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The HT World Awards


Season’s Gr tings dging towards the end of 2021 and in the spirit of the festive season, I would like to take E this opportunity to thank you all for your arduous support over the past year. As the world continues to weather this global crisis of COVID-19, it is of upmost importance for us all to hold on to our hope and faith. 2022 is going to be a year of hope and inspiration. Going into our 17th anniversary, my team and I are dedicated to painting a brand new chapter for HT Worldwide, with a variety of creative and exceptional projects happening in different parts of the world. leading by the majestic The HT World Awards. We are very excited for you to experience all in the new year! On behalf of everyone at HT, we wish you all a very happy and safe holiday season!

Irene Chan Founder & CEO 6x Int’l Award-winning Producer Board Chair of The HT World Awards President of HTWDS


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“We believe that when leaders are grounded in values like compassion, we are capable of making great changes.” — Ms Brianna, world’s “30 Under 30” Leader, The Aspen Institute. What an insightful exchange between Youth Leaders across 10 regions and 17 timezones around the world at the HTWDS Global Youth Leaders Summit on Nov 13, 2021 live from Washington D.C! Outstanding students were nominated by their school principals and teachers to attend this virtual Summit with our guest from one of the world’s most influential think tanks. By the time we hosted this event, world leaders were gathered in Glasgow for the COP26 to negotiate the critical actions needed in the fight against climate change. It set the perfect backdrop for our Youth Leaders to explore the theme of “Leading with Compassion” through Development and Sustainability, led by Ms Brianna, a true compassionate global leader from The Aspen Institute.

Event Highlights can be found on Instagram: @HarmonyTree_Intl


“I LOVED IT! It had shaped me to think more about being a leader, it had made me more and more excited about the future! Being a leader is more about thinking, listening, helping others, being lled with compassion and integrity. One of my goals is to be the person that everyone supports and supports everyone, who creates peace and is fun. :D” — Elsy Wibowo, OWIS, Singapore

“After participating in the Summit, being a compassionate leader is harder than I thought. We all had our differences on certain topics. It was the coming together and compromising which I found challenging. I would love the opportunity to explore more! I’d like to be a passionate and kind leader, who’s not afraid of making tough decisions, also give direction and hope to others. ” — Chloë van Dommelen, DBIS, Hong Kong

“Nothing is more important than our environment, and our priority is to safeguard the Earth that we all share. We should de nitely work together to try to achieve that! ” — Paco Sze, Phillips Exeter Academy, USA

“If everyone would be willing to work together, try to put our pride aside and be humble enough to admit our own mistakes, I believe it is much more possible to achieve our goals. ”



— Hannah Tan, Raf es Girls’ School, Singapore




LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD IN NEW YORK CITY Creative Project to Pitch Your Stories Broadway Insider Tips & Sharing

Leading with Impact as a Creative Leader in NYC Strategies to Find Your Own Unique Voice & Succeeding

AGE 10 - 15 | JAN 15, 22, 29 | REG: WWW.HARMONYTREE.US


My team and I were excited to be in the private business group. We talked about our advantages and put ourselves in other people’s shoes. We thought about different arguments and how we would overcome them to have a win-win for everyone.” — Fred Hsiao, KFES, Taiwan “It was truly a unique experience to meet such passionate people from all the world. Such initiatives are helpful to inspire young people to becoming leaders. I enjoyed the deep discussions we had and how we showed maturity by looking for ways to everyone’s needs. I hope to become a leader not remembered by name, but by my actions to impact those around me. ” — Shalom Onyiego, ICS, Singapore “It was a fantastic experience for me and anyone who aspires to be a leader in the future! I want to be come a lawyer and bring everyone together! The Summit shows me that everyone can be a leader with compassion.” — Sara Saiprasad, OWIS, Singapore

"I enjoyed the group discussion most in this summit because chatting with other students from different countries was interesting. We shared and exchanged our thoughts and views about climate change.” — Long Man Wong, HKCWCC, Hong Kong

"The Summit was memorable and enjoyable. A part that I really enjoyed was when we were sent to groups and then we got a chance to discuss the topic given.”

— Ishana Singh, OWIS, Singapore

“The Summit was inspiring! I thought we were only going to only discuss climate change like the others but I was wrong. The Summit was one of a kind and I’d never forget it.


The Australian Education System Australian schools do more than just educate students. They prepare them for life − developing communication skills, self-discipline and respect for themselves, their peers and their world. They also believe strongly in the benefits of a rounded education – including the teamwork, self-expression and personal development that happen outside the classroom. The school system is similar across Australia, consisting of Primary and Secondary Education. Primary starts from Year 1 until Year 6 / 7, and Secondary (& Senior Secondary) goes from Year 7 / 8 all the way until Year 12. Academic year start from late January or early February, which connects very nicely with students from regions like Singapore or Malaysia. Schools, teachers and students follow the Australian Curriculum, no matter which part of the country they live in. There are eight key learning areas—English, Mathematics, Science, Humanities and Social Sciences, Health and Physical Education, Languages, Technologies and the Arts. A revised Australian Curriculum is to be released in 2022.

In Australia, students will enjoy a diverse learning environment that is as personally enriching as it is educational, and develop the skills and qualities needed in a changing world.


Do you know that seven of the best student cities in the world are in Australia? With Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra, Adelaide, Perth and the Gold Coast in the world’s top 100 student cities, it makes Australia one of the most popular study places for international students, offering a wide range of study options. International students report almost 90% satisfaction scores for their living and study experience in Australia according to the Department of Education International Student Survey. The Australian Government has also invested more than A$300 million in scholarships for international students. Over the past 50 years, 2.5 million international students have graduated from Australian educational institutions. These graduates are now part of a global alumni network that is making an impact around the world.

Higher Education in Australia Australia is a leading provider of high quality education for international students. Did you know Wi-Fi, penicillin, the black box flight recorder, the Earth Hour initiative and the Cochlear implant, among many other innovations, were all invented by graduates from Australian universities? Students really can achieve great things with an Australian education.

6 out of 43 Australian Universities are all ranked in the top 100 universities such as The University of Melbourne, Australian National University, University of Sydney, University of Queensland, University of New South Wales and Monash University. Australian graduates are high achievers as Universities Down Under have produced 15 Nobel laureates.

Great for International Students

Where Is Your Destination? Australia's a big, exciting country, with eight states and territories offering an incredibly diverse range of experiences for international students. Get a glimpse of the unique characteristics of each state and see where the best suitable destination is for your study!

New South Wales Australia’s most populous state is home to an impressive range of leading schools and universities. From the iconic state capital of Sydney to beautiful regional areas such as the Hunter Valley and Central Coast, New South Wales (NSW) delivers an international student experience with a high 'wow-factor'.

South Australia

Adelaide, South Australia’s capital, offers students the best of both worlds. It’s a city with diverse communities, beautiful landscapes, thriving local industries, bustling businesses, affordable living and a healthy economy. It’s an exciting and relaxed city that celebrates diversity, opportunity and education.


Australia’s island state offers a unique international student experience where you can access world class outdoor research opportunities while breathing the world’s cleanest air. The capital city Hobart is the burgeoning cultural capital of Australia and its residents enjoy a green and sustainable lifestyle beneath the snow-capped Mount Wellington.

Victoria As Australia’s most progressive and fastest-growing state, Victoria values education highly and is set to attain its vision as the country’s ‘Education State’. Victoria’s vibrant multicultural society, high quality of living and social inclusion attracts around 227,000 international students each year. Its capital city Melbourne is ranked as the country’s best student city. You may want to see it for yourself! When in Melbourne, hop on a tram, and as you travel around the world’s largest tram network, you’ll discover world-class schools located in a melting pot of diverse cultures. Make Melbourne part of your story!

Northern Territory Over 3,600 international students from 80 different countries study with Northern Territory schools, vocational education and training colleges, English language colleges and at Charles Darwin University.

Western Australia Australia’s largest state offers an outstanding international student experience where you can enjoy the best of both worlds: countless opportunities for work and play in the thriving, cosmopolitan city of Perth, which has been shaped by huge recent economic growth, alongside some of the nation's most distinctive and awe-inspiring natural landscapes.

Australian Capital Territory The Australian Capital Territory (ACT) is home to one major city - Canberra - a young, contemporary city with a welcoming and inclusive community. As Australia's capital, Canberra boasts some of the country’s preeminent educational and cultural institutions, as well as being the nation’s seat of Government and a focal point for ideas, innovation and decision making.


A place that nurtures talent, builds innovation and launches global careers. When you start studying in Queensland, you can go anywhere. World leading education providers are spread across a range of unique and diverse locations. Whether you prefer bustling cities or quiet cosy towns, there is a place full of opportunity awaiting you in Queensland.


Puppetry — a beautiful art of storytelling! A puppet is one of the most notable and insightful inventions. Puppet could be a human, animal, or any abstract figure moved by human effort. Puppetry is the art of storytelling by manipulating these figures along with music and sound effects in theatrical performance. Puppetry combines various mediums of art together like painting, sculpture, craft, storytelling, mimicry, music and drama in a very composed way which fascinates audiences of all ages. This is the form of art which is not bounded to galleries, theatres or cinemas, it is an art form from the people and for the people on a large variety of platforms. It is so exciting to see cultural adaptations of puppetry in many parts of the world, including Japan, Germany and the United States with contemporary and innovative twists! Join me for a puppetry masterclass to perfect the art of storytelling, live from Vancouver!

Event Highlights on Instagram: @TattleTed | Registration: @HarmonyTree_Taipei




y Holidays!

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