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10 10 Sure Ways to Increase Your Pagerank 10 Sure Sure Ways Ways to to Increase Increase Your Your Pagerank Pagerank By Harman | May 2, 20 13 | Blo g g ing

10 Sure Ways to Increase Your Pagerank

Page rank is kind o f a Autho rity o r reputatio n given by Go o gle to a website fo r its SEO. Go o gle Pagerank is sco re fro m 1-10 . When we register a new do main its with “0 ″ Pagerank and it takes o ur hard effo rts to get o ur website Expo sure and a Sustainable Pagerank. Many SEO experts have sho wn that it is no t co nsidered fo r ranking purpo se anymo re but still, better page rank yo u have mo re autho rity yo ur site will gain and hence mo re traffic.

Tips Tips to to Increase Increase Pagerank Pagerank 1. Writ e Kille r Co nt e nt : Well everyo ne kno ws, the quality o f yo ur co ntent is o ne o f the mo st impo rtant facto r in impro ving yo ur SERPs but no t o nly this, quality

Tips to Increase Pagerank co ntent also helps in impro ving Pagerank. A po st must be at-least 6 0 0 wo rds lo ng and must be o ptimized fo r On-Page as well as Off-Page SEO. Neil Patel o f quickspro m recently had written Advanced Seo Guide which is o f nearly 45k wo rds and believe me this po st has really go ne Viral o n the Internet. So wo rk fo r quality no t fo r quantity. 2. Updat e Yo ur Blo g Mo re Of t e n : Go o gle lo ves the sites that update new and fresh co ntent o n regular basis so generate new co ntent between the span o f 1-2 days.This will also help yo u in getting So cial Media expo sure. 3. Gue st Po st at -le st t wice a we e k : The trend o f guest po st has beco me a very swift way o f making backlinks no t o nly backlinks but also Do main autho rity, So cial media expo sure, relatio n building with experienced autho rs and much mo re.This is the must do way to increase yo ur Pagerank. 4. Blo g Co m m e nt ing via Co m m e nt luv: Co mmenting is a basic way o f building backlinks but yet very effective and even mo re effective if yo u do it with the ancho r text back to yo ur site. Co mment o n the sites with Co mmetluv and Keywo rdluv. Many o f the sites even pro vide do fo llo w backlinks which will help yo u push up yo ur page rank very effectively. Build 5-10 links a day to increase yo ur pagerank. Use Dro pmylink service to find the blo gs in yo ur Niche. 5. Subm it Yo ur Sit e t o We b Dire ct o rie s: Old is Go ld. This is the Old Scho o l SEO trick o f building backlinks but tho ugh very effective way to Impro ve PageRank. Submit to the High Pagerank Directo ries like Dmo z. This will also help in Increase Website Ranking. 6 . Int e rnal Linking: Internal linking has also beco me very impo rtant in 20 13 SEO. Link yo ur webpages with the appro priate ancho r tags. I use SEO smart-link plugin fo r this and it had never let me do wn. 7. Fo rum Po st ing: Well every o ne kno ws that fo rums let yo u get a link back with the Signature belo w yo ur po st. So why no t try it. Fo rum po sting has bo th Pro s and Co ns but if used effectively it will help to increase yo ur Pagerank and will prevent yo u fro m being flagged as Spam. So do it the right way. Do ing 5-10 a day is the best way o f it. 8 . Qualit y Is T he T hing T hat Mat t e rs: Yo u kno w that backlinks are o ne o f the main facto r that determine the Pagerank but its the quality that matters. Building links fro m relevant niche is mo re effective rather go ing crazy building links. Yo u must have a game Plan befo re yo u actually start. 9 . Use So cial Me dia, T he Be st Way: So cial Bo o kmarking is the best way to get links and po pularity, expo se yo ur blo g o n so cial media sites like Facebo o k, twitter, Go o gle+ , StumbleUpo n, Digg, Reddit and much mo re. These sites are well kno wn High Pagerank Sites and getting a link back fro m them is the best way yo u can achieve yo ur go al. So start do ing so me real wo rk to increase yo ur Pagerank. 10 . Ge t so m e Wikipe dia, .e du, .Go ve Backlinks: Well these are the sites which are made fo r a special purpo se and links fro m these sites can wo rk as a wo nder in increasing Go o gle Pagerank.


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ÂŤ Ho w to index yo ur new website in Go o gle

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10 Sure Ways to Increase Your Pagerank  

Pagerank is kind of a Authority or reputation given by Google to a website for its SEO. Google Pagerank is score from 1-10. When we register...

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