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Flying Together

leaving me at home with Grandpa Lou and Fritz to fend for ourselves— All over again. Don’t get me wrong. Grandpa Lou is the best grandpa ever. And Fritz is a great pup because he likes to cuddle with me when I’m sick or sad or even happy. He’s the best doggie in the whole wide world. Well, except when he tinkles on the floor and makes Mom yell and she threatens to ship him off to the moon. Before Mom’s socks get soaked, Grandpa Lou usually cleans up Fritz’s tinkles first. He made me an honorary member of the official pee patrol. Fritz is a good name for a dog like him. His bladder is definitely on the fritz 24/7. Even though he’s technically still a puppy because he’s not yet one year old, we’re hoping he’ll get an A in potty training soon. Besides Mom, Grandpa Lou is my superhero. He came to live with us after my parents got divorced and Grandma Grace passed away. He helps me and Mom and keeps us company, and we do the same for him. We all stay less lonely that way. Plus, he gives me hugs and makes me laugh. One time he made me laugh so hard that Dr Pepper flew right out of my nose. That stuff burns like fire. I so wish that I was drinking milk that day. My friend Dylan Jones said that Kool-Aid isn’t so bad coming out your nose

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