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If you would like to know more details about what your child is learning in the classroom, check the posted lesson plans outside each room.

From Brandon: Focus on Family This month in our family meetings, we will be discussing the topic of Television and Children. How much television are we allowing our children to watch? What role is this playing in the development of our children in the areas of eating habits, sleeping, bad behaviors, etc. Here are a few astonishing facts to think about in the area of Television and Children; •

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TV viewing among kids is at an eight-year high. On average, children ages 25 spend 32 hours a week in front of a TV— watching television, DVDs, DVR and videos, and using a game console. Kids ages 6-11 spend about 28 hours a week in front of the TV. The vast majority of this viewing (97%) is of live

with friends, being physically active, getting fresh air, reading, playing imaginatively, doing homework, doing chores). • TV. •

In about two-thirds of households, the TV is "usually" on during meals.

Kids with a TV in their bedroom spend an average of almost 1.5 hours more per day watching TV than kids without a TV in the bedroom.

Here are some key research findings to keep in mind as you decide what kind of role you want TV to play in your family; •

TV viewing is probably replacing activities in your child' s life that you would rather have them do (things like playing

Excessive TV viewing can contribute to sleep problems, behavior problems, obesity, and risky behavior.

I am looking forward to discussing this topic further with everyone. The awareness has made me re-evaluate TV with my kids in my own home and I am hoping that it will do the same for all of our families.

Family Education Night (FEN) Thursday, June 16 Family Education Night Location: First Baptist Church Dinner at 6pm Class from 6:30-7:30pm

Our Outdoor Learning Environment is Coming! The playground will be completed by mid-June. With the heavy rains of late April/early May, our landscaper and contractor are backlogged. As soon as they have openings in their schedules, we will have sod laid on the existing dirt hill and slides installed to create a hill slide. We will also have a concrete pad laid so that our storage shed can be moved onto the playground and our outdoor toys made more accessible. A large sandbox with sun shade and cover should arrive in the next 7-10 days. We appreciate your patience during this process. We are all anxious to have an outdoor space for our children soon!



Needing volunteer hours? Brandon can always use help setting up for Family Education Night and cleaning up after. While you are already there why not get some volunteer hours in?


From Deanna: Discipline Guide Learning how to effectively discipline your child is an important skill that all parents need to learn. Discipline is not the same as punishment. Instead, discipline has to do more with teaching, and involves teaching your child right from wrong, how to respect the rights of others, which behaviors are acceptable and which are not, with a goal of helping to develop a child who feels secure and loved, is selfconfident, self-disciplined and knows how to control his impulses, and who does not get overly frustrated with the normal stresses of everyday life.

n't pay to fight doing what he is • eventually going to have to do anyway. Some children, however, will feel like they won if they put off doing something that they didn't want to do for even a few minutes. Be consistent in your methods of discipline and how you punish your child. This applies to all caregivers. It is normal for • children to test their limits, and if you are inconsistent in what these limits are, then you will be encouraging more misbehavior. Important Reminders about Discipline:

If you are having difficulty disciplining your child, it is impor• tant to remember that you may not be doing anything wrong. All children are different and have different temperaments and developmental levels and a style of discipline that may work with other children may not work with yours. You should understand that how you behave when disciplining your child will help to • determine how your child is going to behave or misbehave in the future. If you give in after your child repeatedly argues, becomes violent or has a temper tantrum, then he will learn • to repeat this behavior because he knows you may eventually give in (even if it is only once in a while that you do give in). If you are firm and consistent then he will learn that it does-


Stay calm and do not get • carried away when your child misbehaves. Avoid yelling and screaming, since this can teach your child that it is all right to lose control if you don't get your way. If you feel like things are escalating too much, then take a break until you can regain your • composure. • Avoid too much criticism. Make sure your child understands that it is the misbehavior that you are unhappy with and that you will always love him. Avoid too much praise. You don't need to be continuously praising your child, especially for routine activities, because it will make your comments less effective.

Don't focus on negatives all of the time, especially when offering positive reinforcement. It is much better to say ‘I like that you put all of your clothes away,' instead of saying ‘I like that, for once, you finally got around to putting your clothes away without my asking.' Avoid physical punishment. Spanking has never been shown to be more effective than other forms of punishment and will make your child more aggressive and angry. Remember to give rewards and praise for good behavior. Understand the difference between rewards and bribes. A reward is something your child receives after he has done something, while a bribe is given beforehand, to try and motivate your child to do what you want. Bribes should be avoided. Be a good role model. Most importantly, provide your child with a safe environment in which he feels secure and loved.



JUNE 2011 Sun








2 Chapel 10am

3 Show & Tell


(Green, Purple & Blue)



7 Gym 9am


9 Chapel 10am

(Green & Purple Rooms)

Gym 10am

10 Show & Tell


(Green, Purple & Blue)

(Toddlers & Blue Rooms)



14 Gym 9am


(Green & Purple Rooms)

Gym 10am

16 FEN Night 17 CLOSED PROFESSIONAL Chapel 10am


23 VBS Chapel 10am



(Toddlers & Blue Rooms)







Gym 9am


(Green & Purple Rooms)

24 VBS Show & Tell (Green, Purple & Blue)

10am (Toddlers & Blue)



28 Gym 9am (Green & Purple Rooms)


Gym 10am


30 Chapel 10am

(Toddlers & Blue Rooms)

Mini Monet is over for the summer, and Pippin will visit occasionally throughout the summer.

Dollie: Words from the Watchtower Hi Parents, June has arrived! I have been very busy interviewing and filling vacant staff positions. Many of our teachers have returned home for the summer in between their semesters at school; and the new teachers we have found couldn’t begin training until their semesters had ended. I am pleased to announce that we have promoted from within and brought on some new staff. Elizabeth (currently the purple classroom lead teacher) has been promoted to Lead Teacher of the Center. Elizabeth will be able to assist families and get messages to me when I am not at the center. She will also play a role in organizing special events/activities for Lighthouse at FBC. If you have not met Elizabeth yet take a few moments and go by the Purple Classroom and say hello! Kim (currently the assistant toddler teacher) has also been promoted to the

Lead Infant teacher. This transition will not begin until June, which will allow her to have plenty of time to work with Linda and meet all of our infant children and families. Kim is excited to meet all of our infants and their families! June is the month planned for Home Visits. Home visits will replace your monthly meeting with Brandon. During the home visits Brandon and your child’s primary care giver will come to your home, your child will need to be at home with you. Our plan is to complete the Infant and Toddler classroom home visits during the week of Tuesday May 31st through Friday June 4th. The Blue Room (Malarie’s classroom) is planned for the week of June 6th through June 10th. The Purple and Green classroom is set for June 13th through 17th and June 27th through June 30th. I have to organize the home visits among the teachers, substitute availability, Brandon and all of the families, which can be a challenge. If there

is a date during your child’s classroom scheduled week that works best for you, please let me or the teacher know as soon as possible and I will do my best to accommodate you. The home visits must occur during our operating hours. Your teachers will have further information on the specific dates and times in the coming weeks. During the week of June 20-23 Early Head Start has invited me to attend a Birth to Three Conference in Washington, D.C! During this time Deanna will be at the center three days of the week. Elizabeth the Lead Teacher will be in the Purple classroom. Kristin and Chelsea (interns) will also be at the center, if you have questions/concerns please talk with one of them and they will assist you. Have a great month! Dollie





Infant Room - New Staff! Lead Teacher

Assistant Teacher

Hi! I, Kim Lemarr, am very excited about being the new lead teacher for the Infants/Mobile Infants come June. I am currently the assistant teacher in the toddler room. I know I have some big shoes to fill as Miss Linda has been wonderful. I look forward to getting to know each kiddo and their families.

Hi, my name is Katie Thornton. I am going to be the new assistant in the infant room. I am currently attending OTC and I am working on an Early Education degree. At home I have a 4 year old son named Noah and a 1 year old daughter named Ily. I grew up around a licensed in-home daycare and then decided at a young age I wanted to have my own center after I finish school. I look forward to working with you and your children.

Toddler Room - Ms. Corrie In April we learned about bubbles, rainbows, clouds, and peanut butter & jelly. We even got to make our own peanut butter & jelly! We had so much fun eating it. Yum! This month, we will be learning about under the sea (animals that swim), ice cream (cold & hot opposites) night and day and more. Some items that you may be able to provide include: empty spice jars, empty coffee creamer jars, tissue boxes, sand, cornmeal,

cornstarch and boxes. We especially would love old, oversized dress-up clothes for our dramatic play area. One thing we are working on right now is rubbing our hands together when we wash. We encourage our kids to keep rubbing while we sing, “Row, row, row your boat, gently down the stream. Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, life is but a dream. Rock, rock, rock your boat, gently to the shore. If you see a lion, don’t forget to Roar!”

I, Kim Lemarr, have had so much fun working and playing with the toddlers. Each one is so unique and fun. Their smiles and hugs have brightened everyday. I will really miss being with them as I am moving into the Infant/Mobile Infant room in June to take over as the lead teacher. Miss Corrie has been a wonderful lead teacher to work with. You are very blessed to have her. Stop by the infant room and say hi, you all know I love to talk. Thank you and God Bless You!

Blue Room (2s & 3s) - Ms. Malarie



I am very excited that warmer weather SHOULD be on its way! My hope is that during the month of June we can begin going on class field trips periodically! We have several options of outings such as: Walking to the park, the Bistro Market, or simply walking and looking in shop windows to talk about what we see! In order to do this however, I would LOVE to have

volunteers who could join us to help holding hands, listening to directions, and to enjoy the fun! If you are willing, PLEASE let me know upcoming dates and times you are available! Our preference is morning time (before noon) in order to avoid any pickup confusion. As soon as I get volunteers I will set the dates and let parents know every detail!

Here are our upcoming June themes:

Fun in the Sun

Enchanted Forest



Purple Room (4s) Mrs. Elizabeth For June we will be focusing on fruits:

What are they?

Where do they come from?

The Food Guide Pyramid

Taste testing

Items to donate: I would like to allow taste testing every day. Five different fruits, one each day.

Christian Character: Trust Bible Verse: He provides you with plenty of food and fills your heart with joy. Acts 14:17 NIV

Green Room (5s) - Ms. Melissa If you would like to donate anything to the class, we could use uncooked noodles to make art projects. Some of our class topics we will study include celebrating Dads & Grandpas, and animals of all kinds (sea, zoo, Missouri animals) We would also like to make plans for outings (Zoo, Bass Pro) but in order to take these trips we will need parent/ adult volunteers. Let me know if this is something you would be interested in.

From Erica: VBS is Coming!

Seasonal and unusual fruits!

*Please let me know if your child has any allergies to fruit that I am unaware of.

I will be returning from vacation June 6 with pictures and other items for the class to look at.


First Baptist Church will host Vacation Bible School (VBS) June 20-24, 2011, and our blue (Ms. Malarie), purple (Ms. Elizabeth), and green (Ms. Melissa) classrooms are invited to participate in VBS. The theme this year is “Big Apple Adventure”! All children in those classrooms should expect to receive permission slips in the next few weeks requesting parental permission for the children to participate. During that week, our children will take a field trip with their classroom teacher to different classrooms within the church facility to join other children from the community in VBS. Each child will receive breakfast in his/her classroom before moving to the VBS classroom at 9:00AM. The children will stay in VBS until noon, and will return to their classrooms at that time for a late lunch and nap. After nap, the children will resume their regular schedule. We hope it will be a fun and meaningful time for all of the children. Erica Harris, Executive Director-Lighthouse CFDC


The Lighthouse Child & Family Development Center (LCFDC) is a Christian faith-centered family development program that aims to support and strengthen families by providing a nurturing childcare environment, along with family support programming, to families with 525 South Avenue

children 0-5. LCFDC is committed to increas-

Springfield, MO 65806

ing self-sufficiency, reducing child abuse and

Phone (417) 865-1378

neglect, and providing these high-quality and

fax (417) 865-1268

affordable services to all. Contact Lighthouse Leadership Dollie:

"Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it." Proverbs 22:6

Deanna: Brandon:

Help Lighthouse Support Our Troops

Introducing New Staff!

Snacks - Beef jerky, dried fruit, pop tarts, hard candy, mixed nuts, granola bars, fruit rollups, ramen noodles, tuna in a pouch, gum, mints, powdered drink mixes, nonperishable food items (no glass and no pork products please)

"I am Kiley Finkbiner. I am from Willard, Missouri. I am currently a student athlete at Evangel University where I play volleyball. I am a junior studying Early Childhood Education. I am looking forward to working with all of the children!

For the month of June, Lighthouse will be collecting donations to send a care package to the 1-1 BSTB Bravo Company that are stationed in Iraq. What can you do to help? • Write letters of thanks • Draw pictures with your child to send • Help with shipping costs • Donate from the list below: Clothing - Tan t-shirts, flip-flops, white socks, army-green socks, hats, gloves & blankets

Morale - AA & AAA batteries, board games, word search books, soduko puzzles, CDs, DVDs, disposable cameras, pens & pencils, handheld games Supply - Duct tape, electrical tape, superglue

If we have good support during this drive, we will be supporting other Healthcare & Hygiene - Body lotion, troops throughout the year. If you toothbrush, toothpaste, contact lens saline solution, band-aids, surgical tape, know a soldier that would love to have gauze, Tylenol, Tums, allergy/cold medi- a package sent, please give the contact cine, Gold Bond foot powder, Lotriman information to Mrs. Elizabeth. Ultra, baby wipes, sunblock, chapstick, deodorant, razors, eye drops, Ben Gay, There will be a box designated “Support Our Troops” that you may place your Icy Hot, q-tips (also consider putting together a supply box for a female sol- items in! It will in the front under the sign in/out book. dier)

"Hi I'm Elizabeth Davey, the Lead in the Purple Room. I have my associates in Early Childhood Development and have been in the early childhood field for 11 years. I am excited and blessed to be here at LIghthouse!"

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