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available June 30th 2017


Stravaganza d'amore The birth of opera at the Medici Court

Pygmalion Raphaël Pichon

Label: harmonia mundi File Under: Classical/Opera & Vocal Catalogue No: HMM90228687 Barcode: 3149020228623 MID Price Format: 2 CD Packaging: CD book Pygmalion Raphaël Pichon

A perfect blend between music and poetry, a Renaissance ideal, 'intermedi', or interludes, were presented with lavish visual and musical resources, using the arts as a demonstration of dynastic and political power in late 16th-century Florence. After reaching an initial peak in 1589 with the intermedi composed for Bargagli’s 'La pellegrina', this tradition was furthered inthe burgeoning genre of opera by such composers as Peri, Caccini ('Euridice', 1600) and, very soon, Monteverdi('L’Orfeo') and Gagliano ('Dafne'). Rather than aiming for the impossible ideal of a reconstruction, Raphaël Pichon has devised an imaginary intermedio by selecting the finest gems from this repertory, featuring the figures of Apollo, Orpheus and Eurydice, and above all Cupid. Make way for a veritable festival devoted to the human passions, sumptuously packaged in a glamorous 160-page CD-Book. Complete tracklisting available on request CD1: Primo Intermedio: All’imperio d’Amore Secondo Intermedio: La Favolla d’Apollo Scena prima : La discesa d’Apollo Scena seconda : Apollo con il serpente Scena terza : Gli Amori di Apollo e Dafne CD2: Terzo Intermedio: Le Lagrime d’Orfeo Scena prima : Le Nozze Scena seconda : La Morte d’Euridice Scena terza : L’Inferno Scena quarta : L’Apoteosi d’Orfeo Quarto Intermedio: Il Ballo degli reali amanti Édition : Nicolas Sceaux & Loïc Chahine, 2016


In Schubert's Company Maxim Rysanov "I am not superstitious... Nevertheless, when I started collecting repertoire for this album, which is dedicated to Schubert's 220th anniversary, some works on the disc accidentally appeared to be connected. Schubert's 5th symphony was recorded in Riga just about 200 years after it was composed. Franz was 20 years old when he wrote it. Leonid Desyatnikov's 'Wie der alte Leiermann', for violin and orchestra, which I decided to arrange for the viola especially for this project, was composed 20 years ago for Schubert's 200th anniversary. Spooky... On a more serious note, Schubert touches me deeply. Not only with his music and his sensitive soul, but also his life story is fascinating to me. Composer, elementary school teacher, poet, philosopher, pianist, singer, violinist, violist! With this album, I present myself as a commissioner of new music, arranger, solo performer and conductor. I would like to believe I am 0.22% closer to understanding Schubert" Maxim Rysanov.

Label: Onyx Classics File Under: Classical/Instrumental Catalogue No: ONYX4183 Barcode: 880040418320 2 FOR 1.5 Format: 2 CD Packaging: cristal Riga Sinfonietta, Maxim Rysanov [viola & conductor], Yakov Katsnelson [piano]*

Schubert’s sunny 5th Symphony, 3rd Violin Sonata and 'Polonaise' for violin & orchestra, are joined by three contemporary composers who each draw on Schubert’s music for their compositions. A darker, tormented Schubert from his final years is the source for their works – 'Winterreise', 'Erlkönig' and the late 'Fantasy for violin & piano' providing the inspiration. The haunting beauty of Schubert’s music continues to exert a powerful influence on performers, composers and music lovers alike. CD1: 1 Franz Schubert (1797-1828): Polonaise in B flat major D580 for violin & orchestra [arr. viola M.Rysanov] 2 Sergei Akhunov (b.1967): ‘In Schubert’s company’ for viola & orchestra 3 Leonid Desyatnikov (b.1955): ‘Wie der Alter Leiermann’ for violin & orchestra, [arr. viola by M.Rysanov] 4-6 Schubert: Sonata in A minor for arpeggione & piano* D821, CD2: 1-4 Symphony No.5 in B flat major D485 5 Dobrinka Tabakova (b. 1980): Fantasy Homage to Schubert for viola and string orchestra 6 Akhunov: ‘Der Erlkönig’ for viola & orchestra 7-10 Schubert: Violin Sonata No.3 in G minor *D408 [arr. viola M. Rysanov] 11 Schubert: Winterreise D911 ‘Der Leiermann’ [arr. viola & orchestra D.Tabakova] Promotion on BBC Music Magazine website


CLAMER: Mensa Harmonica, Tafelmusik [Salzburg 1682] Dolce Risonanza

Label: Christophorus File Under: Classical/Instrumental Catalogue No: CHR77406 Barcode: 4010072774064 NORMAL Price Format: 1 CD Packaging: digipack Dolce Risonanza: Gunda Hagmüller Violino I Szabolcs Illés Violino II Eva Münzberg Viola di Gamba Florian Wieninger Violone Anton Holzapfel Clavicembalo

In October 1682, the luminaries of the Holy Roman Empire came together in Salzburg for a seven-day sumptuous feast celebrating the 1100th anniversary of the foundation of the Prince-Archbishopric of Salzburg. The city provided a stage for the flamboyant host, Prince-Archbishop Maximilian Gandolph, Count of Küenburg: power and self-presentation have always gone hand in hand. Due to their sensitive instrumentation, the suites of the Andreas Christoph Clamer’s table music 'Mensa Harmonica' were most probably performed at these festivities within a small-scale gathering. Alongside performances in the private chamber of the Prince Archbishop, it is conceivable that the works were also played at open-air concerts, perhaps in the pleasure garden at Castle Hellbrunn with its famous fountains. It was customary to listen to 'sweet music' while occupied in 'most pleasant entertainment' such as dice and card games. Little is known about the composer Andreas Christoph Clamer. The son of Salzburg cathedral organist and Hofkapellmeister Gaudenz Clamer, was born in 1633 and most probably enjoyed a musical education at the cathedral music school. In 1682, Clamer is described on the cover of his 'Mensa Harmonica' as master of ceremonies of the Salzburg cathedral chapter. Alongside this function, he was appointed as Instructor of the choristers and ultimately as 'Regens Chori' of the royal choral music in the cathedral. 1-6 Partita III 7-12 Partita V 13-18 Partita VI 19-24 Partita II 25-30 Partita I 31-36 Partita IV


Hans KRASA: Brundibar Children‘s opera from the concentration camp Theresienstadt

Choir & Orchestra from St Ursula Secondary School Freiburg / Sr.Maria Veronika Grüters 'Brundibár', a children's opera based on a play by Aristophanes, was the last work Hans Krása completed before he was arrested by the Nazis in 1942. Krása was sent to the Theresienstadt ghetto where he reworked 'Brundibár' for the available forces, which was then performed 55 times in the camp and also features in the infamous propaganda film made for the Red Cross in 1944. He died in Auschwitz in 1944. 'Brundibár' lay forgotten for several decades. While investigating her family history, the Benedictine nun and music teacher Maria Veronika Grüters, came across the score. She then staged 'Brundibár' with her student ensemble in German, orchestrating it for her student orchestra from the piano score and writing a German libretto. The German première finally took place in July 1985 at the St. Ursula Secondary School in Freiburg. The present recording was made in December 1986.

Label: Christophorus File Under: Classical/Opera & Vocal Catalogue No: CHE02112 Barcode: 4010072021120 BUDGET Price Format: 1 CD Packaging: cristal Vera Fliegauf (Brundibar), Nicole Brück (Seppel), Angelina Ribeiro (Ann), Carolin Gronarz (Doktor), Anita Bodm (Polizist), Ninja Freese (Eismann), Petra Göhrum (Bäcker), Tanja Zimmermann (Milchmann), Barbara Strohmeier (Spatz), Julia Metzger (Katze), Mara Slisko (Hund)

1 Theresienstadt-Hymne [1942] 2-19 Brundibar


WEBER: Symphonies Nos. 1 and 2 & Konzertstück in F minor Wiener Concert-Verein / Claus Peter Flor There are certainly more mature symphonies than Weber's two youthful essays, but few are as much fun; the second might have been composed by a Haydn in the making. An unmistakably Viennese band, with a rustic oboe as from a bygone VPO era plus horns to match, the Wiener Concert-Verein and Claus-Peter Flor are aided here by a well-integrated recording that puts space around the music. [PREVIOUSLY AVAILABLE AS PC10183] 1-4 Symphony No. 1 in C major, Op. 19, J50 5-8 Symphony No. 2 in C major, J51 9 Konzertstück in F minor, Op. 79 for piano & orchestra

Label: Christophorus File Under: Classical/Orchestral Catalogue No: CHE02122 Barcode: 4010072021229 BUDGET Price Format: 1 CD Packaging: cristal Wiener Concert-Verein, Claus Peter Flor Florian Krumpöck (piano)


Alta danza 15th-century dance music in Italy

Les haulz et les bas The dances presented on this 1997 recording are described in around a dozen manuscripts which are nearly all of Italian origin. The principal sources all start with a theoretical section on the concept of dance, placing it in a philosophical context, followed by choreographic descriptions, partly accompanied by music. Almost all the dances are attributed to two 15th-century masters, Domenico da Piacenza and Guglielmo Ebreo da Pesaro. Formed in 1993, the prizewinning ensemble Les haulz et les bas has already won the hearts of audiences and critics throughout Europe, and brought hitherto unknown but ravishingly beautiful and exciting music to the concert stage. It has performed and given lectures at many leading early music festivals including Bruges, Antwerp, Utrecht, Cambridge and Berlin, at the Universities of Oxford and London, the Historic Brass Society and the Schola Cantorum Basiliensis.

Label: Christophorus File Under: Classical/Instrumental Catalogue No: CHE02132 Barcode: 4010072021328 BUDGET Price Format: 1 CD Packaging: cristal Les haulz et les bas

1. Rostiboli Gioioso | 2. Gratioso | 3. Fiore De Virtu | 4. Colonnese | 5. Leoncello | 6. Prisonera 7. Ingrata | 8. Marchesana | 9. Bassadanza (I) | 10. Bassa Franzese | 11. La Fia Guielmina 12. Amoroso | 13. Bialte Di Castiglia | 14. Gelosia | 15. Pizochara | 16. Vercepe | 17. Tesara 18. Damnes | 19. Voltati In Ca Rosina | 20. Castelana | 21. Spero | 22. Legiadra 23. La Vita Di Colino | 24. Bassadanza (II) | 25. Saltarello | 26. Piva " The sound that will stay in my mind from Bruges 1993... . For the first time one could hear that the standard 15th-century [wind] ensemble made sense." EARLY MUSIC NEWS


JANACEK: Hospodine! Glagolitic Mass, Diary of One who disappeared Slavonic Diary and Divine Services

Czech Philharmonic, Vaclav Neumann These three pieces, sung in old Slavonic and Moravian dialect, offer a compelling portrait of JanĂĄcek, a former Brno monk. He became acquainted with ecclesiastical traditions and local folklore, first in the monastery choir and then at the organ, where the spoken language permeates the music. His patriotism and humanist fervour is reflected in all his work and here his grandiose 'Slava' [Gloria] proudly celebrates Slavic culture.

Label: Praga Digitals File Under: Classical/Choral Catalogue No: PRD250382 Barcode: 3149028116120 NORMAL Price Format: 1 CD Packaging: cristal Gabriela Benackova [soprano] Vera Soukupova [alto]* Miroslav Frydlewica [tenor]* Frantisek Livora [tenor] Karel Prusa [bass] Jan Hora [organ] Czech Philharmonic Choir

1 Hospodine! Lord have mercy on us Jadwiga Wysoczanska [soprano], Marie Mrazova [alto], Beno Blachut [tenor], Dalibor Jedlicka [bass], Peter Sovadina [organ], Brass of the Prague SO, Prague, Czech Radio, Dvorak Hall March 28 1964 2-23 Diary of One who disappeared Miroslav Frydlewica [tenor], Vera Soukupova [alto], 3 soloists of the Pavel KĂźhn Chamber Chorus, Radoslav Kvapil May 1970 24-31 Glagolitic Mass Gabriela Benackova [soprano], Vera Soukupova [alto], Frantisek Livora [tenor], Karel Prusa [bass], Jan Hora [organ], Czech Philharmonic Choir, January 1978 Remastered and edited by Alexandra Evrard


BEETHOVEN: String Quintet, Piano Quartet, Great Fugue Early and late chamber music

Budapest String Quartet, Walter Trampler, Mieczyslav Horszowski Two extremes: the young Beethoven pays tribute to Mozart’s String Quintet K515 with Op. 29 and to his quartet for piano and strings K493 with Op.16. Then, almost 20 years later he produces his 'Great Fugue', unleashing potential for a 16-string ensemble. The hugely influential Budapest String Quartet shows how a bold fusion of princely salon music and innovative fugue can combine great power with virtuoso elegance. A timeless revelation. 1-4 String Quintet In c, Op. 29 'Storm', New York Dec 6-7, 1965 4-7 Piano Quartet in E flat, Op. 16, New York Nov 11, 1962 8 Great Fugue in B flat Op. 133, New York May 21, 1961

Label: Praga Digitals File Under: Classical/Chamber music Catalogue No: PRD250381 Barcode: 3149028116021 NORMAL Price Format: 1 CD Packaging: cristal Budapest String Quartet, Walter Trampler [viola] Mieczyslav Horszowski [piano]

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