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The Pulse April 2011 Edition

Gravette Employees dress up for Wear Red Day.

More employees sporting their red attire.

Pretty ladies in Gravette. Looking good!

Is a photo worth your


ways we’re saving

big bucks


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Gravette Employees at the first annual Heart Walk. Go team!

A peek at the Be Nice Boot Camp t-shirts.

At NIXPO with OCH CCC Clinic Manager, Eric.

D.A.V. box is Located by the ER Entrance.

OCH Employees can now drop off clothes & other items during work!

R.C. Scanlon, DO, Dennis Morrison, DO & Rep. Bob Dixon at D.O.c A Day in Jeff City.

Be Nice.

OR GET THE BOOT We’re serious about customer service.

New MRI in Gravette.

For more info, check

Gerry Revella’s band “Unmistaken,” played at Cartoons this past March.

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Customer service is the essence of our culture. It’s what makes our hospital unique and it is what makes our hospital stand out.




Ever think twice before posting a pic to Facebook? After reading this, you might!



Being nice doesn’t always come naturally. Read what we’re doing to make sure it does.


Perhaps you have to be both the CEO and an attorney to be able to pull this off, but our Human Resources manual actually states that you can be fired by me, simply for not being nice.


Normally, you would hear Human Resource experts tell you, "You can't do that! You can't fire somebody simply for not being nice." And to them, I say, “why not?” I tell employees when they first get hired here, it says it right in the Employee Handbook: "Mr. Taylor will fire you if you are not nice." Our hospital is dedicated to serving the underserved in an atmosphere of compassion and respect. It’s in our mission to serve with a smile.


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Paul Taylor Chief Executive Officer

We’ve updated The Pulse! If you have any suggestions for future content, we’d love to hear it. Contact the Communications Department by phone (417) 874-4523 or email


Call us! (417) 874-4523


Write us! 2828 N. National Springfield, MO 65803


E-mail us!

with bench Upright Spinet piano, comes otherwise. on diti sight, one leg, good con tact con , ted $400.00 or OBO. If interes or 789 Larry Lippitt at 918-666-2


OH BABY! If you have a baby, these items are for you. All items are gently used, pictures on SharePoint: Baby Boppy ($20), Swing ($35), Crib ($35), Diaper Genie ($20), Winnie the Pooh Crib Set ($20), Bouncy ($15), Heart Monitor ($20). Call Holly in HR for details x4020.

Black Track Motors is coming to Ozarks Community Hospital (NORTH) on Wednesday, April 13. Get your car fixed during the day without having to leave work! On site services include:

The Pulse


’S Pizza l 30. DOMINO alid April 1- Apri OFFER v Street Kearney e th t a le . Availab 63-0044 : (417) 8 ly n o re sto HP psc 2170 series all in one copier, scanner, printer. Includes printer paper, HP premium photo paper, extra black toner cartridge ( new), and cartridge storage case. $100.00 If interested, contact Jonna Tarr at 417631-9550 or 417-868-8351. Also, Vintage Setee, like new, from Haverty's. Original $ 848.43, asking $500.00.

Headbands & clips, all different sizes and colors. Headbands are $5 and clips are $3. They are great for girls of all ages, from baby to teens. If interested, contact Jenny Johnson at 837-4065 or 860-0261. Or email at

Find out how your fellow employees saved OCH loads of dough this month.

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Content includes information from the Employee Discounts & Incentives and postings from the Employee Bulletin Board on SharePoint. Please refer to SharePoint for more recent additions/updates. OCH DOES NOT SPECIFICALLY ENDORSE THESE INDIVIDUALS OR BRANDS.


Chances are, you’ve seen these videos...but have your friends?


Steals & Deals


Full Service Oil Change -- $34.99 (most vehicles) Synthetic Full Service Oil Change -- $65.99 (most vehicles) Castrol GTX High Mileage or Castrol GTX Full Service Oil Change -- $46.99 (most vehicles) Diesel Pickups -- $67.99 and up Tire Rotations -- $20 (most vehicles) Call Andrea in PR to reserve a time to get your car fixed up (417) 874-4523. Stop by PR to get a copy of service details or check out the Employee Bulliten Board. Pssst! Hey you! Have you checked out our newly updated Employee Discounts & Incentives? New updates are posted all the time! Find it in the Communications/PR folder on SharePoint.

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THE MAN PAGE Sports. Steak. Movies. It’s what we do.

IN SPORTS BY: VINCE WARBINTON The clocks have been changed. The weather is starting to warm up. The grass is becoming green. With spring arriving, the best season of sports is as well. In a two month span we are indulged with events such as March Madness, Opening Day in Major League Baseball, and The Masters, the greatest and most prestigious tournament in all of professional golf. March Madness is the craziest three weeks in all of college sports and a tournament that many, including this writer, would like to see adopted by the NCAA for football. Opening Day in Major League Baseball is right around the corner with teams

BY: SCOTT TAYLOR A popular theme in Hollywood recently has been the inconspicuous science fiction plot - or inconsci-fi (I made that up). These films have aspects of a science fiction story, while allowing it only to create the backdrop for the core story, the human story. The Adjustment Bureau starring Matt Damon (Good Will Hunting, Bourne) and Emily Blunt (Young Victoria, The Devil Wears Prada) is just that. Damon plays Congressman David Norris, the youngest person ever elected to Congress at 24. Now in his 30s, the movie opens with him in the heat of a New York senate race, and he's winning big. It is made known through various visual techniques such as clips of news stories or a shot of a newspaper, that Congressman Norris is a notorious partier, as well as being known as the "bad boy of politicians". The night before the election, one such story is plastered across all media fronts, a story that costs him the twelve-point lead he was enjoying, as well as the senate race. While practicing his concession speech in what he thought was an

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playing spring ball since the end of February.

Mickelson is going for his fourth tournament championship and Green Jacket.

This season marks high anticipation for the two Missouri teams. The Kansas City Royals, along with their devoted fanbase, are anxious to see how their young, promising stars perform under the big lights of Kauffman Stadium. The St. Louis Cardinals, along with their passionate following, would like to fast forward to October to continue negotiations with MVP candidate and future Hall of Famer, Albert Pujols.

Yes, these next couple months will have this sports writer sitting around eating cheese puffs and watching some great and exciting sports. Moments that will make you say, "I remember exactly where I was when that happened." Whether it's Mario's Miracle, Tyus Edney's only meaningful moment on Earth, Charlie Sheen throwing out the first pitch at Dodgers Stadium, or a young golfing Cinderella by the name of Vince Warbinton sinking a 40 foot putt on the 18th Hole at Augusta National to shock the world and win The Masters, these moments are upon us and are waiting for our undivided attention.

Team owner Bill DeWitt, Jr. might as well sell the team and leave town in the cover of darkness if a deal is not struck with Pujols. The Masters brings all the enjoyment of life together for four glorious days. Tiger Woods looks to slump bust (double meaning) in Augusta and win his fifth Green Jacket , while defending champion Phil

unoccupied men's bathroom, Blunt's character Elise Sellas - a contemporary ballet dancer - exits one of the stalls, halting Norris' review. Their meet-cute is intense and more importantly - real, allowing the audience to buy into the romance from the moment they set eyes on one another. Which in this film is wildly important, considering the sci-fi backdrop relies heavily on the fact that you believe these two were supposed to be together, whether their fated to by higher power or not. The higher power in this film comes in the form of what is known as The Adjustment Bureau, a secret group of claims adjusters basically, but you know - claims adjusters who get their orders from Him - whom they refer to as The Chairman. Their job is to "adjust" the paths of individual's lives and fates, according to "the plan" laid out by The Chairman. In the case of Norris and Elise, their paths were supposed to meet earlier in life, and according to the most recent version of "the plan", they are not to be together, something that Norris cannot and will not live with. The main adjusters are played by John Slattery, Anthony Mackie - who's who's character Harry Mitchell is an adjuster


s w e N c i Clin

know. be the last to to e v a h ’t n w you do linics. oing on? No g s t’ a h und OCH & c w ro r a e s d g n in o n w e r p e Ev st hap d on the late Stay update


In an effort to make Nerve Conduction Studies NCS/EMG more available to referring providers, Dr. Sharlin will be moving all NCS/EMG at Ozarks Community Hospital to his Springfield office practice beginning next Tuesday, March 22.


Providers are to host quarterly education programs at the Heritage Youth Development Center facility, highlighting topics such as developmental milestones, diabetes and nutrition, child psychology and much more.

Primrose has two new LPN’s for Dr. Kim: Elaine Leyda and Jenifer Goodwin. Amy Porter’s last day is April 29th.



WEBB CITY Everything is running smoothly at North Pediatrics. Right now, there is a friendly nest of garter snakes that are keeping patients on their toes, but other than that no other updates or issues to report.

MT. VERNON who has been carefully watching Norris and his family all of Norris' life - and Malcolm McDowell, who's character you would not want to meet in a dark alley, or even a well lit and crowded sports arena. Stretched across more than four years, the core of the story is the romance between Norris and Elise, a will-they-or-won't-they for the ages, one that must tempt fate and break it - to succeed. There was not a bad or even sub-par performance from anyone involved, from director George Nolfi (The Bourne Ultimatum, Ocean's 12) down to the last cast member. At times sweet and at others insanely intense, the film is thoroughly enjoyable, and is worth the price of a ticket.



Gravette added a new MRI in March. The MRI uses a magnetic resonance to visualize detailed internal structures, and its primary function is to view soft-tissue based images.

Advantage is looking to teach a Personal Safety/SelfDefense Class. Classes will consist of one hour session taught by Chuck. Also, Advantage is looking to create the first Autism Diagnostic Clinic in Springfield. Bolivar is in the final stages of the start up of the VFC (Vaccines for Children) Program, stay tuned for the official start date! Also Beth Mann, MA & her husband, Jake, welcomed new baby girl, Taylor, into the world on January 25th. Congrats!


Dr. McKay sees all ages of patients on Fridays from 15pm. After April 20, Dr. McKay will also see patients on Wednesdays from 1-5pm. On Fri., Dr. Belk can see children as young as 5 w/out referral. Leon Sullivan, RN gives a free diabetic class each month. The HealthyU Chronic Disease Management program starts in May. Classes are free and open to the public. Also, congrats to clinic manager, Eric Rogers! He was recently named one of 417 Magazine’s Top 20 Under 30. Dr. Cherry will now be working in Rogersville on Tuesday afternoons. He can accept Medicaid, Medicare as well as many other insurances.


OCH Employees,

r a d n e l a C r u o Y Mark

pril... en in A p p a h ese e to . Yes, th else you hav y a D h t hat , Ear , Easter e! See w onth. r s r o e m w o h Sh muc his m re’s so ard to t w r o f but the k loo




PALS Class (AR)









Review/Peer Review Committee Mtg (MO)

Happy Easter!





CPR (AR) Nursing Orientation (AR)

New Employee Orientation (AR)



CPI recertification (AR)


April Fool’s Day!



New Employee Orientation (MO)


I just want to say thank you to the very nice guys from the maintenance dept who have been so ready & willing to help dig out cars and give a little push when needed.



Earth Day

I understand there is a lot of this kindness going on out there. Dianna told me Karl helped dig her car out yesterday after the snow had pretty much buried it. So, I guess I'll just say thanks to all of you Knights in shining armor.

Good Friday

Judy DeVault, RN, CWS


Infection Control Meeting (MO)





23 National Take Back Day



april 2011 What are you doing in April? Send us pictures & updates via or email We want to know what’s going on around the Ozarks. Page 4

Just today, I needed to leave for a little bit, but my car did not want to leave its parking place. First of all, Jared showed up, almost out of nowhere, & together we tried several things to no avail. Next two other young men showed up. I think both of them were named Brian. Anyway, the three of them pushed my stubborn little car out & onto the driveway. Not only did they help without having to be asked, they were all very gracious & polite. Just wanted to say thanks to these fine knights in shining armor.

To Radiology Department:

Thank you and may God bless you for all your kindness, care and prayers while I was in the Hospital.

That was all so nice of you.


OCH Radiology Patients

My OCH Family, During a time like this we realize how much our friends and relatives really mean to us...


Your expression of sympathy will always be remembered. I would never made it through the past few months without OCH! Love,

I just wanted to say thank you to Jaron Stevens. A while back when I was working late he popped his head in and noticed I was still working. He asked if I minded him doing my floors.

Holly & the family of Evelyn Lowry

I came to the Gravette Hospital to have a CT done, and the techs were the kindest, sweetest people there are. I really appreciate the care I received. -Gravette Radiology Patient

Thank you all so much for the hard work you did for my amazing surprise birthday party!! I was totally surprised and am humbled by the thought that you would go to so much trouble for me. Thanks for inviting my mom and including her in my workfamily festivities! You all are the best!

I actually came in this week, and he had maintenance work on my floors, and they are gorgeous! He even left me a little note and was so sweet. I was so excited and tickled to see them and it was a nice little surprise! Davalene McKinzie Gravette HR

GOT SOMETHING NICE TO SAY? Send us a note! We’d love to hear from you. Heck, if you feel like bragging about a co-worker, we’ll put that here too. We love to hear what our patients are saying about us. Pass their note to or call Communications at (417) 874-4523.

-Karla Myers I would like to say Thank You to everyone in the OR on March 15, 2011. You all were so nice and helpful to me. You made the surgery better than I thought it would be. Thank You so much. -OR Patient (via Facebook)

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e Y v L otes

N Hi All, Dear Darla Treacy, Shamefully, I have put this letter off for over a year! A year ago this coming April my brother Dan (51) died after only 4 1/2 months quickly of cancer. OCH administration and doctors, bless their hearts, offered all employees insurance on a regular basis. So thank God I took all I could ever - though I didn’t feel I could afford to take the amount out of my check routinely. And guess what? Low and behold a year later (Dec 2009) I was diagnosed with stage III breast cancer. Some of you know me, some of you do not. I am an RN who worked Med/Surg at nights. Today I am still off work over a year later saying “Thank GOD I did not pass up the insurance offered by Craig Lowrance and OCH!” I also want to express my continued ongoing gratitude for the wonderful employer OCH has been while there and since off. Thanks Paul! Karla! Marilyn! Gerry! Pam! Kenda and on and on. I’m a fighter! I love you, Karen Myers

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I want to thank you very much for your kindness and patience, but mostly for your patience. I don’t think I could’ve made it without your help and caring. It would be very nice if there were more like you out there who cared. I hope whenever I have to go to the hospital you will be there because I know I’ll be safe. God bless you & see that you are happy! Thank you, OCH Radiology Patient

I wanted to express my appreciation and thanks to the hospital staff for the wonderful treatment I received prior to and during my stay at your hospital. Specifically, I would like to send a special thank you to all of the nurses and aides on the Medical/Surgical Unit that took such good care of me after my surgery! Thank you Jodi, Stephanie, Cynthia, Phil and Becky and to everyone else assigned to my case! Sincerely, OCH Patient


We really appreciate the work you have been doing. Great job! God bless all your families. Thank you from the depths of our hearts. OCH Patients

Dear Bridget Brantley,



There are a lot of hospitals in a lot of towns and I have been in my share of them, but I want you to know as stressed out as I was, I don’t know what I would have done without your loving care. Thank you for the trouble and time you took to see that I was okay. It was very kindhearted and a good thing to do. I will never forget that there are still people in the world who actually care about others. I know God knows you and loves you for who you are as I do. Thank you, OCH Radiology Patient Dear Mr. Michael Wiseman, I want to thank you for the kindness you showed me during January 24, 25 of this year. your patience and understanding was greatly appreciated and I hope the hospital knows how lucky we are to have you. Thank you, OCH Patient

BENTON COUNTY & SURROUNDING AREA CHOSEN TO PARTICIPATE IN NATIONAL STUDY Arkansas Children's Hospital Research Institute (ACHRI) launched a campaign January 22 to recruit area families for the National Children's Study (NCS), the largest long-term study of children's health ever conducted in the United States, and has announced that it has consented 22 eligible participants and has experienced three births into the Study. Benton County was one of 105 counties chosen in the U.S. to participate in this observational study that will follow more than 100,000 children from before birth to age 21 to examine how genetics and the environment influence children's health, development and quality of life. "The NCS is the most ambitious and innovative study of children's health ever done and the information that we collect may one day be used to develop new medicines and new ways to protect children's health," said Charlotte Hobbs, MD, PhD. section chief of Birth Defects Research at ACHRI and principal investigator of the Study. The NCS will examine physical and social environments. Research gathered will provide insight on how children's health is affected by family health history as well as the places where children live, learn and play. Those who live in Benton County who meet the criteria and are interested in joining the Study Can can contact the ACHRI study location at 1-877-KID-STDY or (479) 286-2620 or visit

[Photo fatale] You’ve heard a picture is worth 1,000 words, but did you know it’s also worth your address? Thanks to the technology in your camera or mobile phone called “Geotagging,” your pictures may be more than anonymous on Facebook. That picture may just be the gateway to your every day life. WRITTEN BY: ANDREA HARP Most of us aren’t famous enough to have stalkers. Heck, we live in Missouri and Arkansas! We’re not exactly a bunch of movie stars. Unless (of course) your name rhymes with “rad” and you starred in Troy and in that case you are the exception. However, generally speaking, most of our lives are void the millions of overcrazed female fans watching our every move. In fact, the only over-crazed fan we truly have to worry about is our mother. And, biologically speaking, she’s soft of obligated.

smart phone, chances are you’ve used GPS to search for a location or future destination. Sure, you’ve used it to find something, but what if someone could use it to find you? With the help of the built-in GPS, phone camera applications can embed the latitude and longitude of a location in photos. Coordinates aren't shown directly in your photo library, but if you post a “geotagged” pic online, someone with an evil motive can easily extract the photo's exchangeable image file format data and find out where you live, eat, or hang out.

So, we’re in the clear. Right? Not exactly. As far as our online lives go, we’ve become at bit lackadaisical (complacent, at best). We, the online users, have started to trust social networks to look out for our best interests. We’re letting automatic settings decide our online privacy, and we’re caring less about personal safety and more about sharing. Starting to sound like a lecture yet? Don’t just take my word for it. Something things (*cough* Charlie Sheen) just aren’t meant to be shared.

Location based applications don’t help either. You’ve heard of them: Facebook Places, Twitter, Foursquare, Gowalla. Each of these applications encourage users to post location information online for the public to see.

Okay, but it would be sort of hard to pull all that information together, right? Not really. “Any 16 year-old with basic programming skills can do this,” says Gerald Friedland, a researcher at the International Computer Science Institute at the University of California, Berkeley. According to Friedland and others, we might as well be handing our personal info over on a silver platter. LESSON LEARNED? No one is asking us to live our lives like we’re in a Jason Bourne movie, making insane jumps from high buildings and changing passports so others won’t discover our identity. Just watch what you post. You can even add a few ninja moves on the side, just for kicks.


GEOTAGGING If you’re on the Internet, or you have

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! e Nic

Be Or get put it, "learn to go above and beyond". As winter begins to melt away and as most of us have already bailed on our New Year's resolutions to get in shape, eat better, or quit any life shortening habits - Ozarks Community Hospital is here to help in the form of a boot camp. For any of you who have been through an actual boot camp, there will be no screaming drill sergeants (unless Mrs. Alexis Brown notices you're late to the seminar), no bullhorns at unreasonable hours of the night (and yes she has a bullhorn), and no live fire drills to be worried about (fairly certain she does not own a firearm). This is a nice boot camp - and to be more direct - this is Be Nice Boot Camp. Be Nice Boot Camp has been installed to facilitate OCH employees in the art of customer service, something that sets OCH apart from the Others (A reference from the hit television show "Lost" as well as a shorthand that will be used in this article to refer to the other hospitals in the area). We pride ourselves on creating an environment for our patients that is, to be intentionally clichéd, like a family. For the most part, we've nailed it. However, there is always room for improvement regarding customer service, and as Evan Jewsbury - one of the boot camps' instructors -

On March 9, 2011, a test run of the boot camp was held for 12 guinea pigs that shall remain nameless. Armed with pen and evaluation sheets, the 17 settled in for what was supposed to be a three-hour seminar. To the credit of the instructors - Carrie Richardson, Bernadette Losh, and Evan Jewsbury - it took only two hours and change, with a 15-minute break. Bernadette's segment led off, as she promptly offered the class $20 if any of them could answer her trivia question about OCH. She kept her twenty on the spot, but provided the class with a take away resource. Way better than $20. Several attendees' commented on their evaluation sheets that this card was an "excellent idea" (direct quote). The segment was "short and to the point with a positive emphasis." These quotes come directly from the evaluation sheets, so believe it. And brush up on your OCH knowledge. You could walk out of there with cold hard cash. Next up was Evan Jewsbury who led a majority of the camp. He spoke candidly and confidently, addressing issues in which OCH could improve in the quest to go "above and beyond" regarding customer service.

What your colleagues had to say... “Real information. Not just orientation. Really applicable.” "I want to extend a BIG thank you to Evan for everything that he put into this training program! He used his expertise and materials from his Master's program to compile excellent content for the course! The material is very applicable to all departments at OCH, and I think the training experience will be enjoyable for all." Kathryn Wood, HR Manager “I’ve always been pro-active about customer service and this program really emphasizes the importance.”

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Written By: Stacy Bulcock & Ken Moss

The CPSI group is in the process of implementing a new type of security called user-based logins. What this means for users, (or the end user) is a simplified log-in process. Users will no longer have to sign in with a CP or PHY number. The base of user logins will be employee numbers. In some instances, employees may need multiple logins so we’ve assigned extra accounts that will give these users the ability to log into different systems.


CPSI welcomes Yvette Condon as the newest CPSI trainer. Previously, she worked in MedSug as a CNA and assisted as needed as a Unit Secretary. Yvette has worked at OCH since December of 2007. We’re excited to have her in our department!

When users log in by this method they will be taken one of two places: Option one, (if users have access to one facility, such as just the hospital or just a clinic) they will be taken directly to that system. OR option two: if users are setup to access multiple facilities (for instance the Gravette Hospital and the Webb City clinic) they will be presented a menu to choose the facility they wish to access. Gone are the days of fighting for access to clinics because users just don't have enough logins available! Users also won’t have to worry about someone stealing Don’t forget! call the their CP number and having CPSI kick that user off. Right now, CPSI staff are tentatively scheduling the update for the first week in April. After we tell everyone that we have gone live, users will now enter their employee number and the initial default password (NewLogin66). At this point it, will make users set a new password with certain rules. Passwords must be complex and contain an uppercase letter, a lowercase letter and a number or special character (!@#$%^&*). The password cannot be based on a dictionary word and must be six to 10 characters in length.


We not only hope this will make logins easier and more convenient for our users, but also serve to fulfill the requirement for the hospital to receive their share of the stimulus money from the To report a tip! (417) 875-4628 federal government. Thanks for your help!

CONGRATS, INVESTIGATORS! Here are some of the latest solutions that your fellow employees created to CPSI Issues. Employees who submit tips could win $5 and/or be entered to win $25. Employee Name: Barbara Camron, Lab Issue: Webb City Clinic was getting a lot of duplicate lab reports printing out. Solution: Went into clinic set-up and changed the prelim reports from Fax All to Fax Stat only. *This is an issue that only certain people with set up access can fix. Name: Stephanie Edwards, Patient Finance Issue: Payroll issues (new clinic software). Solution: Stephanie created an ad-hoc report to pull valuable information for CPSI users. **Winner of February $25 Prize!

Name: Mandy Lucas Issue: Exams aren't linked together on image link. Solution: Film number must be entered in patient's account on CPSI and must be the same film number under all accounts. Name: Karl McFarland, Pharmacy Issue: Various issues. Solution: Karl will enter in the orders via daily mtgs. Employee name: Casey Roddick, Patient Finance Issue & Solution: Casey figured out a way to fix medication charge errors and implement a system for catching and filing them.

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It is time for yearly performance evaluations again! If you haven’t already completed yours, you will in the next couple of months. Here’s what to expect: The typical yearly evaluation process consists of your manager rating you on various aspects of your performance. The checklist below gives some useful tips for employees to become more engaged in the performance review process. This checklist can be completed prior to the performance evaluation and discussed with your manager during the meeting, so that your manager will be better able to assist you toward reaching your professional goals. Before your performance evaluation meeting: __ Review your job description. __ Review your goals. Review your goals from the last yearly evaluation, informal goals from meetings with your manager, and your personal career goals. Have you taken steps to reach these goals? What additional steps do you need to take to reach these goals? Share with your manager! __ Review documentation from the last year (including customer comments, notes from your manager, etc.). __ Review your previous performance evaluation. Where have you made improvements? Where could you continue to improve? __ Identify areas of excellence and write down examples to discuss. __ Identify areas for improvement and develop specific suggestions to discuss with your supervisor. __ Reflect on your training and growth needs. Develop a list of suggested activities. __ Ask yourself, "In the coming year … What would I like to learn?" How could my supervisor help me be more successful?" What resources do I need to do my job better?" What responsibilities would I like to take on?" What are my professional goals in this position and/or with this organization?" __ Is there anything else that has been hindering my ability to do my job well? **If you have already received your performance evaluation, you are welcome to schedule a follow-up meeting with your manager, to cover the areas above that were omitted during your review. Question? Contact Kathryn in Human Resources or (417) 837-4205.

HOW TO: BREAK A BAD HABIT Nail biting. Over eating. Avoiding exercise. Got a bad habit you wish you could kick? Worry no more! Here’s a HOW TO formula to get yourself out your rut and to a new path with new good habits for your life. All you need is a pen & paper and you are set! (Information from Decide how serious you are about breaking the habit. You’ll need time and energy to pay attention to your behavior so that you can change it.

Think of what you could do instead of the habit that would be a more positive way to deal with the feelings or situation.

Keep track of when you do the behavior. Keep a notepad or journal handy.

Try to catch yourself when you find yourself doing the habit and stop yourself ASAP.

Write down when it happens & what you were thinking and feeling. Writing increases your awareness of when and why you have this habit.

Practice replacing your new behavior at least once a week. Practice makes perfect!

Read and think about what you write down. Is it a way to deal with feelings of boredom, anxiety, stress, anger?

Get support from others by letting them know you are working on the habit and telling them what they can do to help.

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“Boo t” Shoo t


A section about attitude really seemed to provide important information to the class and was well received. "Putting it together has been a good refresher; it's opened my eyes to a few bad habits I've gained over the years. All in all, I've really enjoyed creating the program,” said Evan.


Customer service is what keeps the hospital open.

Carrie Richardson took the podium for the home stretch, and also provided the camp with possibly its most entertaining moment. Her topic was phone etiquette, which scored off the charts on the evaluation sheets. Due in part to a "secret shopper" call placed to an OCH facility, which will remain anonymous. She called as a "sick patient" seeking healthcare. Whether the call went well is not important, but it was an extremely effective learning tool - one that was very helpful for the camp. It should also serve as a friendly reminder to all of those answering their phone - you never know who is on the other side of the call. "Customer service is what keeps the hospital open," Evan stressed. "It's what keeps people coming back. How patients view our hospital will eventually affect how the hospital gets reimbursed." That right there should be enough for all of us to get our boot camp on. Camps are going on now and will be going to Gravette for a test group in early April. The program will continue for a year with new additions each following year. So be nice… or get the boot.

YOUR BOOT CAMP CREW Want to know who the brains are behind the operation? These guys. Pictured (from the top down) Kathryn Wood, Carrie Richardson, Group shot, Bernadette Losh, Evan Jewsbury. Each of these employees worked to create “Be Nice Boot Camp.” Interested in learning more? Contact Evan in HR at (417) 837-4104 or email him at

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s o e d i V ay m u yo have d! e s s i m






Dr. Aberna thy shoveling sn ow after th e Snowpoca lypse 2011 (the fine p being Chie rint of f of Staff).

For more videos visit our YouTube channel online at:

money wi$e

It’s in our blood to make more with less (or sometimes nothing at all) & the month of March was no exception. Check out the ways your fellow departments are saving major dough. Congrats to Purchasing for winning the month of March!

$$$$$$ $$$$$$ $$$$$$ $$$$$$ ADMISSIONS



The amount OCH of Gravette staff raised to support the young Gravette local, “Johnny the Brave.” The Gravette community pulled together $17,000 to help Johnny fight his brain tumor.

The number of discharges Springfield Resolutions had in January. The last time discharges totaled above 30 was in Oct. 2008. Great work Resolutions!


Trina is now working in place of any staff who call in or cannot make it in so they do not have to hire an additional person or call anyone else in.



Cut cleaning by one day and the staff are helping to do this on the day the cleaning person is not there.

Lost a night shift tech, being creative on staffing.

Working to increase utility efficiency. For the two large boilers: this past year we have been operating on just one due to increased efficiency. We have also been able to reduce our natural gas bill by 13%, water bill by 15%, and sewage bill by 12%.



Adding a day for Dr. Tay.

Three clinic vacancies that aren’t going to be filled.

Census has been high.




Down staff, not replacing.

Added 2-3 doctors and no more staff.



Better deal on 16 oz cups, saving $1,600.


Nursing administration is covering day shift vacations and vacancies. Ronda in MRI will not hire a specialized tech to perate the new MRI; she is training for it and will be doing that work.


While you were at home nice and warm, a few OCH staff braved the storm to make snow angels. Now, that’s the spirit.

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Implemented a centralized pharmacy to cut down on the volume of supplies scattered throughout the clinic. Reviewing charts not billed quickly and trying to implement a better process to handle this.


Lost staff, no replacement. Scored free advertising through Mary’s radio program.


Done a better job of pre-certs for Medicare Advantage Plans, letting families know so they are aware of the cost before admitting.


Tweaked the tech schedule to eliminate overlap by 20-25 hours.


Received eight TENS units for free. Working on expanding pediatric services in Nixa.


Dr. Stelling is now here two days a week and staff are doing less printing: just printing the final lab is saving a whole ream of paper every 4 days.

Lost staff and not replacing.

Changed route that is driven for courier, saving with gas and oil changes ($1,000 a year). Also working with David to save on pricing toilet paper which will save $800 a year.




Stayed open in February despite the snow days.

Hitting heavy on the GPO. David is working diligently to find ways to save money with vendors. Based on our volume, we are saving on little things, $3,000 a year, and on one thing already $00 a week which results in $20m000 a year. David is going vendor by vendor doing research to see what other savings we can have.

Dealing with less staff, scrimping on buying. The hospital job is doing a better job on copy counts.

How to make the most out of bad weather.


Having heating/cooling issues. Too costly to change to HVAC system. Working on a plan to move equipment that creates a lot of heat to the colder area of lab, saving $$ on fixing issues.


Talk about a present! One Nixa housekeeper, James, gave away his truck to a friend who was struggling to make ends meet. Thanks James for your generoristy. A wonderful gift!



Evaluating employee retention process due to high cost of turnover. Changed the exit interview form and will be sending summaries to Dept. Managers to try and improve process.


Being creative on staffing and not using any agency staffing.


Decreasing paper through copy use and trying to recycle more.


Making sure outpatient infusions have been pre-certed prior to ordering the expensive drugs. Centralized pharmacy in Nixa and reducing full-time techs to part-time techs to save more than $20,000 a year.

Congrats to our March 2011 Winner!

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