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Howard Shelley

Kalkbrenner Concertos

news & highlights Street Date: March 20, 2012



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Gramophone Critics Choice highlights “Marvel at Telemann’s inexhaustible invention in these beautifully played suites, concertos and sonatas.”

— Richard lawrence

Ethereal sacred music from Theatre of Voices Paul Hillier curates this collection of Arvo Pärt’s choral and instrumental chamber music drawn from different periods in the composer’s career. Leading his celebrated vocal ensembles Theatre of Voices and Ars Nova Copenhagen along with the NYYD Quartet and long-time collaborator organist Christopher Bowers-Broadbent, Hillier produces another powerful recording of ethereal sacred music.

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Paul Hillier, Theatre of Voices harmonia mundi • HMU 807553

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Pärt: Creator Spiritus


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— Andrew Achenbach


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“Observant, poised and (above all) irresistibly communicative playing”

Elgar: Quintet, String Quartet Goldner String Quartet, Piers Lane Hyperion • CDA 67857

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Telemann: Tafelmusik


NEW RELEASE HIGHLIGHTS Our March release (our first offering in the Canadian market) features eight priority titles ranging from Baroque music to contemporary favorites. The harmonia mundi label’s four key titles include a lieder recital from soprano Marlis Petersen (p.7), music from the Berlin court of Friedrich II with the Akademie für Alte Musik Berlin (p.9), a disc of Vaughan Williams favorites with Christopher Seaman and the Rochester Philharmonic (p.10) and the world première recording of Handel’s original 1712 version of Il pastor fido with new artists La Nuova Musica (p.9). Focus releases on Hyperion include Howard Shelley playing Kalkbrenner Piano Concertos (p.13), choral music of Bo Hansson with the Royal Holloway Choir led by Rupert Gough (p.15) and Hamish Milne playing piano music of Medtner (p.16). The great bass Ferruccio Furlanetto joins Valery Gergiev in a new recording of Massenet’s Don Quichotte for Mariinsky (p.18) to round out the month. Of special note are our first releases on new label Agogique and the American choir Gloriae Dei Cantores celebrating the centenary of Alan Hovhaness with an album of his choral music entitled From the Ends of the Earth (p.12). In non-classical releases, World Village offers the powerful Kelmti Horra (p.29) by Tunisian singer Emel Mathlouthi, a key figure in the Arab Spring movement.

“The union of Early Music specialist Paul Hillier and contemporary composer Arvo Pärt is an artistic match made in heaven.” —AMERICAN RECORD GUIDE

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The birth of the cello agogique

GABRIELLI La Nascita del Violoncello

Les Basses Réunies, Bruno Cocset Agogique • AGO 001

D70pyu5c%) )!^s Price Code: CA24 (Suggested Retail Price: $24.98)

new label IMPORT Oversize package: 7.5” X 5.5” The cello came to prominence in the eighteenth century by supplanting the viol as both a solo instrument and a favored choice for continuo support. The cello’s impressive range and wide variety of tonal colors has inspired composers ever since. Bruno Cocset leads the ensemble Les Basses Réunies in a recording that takes us back to the origins of the cello and to the instrument’s early repertoire. In addition to a 136-page book, it features music of Domenico Gabrielli as well as Giovanni Battista Vitali, Giovanni Battista Degli Antoni and Giuseppe Jacchini, whose works look firmly towards the Enlightenment. March 2012

“Bruno Cocset displays an absolutely astonishing imagination, eloquence and a science of the tone. He is operatic and radiant at the same time…” — LE MONDE DE LA MUSIQUE



A Bach recital BACH Preludes et autres fantaisies Keyboard Works

Violaine Cochard (harpsichord) Agogique • AGO 002

D70pyu5c%) )@#s Price Code: CA19 (Suggested Retail Price: $19.98)

IMPORT On this disc from Agogique, harpsichordist Violaine Cochard plays a selection of works by Johann Sebastian Bach including movements from the Suites as well as smaller, standalone works. The artist’s intention was to create a ‘recital’ that is both diverse and coherent, including examples of the various writing processes and genres of which Bach was particularly fond, such as traditional counterpoint, fantasias and dances. The recording’s inspiration was an instrument — an original eighteenth century harpsichord made by the great maker Joannes Daniel Dulcken. The unique timbre, brilliance and refinement that are hallmarks of Dulcken’s instruments impart their own special flavor to Bach’s timeless music.

Chamber music by the London Bach A Music Party J.C.BACH Quintets Opp. 22 & 11, Sextet in C Major

March 2012

Amarillis Agogique • AGO 003


D70pyu5c%) )#)s Price Code: CA19 (Suggested Retail Price: $19.98)

IMPORT Johann Christian’s highly melodic style differentiates his works from those of his family. He composed in the Galante style incorporating balanced phrases, emphasis on melody and accompaniment, without too much contrapuntal complexity. The Galante movement opposed the intricate lines of Baroque music, and instead placed importance on fluid melodies in periodic phrases. Christian Bach, a favorite composer of the young Mozart, was particularly fond of combining the timbres of winds and strings. That special blend of colors is the focus of this attractive collection of chamber music, which also gives soloistic prominence to the harpsichord. The ensemble Amarillis offers stylish and virtuosic readings of these supremely charming works.

Hovhaness at 100 gloriae dei cantores

HOVHANESS From the Ends of the Earth

Gloriae Dei Cantores, Elizabeth Paerson Gloriae Dei Cantores • GDCD 052

Hk098 7c) %@ ?K Price Code: CA18 (Suggested Retail Price: $18.98)

DOMESTIC SACD Hybrid/ Stereo & Multi-channel/ DSD Gloriae Dei Cantores marks the centenary of American composer Alan Hovhaness with a collection of sacred choral works entitled From the Ends of the Earth. With selections spanning Hovhaness’ rich musical career, this SACD invites the listener to explore the broadrange of cultural and stylistic influences (from both East and West) that the composer loved and sought to portray in his music. The critically acclaimed choir Gloriae Dei Cantores lend their hearts and voices to Hovhaness’ “noble desire for the regeneration of mankind,” and invite a new generation of listeners to experience his exceptional compositions.

“This group has become an elite choir…” — AMERICAN RECORD GUIDE

Also available Gloriae Dei Cantores • GDCD 048 (709887004827)

“This is a terrific recording, featuring repertoire that only a truly imaginative mind would think of combining on one disc… A complete winner.” — FANFARE

March 2012

Mandorla: Choral Masterworks


Choral music by Wolfgang Rihm harmonia mundi

RIHM Astralis & other choral works

RIAS-Kammerchor, Hans-Christoph Rademann harmonia mundi • HMC 902129

D14opw0c@!@(@(s Price Code: CA19 (Suggested Retail Price: $19.98)

IMPORT With his early compositions of the 1970s, Wolfgang Rihm opened up new perspectives for musical development by advocating a musical aesthetic that offered liberation from the constraints of the prevailing avant-garde ideology of the time. This disc from the RIASKammerchor led by Hans-Christoph Rademann includes his early Fragmenta Passionis (written when Rihm was only 16), the Sieben Passions-texte and the major half-hour-long work Astralis of 2001. These three works are linked above all by their expressive and diverse treatment of the possibilities of the human voice and at the same time by their reflection on traditional forms and genres of musical history. In March 2012, Wolfgang Rihm celebrates his 60th birthday.

March 2012

Also available


Krenek: Kaƒa Motets

harmonia mundi • HMC 902049 (794881942824)

“Under the assured direction of Hans Christoph Rademann, the RlAS Kammerchor sings with emotional intensity, élan and virtuoso accuracy. This remains one of the truly elite vocal ensembles in the world.” — OPERA NEWS

Marlis Petersen sings Goethe lieder Das ewig Weibliche — Goethe Lieder

harmonia mundi

Marlis Petersen (soprano), Jendrik Springer (piano) harmonia mundi • HMC 902094

D14opw0c@)($@$s Price Code: CA19 (Suggested Retail Price: $19.98)

IMPORT On Das ewig Weibliche, soprano Marlis Petersen and pianist Jendrik Springer have selected nineteen lieder from repertoire spanning two centuries, all centering on Goethe’s concept of the Eternal Feminine. From Liszt to Trojahn, from Schubert to Wolf and from Schumann to Krenek, the music of both celebrated and fascinating little-known composers rounds out a recital of consciously theatrical dimensions.

Praise for Marlis Petersen “Cool, smart, centered, captivating…” — LOS ANGELES TIMES

Also available harmonia mundi • HMC 901945 (794881848522)

“Topped by Marlis Petersen’s crystalline soprano, the beautifully balanced vocal quartet sings with charm, tenderness and a piquant sense of drama.” — THE DAILY TELEGRAPH

March 2012

Brahms: Liebeslieder Walzer


Celebrating two anniversaries harmonia mundi

Frederick the Great — 1712-2012 — Music from the Berlin Court GRAUN Ouvertüre und Allegro, Concerto per il Viola da Gamba concertata NICHELMANN Concerto per il Cembalo concertante FRIEDRICH II Sonata per il Flauto traverso solo e Basso C.P.E. BACH Sinfonie No.1 Akademie für Alte Musik Berlin harmonia mundi • HMC 902132

D14opw0c@!#@ #s Price Code: CA19 (Suggested Retail Price: $19.98)

IMPORT The year 2012 marks the tercentenary of the birth of Frederick the Great, whose political and military glory has often relegated his musical talent to the status of a mere hobby. But Frederick II was not only the key personality of Berlin musical life for the whole of the 18th century (as is shown by the works of the composers presented on this CD, all of whom worked at his court at some point in their careers) but also an excellent flautist who left to posterity a number of fine flute sonatas from his own pen. Formed in East Berlin in 1982, the Akademie für Alte Musik Berlin celebrates its 30th anniversary in 2012. The group has developed a worldwide reputation for its consistently insightful and fascinating concerts and recordings.

“Academy of Ancient Music Berlin is second to none.” — BBC MUSIC MAGAZINE

March 2012

Also available Bach: The Art of Fugue

harmonia mundi • HMC 902064 (794881982820)

“It’s the vivid way in which the Akademie realize Bach’s ingenious structures that makes the recording so compelling.” — THE INDEPENDENT


La Nuova Musica débuts with a Handel rarity harmonia mundi

HANDEL Il pastor fido (1712)

La Nuova Musica, David Bates harmonia mundi • HMU 907585

Aa93046c&%*%@XN Price Code: 2CA15 (2 CD Set, Suggested Retail Price: $31.98)

IMPORT For its harmonia mundi début, the London-based ensemble La Nuova Musica, led by David Bates, presents a true rarity — the original 1712 version of Handel’s opera Il pastor fido (The Faithful Shepherd) in its world première recording, featuring Lucy Crowe, Anna Dennis, Katherine Manley, Madeleine Shaw and Clint van der Linde. The three act Il pastor fido was set to a libretto by Giacomo Rossi based on the famed and widely familiar pastoral poem of the same name by Giovanni Battista Guarini. Following on the heels of Handel’s hugely successful Rinaldo, the work was revised several times to please audiences and critics. La Nuova Musica is a vocal and instrumental ensemble dedicated to the music of the European Renaissance and Baroque. Its name is taken from Giulio Caccini’s 1602 treatise Le Nuove Musiche, which concerns itself with vocal production and how best to move the affections. Since its foundation in 2006 by counter-tenor David Bates, the group has shot to prominence in the UK and beyond and is already a regular guest at the foremost Early Music venues and festivals.

“This new group of young performers brings a sense of freshness and joy to even the most familiar music.” — JOHN RUTTER

“La Nuova Musica is first-rate…” — CLASSICS TODAY March 2012


Seaman conducts Vaughan Williams harmonia mundi

VAUGHAN WILLIAMS A London Symphony, Serenade to Music (original version, 1939) Juliana Athayde (violin), Mercury Opera Rochester, Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra, Christopher Seaman harmonia mundi • HMU 807567

Aa93046c&%^&^ZP Price Code: CA19 (Suggested Retail Price: $19.98)

IMPORT SACD Hybrid/ Stereo & Multi-channel/ DSD To mark the close of an outstanding thirteen-season tenure as Music Director of the Rochester Philharmonic, Christopher Seaman leads his orchestra in a program of music which he holds especially dear: Vaughan Williams’ A London Symphony and the Serenade to Music, the latter with violinist Juliana Athayde and singers from Mercury Opera Rochester. A London Symphony, the second symphony composed by Ralph Vaughan Williams, was first performed in 1914. The composer said that while the title may suggest a programmatic piece, it was intended to be heard as absolute music. Henry Wood commissioned Vaughan Williams to compose the Serenade to Music to be premiered at a concert marking Wood’s 50th anniversary on the podium. Vaughan Williams dedicated it to Sir Henry, “in grateful recognition of his services to music.” This recording presents it in its original form — for violin solo, sixteen solo singers and orchestra, as Wood requested.

“Christopher Seaman’s interpretations impress through their meticulous detail and sure pacing. The music speaks calmly and naturally; the orchestra responds with poised ensemble and unforced sound.” — LOS ANGELES TIMES

March 2012

Also available


Rachmaninov: Piano Concerto No.3

harmonia mundi • HMU 907286 (093046728625)

“Besides being an astounding technician, Nakamatsu shows impeccable taste; he puts a high gloss on anything he plays.” — CHICAGO TRIBUNE

Tchaikovsky: Piano Concerto No.1

harmonia mundi • HMU 907323 (093046732325)

“Kern’s musicality radiates off the stage and saturates the hall, and it is joyously alive.” — THE WASHINGTON POST

Budget-priced CD Catalog reissues Price Code: CA08 (Suggested Retail Price: $8.98) IMPORT Previously Available as HMC 901958 (794881832828) Deleted December 2008

Aa93046c^# @ [Q


harmonia mundi

D14opw0c!(%*$)s Price Code: CA08 (Suggested Retail Price: $8.98) IMPORT MOZART Symphonies Nos.38 & 40

Previously Available as HMU 907332 (093046733223) Deleted June 2011

Freiburger Barockorchester, René Jacobs harmonia mundi • HMX 2901958


VIVALDI Concertos for the Emperor

English Concert, Andrew Manze harmonia mundi • HMX 2907332

This year’s versions of harmonia mundi’s popular CD Plus Catalog reissues feature two of the label’s most popular artists. Conducting the Freiburger Barockorchester, resident harmonia mundi archaeologist René Jacobs rediscovers two symphonies of ‘classic’ status. The guiding principle of his interpretation is clarity of texture, with the aim of bringing out the inherent drama of the works. Andrew Manze, leading The English Concert in their second recording together, demonstrates the electrifying, spontaneous style of playing which has made him one of the hottest properties on the classical music scene. This disc features a reconstruction of six violin concertos that Vivaldi presented to the Holy Roman Emperor Charles VI in September of 1727.

March 2012


Chamber music by Joseph Achron hyperion

ACHRON Complete Suites for Violin & Piano

Hagai Shaham (violin), Arnon Erez (piano) Hyperion • CDA 67841

Aa34571c!&*$!\R Price Code: CA19 (2 CDs for the Price of One, Suggested Retail Price: $19.98)

CDs for the Price of 1 IMPORT Admired by Schoenberg (who described him a s , “o n e o f t h e m o s t underestimated of modern composers”), Joseph Achron was a boundary-defying violinist and composer of extraordinary gifts. He drew on his Jewish faith to profound effect, from the early influence of his cantor father to his enthusiastic championing of the Society for Jewish Folk Music (which did for Jewish music what Bartók did for Eastern European folk culture). It is hardly surprising that much of Achron’s music is for violin — he was a consummate player himself and a prolific recitalist. However, what is striking is how varied and exploratory his output is, delighting in experimentation, as the wonderfully named Suite bizarre demonstrates, just as much as the direct emotionalism of his transcriptions of Hebraic melodies. Who better to present this music than two artists steeped in similar traditions to Achron: Hagai Shaham and Arnon Erez.

March 2012

Also available


Dohnanyi & Janacek: Violin Sonatas Hyperion • CDA 67699 (034571176994)

“Shaham and Erez give an excellent performance, Shaham’s seductive tone and elegant phrasing being well-matched by Erez’s sensitive touch.” — GRAMOPHONE

Shelley plays Kalkbrenner concertos harmonia mundi hyperion

Romantic Piano Concerto Vol.56 KALKBRENNER Piano Concertos Nos.2 & 3, Adagio ed Allegro di bravura

Howard Shelley (piano), Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra Hyperion • CDA 67843

Aa34571c!&*$#VL Price Code: CA19 (Suggested Retail Price: $19.98)

IMPORT If the name Friedrich Kalkbrenner is familiar at all, it is probably for his famous suggestion that Chopin would benefit from three years of study with him (a bold offer the Pole wisely turned down). However, as Hyperion’s ever expanding Romantic Piano Concerto series has repeatedly shown, received historical opinion and musical quality do not always go hand in hand. With Volume 56 we reach the second and final installment of Kalkbrenner’s concertos, dazzlingly played by Howard Shelley, directing the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra from the keyboard. While Kalkbrenner was not afraid to write big, bold orchestral introductions, it is when the pianist makes his entry that you realize what a jaw dropping player he must have been, with writing of such glittering, glistening panache that it must have had those polite salon ladies reaching for their smelling salts.

“Howard Shelley’s pianism is the best imaginable.” — AMERICAN RECORD GUIDE

Also available Hyperion • CDA 67817 (034571178172)

“Markus Becker’s solid, serious-minded, and commanding keyboard mastery makes a cogent case for these attractive and elegantly crafted works.” — CLASSICS TODAY

March 2012

Romantic Piano Concerto Vol.55


Hyperion’s Spohr cycle now complete hyperion

SPOHR Symphonies Nos.7 & 9

Orchestra della Svizzera Italiana, Howard Shelley Hyperion • CDA 67939

Aa34571c!&(#(VL Price Code: CA19 (Suggested Retail Price: $19.98)

IMPORT We often talk of the nine symphonies of Beethoven and Bruckner but what about the ten of Spohr? Howard Shelley and the Orchestra della Svizzera Italiana conclude their survey of his symphonies with two that push the boundaries of the genre itself. Symphonies seven and nine are programmatic works, something that Spohr along with Berlioz did much to champion. In the seventh, titled ‘The earthly and divine in human life’ and inspired by a holiday in Switzerland, he uses not one but two orchestras to great coloristic effect. Spohr’s ninth explores that perennial favorite theme of composers from Vivaldi to Glazunov, the seasons (though Spohr starts with winter rather than spring). Shelley also offers the première recordings of the brief, powerful Introduzione and the triumphant, at times almost Rossini-ish Festmarsch.

March 2012

Also available Spohr: Symphonies Nos.8 & 10

Hyperion • CDA 67802 (034571178028)

“Crisp, clear and affectionate… Anyone new to Spohr’s symphonies would do well to start here.” — INTERNATIONAL RECORD REVIEW


Another musical discovery from the Royal Holloway Choir Royal Holloway Choir, Rupert Gough Hyperion • CDA 67881


HANSSON Endless border and other choral works

Aa34571c!&* !XN Price Code: CA19 (Suggested Retail Price: $19.98)

IMPORT Swedish musician Bo Hansson is a man of many talents: a guitarist, and a composer of a wide range of music in folk and jazz idioms. Choral music might be a relatively recent departure for him, but its roots run deep, back to the days of his childhood when he sang as a treble in his local choir. He has observed that, “the human voice is the closest you can come to your soul,” and in that search he writes music that demands much of its performers in its sustained intensity of sound, a penchant for a cappella and a fresh way with word-setting even in the most established of texts, as in the darting energy of the Gloria from the Missa brevis. Rupert Gough and his Royal Holloway Choir previously made waves with their recordings of music by Baltic composers Miskinis and Dubra. Here is yet another sign that Gough is one of the most exciting choral conductors of his generation.

“Name any choral virtue you can think of, and they’ve got it.” — AMERICAN RECORD GUIDE

Also available Hyperion • CDA 67818 (034571178189)

“The Choir of Royal Holloway and its superb conductor Rupert Gough are ideal advocates for this music...”

March 2012

Miskinis: Choral Music


Hamish Milne plays Medtner hyperion

MEDTNER Arabesques, Dithyrambs, Elegies Hamish Milne (piano) Hyperion • CDA 67851

Aa34571c!&*%![Q Price Code: 2A19 (2 CD Set, Suggested Retail Price: $39.98)

IMPORT “Write one such piece and one can die.” So pronounced Rachmaninov, no less, after hearing the second of Medtner’s Arabesques. This is just one of the delights in this enticing collection featuring Hamish Milne, a long-standing and ardent champion of Medtner’s music. These two discs explore the many miniatures — in size though not in ambition — that he wrote throughout his life. The very opening of his Mood Pictures shows a remarkable sophistication for a man barely out of his teens, while the magnificent pair of Elegies forms a fitting conclusion to a set that reminds us that it is sometimes among the ‘miscellaneous’ works that the greatest gems are to be found.

“An impeccable technique in the service of an authentic full-blown grand-romantic manner, never overblown, but carefully controlled.” — THE FINANCIAL TIMES

March 2012

Also available Medtner: Skazki

Hyperion • CDA 67491 (034571174914)

“Hamish Milne has every nuance of the music in his fingers. Playing with extraordinary virtuosity…” — THE ABSOLUTE SOUND


Mid-priced Helios series reissues Price Code: CA11 (Suggested Retail Price: $11.98)


IMPORT Previously Available as CDA 67099 (034571170992) Deleted April 2010

IMPORT Previously Available as CDA 66786 (034571167862) Deleted April 2010

Price Code: CA11 (Suggested Retail Price: $11.98)

PALESTRINA Missa Ecce ego Johannes & other sacred music

Choir of Westminster Cathedral, James O’Donnell Hyperion • CDH 55407


Aa34571c!%$)&\R DOHNÁNYI Piano Quintets & Serenade

Schubert Ensemble of London Hyperion • CDH 55412

Aa34571c!%$!)\R Price Code: CA11 (Suggested Retail Price: $11.98)


IMPORT Previously Available as CDA 67379 (034571173795) Deleted April 2010

IMPORT Previously Available as CDA 66916 (034571169163) Deleted July 2011

Price Code: CA11 (Suggested Retail Price: $11.98)

The Maiden’s Prayer

Philip Martin (piano) Hyperion • CDH 55410

Passiontide at St Paul’s — A sequence of music for Lent, Passiontide and Easter Choir of St. Paul’s Cathedral, John Sco Hyperion • CDH 55436

March 2012


Gergiev & FurlaneŒo team up for Massenet mariinsky

MASSENET Don Quicho¥e

Ferruccio Furlaneo (bass), Anna Kiknadze (mezzo-soprano), Andrei Serov (bass-baritone), Mariinsky Academy of Young Singers Ensemble, Mariinsky Orchestra, Valery Gergiev Mariinsky • MAR 0523

Il2 231c*%@#@WM

Price Code: 2A18 (2 SACD Set, Suggested Retail Price: $37.98)

IMPORT SACD Hybrid/ Stereo & Multi-channel/ DSD Italian bass Ferruccio Furlanetto is one of the most sought-after interpreters of French, Italian and Russian repertoire. Here he joins Valery Gergiev and the Mariinsky Orchestra for a sumptuous recording of Massenet’s final great opera, Don Quichotte. Gergiev is no stranger to conducting Massenet, having recorded an outstanding performance of Hérodiade in 1995 with Renée Fleming and Placido Domingo. Don Quichotte, Massenet’s comédie-héroïque, is a tale of heroism, adventure and unrequited love. The plot relates only indirectly to the great novel by Cervantes, more likely referring to the play Le chevalier de la longue figure by the poet Jacques Le Lorrain. Massenet, nearing the end of his career, probably personally identified with the character of Don Quichotte. He fell in love with the mezzo-soprano Lucy Arbell, who played Dulcinée in the first performance of the work.

“Kudos to the Mariinsky label for continuing to sail beyond Russian repertoire.” — OPERA NEWS

March 2012

Also available Donize¥i: Lucia di Lammermoor

Mariinsky • MAR 0512 (822231851226)

“The new recording from the Mariinsky brings us into another world.” — GRAMOPHONE


Korobeinikov plays Shostakovich Price Code: CA21 (Suggested Retail Price: $21.98)

Andrei Korobeinikov (piano), Mikhail Gaiduk (trumpet), Lahti Symphony Orchestra, Okko Kamu Mirare • MIR 155

IMPORT Okko Kamu conducts the Lahti Symphony Orchestra in this recording from two contrasting periods in Shostakovich’s musical life. The 24 Preludes Op.34 and the first Piano Concerto were both written in a climate of total artistic freedom, while the tender, joyful second concerto comes from a time marked by trials and disappointments. Pianist Andrei Korobeinikov makes his debut on the Mirare label supported in the first concerto by Mikhail Gaiduk on trumpet.

harmonia mirare mundi

D76pqw7c@ !% %s

SHOSTAKOVICH Piano Concertos Nos.1 & 2, Prelude Op.34

“The exemplary musicianship of Korobeinikov’s dramatic pacing, nuanced phrasing and textural voicing was nothing short of miraculous.” — SAN FRANCISCO CLASSICAL VOICE

Glazunov chamber music Price Code: CA22 (Suggested Retail Price: $22.98)

Zemlinsky Quartet, Christoph Eß (horn) Praga • PRD 250281

March 2012

IMPORT SACD Hybrid/ Stereo & Multi-channel/ DSD Composer, conductor and teacher Alexander Glazunov (1865-1936) served as director of the Saint Petersburg Conservatory between 1905 and 1928. A student of Balakirev and Rimsky-Korsakov, Glazunov himself taught such famous composers as Stravinsky, Prokofiev and Shostakovich. Today, his own works are being rediscovered and appreciated for the perfection of their craftsmanship. On this SACD of Glazunov’s chamber music from Praga, the Zemlinsky Quartet performs his third and fourth String Quartets and, joined by Christoph Eß, the Idyll for French horn and string quartet.

harmonia praga mundi

Hk948 1c( % @XN

GLAZUNOV String Quartets Nos.3 & 4, Idyll


A Russian music sampler Russian Season

frémeaux praga

Various Artists Praga • PRD 350055

Hk948 1c*(^!@\R Price Code: CA20 (Suggested Retail Price: $20.98)

IMPORT This fascinating and musically rewarding collection from Praga samples the many recordings of Russian music from the label’s extensive back catalog. It offers the listener the opportunity to become more familiar with major Russian composers such as Borodin, Tchaikovsky, Rimsky-Korsakov and Rachmaninov. Prominent Russian masterpieces have been selected and the repertoire ranges from solo piano works to chamber music to symphonic excerpts. The result is a widely varied and popular program engaging both newcomers to this repertoire as well as the seasoned listener. Performers include the Leningrad Philharmonic, the Prazák Quartet and the Prague Philharmonic Choir.

frémeaux tahra

Milestone historic recordings Live — Enregistrements Inédits

BRAHMS Symphony No.1, Haydn Variations

Hermann Scherchen Tahra • TAH 729

Sinfonieorchester des Norddeutschen Rundfunks, Wilhelm Furtwängler Tahra • FURT 2010


Price Code: 2A13 (2 CD Set, Suggested Retail Price: $27.98) IMPORT

D50rqw9c@)!)!@s March 2012

Price Code: CA19 (Suggested Retail Price: $19.98) IMPORT SACD Hybrid/ Stereo


This SACD reissue presents the unforgettable 1951 Brahms concert with Wilhelm Furtwängler and the Sinfonieorchester des Norddeutschen Rundfunks in the best possible recorded sound. The label’s first release of this material was awarded a Diapason d’Or du Siècle. Tahra assembled this collection of only previously unissued recordings (1945 to 1965) to celebrate the 120th anniversary of the birth of the great German conductor Hermann Scherchen.


A new vocal discovery from Italy Piero Sidoti Chant du Monde • 2742079

Price Code: CA18 (Suggested Retail Price: $18.98)

IMPORT File In: World / Europe / Italy It seems like only yesterday that Gianmaria Testa hit the world music scene, charming and seducing listeners with his velvety voice and probing lyrics. Now along comes another surprising Italian singer, Piero Sidoti, in some ways as different from Testa as night and day, but possessing the same ability to enchant audiences merely with the sound of his voice. Genteinattesa, Sidoti’s début album, features twelve tracks that explore the mysteries of life and humanity’s place in the world. Sidoti’s deep and richly colored voice is accompanied by music, which although flavored with hints of rock and Bossa Nova, is above all, undeniably Italian.

chant du monde



Gypsy music from Spain



Niño Baliardo & Gipsy Dynasty Chant du Monde • 2742095

Price Code: CA18 (Suggested Retail Price: $18.98)

March 2012

IMPORT File In: World / Europe / Spain Niño Baliardo, one of the founding members of the famous Gypsy Kings, is one of the last great specialists of Cante Jondo (deep song), a primitive and intensely dramatic style of Andalusian flamenco singing that requires a profound sensibility and great expressive capacities. In order to relate the odyssey of the Gypsy people, Baliardo has created a show called “The Great Voyage” from which most of the titles on the present album are taken. With pride and determination in equal measure, Niño Baliardo’s music forges anew the links between this scattered community. By his side are two of his brothers: “Nanasso” Baliardo, a guitarist as discreet and mysterious as his musicianship and instrumental skills are remarkable, and “Bébé” Baliardo, an outstanding guitarist who is also blessed with a voice that allows him to tackle any countermelody, even the most perilous.





René Lacaille Daqui • 332047

Price Code: CA19 (Suggested Retail Price: $19.98)

IMPORT File In: World / Europe / France René Lacaille is the embodiment of La Réunion’s verve. He is a man steeped in his culture’s celebration of life and good times. Countless nights spent playing professionally with his family, combined with new music arriving from other shores, provided a variety of influences on his music including Flamenco, salsa, twist, rock, jazz, and fusion. However,

March 2012

institut du monde arabe



D14opw8c) )!@ s

Ahmad Al Khatib, Youssef Hbeisch Institut du Monde Arabe • 321090

IMPORT File In: World / Africa This album invites us to follow the mysterious paths of the soul, to a place where new impressions are created. Lutenist Ahmad Al Khatib’s deep and complex instrumental work intertwines with Youssef Hbeisch’s percussive virtuosity, offering us a

a deeply moving musical encounter with the Réunion roots-music artist Danyél Waro re-kindled his interest in Réunion’s musical traditions. The songs on Poksina mark a return to Lacaille’s roots — a moving depiction of Creole life that pays tribute to the traditional music that originally inspired him.

D14opw8c)!$@ *s Price Code: CA19 (Suggested Retail Price: $19.98)

vision of the future of Oriental music. Their music is poetic, sometimes restless and vigorous. It suggests, with great subtlety, a profound knowledge of man’s sentiments, desires, dreams and nightmares.


Anthems from the Arab Spring Kelmti Horra

world village

Emel Mathlouthi World Village • 479065

D14opw6c) ^(@*s Price Code: CA18 (Suggested Retail Price: $18.98)

IMPORT File In: World / Africa / Tunisia Tunisian Emel Mathlouthi, inspired singer and poet and a highly creative composer, stands directly in line from the great divas of the Maghreb, but has also inherited the legacy of the protest singers of the 60s. With sources and influences ranging from Dylan to Cheikh Imam and the sounds of our time, she vests her protest songs in the rock and electronic sound of immediacy. One of the figureheads of the “Arab Spring,” she also has immense stage presence and a voice that spells revolution and freedom. This album and her unforgettable songs will place her firmly on the international pop scene.

March 2012



chant du monde

Rediscover the Al Kindi Ensemble

D14opw4c! !*@ s

Price Code: 2A11 (2 CD Set, Suggested Retail Price: $23.98)

Price Code: 2A11 (2 CD Set, Suggested Retail Price: $23.98)

IMPORT Previously Available as 5741118 (794881644926) Deleted March 2008

IMPORT Previously Available as 5741251 (794881722624) Deleted March 2012

File In: World / Middle East / Syria

File In: World / Middle East / Syria


Arab music from the time of the Crusades Ensemble Al Kindi Chant du Monde • 2741118

Price Code: 2A11 (2 CD Set, Suggested Retail Price: $23.98)

Price Code: 2A11 (2 CD Set, Suggested Retail Price: $23.98)

IMPORT Previously Available as 5741123 (794881493425) Deleted August 2008

IMPORT Previously Available as 5741414 (794881808229) Deleted October 2010

File In: World / Middle East / Syria

File In: World / Middle East / Syria


Ensemble Al Kindi, Shaykh Hamza Shakkûr Chant du Monde • 2741123

March 2012

Ensemble Al Kindi, Sheikh Habboush Chant du Monde • 2741251

D14opw4c! @#@$s

Whirling Dervishes of Damascus


Aleppian Sufi Transe

Julien Jalal Eddin Weiss lives in a fourteenth century Mamluk palace topped with resounding domes in the heart of the old part of Aleppo in northern Syria. He chose this country so as to live in a world teeming with symbols, where he could contemplate the Divine Being through music. On these four reissues from

Pafums O¥omans

Ensemble Al Kindi Chant du Monde • 2741414

Chant du Monde, Weiss and his Al Kindi Ensemble, explore the full range of music from Syria and the Middle East. From the music of the Crusades to the Whirling Dervishes of Damascus, there is a dialogue with the past where East and West come together in spite of their multitude of differences.


Poignant songs from the Balkans Amule¥e

world village

Amira World Village • 450018

D14opw6c) ^$@#s Price Code: CA19 (Suggested Retail Price: $19.98)

IMPORT File In: World / Europe / Bosnia Amira was born in Sarajevo and sings Sevdah — the distinctive Bosnian singing style best translated as “Yearning” and similar to the Portuguese Duende. This album represents an innovative approach to the musical tradition of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Macedonia by fusing contemporary accordion and arrangements to the traditional melody, lyrics and vocal styling. The songs on Amulette are all traditional, from Bosnia, Serbia, Macedonia and Kosovo.

Also available World Village • 450012 (794881954223)

“This is a brave and powerful record.” — SONGLINES

March 2012





Classic Jazz from Verve and Impulse now on SACD

Hk5308 c) &$^?K Price Code: CA40 (Suggested Retail Price: $40.98)

Hk5308 c) *&^YO



File In: Jazz

File In: Jazz

Price Code: CA40 (Suggested Retail Price: $40.98)

The Voice That Is Johnny Hartman APO • CIPJ 74SA

Price Code: CA40 (Suggested Retail Price: $40.98)

Hk5308 c*^)^ +U


DOMESTIC SACD Hybrid/ Stereo & Multi-channel/ DSD

File In: Jazz

File In: Jazz

Price Code: CA40 (Suggested Retail Price: $40.98)

John Coltrane APO • CIPJ 85SA

March 2012

Coleman Hawkins APO • CIPJ 87SA

Hk5308 c) *%^[Q John Coltrane Quartet Plays


Wrapped Tight

We Get Requests

Oscar Peterson Trio APO • CVRJ 8606SA




Province Venue

Anonymous 4

harmonia mundi

Apr 11



Koerner Hall

Boris Berezovsky


Mar 21-22



Maison Symphonique de Montréal

Ian Bostridge, Julius Drake


Mar 4



Koerner Hall

Lila Downs

World Village

Mar 7



Koerner Hall

Kellylee Evans

Plus Loin

Alban Gerhardt Isabelle Faust, Alexander Melnikov Marc-André Hamelin


Apr 5



Maison de la culture Villebon

Apr 10

Saint John


Imperial Theatre


Apr 11


Apr 12

Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu QC

Cabaret-Theatre du Vieux St. Jean

Apr 13


Cafe-Theatre Graffiti


Festival Jazz et Blues Saguenay

Apr 14



Centennial Theatre

Apr 15



Les Brasseurs Du Temps

Apr 27



Glenn Gould Studio

Nov 2



La Grange

Apr 15



LMMC (Ladies' Morning Musical Club)

harmonia mundi

May 26-27



Telus Studio Theatre


Mar 25



LMMC (Ladies' Morning Musical Club)

Mar 27



Jane Mallet Theatre

Apr 6




May 23

Québec City


Grand Théâtre du Québec

Angela HewiŒ


May 18



Christ Church Cathedral

Steven Osborne


Mar 4



Chan Centre

Rachel Podger

Channel Classics

Mar 16-18



Salle de concert Bourgie du Musée des beaux-arts de Montréal

Michael Schade


May 30



Roy Thomson Hall

Stile Antico

harmonia mundi

Apr 15-16



Eckhardt-Gramaé Hall, Rozsa Centre

Takács Quartet with Joyce Yang


Mar 11



Koerner Hall

Tokyo Quartet

harmonia mundi

Mar 15



Jane Mallet Theatre

Concert Calendar • CANADA


March 2012


Coming soon

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