbol to a more geometric shape. I also updated my colors scheme to that of PMS colors and web safe colors. Along with that change came the thought that the three shapes that make the symbol should not appear in different colors. That is distracting, unnecessary, and expensive for printing.

final After fine tuning the initial directions for this identity, I developed a very geometrically resonant symbol.

remnants brand manual  59

digital pieces Sketching out the layout of the digital pieces helps to clarify the organization and direction of your digital experience. Clear hierarchy and flow is needed for the best possible communication. The above is part of the research and development stage, including the site map and the wireframes.

remnants brand manual  61

print pieces Sketching out the layout of your print pieces helps you design better than jumping onto a computer and starting there. The following are some sketched made for the print pieces I created.

remnants brand manual  63

Remnants Brand Identity Manual  

Remnants is a non–profit organization dedicated to the education and exploration of a child’s imagination through the use of recycled materi...

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