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November 2013

ScreaminMamas So Much to be Thankful For!!

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The Gift of Life...

most patience; or driving to see my sister for lunch, even if it’s only for half an hour. People in her workplace are astonished by her. I can’t tell by: Natalya Jones you how many times I have seen her get hugged and thanked by parents she works with, or how her students look at her in admiration. Even fellow co-workers have a big smile on their faces after a chat with my mom. “Claudia!” they say. “It’s Dr. Jones,” she playfully shoots back, grinning. It’s truly inspiring to see how many lives she touches and has touched. I can set up and help out with a few fundraisers here or there. I can create a Facebook page and a fundraising site. I can make a binder to help her organize her various medications and doctor visits. But can I take cancer away? No. Can I take away the By: Natalya Jones pain she’s feeling, the swelling in her ankles, the uncomfortable cathe in her chest, help her grow her hair back? No. But I wish. Liam, Connor, Barry, Valerie, Natalya, Claudia I wish it were me so she didn’t have to go through this. She doesn’t deserve this. She doesn’t need to be inflicted with this “They said it’s cancer,” my mom said on the other line. horrible disease. But you know what? The joke is on cancer. It re I got up from the table where I was playing Princesses with the little girls I was babysitting and paced the hallway. “Oh?” I tried to keep my voice from shaking. “Yes,” Mom continued. “Al amyloidosis with multiple myeloma. It’s usually found in people with Mediterranean descent, so maybe Nana [Mom’s mother] secretly slept with someone other than my father.” She chuckled. I backed up against a wall and slowly eased myself to the floor as I forced myself to laugh. “Oh, Nana,” I said lamely, trying to ignore the tears springing to my eyes. I hung up the phone and resumed babysitting. I remember not being able to concentrate on the drive home, missing the highway exit and having to reroute. Cancer? Seriously? This doesn’t happen to my mom, or people I know. It happens in stories or movies where the main Natalya, Claudia, Valerie, Barry, Liam and Connor character has a bucket list or cheesy romance of some sort. Not in my family. Not with my mother. I even remember thinking Well, ally is, because cancer doesn’t affect people long term who are shoot. She’s handling it well. How can she even joke at a time like fighters or who have a strong spirit. My mother has all that and more. She’s a survivor. this? Years from now, this is going to be just a minor bump I guess it shouldn’t have surprised me that my mother in the road. She’s going to be at our weddings, see my brothers could laugh despite such an horrendous setback. She is always graduate, see me and my sister excel in our careers. able to keep it together. Always. Whether dealing with a messy I can’t wait till she holds her grandkids and I can tell divorce, raising five children, working four jobs or even tending to things I needed help with - like a collegiate term paper - she them what an amazing person she is. I wouldn't be the woman I am today without her and I always seemed to make things work. How? I don’t know. I only know how I admire all that she thank her for everything; but most importantly, I thank her does. I wish I could duplicate it. for the gift of life. I mean my mother really does have an impressive rap sheet - Ph.D, daughter, Natalya Jones is an SEO Copymother, sister, teacher, friend, author, lover. writer and journalist at New She wears many hats, and she does it graceTimes. She is holding a fundraisfully and with humor. ing event for her mother, the Alo Throughout this whole ordeal she ha Winter Fest, December 8, 2013 STILL manages to give to others: like tryat Da Big Kahunas and Solos Duing to stay awake to say “hi” to me when I eling Piano Bar, Ft. Lauderdale come home at midnight after working two Beach, Florida. Please join her in her crusade. You can find Natalya jobs; or sitting down at the table to help my Claudia & Natalya Claudia & Natalya and the event on FaceBook. brothers with their homework with the ut-


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You are each a doorway - an entrance into something amazingly special...

Decor by Sheila Sheila’s home is filled with warmth, rich color and lots of LOVE.

Shiela Carbonell Velar is a master at interior design. We will be featuring Sheila in our December issue but wanted to give you a glimpse inside her enchanting home before she transforms it into a winter wonderland. She lives in Miami Lakes, Florida, and she celebrates each holiday with her own special pazazz.

We love the heritage, textures, art, music and culture that help bring Sheila’s home to life.

Last year’s Christmas transformation.



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A Pray Away Do you feel alone some days? When you are with someone? You are missing something Days you cannot face Others you feel hate Why, oh why are you alone? No arms to make you safe. No shoulder to cry on You must whine The need to yell You yell, “no more alone!� Please, a place to lay my head A hand to hold Someone to brush the tears Must not be alone. Someone to help A pray to the man upstairs Now, you are not alone A hand to guide A Pray to seek Someone to watch Someone to listen A place to put your heart God, now lives within. By: Marcella Kumer

Happy Thanksgiving

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