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Congratulations To Our Client Of The Month! Every month, we choose a very special client of the month. It’s our way of acknowledging our great clients and saying thanks to those that support our business with referrals and repeat business. This month’s Client of the Month is


Thanks also for your great service to us!

Log Your Gift Card Purchases Gift cards seem to have become the choice of many generous givers who just don’t know what to buy for their friends and family. Although they’re nice to get, they can hard to keep track of. How much money have you spent? How long do you have to use it? Keep a gift card log, advises the Sound Money Matters Web site. It can be as simple as a sheet of paper with three or four columns, listing the store, the amount originally on the card, the amount remaining after one purchase, and the expiration date (if any). For example: Joe’s Cofee Shoppe Jane’s Books

$10 $25

$5.25 $17.28

12/10 Never

Each time you use a card, cross it out and start a new entry in your log until it’s finished. Now you’ve got an easy way to keep track of which cards are still good and how much you can still buy with them.

Thanks For The Kind Words ......Responding to our phone inquiry regarding his service experience, “your service is phenomenal and you are so easy to deal with” - Brian R., March 2010

A woman approached the manager of a large department store. “Excuse me, are you planning on hiring any extra help?” she asked. “I’m sorry, we’re not,” the manager replied politely. “We already have all the staff we need.” “Good,” said the woman. “Then would you mind finding someone to wait on me?”

Do You Want To Win A Free Lube, Oil, Filter & Safety Inspection? Take the trivia challenge and you just might win! Because this draw is so popular we’ve expanded the first 20 people to call with the correct answer (prior to production deadline of the 12th monthly) will be eligible to win. From those entries we’ll draw one lucky name and that winner will receive a FREE Gift Certificate (a $50 value) for a lube, oil, filter & safety inspection! Here is this month’s trivia question: How many tons of CO2 does the average Canadian generate per year? (Hint: the answer is somewhere in this newsletter) a) 5 c) 24 b) 40 d) 10 Call right now with your answer! The answer to last month’s trivia challenge was, “What day do we celebrate the first day of Spring in 2010?” a) March 20th. Congratulations to last month’s lucky winner

Wendy Falk Oldest Musical Instruments Unearthed In Europe They may not have rapped or competed for the Stone Age version of American Idol, but ancient humans apparently did enjoy some music. Archaeologists in southwestern Germany have dug up a bone flute some 35,000 years old. The ancient instrument, which had five holes and was carved from the bone of a griffon vulture, plays notes almost identical to the major scale that today’s flutes produce. The archaeological team led by Nicholas Conard of the University of Tubingen has discovered fragments of three ivory flutes in the area, along with four other bone and ivory flutes, suggesting that primitive humans there developed a culture that valued music.

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