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Jamel Gantt

Jamel Gantt is well known for his work as a journalist. He has been doing this job for many years and he has the skills to perform his job with confidence. As it is difficult for a journalist to remove personal feelings and still report about a news occurrence, the job takes tremendous amount of skill.Jamel Gantt is never compromises with the quality of his work and he performs his duty in such a way that it makes people want to read his articles.

He is known for his award winning articles which have gained him a wide readership all over the world. Jamel Gantt has conducted many interviews of known figures in the field of cinema, literature, politics and much more. His work has inspired countless others to take up journalism and express their writing prowess in a balanced and structured manner. He suggests budding journalists to keep the bias out of their writings and extrapolate on pure and simple facts.

He mentions that the first job of a journalist is to inform and educate the masses about what is going on in their world and how it affects them. The readers need to understand the complex issues in simple terms and the onus of doing this lies on the shoulders of a journalist.Jamel Gantt has also won many awards at a national as well as international level for his dedicated profession as a journalist.

Jamel Gantt always helps to poor and lets the government know about the situations and problems a poor person has to face to live. He is also associated with several humanitarian organizations that work for uplifting the poor and downtrodden. He has written articles on various topics which are informative and educational in nature. He has written about politics, state of education, human rights and much more. He always gives advice to wouldbe journalists to first be a good person and then develop their own voice to report about the topics that they feel strongly about.

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Jamel Gantt