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Bay area hair extensions for the celebrities living in this area Most of the celebrities living here go for Bay area hair extensions to live up to their image of fashion and beauty. They are required to keep themselves updated on what’s ruling in the fashion world and adapt themselves to that particular style to keep abreast of the latest in the glamour world of fashion. Hair extensions work like a miracle potion for them to sport long luxurious hair in matter of minutes! And the latest rage doing the rounds is sporting colored hair extensions in the most funkiest of colors like pink, purple, green, orange, and whatever color you dare to sport! Let us take a look at what hair extensions actually are Hair extensions are very useful to instantly add volume or length to the existing hair to enable one to have a new hairstyle when going out on a date, or attending a function, or enacting a role. Some use them to bay area hair extensions look smart and savvy with new hairdos every now and then to be noticed and to be the talk of the town. Bay area hair extensions, like everywhere else are made of basically two types of hairs, the real human hair and the synthetic man made hair. Undoubtedly the human hair extensions score much higher than the synthetic ones mainly due to the fact that they are real human hairs and look most natural and merge with the original hairs, whereas the synthetic ones look tacky and artificial and quite difficult to merge with the natural hairs. Hair extensions come in different natural shades and can be matched with the hair of the wearer. The hair texture too is different in the extensions and the higher quality ones are priced higher. Bay area hair extensions are made in various styles to suit individual requirements Fusion extensions are attached to the original hair with a hot glue gun and this helps the extensions to hold good for about three months but needs to be maintained by a licensed cosmetologist. Tracking is best for people who have a few bald patches but not suited for those who have extensive hair loss. Here the hair is braided and the wefts are sewn into the braids. Netting is for those who are facing hair loss and it involves braiding the hair and a netted cap placed over the scalp through which the braids are pulled and the wefts either sewn or glued to the braids. If you are unsure as to which hair extensions are good for you, it is best to consult a stylist who will analyze your hair needs and will advice you professionally. They further educate you on how to take adequate care of the hair extensions to avoid damaging them. And if your hair loss is due to a medical reason or an illness like cancer, it is better to consult your physician before going in for the procedure. Actually hair extensions are like

a boon to those who have lost their hair due to the side effects of cancer treatment. They regain their confidence and can face the world with a smile with the help of these wonder hair extensions. If you belong to Bay area, you must approach a reputed company that deals in original human hair extensions and get the best Bay area hair extensions to do the magic for you.

Bay area hair extensions  
Bay area hair extensions  

Hair extensions are very useful to instantly add volume or length to the existing hair to enable one to have a new hairstyle when going out...