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ReadingWise invents desperately needed learning programs that no one else has built. We build programs for NGOs, corporate and schools. We teach illiterates to read, the shy to speak and everyone to learn everything twice as fast.

ReadingWise approach

Who we are ReadingWise is an organization based in New Delhi, India and London UK. We are experts at large scale training. But we only take on projects where our work can make an enormous difference to the quality of life of the people we work with. We do much of our work in the developing world, but our courses are needed just as much in the developed world, where illiteracy, study problems and mismanagement are still rife. We take advice from the top experts in the world in their fields. We have worked on 3 continents. We come from different fields so our eclectic experience combines to generate extraordinary new ideas. For a full list of management and advisors, please see our website.

Where we work Our programs have been delivered, or are being delivered, in the following places and others:  300 villages in rural Northern India  Schools in New Delhi  Indian universities  NGOs  Corporates  Spanish schools and training centres  UK schools  UK youth training schemes  UK charities  UK community groups  USA refuges and welfare centres  USA training centres

A group of ReadingWise students learning spoken English at Delhi’s first ever training centre for female taxi drivers

What ReadingWise does ReadingWise invents groundbreaking innovative educational programs to solve large-scale social problems such as illiteracy and employability. We work with NGOs, corporates and schools to supply programs that no one else can build. Our flagship development product, the Tara Akshar Literacy program, has made 55,000 rural women literate in Northern India. Our learning programs can double the rate at which staff and students learn new knowledge and new skills. Our anti-shyness programs can transform a workforce or class from non-proactive, non-participatory, and doing the minimum necessary into a group with zest and zeal to solve problems and create solutions . We use very latest educational and psychological research to incorporate accelerated learning techniques in all our programs. We do NOT use conventional teaching methods; we get students to work in groups and to teach each other under the supervision of a facilitator. Our work started in the rural poverty-stricken villages in India, but we are now building programs for the First World, where serious educational problems are still rampant. ReadingWise programs are implemented by corporates and NGOs. Our below-poverty-line programs have been funded by governments and private donors. Our goal is to change the lives of hundreds of millions of people. In order to be immensely scalable, our model is to train-the-master-trainer. We welcome approaches from governments, NGOs, schools and corporates to train your people to carry out the programs we have designed.

The ReadingWise learning method We and our ReadingWise Certified Trainers adhere to the following principles: 1. 2.


4. 5. 6. 7.


The Human Mind is capable of vastly more learning, remembering and creative thinking than it has been credited with in most formal learning institutions. It is daft to teach people, children and adults alike, without bothering to give them any skills of HOW to study. They should be taught accelerated learning techniques, so they can absorb large amounts of information with relatively little effort. Teaching should NOT be about pouring buckets of information into students’ heads so they can regurgitate it. Teaching should be for the benefit of the student, who needs to understand what they are learning so that they can think creatively about it and apply it. Lectures and blackboards are very ineffective ways of learning. Learning needs colour, sound, movement, humour and fun. Students should work in groups, teach each other using learning materials, do exercises and role-plays. Uneducated people get exploited and bullied. Learning one’s rights is part of education. Any teacher can get 75% of a class to learn. A great teacher can get the other 25% to learn. If a student fails, it’s the teacher’s fault.

ReadingWise Course Catalogue ReadingWise courses are of two types: 

Development programs suitable for rural below-povertyline areas


Life-skills programs suitable for anyone who is literate.

All ReadingWise courses have pre- and post-assessments to measure change in the students, and to monitor productivity of the facilitators and instructors. All ReadingWise courses can be run in Workshop mode by certified ReadingWise Facilitators. SpeakingWise spoken language programs, and MemoryWise accelerated learning program can be run online.

Jaina Bai Uike, an illiterate who became a Sarpanch (village elected head) after becoming literate on a ReadingWise course

This woman had been illiterate a month before. Here she is reading out a poem that she wrote to an audience at a graduation ceremony

ReadingWise Literacy (Hindi Version= Tara Akshar) Problem addressed In India, one third of the population is illiterate, and another third is functionally illiterate. In the developed world, there is still an enormous amount of adult illiteracy.

Solution The Tara Akshar program was built from scratch to enable people, who had never been to school, read and write in a month. It has been enormously successful, having made over 55,000 illiterate women literate in two years. It uses a 34 day/55 hour course of advanced memory association techniques. The drop out/failure rate is less than 5%, which is remarkable for rural education in India. It is probably the fastest, most effective literacy program anywhere. TARA Akshar uses specially designed cartoons, playing cards, flash cards, posters, reading books and writing books.

Suitable for Anyone illiterate from 8 years old to 80 years old.

Versions 

Computer version

Non-computer version for no-electricity areas – uses flip charts, takes 80 hours

Letter written by Tara Akshar student and her classmates. One month earlier, she had been illiterate.

NumberWise (Hindi Version= Tara Ganit) Problem addressed Most illiterate and semi-literate people in rural India can manage simple basic counting and some addition, but have no skill beyond that. This means that hundreds of millions of people have never got past the most rudimentary skills with numbers. This is a major handicap in doing any kind of trade, or distribution agreements, or micro credit.

Topics covered Our numeracy course starts from scratch, and makes sure students know how to count, and then teaches them how to read and write numbers. After that, simple addition, subtraction, multiplication and division are taught. NumberWise uses the same techniques of memory hooks and animated cartoons as our literacy programs.

Suitable for Adults and adolescents in rural areas who have no or poor education.

Length 40 hours ReadingWise Student

HealthWise (Hindi Version= Svasthya Gyan) Problem addressed Primary health in the developing world often fails because: a) Governments use a top-down approach which relies on doctors and experts, and there are never enough. b) There is not enough bottom-up demand for primary preventative health.

Topics Covered       

Malnutrition Germs Common illnesses Simple steps to keep your family healthy How to be your village’s health expert How to get people in your village to wash their hands How to get people in your village clearing stagnant water

HealthWise includes an informative reading book written in a style suitable for newly literate people to practice their reading.

Suitable for Women (and men) in rural areas

Length 24 hours

Stagnant water in Indian villages is a major source of disease but can be combated with community action.

MoneyWise Problem Addressed How do you impart the wisdom of an MBA course to a below-poverty-line person in a rural area who wants to rise above subsistence-level existence? How do you train a microfinance borrower to use their loan to make more money?

Solution MoneyWise gets the student to understand money and shows them what they as individuals can do to improve family finances, whether as employees or self-employed entrepreneurs.

Topics covered: 

How business works

How enterprises grow

Marketing and selling

Earning, spending, reserves and budgeting

Selling and pricing

Quality Control

Suitable for Any literate adult

ReadingWise Facilitator Course Problem addressed Learning in most parts of the world uses a centuries-old model of a teacher standing at the front of the class lecturing students verbally in an often vain attempt to get them to retain information.

Solution ReadingWise courses are delivered by Facilitators, who get students to teach themselves from the multimedia material given. Students work in pairs and groups of 4 to encourage collaboration and working with others. The Facilitators main function is to make sure that students understand their material. The course enables students to apply what they have learnt as well as absorb information rapidly.

Suitable for Anyone who is going to run a ReadingWise course. Those with teaching experience will need to UNlearn old habits to do this course.

Length 8 hours Prerequisites 10 years of schooling + good communication skills

CommunicationWise Problem addressed Most people in the developing world are too shy and too introverted, and do not have the confidence to change the world around them. Thus environments stay the same.

Topics Covered      

How to face other people How to not be shy How to be extrovert How to control conversations How not to be put off by others How to handle criticism

The course, which is more than 95% practical exercises, comprises a series of tough one-toone communication drills and role-plays, together with public speaking exercises.

Suitable for Everyone – kids, adults, rural, corporate, schools

Length Standard version 24 hours, short version 16 hours.

Students work in pairs to exercise many different aspects of communication until they have it mastered. Students on this course lose their inhibitions very quickly.

MemoryWise Problem addressed Despite the huge amount of time we spend in school, almost nobody is taught HOW to study, or how to remember information. The human mind is capable of learning far more if learning is done with the right techniques.

Topics Covered     

Multiple intelligences Memory techniques (lots of them!) Mind Mapping Visualisations Remembering names and faces

MemoryWise graduates retain at least 50% more information after doing the course then before. MemoryWise is available as an online course or as an offline workshop.

Suitable for Adults, and all children over the age of 8. MemoryWise is available in both adult and kids versions.

Length 8 hours

Children in a Delhi school using MindMaps to help them study history. These children have successfully been teaching each other.

IntegrityWise Problem addressed To make the world work, it is necessary to be ethical yourself and to get others to behave ethically, to stop telling lies and to unburden the guilt. Some people tell others what they think the other people want to hear; some people are so compelled by their culture to “look good” and seem respectable that they will commit unethical acts; some people are inherently unethical and will probably never change. An organization member needs to know how to deal with the unethical behaviour of others. Unfortunately you cannot just tell someone to behave ethically and appeal to their better self. If it was that easy, the courts and prisons would be empty!

Solution We have produced a practical workshop course which brings about actual change in behaviour, not just a theoretical knowledge of what’s supposed to be “good” and “bad”.

Topics covered Tolerance, resolving conflict, honesty, not exaggerating, taking responsibility, being accountable, learning to say “no”, respect, diligence, perseverance, citizenship, moral codes

Suitable for Adults and adolescents Length 4 hours

A Tibet Buddhist monk in Northern India

InstructionWise Problem addressed Most people tend not to follow instructions most of the time. Getting people to do what they are supposed to is an essential skill in any economy.

Topics covered

        

Writing tasks Speaking tasks Memory tasks Directions from a map Directions from written instructions Paper folding and cutting tasks Drawing tasks Reporting numbers tasks Kinaesthetic manual tasks

The tasks are in the forms of games and exercises which students will do in pairs, individually and small groups under the supervision of a Facilitator. They are all relevant to life and the world of work.

Suitable for Adults and adolescents Length 4 hours

ParentWise Problem addressed Most parents have no idea how to control their children’s behaviour. They develop a system of coping by trial and error with hit and miss results. Most people become parents, but nobody ever teaches you HOW to be a good parent.

Solution We have written a practical course for parents and teachers. This course can be recommended by teachers to parents which will result in children doing much better in school.

Topics covered 

Use more praise, use less criticism

When to push them, when to leave them alone

Parenting needs planning

Rewards and punishments

Routines and rules


Suitable for Parents and teachers Length 1 x 4 hour workshop plus 1 x 2 hour workshop

SpeakingWise Problem addressed Many people learned second languages academically in school, but never had the confidence to speak them. Most Indians learn English in school but don’t speak it.

Solution We spent two years building a crash refresher course in spoken English that gives students the confidence to speak. The course uses the accelerated learning techniques used in MemoryWise. The program is available in Hindi and several other Indian languages for English speakers. The program is available in English for people wanting to learn Hindi, Spanish and other languages.

Topics Covered 

Vocabulary (learnt using memory techniques), common verb forms, basic grammar without grammatical terms

Listening to dialogue, speaking drills

Suitable for Anyone at beginner or elementary stage who wants to speak English or a foreign language.

Length Short version 16 hours; full version 125-150 hours Prerequisites CommunicationWise + MemoryWise

TeamWise Problem Addressed You can put good people into an organization and it still fails. Do you recognize any of the following?       

Meetings that go on forever without decisions Project targets not getting done, or being done incorrectly People making mistakes, and not learning from them Staff afraid to speak their minds, or being ignored when they do speak out Elaborate schemes that don't work Unproductive arguments Failures rewarded, successes penalized

Solution TeamWise is a training program in process skills using an experiential learning method. It helps build effective, entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial teams.

Suitable for Corporates, NGOs, community groups, school teachers. A children’s version is available called GroupWise.

Length 40 hours (children’s version 25 hours)

Topics covered  

          

Behaviour change. Tackling tasks methodically through a series of stages to its conclusion: o Aims – Information – Plan – Action - Review Commitment Creative thinking and a readiness to try new things Observation and giving feedback. Developing personal skills, appreciating them and those of other people Positive thinking, Leadership Negotiation Setting targets Time management. Problem solving and decision making. Resolving conflict.

Contact Us ReadingWise Education Program Pvt. Ltd. W-32, Greater Kailash – I New Delhi India Tel: +91 11 41431201 Reading Wise Ltd. 25, Stafford Terrace London W8 7BL United Kingdom Tel: +44 775 702 4638

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