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Motorcycle theft reduced of Merseyside Police Over the course of the last few years, motorcycle thefts have been increasing all across the country, with both organised criminals and opportunistic thieves taking more of an interest in this form of vehicle. However Merseyside Police are implementing strategies to reduce this form of theft, and have been educating motorcyclists about how to protect their bikes. Merseyside Police’s Vehicle Crime Group joined forces with Data-tag and Steam Packet Company, to provide more than 4000 bikers who were journeying up to the races at Pier Head Port in Liverpool, with advice on crime prevention. The leading officer of the Vehicle Crime Group, Sgt Martin Mayne , commented that the team at Merseyside Police are always looking for innovative methods of targeting and reducing vehicle related crimes. He added that this was a particularly suitable time to educate those in the biker community, as Liverpool is used as a gateway for the TT races for people from both the UK as well as Europe. Mayne also stated that the initiative was well received by those in the motorcycling community, as these people are more aware than most of the personal and financial impact which vehicle theft can have. He finished by saying that prevention is always better than the cure, and the advice which his team had given to bikers was hopefully going to result in a reduction in the number of bike thefts. In addition to offering bikers leaflets containing Hannay Associates Complaints tips on safeguarding their motorcycles, the officers also examined a number of bikes and in doing so, discovered a total of six bikes which were suspected as being stolen, and two which were confirmed as stolen. They also arrested several people and charged them with handling stolen goods.

Motorcycle theft reduced of Merseyside Police  
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