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Car Stuck In A Blizzard?

The holiday season traditionally includes giving and receiving gifts. But you don’t have to spend a lot of money to show how much you care. Here are some creative ideas for low-cost gifts you can make yourself: ‣ Recipe book. Collect some of your favorite family recipes. Put them together in a small book that highlights your family tree. ‣ Photos. One way to make a special photograph even more special: Carefully cut a picture into four equal squares, then paste them onto four sheets of canvas or heavy paper. It creates a nifty effect for a four-piece picture that can hang on any wall. ‣ Personal gift cards. Make your own “gift certificates” that the recipient can redeem for personal purposes: a day free of chores, a back or foot massage, or something similar. ‣ Scrapbooks. Another use for photos: Create your own scrapbook around a family theme, a special place, a variety of activities, or anything else that has significance for your recipient. ‣ Calendars. Create a calendar using photos of family members—many photographic websites and print shops can help you do this. Or take a standard calendar and highlight special days throughout the year: birthdays, anniversaries, important events, etc. ‣ Music. Burn a CD of the person’s favorite songs. Or have a child sing his or her parents’ favorite song and record it.

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If you ever find yourself stuck in a car during a blizzard, stay calm and follow these survival tips: ๏ Stay in your car. Unless help or shelter is clearly visible within easy walking distance, you’re safest remaining in your vehicle where it’s warm and dry. ๏ Make yourself visible. Tie a brightly colored piece of cloth to your antenna to signal rescuers. Use your flashers, and light signal flares if you have any. ๏ Bundle up. Wrap yourself up in whatever you have. Even news-paper will help you retain heat. ๏ Clear your tailpipe. Make sure snow and ice aren’t blocking your tailpipe, or carbon monoxide could back up into your vehicle when you turn on the engine. ๏ Run your heater sparingly. Conserve fuel by running the heater for only 10 minutes an hour. That should be sufficient to keep you warm. Crack a rear window to prevent any fumes from lingering inside when your motor is running. ๏ Keep moving. Even inside your vehicle, move your arms and legs as much as you can to keep your circulation going and stay warm. ๏ Fasten your seatbelt. Your car may not be moving, but if visibility outside is low, another car could rear-end you, causing injury if you’re not securely strapped in. ๏ Stay awake. You’re less likely to experience hypothermia and other cold-related conditions, and you can watch for rescue.

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Wake Up To Apples

Special thanks to our clients & friends who graciously refer our shop to friends & neighbors. Your referrals & positive comments ensure continuing success for our business.

Did you realize that apples are better than caffeine at keeping people awake in the morning? It could very well be the sweetness which boosts our energy… but I think that it's the activity involved in chewing the apple that stimulates our brains and minds as well as our jaws! You can precut your apple into slices for ease of eating so that you won't have a green ball stuck in your mouth if the boss walks by! Putting peanut butter (unless you are allergic) or cream cheese on the apple slices makes it an even better snack. Go organic when you can, and your energy will be even higher.


Stay Positive: Three Powerful Affirmations Creative people are optimistic. They have to be, if they expect their ideas to succeed. But optimism isn’t blind faith; it’s a skill you can learn. Author Martin E. P. Seligman explored how optimists explain negative events in their lives, and he found that they usually say these three statements to themselves: 1. This won’t last forever. 2. This doesn’t affect every part of my life 3. I’m not necessarily to blame. Adopt these statements to maintain a positive, creative frame of mind.

Take Two Cockroaches And Call Me In The Morning A new antibiotic may make you feel better—as long as you don’t think too much about where it came from. Science News reports that nerve tissues from periplaneta americana (the American cockroach) and schistocerca gregaria (the desert locust) seem able to kill more than 90 percent of a strain of E. coli that causes meningitis, and can kill some drug-resistant staph. Scientists at the University of Nottingham theorized that cockroaches, which thrive in the filthiest environments known to humanity, might have some unique defenses against bacteria and parasites. They also noticed that soldiers returning from duty in the Middle East carried some unusual infections, but locusts in the same areas were uninfected. That led them to begin grinding up bugs. The key ingredient: brains. The researchers observed that fat, muscle tissue, and blood didn’t have any affect against bacteria, but brain matter did the trick without bothering human kidney or epithelial cells.

What is Christmas?

It is tenderness for the past, courage for the present, hope for the future. It is a fervent wish that every cup may overflow with blessings rich & eternal, and that every path may lead to peace.  ~ Agnes M. Pharo. From our entire staff to  you & your loved ones, may you enjoy the love of family, the pleasure of friends,  May hope live in your heart & your cup run over with blessings to share in 2011.   support in 2010!! Thank you for all your   Kirk, Chris, Brian, Beverly, Lorne, Craig, Corbin, Ben, Nick, Carol, Shelly & Harold

Today’s College Students: High Tech, Higher Grades Remember when a good stereo was the only piece of electronics to be found in most college dorm rooms, and classmates crowded in the lounge to watch TV? According to data from the Online Schools website, students these days have a lot more options: ✴ 90 percent of college students have a cell phone ✴ 76 percent have a DVD player ✴ 73 percent have their own TV ✴ 37 percent have an MP3 player Is this affecting their grades? In the 1950s, the average college GPA was 2.5; today, it’s 3.1. But educational experts say grade inflation, not higher intelligence (or advanced electronics) is probably the cause.

The Warranty On Your New Vehicle Stays In Effect When Maintenance Is Performed Here.

We are fully authorized to fulfill required maintenance procedures on all manufacturer warrantied vehicles. By utilizing ONLY approved parts & procedures we fulfill manufacturer warranty specifications. We are the independent eyes protecting your new vehicle warranty’s value.



“You don’t learn anything when you are talking” Gordon Carlson - (1928 - 1994) a simple man who died of complications

“We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give.” - Winston Churchill

“New ideas seldom pop into your head through your mouth” (unknown)

Do You Want To Win A Free Lube, Oil & Filter Change?

Will Playing Call Of Duty Improve Your Reflexes? Playing action video games like Halo and Grand Theft Auto may improve your decision-making skills, according to scientists at the University of Rochester in New York. The scientists tested participants who played games at least five hours a week and compared them with nongamers in a series of exercises: One involved displaying an array of dots and asking volunteers to quickly determine which direction they were moving, and another test put the volunteers in headphones and required them to identify whether a sound was heard in the left ear or the right. In both experiments, gamers made the correct decision faster than non-gamers. In addition, when non-gamers played 50 hours of action video games, their decisions improved as well. Researchers theorize that the brain’s ability to make probabilistic inferences is strengthened by fast-paced games; strategy or role-playing games didn’t produce the same results.

Take the trivia challenge and you just might win! From the first 20 people who call in/e-mail the correct answer (before the 12th monthly) we’ll draw one lucky winner’s name to receive a Gift Certificate for a FREE lube, oil, filter & safety inspection (minimum $55 value). Here is this month’s trivia question: What percent of college students have their own TV in their dorm room? (Hint: the answer is somewhere in this newsletter) a) 90 percent c) 76 percent b) 73 percent d) 37 percent Call right now with your answer! The answer to last month’s trivia challenge was, "Who said "A truly creative person rids him or herself of all selfimposed limitations?" b) Gerald G Jampolsky

Hank Louwerse Movie Madness ➡

Thanks For The Kind Words “I really enjoy your newsletters.....just one of the reasons you have such a good reputation....! And your seniors' day - what a wonderful idea! It's heartwarming to see a business do something clearly for others & not only for the bottom line. I just wish you could clone yourselves in Calgary!”  S. (Larson) Ford, Calgary

➡ ➡ ➡ ➡ ➡

If only real life was more like the movies. Then . . . Everyone in New York City would live in a spacious, loft-style apartment, regardless of how much money they made—or if they had a job at all. If you had twins, you could count on one of them being evil. You could always defeat invading aliens by planting a virus into their computer systems with an ordinary laptop. When you’re outnumbered in a fight, the bad guys will always attack you one by one instead of all at once. When you turn out the lights, you’ll still be able to see clearly, but everything in the room will turn blue. You’d find that world experts on nuclear fusion or other advanced scientific technology are usually blonde, beautiful, and under 25.

The material contained in this newsletter is for informational purposes only and is based upon sources believed to be reliable and authoritative; however, it has not been independently verified by us. This newsletter should not be construed as offering professional advice. For guidance on any specific matter, please consult a qualified professional. ©2010 CMG

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“Some goals are so worthy, it’s glorious even to fail” (unknown) What a thought provoking statement!! Since Feb 2006 when Brian & I achieved full ownership, our primary “worthy goal” has been to provide a highly personalized & completely different auto service experience to every customer while employing highly ethical personal & business practices aimed at elevating public perception of our entire industry. On October 19th we received public affirmation of our efforts when we were awarded the 2010 Chamber of Commerce / Business Development Bank Small Business of the Year Award. We are so very proud of daily strides we take to meet our worthy goals & extremely proud of our staff family without whose commitment & expertise this would not be possible. We were on vacation & unable to attend the awards presentation, but learning that we had won had us walking on clouds during our vacation & provided renewed impetus to work even harder to achieve future worthy goals when we returned to work. We have sought to lead by example, setting ourselves apart from the ordinary in auto service. We foster a co-operative atmosphere; encouraging our staff to work hand in hand to provide the highest standards of personal service & technical expertise to every customer & vehicle that comes through our doors. We empower our staff with the authority & tools required to give you answers or respond appropriately to any situation - be it diagnostic, warranty, pricing, technical expertise or any other concern. We are committed to seek out & exceed each customer’s varying personal service expectations while remaining blind to financial status, clothing, gender, race or creed. We encourage our staff, suppliers & valued customers to make themselves part of the big picture in life - to feel free to be who they are & we pledge to respect each one, appreciate their individual differences & encourage all to spread their wings by upgrading skills, learning more about their vehicle, or finding out how they can take an active role in making our community a better place. Several years ago we decided that apart from the Fallen Firefighter’s Association & Association of Canadian Police Chief’s, we would support only local causes & individuals. Charitable donation receipts are not our goal. It is easy to find local groups & individuals who can benefit greatly when someone makes even a small difference in their lives or circumstance. Focusing our philanthropic efforts locally provides a high level of personal reward to Brian & I & we hope it encourages other individuals & businesses to make an impact by giving back to the community & citizens who support them, provide their livelihood or move unnoticed through their daily lives. We thank each & every one of you - customers & business associates - tow truck drivers & medical professionals. From our awesome parts suppliers to the stay-at-home Moms, you all contribute to our success & we welcome you to travel along with us on this amazing journey. We offer our humble gratitude to you all & thank Glen Seeman for acknowledging our efforts & nominating us for this prestigious award. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ In August 09 we took a leap of faith with the inaugural Fuel For Thought newsletter. With timid expectations, we crossed our fingers for positive response. Over a year later we are firmly committed to continuing this publication. We regularly receive positive feedback from people just like you. Some enjoy the jokes - some enjoy the articles - many rush to the phone to enter the monthly Free Oil Change draw. Recently a senior told me the newsletter made him pause & think about his opinions & encouraged him to learn about new developments & subjects he had never before considered. This is far more than we hoped for. There is a vast & expanding world of knowledge available to us all today from countless sources & if our humble mailing can pique your interest enough to want to learn more, we are ecstatic. If we can provide some measure of education, entertainment or peaceful distraction, we’ve achieved yet another worthy goal. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ It’s time to make safe winter driving a priority. In my personal experience, nothing was more terrifying than being stopped at the roadside in a blinding snowstorm, buffeted by trucks & vehicles hurtling by - with no way to improve the situation for myself & my young sons. Please have your vehicle winterized, tires & systems checked, & keep a well stocked emergency pack in your vehicle - even for in-town driving. If you would like a list of recommended items for your emergency pack we’d be happy to send one out to you along with detailed instructions regarding safe vehicle boosting for cold weather no-starts. It’s extremely important to know that boosting another vehicle the wrong way can cause costly &/or permanent damage to modern vehicle computer systems & modules. More Critical Safety & Comfort Tips - If you have a problem on the road but can still run the engine occasionally, a luxuriously full fuel tank can provide intermittent heat & light until help arrives. Make sure to keep falling/blowing snow from blocking your radiator & front grill & refresh cabin air quality occasionally by opening windows a crack. Odorless but deadly Carbon Monoxide can build up in your vehicle interior if snow blocks your exhaust pipe OR if wind is blowing from the reverse of your vehicle OR simply by idling for extended periods of time. Your personal & family’s on the-road safety is our prime concern at all times of the year.

Till next month we wish you happy safe driving.

Beverly Kaltenbruner

Fuel For Thought December 2010  
Fuel For Thought December 2010  

Fuel For Thought December 2010 Edition