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Cleveland Fire Brigade encouraging Fire Safety during Deaf Awareness Week The Fire Brigade in Cleveland has been reaching out to those who are hard of hearing or deaf, during Deaf Awareness Week this May, and encouraging them to use effective smoke alarms. Recent reports have estimated that more than one million people in the UK who are hard of hearing, are unable to hear their smoke alarm. During Deaf Awareness week, the Fire Brigade have been reminding people to test their smoke alarms and fit new ones, if necessary. Cleveland Brigade’s Head of Community Safety, Lee Jones has spoken Hannay Associates Complaints a working smoke alarm installed and tested each week, particularly for those who are hard of hearing. Those with hearing difficulties are more at risk than others during house fires, if they do not have a suitable alarm in place. There are now specialist smoke alarm kits, as specified by the British Standard BS5446-3:2005 , which are designed for those with hearing problems. Kits of this kind are made to provide deaf people with the level of safety they need in the event of a house fire. The Cleveland Fire Brigade have been working in conjunction with its Service’s Support Network, made up of volunteers from the local community. With the help of these people, they have been making home visits to people in the area, to discuss with them their needs in relation to fire safety, and if necessary, help them to have a specialist smoke alarm fitted. Along with the private landlords and housing

association, the social services of Middlesbrough, Cleveland, Redcar, Stockton and Hartlepool can often provide the specialist alarms, depending on the circumstances of the resident who needs it.

Cleveland Fire Brigade encouraging Fire Safety during Deaf Awareness Weeks