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It’s A Sign: What To Watch For When Driving

You know not to text while you drive, or chatter on your cell phone, or fold an origami swan, or anything even more foolish. Right? Well, the same thing goes for eating. From the Web site, here’s a list of foods to enjoy at home or your favorite restaurants, not behind the wheel: ✓ Coffee. It’s hot, it spills, it scalds. ✓ Tacos. Messy. Even under the best circumstances, tacos tend to fall apart, creating a distraction while you should be watching the road. ✓ Burgers. Also messy, and the grease can interfere with your ability to grip the steering wheel. ✓ Doughnuts. Especially those filled with jelly or whipped cream, which inevitably gets squeezed out onto the hands. ✓ Soft drinks. They spill, of course, but they can also fizz unexpectedly as you’re drinking them, leading to a momentary loss of concentration as the soda travels up your nose. ✓ Chocolate. Tastes great, but it can melt over your fingers, again creating problems in holding onto the wheel.

Traffic signs are an integral element of safety on the road. Even if you can’t make out the words, you can usually figure out what the signs are trying to tell you by looking at the shape: ➡ Octagons are used exclusively for stop signs ➡ Triangles with the point down are used for yield signs. ➡ Tall rectangles (longer vertically) denote regulations, like speed limits. ➡ Wide rectangles (longer horizontally) are used for route guidance (one-way streets, for example). ➡ Pentagons signal a school crossing. ➡ Diamonds are warning signs, used to indicate road work and other calls for caution. ➡ Circles indicate that something is prohibited, like a left turn. ➡ Pennant-shaped signs warn drivers not to pass other cars.

Do You Have A Question About Car Maintenance That You Want Answered? We love to hear from all of our good friends and clients who enjoy reading our monthly newsletter. If you have a question about anything related to your vehicle, feel free to give us a call at (403) 329-4664 or e-mail us at or visit our website at

Driven To Distraction A young man received his first driver’s license. To celebrate, he offered to take his father out for a drive. In the garage he opened the front door on the passenger’s side, but his father jumped into the back seat. “Tired of sitting in the front seat after all these years, Dad?” asked the son. “No,” said the father. “I just want to see what it’s like to sit back here and kick the driver’s seat over and over.”

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THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU Special thanks to all our clients & friends who graciously refer our shop to friends & neighbors. Your referrals & positive comments ensure continuing success for our business.

Statements You’ll Never Hear Your Father Say

In honor of Father’s Day, here’s a list of things you’re never likely to hear coming from your dad’s lips: ✦ “I’m lost . . . so I guess I’ll stop and ask for directions.” Tyler Toullelan ✦ “All your friends have a very sarcastic attitude—I like that.” ✦ “Here’s my credit card and the keys to my new car. Love And Money: Have fun.” ✦ “What do you want to get a job for? I make plenty of Overcoming Fear Of ‘No’ money for you to spend.” Like many of us, Jonathan Robinson (now a ✦ “Your mom and I are going away for the weekend. You might want to have some friends over and throw a professional speaker and author) was shy party.” as a young man—painfully so, especially ✦ “Father’s Day? Don’t worry about that, it’s no big deal when it came to women. One day in college he decided to to me.” do something drastic about it. He handed a friend $50 and told him, “Don’t give this back to me unless I get rejected by 10 different women by the end of today.” Be A Winner At Work The idea was to push through his fear of rejection, with money as a motivator. Robinson headed through the You can’t take your job for granted these days. If you campus, looking for women to ask out. The first time, he want to become irreplaceable and move up in your was barely able to stammer his question, and the woman organization, you’ve got to take an active role in involved thought he was experiencing a seizure. She turned your workplace. Get started with this advice: him down. After a while he grew calmer, and women • Be productive. The first step to success at any became less dismissive of him. job is to prove you can do it. Go beyond the job’s Then something unexpected happened: His seventh minimum expectations to prove your potential. target agreed to go out with him. Robinson was so surprised • Be a problem solver. When you see something that he almost didn’t have a response, but he managed to get her needs fixing or a process that could be improved, don’t phone number. Then the next woman also said yes to him. just tell your manager about it. Deliver a solution along In all, he collected eight phone numbers, and had to with the news, and you’ll showcase your creativity and resort to some mildly annoying behavior to reach his quota commitment. of 10 rejections in order to get his $50 back. Not only did he • Be a team player. Support the people you work with. get his money, and plenty of dates, he vanquished his fear of Find out their goals, and help them achieve their rejection. objectives. Offer assistance when your co-workers have

What Was The Editor Thinking? Can you trust what you read in the paper? Here are some headlines that actually appeared in the nation’s press: • ❖ “Police arrest everyone on February 22nd” ❖ “Federal agents raid gun shop, find weapons” ❖ “Missippi’s literacy program shows improvement” ❖ “Statistics show that teen pregnancy drops off • significantly after age 25” ❖ “Threat disrupts plans to meet about threats” ❖ “Man accused of killing lawyer receives a new attorney”

a problem to solve. Get familiar with your organization’s mission statement and strategic objectives so you can pitch in and help accomplish them. Be heard. Speak up when you have ideas. Share your own goals with colleagues so they know what you’re looking for in your career. Ask for opportunities to stretch your skills and show your strengths. Be positive. Your attitude has an impact. Employees and managers want to work with people who are upbeat and enthusiastic. Even on bad days, remember to smile and be nice to those around you.

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Congratulations To Our Client Of The Month!

“If the new American father feels bewildered and even defeated, let him take comfort from the fact that whatever he does in any fathering situation has a 50 percent chance of being right.” - Bill Cosby

Every month, we choose a very special client of the month. It’s our way of acknowledging our great clients and saying thanks to those that support our business with referrals and repeat business. This month’s Client of the Month is

Have A Stress-Free Family Vacation Summer’s here, and that usually means it’s time to hit the road for a vacation. Whether your idea of relaxation involves rock climbing or lounging by the pool, you can enjoy a stress-free trip (or at least minimize the hassles) with some basic planning: ★ Involve your children. Whether you’re traveling with toddlers or teenagers, get them engaged in the preparations. Asking them what they want to see and do, and incorporating their wishes as much as possible, will lead to a smoother experience. ★ Pick your time. Flight delays and crowded airplanes rarely improve the quality of your trip. When flying, your best bet is to travel Monday through Wednesday, early in the day. Fly direct if possible to cut the chances of your luggage getting lost (or having to drag your carry-ons from one end of the airport to the other). ★ Pack some snacks. Kids and adults get cranky when they’re hungry. Carry along something healthy to eat: granola bars, raisins or other dried fruit, peanut butter crackers, and treats for when you or your kids need something special. ★ Schedule some downtime. Don’t try to cram too many activities into the day. Rushing through one museum to get to the next one, and the one after that, will quickly grow exhausting. Allow some time to relax, watch TV, read, or take a leisurely stroll. ★ Keep some routine. For small children specially, maintaining some elements of a regular routine will keep things running smoothly. Bedtimes, regular meals, and normal rules of behavior provide a comforting sense of structure. ★ Be flexible. Expect delays, so they don’t stress you out. Break the schedule when something more interesting comes up. If you want to spend more time in a museum that intrigues you, do it. You may not have the chance again.

Deb Olafson

who’s winning smile brighten’s our day!

Do You Want To Win A Free Lube, Oil & Filter Change? Take the trivia challenge and you just might win! From the first first 20 people who call in/e-mail the correct answer (before the 12th monthly) we’ll draw one lucky winner’s name to receive a Gift Certificate for a FREE lube, oil, filter & safety inspection (a $50 value). Here is this month’s trivia question: What shaped sign is exclusively used for Stop Signs? (Hint: the answer is somewhere in this newsletter) a) Tall Rectangles b) Circles

c) Octagons d) Diamonds

Call right now with your answer! The answer to last month’s trivia challenge was, “What percent of women drove on their date in 2009 according to” d) 33%. Congratulations to last month’s lucky winner

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“I recently got a call from ******* begging me

to come back to them for auto service. I told them “I’ve found somebody (Harold’s Auto) who gives me awesome service and I’ll never be back”’. - J. Klassen

The material contained in this newsletter is for informational purposes only and is based upon sources believed to be reliable and authoritative; however, it has not been independently verified by us. This newsletter should not be construed as offering professional advice. For guidance on any specific matter, please consult a qualified professional. ©2010 CMG

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Since massive Toyota recalls splashed down in the media this spring, much discussion has been generated in homes and workplaces. Auto manufacturer recall & information processes are designed to protect passenger safety & vehicle performance on all vehicles. Vehicle recall legislation became widespread after US consumer advocate Ralph Nader lobbied successfully to ensure consumers were advised of manufacturing faults & defects to increase vehicle safety & driver awareness. Widespread recalls often affect various auto models as parts manufacturers often sell identical products to different auto makers. The US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is currently investigating 5 similar sticky gas pedal occurrences on 2007 Dodge Calibers impacting Jeep Compass & Patriot - all three essentially the same vehicle with different bodies. Both Toyota & Dodge / Chrysler source gas pedal components from the same parts manufacturer. When Harold’s Auto Service maintains vehicles we keep this in mind. Many vehicle owners often are not aware that a safety or other problem exists. Even when aware, busy lives can cause the information to be laid aside for more pressing priorities in an already over crowded week or possibly forgotten entirely. An independent auto service provider offers definite advantages when servicing your vehicle as well as helping manufacturer-warrantied vehicle owners achieve full warranty value. As an independent service provider Harold’s Auto Service works only for you and endeavors to view any vehicle service issues from your point of view. Harold’s Auto Service has the same information as auto manufacturer dealers & are well positioned to investigate & advise on existing or potential vehicle problems. On-line internet information systems provide details on TSB’s, Recalls, and a wide range of service and maintenance (VIN [vehicle serial] number specific) information pertinent to your vehicle. There are two types of manufacturer information - the first being Technical Service Bulletins (TSB). TSB’s cover diagnosis & repair wide ranging issues such as hard cold starts, rough transmission shifting, intermittent stalling or difficult to locate “clunks”, “rattles” or “shimmies”. TSB’s originate at the manufacturers but are found on internet information sites, some sites including time saving tips & input from North American auto service providers who have already dealt with specific problems. A sample TSB condition would be on a 2003 Aurora - “….a clunk type noise from front of vehicle during low speed turning maneuver…….felt through the steering wheel when vehicle stationary & steering wheel rotated from side stop to side stop…..” With the Cause determined to be “inadequate lubrication of steering intermediate shaft creating slip/stick condition resulting in the clunk noise.” “Diagnostic tip…..commonly misdiagnosed as originating in steering gear”……resulting in avoidable “replacement of steering gears without correcting the concern.” Recalls are issued when the manufacturer realizes there is a basic defect affecting body, safety or drivability issues for a particular model manufactured between specific dates, and owners are notified by mail or e-mail. Due to our mobile society many owners move or change e-mail addresses & are not aware unless the situation receives media attention. We use only manufacturer approved parts, oils and lubricants both to meet warranty specifications & ensure service integrity on non-warranty vehicles. We keep complete & easily accessible computer records for all vehicle services should invoice copies ever needed (for instance if you need to prove warranty required services have been completed). Every time you bring your vehicle for an oil change at no additional cost our thorough inspection identifies vehicle issues prior to them impacting your life. If we find a problem which is covered by a TSB or simply a failed component or system we will estimate costs to you & can repair the vehicle complaint. For recall OR warranty issues we document our findings so you can contact the dealership to have repairs/upgrades performed. With your authorization, at no additional cost we can even set up the appointment & deliver your vehicle to the dealer to have recall/warranty issues rectified. Till next month we wish you happy safe driving. Beverly Kaltenbruner

Fuel For Thought June 2010  

Fuel For Thought June 2010 Edition

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