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Heart by the Harbour Reykjavík’s Concert hall and Conference Centre

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Welcome to Harpa Harpa is one of the most remarkable landmarks in the capital and serves an important role in Icelandic conferences, music and culture. Harpa is an enchanting destination for travellers and its award-winning architecture attracts a multitude of visitors each day.

A Vibrant and Colourful Landmark Harpa was designed by Henning Larsen Architects in Copenhagen in collaboration with the installation artist Ólafur Elíasson and Batteríið Architects Ltd.

Six million tons of sea were pumped from Harpa’s foundation during its construction. It is unclear where all that sea ended up!

The design was inspired by the nature of Iceland. The construction materials of the building are, in addition to steel and glass, the striking black concrete used in the open spaces which evokes the image of solidified lava but on entering the halls the visitor will be surrounded by fiery red wood panels that elicit the impression of blistering lava erupting from the bowels of a volcano. The building’s structure and placement is a reference to Hvítserkur, a peculiar surfcarved basalt stack which stands along the eastern shore of the Vatnsnes peninsula, in the northwest part of Iceland.

Harpa Residents — Weekly Concerts Harpa opened in 2011 and has since then been the home of The Iceland Symphony Orchestra, The Icelandic Opera and The Reykjavík Big Band. The Iceland Symphony Orchestra’s season is filled with international and local stars performing with the orchestra in its weekly concerts. Seasonal highlights include concerts for the Opening of the season, as well as the popular Christmas and New Year’s concerts.

Halls and Spaces Harpa’s halls and open spaces can be used in diverse ways which makes the building a suitable venue for various events. Eldborg (1,800 seating capacity) Silfurberg (1,100 seating capacity) Norðurljós (650 seating capacity) Kaldalón (200 seating capacity) Various exhibition spaces, restaurants, and conference rooms are also located around the building. If every space in Harpa would be fully occupied its total guest capacity would be 5,000.

Music Festivals and Conferences

Harpa’s floor area is 28,000 square metres.

Numerous music festivals are held in the building, including Iceland Airwaves, Sonar Reykjavík, Reykjavík Arts Festival, Reykjavík Jazz Festival and Reykjavík Midsummer Music. Harpa is a world-renowned conference centre and its advent greatly increased the number of international conferences held in Iceland. Eve Online Fanfest, Arctic Circle, Spirit of Humanity Forum, LREC, SSAI and 67th Nordic Council Meeting 2015 are among conferences that have been held in Harpa.

Harpa’s facade is constructed out of 10,000 windows made from more than 1,100 assorted types of glass panes. That surpasses the total amount of windows in all the buildings on Laugavegur, the primary commercial street of downtown Reykjavík.

Harpa Residents — Ongoing Events The Icelandic Opera season is from late February to March and late October to November. The Icelandic Opera also showcases its top artists during regular lunchtime concerts in Norðurljós. Múlinn Jazz Club and The Tin Drum are concert series presented weekly and are not to be missed!

Daily Exhibition

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Comedy Show

Lunchtime Concerts

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Everything else in Harpa Harpa has more to offer than spectacular events in arresting surroundings. Stop for a coffee and a sandwich at Smurstöðin or explore Icelandic produce in fine medi­ terranean tradition at Kolabrautin. Go shopping at Epal design or Upplifun, books and flowers. Book a day tour with Sterna Travel to any of Iceland’s amazing attractions or visit Geysirland tourist info where you can rent a car and travel on your own.


Behind the scenes Guided Tours Go on a guided tour of the building and get an insight into Harpa’s architectural design, its dynamic atmosphere and the cleverly implemented technology. The tour takes about 45 minutes

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