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stacey harper Senior Graphic Design Portfolio

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Our greatest achievement is the joy that comes from a free mind and an ability to express and create. Remnants is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the education and inspiration of children of all ages.

Dear Mr Licita, I would like to thank you for all your help this weekend with the Chase Exploration Workshop. The children enjoyed the experience and the interactions with each other as well as with the volunteers. If you ever have any needs for a workshop or a program, we would be more than happy to work with you again. This event ran very smoothly and was enjoyable for everyone involved. We look forward to working with you again! Sincerely,

Katrina Dixon Chairperson

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To communicate the playful nature of the remnants nonprofit organization, a

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28 TONS OF MATERIAL RECYCLED EVERY YEAR remnants collects recycled materials from over 170 businesses nationwide. these materials provide 3,300 organizations and classrooms with an exciting learning experience that also positily impacts earth

learn more: call: 313 . 640 . 4411 visit: 16135 harper rd. detroit, mi 48224

TEACHING MATH, SCIENCE AND SOCIAL STUDIES remnants provides 12 educational programs for groups and individuals at their 6 different locations. these locations are geared towards explorating, educating and inspiring children.

learn more: call: 313 . 640 . 4411 visit: 16135 harper rd. detroit, mi 48224

OVER 275,000 KIDS OF ALL AGES INSPIRED EACH YEAR remnants provides children and adults with 8 different theme workshops, 4 different types of programs, and a vast selection of kits from the individual person to a group of 30.

learn more: call: 313 . 640 . 4411 visit: 16135 harper rd. detroit, mi 48224

Posters and billboards that communicates the feel and message of the nonprofit organization are the number one leader in spreading awareness.

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A brand identity manual was developed for the non-profit organization for the numerous rules and regulations necessary to retain the flavor of the redesign.

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tagliatelle Package series designed to display the beauty of each type of pasta while accenting its natural shapes and color.

more than just coffee

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starbucks corporate social responsibility report Starbucks is a international corporation who is as dedicated to their social responsibility as they are to the quality of their coffee. Investors and customers become interested in the methods by which Starbucks is working to improve their world. This corporate social responsibility report explaining and illustrating the steps Starbucks takes to make a positive impact on the world and community around them.


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The report is viewable from the Starbucks website, however, for those who are unable to reach the internet, a report is available to be sent to the address of those interested.

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The Land Conservancy of West Michigan needed to refresh their identity. Along with a revitalized logo, additional components such as fliers, brochures, trail maps, a business system, trail heads and other various environmental graphics were added to the new identity.

land conservancy of west michigan The Land Conservancy of West Michigan works towards the preservation of West Michigan’s land and natural beauty. The Land Conservancy of West Michigan has grown greatly and now needs to unify their message and introduce more people to their existence.

To encourage a users involved and aware of their surroundings while out on a trail an interactive application for iPhones was developed.

Users can learn the identify and name of any plant, animal or insect in the wild by answering various questions about appearance and characteristics.

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A list of plants, animals and insects is sent out to app users each month as a competitive and educational component.

To satisfy the photo hunt, users are to capture the image of the featured species. Upon completion, the series of photographs can be placed on the Land Conservancy of West Michigan website.

The new identity stretched out into the two major social media sites as well as into a custom designed e-mailed newsletter. Members and volunteers of Land Conservancy of West Michigan can keep in touch through the media of their choice.

To learn more about the Land Conservancy of West Michigan, community members can visit the site. Here, you can discover what they are doing to improve the existing preserves, gain new preserves, and what you can do to help.


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A gallery dedicated to volunteers and member submissions is available for visitors of the site to see. All the images are from one of the many preserves and reinforce the importance of saving these bits of nature.

For those who want to learn more about where each preserve is, an interactive map was developed. Through this map, visitors can learn about each preserve specifically.

Each preserve has their own rules and feature their own unique set of wildlife. A portion of the website is dedicated to informing visitors of a preserve to what they might encounter at each particular site.

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genetic testing In the future, early genetic testing will help prevent genetic abnormalities from progressing into life changing diseases. In The Year 2020 website, visitors learn about the stories survivors from three different life changing genetic illnesses.

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people, places and things Readers will learn about the life of another and how her experiences have changed her and her meaning of home. Each page expands on her story and is accented with quotes illustrating certain aspects within the article.


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| stacey harper | the good choices campaign

ferris students make good choices Social norm theory states that if a student perceives something to be true, they adjust to the norm. The Good Choices Campaign was develop to inform students that the norm on campus is not to drink, smoke, and have sex like they may believe.


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the informer The informer contains Good Choices Campaign centered, pre-planned programs for resident advisors to use for their residents when designing an event. Every event and program is educational and interactive for residents and resident advisors alike. After each program, residents will have learned that fellow students on campus or in the residents halls are not making the destructive decisions they may have previously believed.

the instructor The Instructor houses the Good Choices Campaign presentation for FSU Seminar instructors to present to their students. The Instructor also contains activities for instructors to use at the end of the presentation or on another day of class. Included in the center are stickers and fliers to pass out to residents for participating in class activities.


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resources Resources are also made available online for instructors and resident advisors to download and use while teaching a class or while organizing and conduction a program for residents.

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