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/LYHLQ%UHPHQ ANTHONY JOSEPH & THE SPASM BAND Anthony Joseph has been described by Mojo as "one of the most talented and engaging purveyors of the music right now". Mixing congo punk and voodoo funk, esoteric jazz, calypso, soca and rock, his syncretic approach set stages ablaze. So what better way to fill the gap before the next studio album (out next year) than with this stonking live set, recorded at the Moments Club in Bremen in Oct 2012. Anthony Joseph is a poet, novelist, academic and musician. He was born in Trinidad, moving to the UK in 1989. He is the author of three collections of poetry and a novel, The African Origins of UFOs. As a musician he has released three critically acclaimed albums with his band the Spasm band; all released to coincide with book publications. His debut album with the band, Leggo de Lion was released in 2007, and featured lyrics taken from his novel The African Origins of UFOs. Bird Head Son followed in 2009, with lyrics from the Bird Head Son collection. The band’s third album Rubber Orchestras was released in 2011, alongside a new collection of poems with the same title.

Label: NAĂ?VE File Under: Funk / Soul &DWDORJXH1R19 Barcode: 3298498287110 Price: LOWER FULL PRICE Format: 1 CD

Also available: NV816311 Bird Head Son NV823411 Rubber Orchestras "‌with each album he’s getting stronger, stranger, bolder. It makes for a set of incredibly strong liberation songs." MOJO **** "Some seriously raw funk. Joseph intones funny, funky Gil Scott Heron-ish rhymes as his Spasm band produces a remarkable racket, flirting with Ethiopian Jazz, Nigerian afrobeat and James Brown’s garage funk." - UNCUT “The music - brassy and uncompromising - holds you transfixed.â€? - SUNDAY TIMES Track listing: 1. Heavy 6'48 / 2. Griot 12'00 / 3. Cutlass 6'58 / 4. Bullets in the Rock 10'02 / 5. Buddha 8'19 / 6. Speak the Name 8'17 / 7. Bird Head Son 13'58 / 8. The Engine Room 4'24 / 9. Started Off as a Dance 8'47


%RVVD0XIILQ5HPL[HV ,QHGLWRV FLAVIA COELHO Bossa Muffin - Remixes & Inéditos is the story of great encounters and friendships. The six artists participating in this project have, for most of them, not only remixed a track from Bossa Muffin, Flavia Coelho’s first album, but also delivered a brand new composition to which the Brazilian adds her lovely voice. This new electro makeover of 12 vibrant songs gives Flavia’s festive and swinging music a new shine. Once again, Flavia surprises by the extent of her musical talent, effortlessly following the rapid vibes of the uptempo beats of dance music.

Label: Discograph File Under: World music / Brazil &DWDORJXH1R Barcode: 3700426918688 Price: FULL PRICE Format: 1 CD Packaging: digipack

* An accomplished musician and multifaceted producer (McAnuff, Yael Naim, Mc Solaar), Tom Fire has no musical limits. In his new song the carioca arises as softly as sensually. And if his remix ventures into the darkest corners of Rio and Kingston, Flavia’s sunny voice is always here to warm us. * DJ Ordoeuvre combines technical qualities (DMC world vice champion) to artistic ones as a composer in the hip hop jazz trio Matmonjazz. His work reflects these two loves perfectly; beautiful samples of brass and subtle cuts without ever forgetting to make the audience dance. * DJ Kayalik is a DJ and composer in Massilia Sound System. In this collaboration, Kayalik colors his production with reggaeton shades and hypnotic effects. Flavia rules the dancefloor with an uptempo flow and catchy lyrics. * The meeting between the queen of drum'n'bass Elis do Brasil and her compatriot Flavia Coelho could be nothing but explosive. Heat and tempo are going way up! * Musician, producer and composer (Kana, Krystle Warren, Flavia Coelho), Victor Vagh reveals a new talent under the name of Torvatz. He revisits two tracks with a darker and dubbier mood and succeeds in making a song based on voices & percussions, recalling the tradition of folhetos, an acoustic baile funk. * Musician but also Flavia’s sound engineer, Leodog takes here a club direction, a totally different mix and approach than the one he did on Flavia’s first album. PRESS FOR BOSSA MUFFIN "One of the most joyful, easygoing fusion sets of the year." **** GUARDIAN "A refreshing surprise." **** OBSERVER "Quirky and mischievous." **** LONDON EVENING STANDARD Track listing: 1. Sunshine (Tom Fire remix) / 2. Frenchy Lover (by Tom Fire) / 3. Bossa Bika Nova (DJ Ordoeuvre remix) / 4. Tudo Acaba Em Cumbia (by Ordoeuvre) / 5. Ta Bolado (by DJ Kayalik) / 6. Canta Comigo (DJ Kayalik remix) / 7. Rap Do Tem Que Ter (by Torvatz) / 8. De Paris A Rio (Elisa do Brasil remix) / 9. Vai Ralar (by Elisa do Brasil & Soper) / 10. O Que Sou (Torvatz remix) / 11. Amor e Futebol (Leodog remix) / 12. Periferia (Torvatz Dub version)


&KDQVRQVGH/pR)HUUp/3 LÉO FERRÉ A 10" vinyl reissue of Léo Ferré's first release, which is a true copy of the original both in terms of its cover and its contents. All the tracks have been entirely remastered from the original tapes, thus restoring the presence and the natural sound of Ferré’s voice and his piano. For Le Chant du Monde, given that it’s the 25th anniversary of the singer’s death, this is a special tribute. Imagine if these first eleven songs had never existed? And the four hundred tracks which followed on from them…? Léo Ferré’s recording career really took shape in October 1953, when he headed to the recording studio to cut the eleven tracks which would make up the playlist of his first LP. In the space of three sessions, Léo Ferré laid down the foundations of his own brand of art, one which has never been equaled.

Label: Le Chant du Monde File Under: World music / France &DWDORJXH1R Barcode: 3149024111006 Price: FULL PRICE Format: 1 10" LP

Track listing: 1. L'Ile Saint-Louis 3'45 2. La Chanson du scaphandrier 2'55 3. Barbarie 4'03 4. L'Inconnue de Londres 3'20 5. Le Bateau espagnol 4'04 6. A Saint-Germain-des-Prés 3'10 7. La Vie d'artiste 3'15 8. Le Flamenco de Paris 2'45 9. Les Forains 3'20 10. Monsieur Tout-Blanc 3'55 11. L'Esprit de famille 2'30


&KDQVRQVGH/pR)HUUp LÉO FERRÉ The CD version of Léo Ferré's first release, which is a true copy of the original both in terms of its cover and its contents. All the tracks have been entirely remastered from the original tapes, thus restoring the presence and the natural sound of Ferré’s voice and his piano. For Le Chant du Monde, given that it’s the 25th anniversary of the singer’s death, this is a special tribute. Imagine if these first eleven songs had never existed? And the four hundred tracks which followed on from them…? Léo Ferré’s recording career really took shape in October 1953, when he headed to the recording studio to cut the eleven tracks which would make up the playlist of his first LP. In the space of three sessions, Léo Ferré laid down the foundations of his own brand of art, one which has never been equaled.

Label: Le Chant du Monde File Under: World music / France &DWDORJXH1R Barcode: 794881447923 Price: MID PRICE Format: 1 CD

Track listing: 1. L'Ile Saint-Louis 3'45 2. La Chanson du scaphandrier 2'55 3. Barbarie 4'03 4. L'Inconnue de Londres 3'20 5. Le Bateau espagnol 4'04 6. A Saint-Germain-des-Prés 3'10 7. La Vie d'artiste 3'15 8. Le Flamenco de Paris 2'45 9. Les Forains 3'20 10. Monsieur Tout-Blanc 3'55 11. L'Esprit de famille 2'30


8FKLQD6RXQGVRI2NLQDZD,VODQG VARIOUS ARTISTS Years ago Stefan Winter start a series of audio journeys through the music and culture of islands; a voyage of discovery through the world of hearing that has taken in Cuba, Trinidad, Hawaii and now Okinawa. Islands are self-contained "small worlds" with their own rules and own character. Okinawa is such a distinguishable island in Japan. The audible travel journal »Uchina« (»Okinawa«) will put you in touch with an enchanted power of a sound, full of magic and traditional culture, maybe unfamiliar for Western people, but worth a voyage of discovery into a wondrous sound world with high sensitivity.

Label: Winter&Winter File Under: World music / Japan &DWDORJXH1R Barcode: 025091019229 Price: FULL PRICE Format: 1 CD Packaging: digipack

Okinawan culture is quite different from that of other prefectures in Japan. For example, Okinawa is known for its Ryukyu music, Eisa-dance, and many other traditions like Shimadaiko. Taiko (drums), the sanshin (a three-string-instrument similar to a banjo) and vocals are the main sound elements of Okinawa’s music. Since over fifty years it was for the first time possible to record Awase-Chondara which is a very special performance art. It was also very important for this project to capture the sounds of the wind and waves beating the rocks. Hundreds of young girls jumped over a cliff in the south of Okinawa and killed themselves at the end of the battle of Okinawa in 1945. The Sound of Okinawa speaks to the world outside the island and has something to tell, if only we are ready to listen.

Track listing: 1. Nami [Keiko Higa] 2. Hwishi-bushi [Traditional] 3. Mizu-aya [Keiko Higa] 4. Yutakara-bushi [Choki Fukuhara/Lyrics: Traditional] 5. Amakaa [Traditional] 6. Miyako Nishibe Yukui: Michiyuki Yonteru [Traditional festival songs] 7. Hiden-nakafu [Traditional] 8. Chondara: N-zifa/Ouzinu-mee/Uchijonu-mee/Nma-mesa/Twisashi-mee [Traditional] 9. Kunjansabakui [Traditional] 10. Naaku-nii/Hantabaruu [Traditional, Lyrics: Taro Monguchi/Traditional, Lyrics: Hiroshi Asa] 11. At Makishi Kosetsu Market 12. Eisa: Tooshin Do-i [Traditional] total time: 70:33


/ 2LVHDXGH)HX Persian Music and Mystical Poetry from East and West

FIREBIRD Within Sufism, many texts have been adapted with music. The heart, considered as the gate to these mystic ways, is often symbolized in these traditions by the Bird - Simorgh, Dove or Phoenix - fired by the divine passion, which becomes then " The Firebird ". The crystalline tones of the santour, the throb of the bass viol, the incandescent songs of the Persian radif, the deep rhythms of the zarb and the daf set the nest of a musical dialogue, where the texts of emir Abdel Qader, Djallaleddin Rûmi, John of the Cross, Mansour Hallaj, Francis of Assisi, Hafez, Master Eckhart, Kabir, St Augustin come to punctuate the breath of the music.

Label: Accords Croisés File Under: World music / Arabic &DWDORJXH1R$& Barcode: 3149028037425 Price: FULL PRICE Format: 1 CD Packaging: digipack Hassan Tabar - santour Bijan Chemirani - zarb, daf Taghi Akhbari - vocals, narration Jonathan Dunford - bass viola Gereard Kurdjian - narration

A unique experience where the soul is looking for its own intimacy, through the beauty of melodies and texts, and the silence of hearts.... 1 Zarbi 4'54 2 Nul Mortel 1'23 3 Chahar'mezrab-e Tarab 3'36 4 La Plainte De La Flûte 4'45 5 La Où Finit La Créature... 3'19 6 Vajd 2'41 7 Tarsam Dar In Shab / Commeil Etait En Oraison 5'02 8 Jan E Mani 4'37 9 Mon Âme 2'34 10 Debout Amis... 4'20 11 Pish'darâmad 5'17 12 Lumière Immuable 2'26 13 Lumière Immuable 3'23 14 Asrar E Azal 3'49 15 L'ombre De L'arbre Inconnu 4'43 16 Cantique De Frère Soleil 2'08 17 La Rêveuse 2'48


%HWZHHQ6KDGRZV REUBEN FOWLER ‘Between Shadows’ is the debut album by award-winning trumpeter and composer Reuben Fowler. This is an album of huge ambition, delivered impeccably by an artist with a vision to match. Here is a young musician with plenty to say as both a player and a composer, however what‘s most impressive is his boldness and maturity in bringing together an ensemble of world-class musicians to create an album of huge breadth and poise. Featuring some of the most renowned and revered musicians in British jazz - including Stan Sulzmann, Jim Hart and Guy Barker (who conducts) - as well as US trumpet star Tom Harrell, Fowler's ensemble echoes the brilliance and invention evident in some of the great British big band leaders. Recorded flawlessly at Angel Studios, London, ‘Between Shadows’ is one of the most impressive all round debuts for some time.

Label: Edition Records File Under: Jazz &DWDORJXH1R('1 Barcode: 5065001530487 Price: FULL PRICE Format: 1 CD Packaging: cristal Trumpets: Mike Lovatt, George Hogg, Percy Pursglove, Freddie Gavita, Andy Greenwood Woodwinds: Sam Mayne, James G Bateman, Joe Wright, George Crowley, Rob Cope Trombones: Gordon Campbell, Robbie Harvey, Kieran McLeod, Callum Au Rhythm: Alex Munk (g) Matt Robinson (p) Tom McCredie (b) Dave Hamblett (d), Barak Schmool- (Cajón- Track 6) Voice: Brigitte Beraha, Guillermo Rozenthuler Guests: Tom Harrell (fln/t), Stan Sulzmann (ss), Jim Hart (vib/gl) Conductor: Guy Barker

Reuben Fowler graduated from the Royal Academy of Music in 2012 as the second Winner of the Kenny Wheeler Award. He has also received the Musicians Benevolent Fund Peter Whittingham Award and an award from the Jazz Services Recording Support Scheme. To receive three such accolades in such a short period is evidence of Reuben’s potential as an emerging artist of huge natural talent. ‘Between Shadows’ is final confirmation that he will become a vital figure in British Jazz. EXTENSIVE PR CAMPAIGN BY EDITION PR Track listing: 1. Too Minor / 2. Intro to Holness / 3. Holness / 4. Dundry (For JGB) / 5. Parts 1/2 'Introduction/A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square' / 6. Part 3 'The Lost' / 7. Part 4 'The Lost and the Found' / 8. Part 5 'Ending' UK DATES: 5th July - Con Cellar Bar, London 9th July - Sela Bar, Leeds 25th July - Forge, London (ALBUM LAUNCH) 11th August - Grove Inn, Leeds 14th August - Spice of Life, London 29th August - Cori Tap, Bristol 5th Sept - Jazz Nursery, London


3URFHVVLRQ Live at Toulouse

CHRIS McGREGOR'S BROTHERHOOD OF BREATH Procession captures Chris McGregor's Anglo/South African big band in explosive form, live at the Halle aux Grain, Toulouse on 10th May, 1977. Originally released on LP in 1978, this historic recording has been painstakingly restored from the original two-track analogue masters for this new CD edition, which features an additional 23 minutes of music. You do not listen to the Brotherhood, you experience it.

Label: Ogun Records File Under: Jazz &DWDORJXH1R2*&' Barcode: 5020675572379 Price: FULL PRICE Format: 1 CD Packaging: digipack Chris McGregor - piano Harry Beckett, Marc Charig - trumpet Radu Malfatti - trombone Mike Osborne, Dudu Pukwana - alto sax Evan Parker - tenor sax Bruce Grant - baritone sax, flute Johnny Dyani, Harry Miller - bass Louis Moholo - drums

Track listing: 1. You Ain't Gonna Know Me 'cos You Think You Know Me 6'33 2. Sunrise on the Sun 17'10 3. Sonia 8'42 4. Kwhalo 18'35 5. TBS 8'19 6. Andromeda 4'05


7KH:RUOG$FFRUGLQJWR$QG\%H\ ANDY BEY Andy Bey - vocalist, pianist, composer - could be called a late bloomer. He's been performing professionally since he was a kid, but much of his long career flew under the press radar. Now he's reaping real recognition, copping the Jazz Journalists Association award for best male jazz singer three times in the last few years while his work inspires the high priests of jazz criticism to florid prose. So here is Andy Bey, backed only by his own piano playing - which at one time, propelled the bands of Roland Kirk, Sonny Rollins, Joe Henderson, Cecil Taylor and Thad Jones/Mel Lewis - singing with a luxuriant, mature approach that pulls no punches. His delivery is totally unique. He has a message to get out, a story to tell and tell it he does. Featuring four of his own intensely personal compositions the set list is as thought-provoking as it is satisfying, just like Andy Bey himself.

Label: High Note File Under: Jazz &DWDORJXH1R+&' Barcode: 632375725327 Price: FULL PRICE Format: 1 CD Packaging: cristal Andy Bey - piano & vocals

Also available: ECD22162-2 Blues, Ballads & Bey ECD22215-2 Shades of Bey NTCD4509 Ain't Necessarily So

Track listing: 1. It Never Entered My Mind 2. But Not for Me 3. Dedicated to Miles 4. The Demons Are After You 5. Love is Here to Stay 6. There’s So Many Ways to Approach the Blues 7. The Joint is Jumpin’ 8. Being Part of What’s Happening Now 9. The Morning After 10. ‘S Wonderful 11. Dissertation on the State of Bliss


%XW%HDXWLIXO MARY STALLINGS Singer Mary Stallings enchants audiences around the world with her divine musicality, elegant stage presence, and a voice that is, according to the San Francisco Chronicle, "supple and timeless, encompassing the whole history of music." Her more than 40 years of experience--from her start with the bands of Count Basie and Dizzy Gillespie to the undiluted passion of her solo recordings--shine through with every note. The New York Times says she's "perhaps the best jazz singer alive today" and her latest HighNote recording offers ample proof. With the supremely gifted pianist, composer, arranger Eric Reed as Music Director, Mary offers ten tunes which show the full range of her considerable talents. From bluesy swing to hushed seductive tones, Mary Stallings has it all.

Label: High Note File Under: Jazz &DWDORJXH1R+&' Barcode: 632375725020 Price: FULL PRICE Format: 1 CD Packaging: cristal Mary Stallings - vocals Eric Reed - piano & musical direction Danny Janklow - alto sax Brian Clancy - tenor sax Mike Gurrola - bass Wes Anderson - drums

Track listing: 1. Dedicated to You 2. Just a Gigolo 3. Some Other Spring 4. But Beautiful 5. The Lamp is Low 6. Time on My Hands 7. Autumn in New York 8. I Didn't Know What Time It Was 9. You Don't Know What Love Is 10. I Thought About You


&KHW6LQJV The American Years (1953-1958)

CHET BAKER This album brings together all of the songs performed by Chet during his American period, from October 1953 to August 1958. 44 tracks which were to revolutionise the history of vocal jazz! Chet Baker is, without a doubt, along with Louis Armstrong, one of the only jazzmen who can be called an innovator both as a musician and as a vocalist. When he recorded his voice for the first time on the 27th of October, 1953, there were no prior recordings in the field of vocal jazz which bore any resemblance to his dainty phrasing and fragile timbre. His voice made use of the same vibrato technique and the same inflections as when he played his trumpet.The only star who seemed to have had any influence over the young man, then 23 years old, was Frank Sinatra. Half of the tracks he sang from 1953 to 1958 (just before his second trip to Europe) had already been recorded by Sinatra. In the space of five years, Chet Baker was to leave his mark on all the major vocalists who came after him, both in and out of the jazz world.

Label: Le Chant du Monde File Under: Jazz &DWDORJXH1R Barcode: 3149024225628 Price: MID PRICE Format: 2 CD Packaging: digipack


&KHW/LYHV JOE BARBIERI There are plenty of musicians who attempt to celebrate Chet Baker 'the trumpet player'. However, those who are able to pay tribute to Chet Baker 'the singer' are few and far between. Joe Barbieri is without a doubt the most appropriate candidate to address this alternative aspect of Chet's talent. With his smooth and yet fragile tone, his acute yet profound sensitivity and his ability to leave his own ego totally to one side, Joe Barbieri tackles Chet's repertoire with a wise man's simplicity and an admirer's humble respect.

Label: Le Chant du Monde File Under: Jazz &DWDORJXH1R Barcode: 3149024225826 Price: FULL PRICE Format: 1 CD Packaging: digipack Joe Barbieri - guitar, vocals Luca Aquino - trumpet, flugelhorn Antonio Fresa - piano special guests: Furio Di Castri - bass Marcio Faraco - electric guitar, vocals Stacey Kent - vocals Nicola Stilo - guitar, flute Giacomo Pedicini - bass

This fellow artist, originally from Naples, has already had three chances to demonstrate his approach, which seems so fragile where in fact it is simply delicate in style (on the albums "In Parole Povere" in 2004, "Maison Maravilha" in 2009 and "Respiro" in 2012). Like Chet's, Barbieri's voice brushes lightly over us rather than caressing us, whispers more than it murmurs, while always maintaining a precarious balance and a natural, innocent touch. Barbieri's mode of expression strikes us as in every way as uncontrived. The lack of affectedness proves he is never tempted to put his own talents on display. Barbieri never falls into the trap of feigning pain or showing compassion. He shares with Chet the ability to scrub each track clean of all superfluous artifice. Chet Lives! is the selfless homage of an eternal admirer. The album includes Stacey Kent among its special guests, on "I Fall In Love Too Easily".


5HDOL]H THREE FALL Young German jazz is in a very healthy state, and of the most extraordinary examples is the trio Three Fall. They caused a furore with debut album “On a Walkabout”, and are now adding more fuel to the fire with their second album, “Realize!”. Once again the trio includes a mix of original compositions with interpretations of rock and pop material. On the debut album they only covered Red Hot Chili Pepper songs, however this latest record includes tracks by Rage Against The Machine ("Killing In The Name"), Nirvana ("Lithium") and Coldplay ("The Scientist"). Despite the presence of these covers, Three Fall’s own compositions still hold their own, ranging from the African-influenced "Chapa Chapa Maputo" to the striking rhythms of "Bata" and the hypnotically booming "Stein". The cool melody in "Endless" could be from Paul Desmond, and the electronic effects are unpretentious and blend seamlessly into the fabric of the song. Nobody else plays like Three Fall, not because they want to be different, but because they are.

Label: ACT Music File Under: Jazz &DWDORJXH1R$&7 Barcode: 614427967220 Price: FULL PRICE Format: 1 CD Packaging: digipack Lutz Streun - tenor sax, bass clarinet Til Schneider - trombone Sebastian Winne - drums & percussion

Track listing: 1.Nevertheless 03:49 2.Realize! 04:46 3.Bata 06:05 4.Chai 03:39 5.Endless 04:05 6.Killing In The Name 06:10 7.Stein 06:15 8.Wusel 00:41 9.Drunken Master 02:46 10.Chapa Chapa Maputo 03:56 11.Lithium 02:45 12.Bones and Steaks 04:16 13.The Scientist 04:10


/RYH&RPHVWR7RZQ TORSTEN GOODS The drums provide the heavy groove, the Fender Rhodes tunes in with a resilient theme, a tender brass section fills in excitingly, then the clear soul voice resounds through the song, accompanied by the mellow sound of a jazz guitar and both support the song “You Wind Me Up” up, ending in a final improvisation. Right from the start, Torsten Goods’ CD ”Love Comes To Town” is cool, funky and energising. Since his first ACT album “Irish Heart”, a homage to his Irish mother, it has been no secret that he is an outstanding multitalent, who grew up in Franconia, matured during his studies in New York and was nurtured by the “masters of the jazz guitar” such as George Benson, Les Paul, Bireli Lagrene or Mike Stern. While the “Evening Standard” once wrote about his “talent galore”, experts couldn’t agree which to give preference to: the virtuoso guitarist, the endearing singer and entertainer or the songwriter Torsten Goods. This question is of no further interest once you have listened to “Love Comes to Town”: effortlessly mastering all these fields, Goods has never been more laid-back.

Label: ACT Music File Under: Jazz &DWDORJXH1R$&7 Barcode: 614427972620 Price: FULL PRICE Format: 1 CD Packaging: digipack Torsten Goods - vocals & guitar Jan Miserre - piano, fender rhodes, wurlitzer Christian von Kaphengst - fender jazz bass, acoustic bass Wolfgang Haffner - drums Till Brönner - trumpet Nils Landgren - trombone Magnus Lindgren - saxophone, flute Ingolf Burkhardt - trumpet on 04, 09 & 11 Guests: Ida Sand - vocals on vocals on 02 & 07 Viktoria Tolstoy - vocals on 10 & 13 Felix Lehrmann - drums on 14

Track listing: 1. You Wind Me Up 4'17 2. When Love Comes to Town 4'01 3. Freedom Every Day 4'09 4. Put It Where You Want It 5'26 5. Unlucky Like Me 3'50 6. Right Here Waiting 4'06 7. Brutal Truth 4'40 8. Weekend at the A-Trane 4'21 9. Someone Like You 5'05 10. Summer Lovin 4'48 11. Outa Here 3'32 12. Night Life 5'34 13. That Can't Take That Away From Me 2'56 14. Berlin p.m. 3'47


On My Way and Shoutin' Again! + Not Now, I’ll Tell You When + 2 Bonus Tracks

COUNT BASIE & HIS ORCHESTRA 2 LPs ON 1 CD! Two complete original LPs by the great Count Basie in their entirety. On My Way and Shoutin' Again! (Verve V6-8511) was conceived and arranged by Neal Hefti, who was partly responsible for Basie’s success in the late ‘50s and early ‘60s. Not Now, I’ll Tell You When (Roulette RSLP-52044), on the other hand, presents a selection of tunes composed and arranged by some of the most important members of the band. This second LP has been long unavailable on CD and is presented here for the first time in that format with its original LP cover. Our 16-page booklet includes both updated and original liner notes, as well as the complete original Down Beat review for our primary LP.

Label: American Jazz Classics File Under: Jazz Catalogue No: AJC99067 Barcode: 8436542013833 Price: MID PRICE Format: 1 CD Packaging: cristal

Track listing: 01 I’M SHOUTIN’ AGAIN 3:50 / 02 DUCKY BUMPS 3:35 / 03 THE LONG NIGHT 3:43 / 04 JUMP FOR JOHNNY 3:17 / 05 AIN’T THAT RIGHT 2:51 / 06 TOGETHER AGAIN 2:45 / 07 SHANGHAIED 3:33 / 08 SKIPPIN’ WITH SKITCH 4:02 / 09 EEE DEE 3:04 / 10 ROSE BUD 3:39 / 11 NOT NOW, I’LL TELL YOU WHEN 3:40 / 12 RARE BUTTERFLY 4:38 / 13 BACK TO THE APPLE 4:44 / 14 OL’ MAN RIVER 4:55 / 15 MAMA’S TALKIN’ SOFT 4:29 / 16 THE DALY JUMP 4:08 / 17 BLUE ON BLUE 2:52 / 18 SWINGING AT THE WALDORF 3:44 / 19 SWEET AND PURTY 3:24 / 20 9:20 SPECIAL 3:49 / 21 LESTER LEAPS IN 4:15


Rearin' Back + Tribute to Duke Ellington SONNY STITT 2 LPs ON 1 CD! Sonny Stitt’s complete original 1962 album Rearin’ Back (Argo LPS-709), one of only two collaborations between the saxophonist and pianist Ronnie Mathews. As a bonus, we present a complete 1960 album by Stitt dedicated exclusively to the songbook of Duke Ellington which appears here on CD for the first time ever. He is showcased again in a quartet format, backed this time by Lou Levy, Paul Chambers (in his only session with Stitt outside of their September-October 1960 tour with the Miles Davis Quintet), and Stan Levey. Our booklet includes updated and original liner notes for both LPs, rare photos, and the 1962 Down Beat review of Rearin’ Back in its entirety. Includes 12-page booklet.

Label: American Jazz Classics File Under: Jazz Catalogue No: AJC99068 Barcode: 8436542013840 Price: MID PRICE Format: 1 CD Packaging: cristal 1-7: REARIN’ BACK SONNY STITT, alto sax RONNIE MATHEWS, piano ARTHUR HARPER, bass LEX HUMPHRIES, drums BONUS ALBUM (8-16): TRIBUTE TO DUKE ELLINGTON SONNY STITT, alto sax (tenor sax on 10, 11 & 13) LOU LEVY, piano PAUL CHAMBERS, bass STAN LEVEY, drums

Track listing: 01 REARIN’ BACK 5:16 / 02 WEE (aka ALLEN’S ALLEY) 4:06 / 03 LITTLE GIRL BLUE 3:37 / 04 CUT PLUG 4:16 / 05 QUEEN 7:05 / 06 CARPSIE’S GROOVE 5:11 / 07 BUNNY R. 6:13 / 08 DON’T GET AROUND MUCH ANYMORE 4:32 / 09 I LET A SONG GO OUT OF MY HEART 4:09 / 10 DO NOTHIN’ TILL YOU HEAR FROM ME 5:08 / 11 C JAM BLUES 4:26 / 12 SOLITUDE 5:20 / 13 IT DON’T MEAN A THING (IF IT AIN’T GOT THAT SWING) 5:16 / 14 I’M BEGINNING TO SEE THE LIGHT 6:57 / 15 PERDIDO 5:38 / 16 SOPHISTICATED LADY 1:58


Firefly ERI YAMAMOTO TRIO The deeply lyrical and prolific pianist/composer Eri Yamamoto returns quickly to record with Firefly, a brand new collection of wholly original and indelible songs, this time performed live in intimate concert, with her decade-long devoted trio of bassist David Ambrosio and drummer Ikuo Takeuchi. Following so directly on their previous acclaimed and rife with riches album, The Next Page (itself following In Each Day, Something Good and Redwods), Yamamoto’s consistently luminous writing, and the trio’s telepathic performances thereof, is astonishing. The heft of emotional weight and remarkably honed craft once again on full display here is made all the more remarkable for their ability to make it sound so effortless. This is Yamamoto’s first-ever live album, recorded in December 2012 at the piano showroom Klavierhaus in NYC by renowned jazz photographer and recording engineer Jimmy Katz. Communion with the audience suffuses the performances, and the band stretches out accordingly. Eri’s improvisations dive into and float atop the essence of her melodies and the rhythm of a larger collective heartbeat.

Label: Aum Fidelity File Under: Jazz Catalogue No: AUM079 Barcode: 642623307922 Price: FULL PRICE Format: 1 CD Packaging: digipack Eri Yamamoto - piano, compositions David Ambrosio - bass Ikuo Takeuchi - drums

Track listing: 1. Memory Dance 7:23 2. A Few Words 5:19 3. Around On The Way 6:25 4. Firefly 9:02 5. Heart 7:08 6. Echo 8:53 7. Playground 8:16 8. Real Story 8:21


Claytonia THE BUCK CLAYTON LEGACY BAND Formed by broadcaster Alyn Shipton and German saxophonist Matthias Seuffert in 2004, the Buck Clayton Legacy Band features music written and arranged by the great swing trumpeter. Buck Clayton (1911-1991) was the star of Count Basie’s band in the 1930s and 1940s, took his own band to China before World War 2, and in the 1950s and 60s became synonymous with the swing jam session. In later life, he retired from playing the trumpet, and reinvented himself as a bandleader and arranger. He wrote his autobiography in the 1980s, and on his death left a box of music to Shipton who had published the book, with a note saying “You’ve kept my memory alive with the book, now maybe you can do the same with my music?”

Label: BCLB File Under: Jazz Catalogue No: BCLB001 Barcode: 0680569831798 Price: FULL PRICE Format: 1 CD Packaging: cristal Matthias Seuffert - tenor saxophone, clarinet (co-leader) Alyn Shipton - bass (co-leader) Menno Daams and Ian Smith - trumpets Alan Barnes - alto saxophone, clarinet Adrian Fry - trombone Martin Litton - piano Martin Wheatley - guitar Norman Emberson - drums

This CD is the result – eight of Buck’s compositions, written between the ‘50s and the ‘80s, and featuring his inimitable mix of swing, style and wit. Together, the band blends brilliantly to play this music in a style that pays homage to Clayton’s great touring groups of the past, but retains its own contemporary feel. Recorded live at the Sage, Gateshead, during the 2011 Gateshead International Jazz Festival. Released by arrangement with BBC Music.

Track listing: 1. Outer Drive 5'29 2. I'll Make Believe 6'21 3. Party Time 6'10 4. Horn of Plenty 5'06 5. Scorpio 6'25 6. Claytonia 9'24 7. Smoothie 7'00 8. Sir Humphrey 8'06


SPL FULVIO SIGURTA A special modern CD, disconcerting at times, “SPL”, the new work by trumpet player Fulvio Sigurtà, with Andrea Lombardini on electric bass guitar and Alessandro Paternesi on drums, is a surprise, track after track. Sounds studied in the minimum detail, atmospheres suspended in time, a merging of genres, with a rock soul peeping out among the tracks. Sigurtà’s trio is joined by two exceptional guests: Ross Stanley on the Hammond organ and Michele Rabbia on percussion (and electronics). “SPL” explores the new expressive potentials and frontiers of jazz with curiosity and intelligence. In addition to his SPL Trio, Sigurta has duo projects with Claudio Filippini and Federico Casagrande. Resident in London, he has also collaborated with Nostalgia 77, Examples of Twelves, Guildhall Big Band, Giovanni Guidi, Gianluigi Trovesi and many more.

Label: CAM Jazz File Under: Jazz Catalogue No: CAMJ7861-2 Barcode: 8052405140890 Price: FULL PRICE Format: 1 CD Packaging: cristal Fulvio Sigurtà - trumpet, flugelhorn, laptop, postproduction Andrea Lombardini - electric, acoustic & 8 string bass and live signal processing Alessandro Paternesi - drums special guests Ross Stanley - Hammond organ Michele Rabbia - percussion, electronics, laptop


Motherland NAZIZI & GINJAH An amazing meeting between two striking and talented young voices. Nazizi (from Kenya) and Ginjah (from Jamaica) met in Nairobi, Kenya in 2011. Their common love for reggae and conscious messages (both are Rastafarians) brought them into the studio for what was to be just one single, “Brother Sister”, but the chemistry between the two was so immediate that it was only natural for them to plan a followup... In just one day they wrote all the lyrics and their journey to a real album began. Although he has long sung about it in his songs, this was Ginjah’s first direct African experience. The impact was strong and inspiring, and inevitably this poured out into the lyrics of the album, largely centered on Mother Africa and her rebellious children—an explosive combination, and the first between a Jamaican and Kenyan artist.

Label: Goodfellas/Afrodisia File Under: Reggae Catalogue No: GF2728 Barcode: 8033706217290 Price: FULL PRICE Format: 1 CD Packaging: digipack

Recorded at the Ark Angel Studio in Nairobi, Motherland is a killer mix of upbeat reggae tunes, rap, and streetwise pop. Two former child prodigies, their similar stories deserve a brief recounting. Nazizi became a young star almost by accident, thanks to a television talent show. Since then, after nearly twenty years of riding the crest of the wave, she has become the number one Swahili voice of rap & reggae along the whole eastern coast of Africa. Ginjah was a longtime protégé of reggae superstar Beres Hammond, with whom he toured the world.

Track listing: 1. Do Your Thing 2. Safe Sex 3. Jah Work 4. Motherland 5. Sunshine 6. Don’t Squeeze Ya Trigger 7. Brother Sister 8. Never Forget 9. I Lift My Eyes 10. Go Tell Her 11. Safe Sex remix 12. Motherland remix


We Free Again LP GROUNDATION With APPLE GABRIEL (Israel Vibration) and DON CARLOS DOUBLE VINYL 180g LP VERSION OF THE FOURTH ALBUM BY THE INTERNATIONALLY ACCLAIMED CALIFORNIAN REGGAE BAND The French Soulbeats label is re-issuing the works of Groundation on CD and, for the first time, as double vinyl gatefold sleeve editions. Chilled conscious roots with undertones of jazz in the horn work linking right back to the Skatalites and fronted by the unique vocals of Harrison Stafford, with two very special guests.

Label: Soulbeats File Under: Reggae Catalogue No: SBR034 Barcode: 3149028001174 Price: FULL PRICE Format: 2 LP

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