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Charities help the homeless Picture: JOE BLOGGS

Helping those in need at Christmas

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Local Robbery in Staple Tye

Essex police are investigating an attempted robbery in Staple Tye, Harlow. The incident happened near Pynest road around 1:40pm on Thursday the 10th November. The victim is a man in his 20s, he was approached by a young boy who asked him for help, when the victim followed the boy up a cycle track on Holly Field, four men attacked him. He managed to fight them off and then they all took off in the direction of staple the shopping center. The victim was lucky to get away with only minor face injuries. Anyone with information on the attack is asked to contact PC Paul Turner at Harlow police station, 101 or crime stoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

Social Media

Social Media Meltdown

Twitter is shutting down its stand-alone video app vine. Much to the dismay of its users they announced vine would be shutting down on October 27th 2016. Twitter says the website and app will remain online for the time being to give users time to download their vines. They did not explain what led to the heart breaking decisions. Multiple accounts have gone over to instagram to avoid fans of their vines being disappointed. All different rumours have gone around vine saying numerous companies are trying to buy vine but nothing has yet been confirmed. More information will be released on Twitter soon.


Comic-Con comes to town

CAPTION: Christmas should be spent with loved ones

By Chelsey AUSTIN Christmas is a time for everyone to get together for some family time and eat as much as they can before the day is over. But not everyone has access to such luxuries. Homeless people and those who don’t have much money can struggle to give their family the Christmas they deserve. Salvation army donate their time to helping those in need and Christmas time is one of their busiest times. Sending out food parcels, organising Christmas dinners, giving presents and making sure no one is forgotten are just some of the many

things on their daily schedule. They urge people to give generously around Christmas so people can also have a good day. On their website http://www. it specifies that by donating just £19 you can be giving a family a gift box full of food and presents. For £45 you can provide support for homeless people in the shelters, and for £112 you could provide Christmas dinner and companionship to 20 lonely elderly people. If you do not have this much to donate around Christmas, any amount can help just go the website and click donate. Another charity, which helps the unfortunate at Christmas, is center point. They help give young

homeless people a future. Around Christmas they put their donations and time into helping young people have a bed and food for Christmas. Donating just £17 can give a homeless young person a warm bed and a hot meal. Any donations will help; you get the privilege to spend Christmas in a house with your family a nice meal and presents. Please give your time and money to someone who has been denied of that opportunity. Please go to for more information and to donate.

By Haniya M WIBAWA

The Square is holding a fundraiser for the non-profiting project Herts and Essex Community Farm on Friday December 9th, to promote growing space in the town. A diverse range of musicians will perform at the fundraiser. Herts and Essex Community Farm is a nonprofiting project with the purpose to increase access to fresh, healthy, sustainable food and provide a shared space for people to develop

skills, get active and make friends. Marissa Holliland, a trustee of the project, said: “We want to engage with the town as much as possible.” She also said: “I also think it is important The Square is supported. As a space for young people and for new music, it is needed. It is a great place for people to get together and Harlow does not have any other place like it.” Tickets are available for those 16 and over which cost £4.50 in advance, but £5 at the door. For any enquiries contact The Square at 0127930500.

Twenty One Pilots hits 2016 with chart topping number called Heathens By Chelsey AUSTIN Twenty-One pilots are a duo that formed in 2009 in Columbus Ohio. The duo consists of Tyler Josephthe lead vocalist and keyboardist, and Josh Dun-the drummer. People usually have trouble fitting them into one genre even though they are widely thought of as a rock band; they bridge so many different genres in their songs. They bring a mix of piano, synthesizer, drums, vocals and ukulele to the scene. Tyler got the name Twenty-One Pilots from a Arthur Miller play called ‘all my sons’ about a war contractor who’s decisions result in the deaths of 21 airplane pilots. He says he decided this was the right name as he can relate to the idea that making the right decision in life sometimes takes more work, more time and can feel like you’re going backwards. They released their self-titled debut

album in 2009, their second album ‘Regional at Best’ in 2011, Vessel in 2013 and Blurryface in 2015. Since the beginning of 2016, Tyler and Josh have been on a roll, winning award after award! They have won 13 awards so far and it’s not the end of the year yet. They started the year off to a good start at the iHeartRadio music awards, where they won alternative rock artist of the year. They released a single called ‘Heathens’ in June 2016 for the release of the DC film Suicide Squad. The song reached no. 5 in the UK singles chart, no. 2 in the US billboard hot 100, and no 1 in the US billboard hot rock songs where it stayed for 14 weeks. The song reached gold in the UK; platinum in Australia, Italy, New Zealand and the US, it also reached 2X platinum in Canada. When stressed out was released it

By Haniya M WIBAWA I enjoy all genres of music, with a deep passion. Especially tracks that include a chill, serene vibe yet still includes the perfect harmony of beats, melody and lyrics. My alltime favourite artist that includes all of the above is the underrated and underappreciated, Blackbear. Matthew Tyler Mutso, professionally known as Blackbear, is an American recording artist, singer, songwriter and record producer that creates beautiful songs that are thankfully shared with the world. He collaborates with other artists such as G-Eazy, Hoodie Allen and even co-writing songs with artists such as Justin Bieber, whom he collabed with to create Bieber’s hit song, Boyfriend. Blackbear’s most recent release is his EP, Cashmere Noose, which consists of six tracks that originally had eight, but two were scrapped from the EP for an unknown reason. Blackbear’s most recent release is his EP, Cashmere Noose. Since the release of the album, there have been tweaks to the track list, but the order of the deluxe version as of now only consists of six songs: Sniffing Vicodin in Paris; Rly Real; Sometimes I Want 2 Die; My Bad Luv; Flirt Right Back; Wanderlust. Before the final release of the EP, it originally had two

UNDERRATED: Blackbear, a talented muscian from Florida, U.S.A. CAPTION: The Square on Fourth Avenue in Harlow

reached number two in the billboard hot 100 in February 2016 with ride following at number 6. When heathens was released and reached number four in the charts it made Twenty-One Pilots the first alternative band to have two concurrent top ten singles. The official music video for Heathens was uploaded to the ‘Fueled by Ramen’ YouTube channel on June 21st 2016. It won best rock video at the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards. The word ‘heathen’ defines a person who does not belong to a widely held religion but it can also mean someone who lacks culture or moral principles. The song gives off an eerie vibe as it starts with the slow piano and Tyler’s voice over the top. Josh dun’s drums come in very calm and steady apposed to their usual heavy drums in their louder songs. The song almost sounds childish at the beginning with the higher piano notes and high-pitched child-like voice going along with Tyler. The lyrics are telling a story about not

judging new people in a bad day. Many people perceive this as the duo telling their clique to be accepting towards new fans since the rise of stressed out. They also perceive it as the duo saying not to judge the clique and telling them that clique members are special people struggling with deep issues. Twenty-One Pilots are known to tackle many important topics such as self-doubt and anxiety. Their previous song ‘Stressed Out’ was about the sharp end of adolescence and how hard it is to adapt to the change of being a teen to being a self-reliant adult. Every thing the band invests themselves in; whether its lyrics or images or quotes, they make sure its something they personally relate to, that way it makes it personal. They find a way to relate to their fans and people through their lyrics in a way that no one else can. They find a way to relate to their fans and people through their lyrics in a way that no one else can.

Slept on Musicians: introducing Blackbear


Fundraiser for Herts & Essex Community Farm

Comic-Con is coming to Harlow this summer at Harlow Leisurezone on Sunday May 7th 2017 from 10am to 4pm. The event is a convention for any comic, film, anime or sci-fi fans to attend and spend the day engulfed in the thing they love the most. Come in your cosplay or in your everyday clothing and keep you, your friends or family entertained with other people that enjoy the same interests as you. At the moment, specific details about the event are still to be revealed. Tickets are from £8 at, and although the event finishes at 4pm, last entry will be allowed at 3.15pm.

Editors top choices for your entertainment

other songs named Princess Complex and Spent All My Money on Rick Owens Cargo Pants, but were scrapped from the EP last minute with no explanation. Nevertheless, I am definitely impressed with this EP, I can’t say I’ve never been pleased with any of Blackbear’s work, since I love all equally for various reasons; but I personally favour towards Wanderlust and My Bad Luv. The best way to describe Blackbear’s music is saying, that it’s the type of music that can do one of the following: make you think about a certain someone, prompting to you to get into a car and drive to nowhere while listening to his music or just to belt along to it, either on your own or with someone. If I were able to choose my ultimate favourite song by Blackbear it would be: Dirty Laundry. Like every book, there is a story; and I think that applies with songs too. The story behind Dirty Laundry is a guy who’s trying to get this girl, but is failing to do so because she knows the baggage he carries from his past. With all this fame that he holds, he wonders if he could ever keep a real relationship, but with her she wants him for him, minus the fame and the fortune. The track ‘Dirty Laundry’ is in two different forms: studio and acoustic; but I prefer the acoustic, due to the guitar being the main instrument that helps hold the beat and melody against with the lyrics.

American Horror Story: A must see By Olivia MATHISON American Horror Story is an American series with 6 seasons, which originally came out in 2011. Each season contains 13 episodes, which are 50 minutes each and each season is different, I don’t personally see many connections between the stories, in my mind they are separate but other people may have looked into it and found many links within the stories. The first season of American Horror Story is ‘Murder House’ and it is about a house, which a family moves into, and if you die in the house you can never leave. You come across many characters that are all living on the house along side the ‘Harmons’ family. Season two is called Asylum and it is a story set in ‘Briarcliff mental institution’, and in my opinion this is the best out of all of them. It involves everything from nuns, doctors, and serial killers. The inhabitants of ‘Briarcliff’ are routinely subject to supernatural and scientific influences, including demonic possession and extraterrestrial obscuring. It is definitely worth the watch. For those who are interested and fascinated by witch descendants and the atmoshphere it claims, I suggest you watch the season Coven. In my opinion it is the worst season out of all six and I didn’t pay much attention to. The storyline follows those who share genetic affection is being subjected to strange and violent attacks. The themes include witches, voodoo, racism, death and family.

The fourth season is Freak Show that surrounds a circus show full of the weirdest things you have ever seen from a bearded lady to woman with three breasts and conjoined twins (two heads), but my favourite is probably Evan Peter’s character ‘Jimmy Darling’ who has lobster claws as hands. The season is full of plot twists, betrayal, and even a murderous clown. This is my second favorite after Asylum. Season five is what I am currently 3 episodes into, which is called Hotel, and there’s a lot going on, with a lot of unusual characters such as vampires, one of which is guest star Lady Gaga, who plays her role really well. The main themes of the series are addiction, insanity and forgiveness. Alongside being set in modern day it does include flash backs to 192, 1970, 1980 and 1990 with an epilogue set in 2022. I wasn’t really aware of the sixth season existence, and I’m sure many other people aren’t either as it isn’t anything like the other seasons, and also isn’t on Netflix alongside the others, it is shown on TV channel ‘FX’. The title of the season is ‘Ranoke’ and I have only seen the first episode, it is set so differently and the characters talk directly to the camera, the main couple Shelby Miller and Matt Miller are on a TV show called ‘My Ranoke Nightmare, three days in hell’. Throughout the seasons most of the actors stay the same they are just playing different characters throughout the seasons. American Horror Story is one of my favorite TV series ever and I would definitely recommend it to anyone.








Gazette The



Picture: GOOGLE IMAGES The Annual Black Friday Shopping is this Friday

Black Friday hits the UK shops with a big bang

One in six teens show symptons of hearing loss According to a study carried out in 2014, one in six teens show symptoms of hearing loss. Many teens engage in activities that could place them at risk of developing hearing loss such as repeatedly going to loud concerts, ignoring volume level warnings, loud music at home, cinemas and loud video games. For teens and children who experience hearing loss, it can be extremely hard in school, they may find it hard to adjust to new teachers every year, the teachers may not have experience with deaf people or may not have had deaf awareness meetings. They may also find that the teachers pace too much or turn away from them when speaking which makes it harder to hear. Older teens that have a hearing impairment may find hearing loss heavily influence their career choices. Children and teens that suffer any form of hearing loss can isolate themselves and feel very alone. Simple acts that they perform can cause social awkwardness such as: Watching their mouth intensely, asking people to repeat themselves frequently, turning televisions and radios up to volumes some will consider inappropriate.

People with hearing loss are hugely vulnerable to injury especially when crossing roads. They can see the light change colour and see the cars stop but may not be able to hear if a emergency vehicle is approaching or if a car suddenly comes to the crossing and doesn’t have time to stop. These things could cause serious injury and even death if the person doesn’t see them in time. Hearing people can react to the sounds of the environment, which is something a lot of them take advantage of. To help the astounding 11 million people in the UK who live with some form of hearing loss, the NHS offer hearing aids free of charge, this includes repairs, batteries and servicing. The only time someone would have to pay for hearing aids is if they are lost, but an audiologist will explain this when the hearing aids are being fitted. The NHS also provides syringe treatment to remove earwax build up, which can cause hearing loss. They also offer surgery to drain any fluid build up or repair a perforated eardrum. The surgery also helps correct problems with the bones in the ear. On the NHS children can usually have two cochlear implants whereas adults can only be supplied with one by the NHS. A cochlear implant is fitted

under the skin behind your ear in surgery. Finding out someone in the family has hearing loss can be a hard time for everyone, it doesn’t just effect the person with hearing loss, it effects everyone around them to. There are plenty of websites online available to people with hearing loss and their families. action on hearing loss offer support in your local area, they give advice, if you’re worried about hospital appointments, they can talk you CAPTION: BDA and NDCS organisations to help raise awareness through what will possibly happen step by step. They also offer a free online hearing test, which can give you some insight into your hearing. British deaf association is run by and for hearing impaired people. They provide information on British sign language which can be helpful for any hearing impaired person to learn just in case it gets worse as their life goes on. the national deaf children’s society provides family support, a helpline, financial support, they also give a lot of information about hearing loss and are a charity that openly accepts donations from anyone no matter how big or how small.

By Olivia MATHISON Violence against women happens way more than you think, and men mostly commit it. The white ribbon campaign is a group of men who have set up a pledge to stand up to grievous men who think violence against women is ok. They are pledging to “never condone it or to stand by when we know it is happening” and it is a worldwide movement. The movement includes: campaigning, lobbying, organizing and fundraising, and currently has 28,148 pledges made, and you can get involved too. The impact on violence against women can be physical, sexual and psychological. Violence against women can result in anything from a bruise to death, some women die from the negative health, and some are killed. Violence against women affects women’s wellbeing and prevents them from fully participating in society.

Sometimes men feel pressured into being dominant and in control. Some people believe men are the most powerful and have to live up to the expectations of being strong and in charge - this is called gender norms. Some men feel the need to abuse their partners because of these gender norms, but other drivers of violence include, accepting and sometimes approving of men’s violence towards women, men controlling decision making and interactions between men that are aggressive and disrespectful towards women. Other contributors could be discrimination, alcohol or substance use/abuse or experience of and exposure to violence. Not all men use violence towards women, majority of men think violence against women is never acceptable and that is why they have created this pledge and fundraiser. Domestic violence statistics show that 70% of incidence result in injury and that on average, two women in England and Wales are killed by a

partner every week. So what does wearing a white ribbon actually mean? It says loud and clear that you are standing to fight against this indecent behavior, and show that it is unacceptable and that you would never take part or remain silence about domestic abuse. The white ribbon campaign originally came from three sisters that were political activists in the Dominican Republic, they died in what is said to be a ‘car accident’ but were believed to be killed for their involvement in efforts to overthrow the fascist government or Rafael Trujillo. The three sisters quickly became symbols of dignity and inspiration all over the world. On November 25th 1981, women all over the world held an annual protest for the sisters and for women everywhere, and thus the day was born. In 1991 the white ribbon campaign was launched by a group of men in Canada, and continues up to this day.

CAPTION: A one deck caption in here. Please use ARIAL (BOLD) font size 6 Everyone is getting ready for another annual day of bargain hunting this Friday. Figures from Nationwide building society show that credit card and debit card customers so the beans spend roughly £150million on Black Friday last year compared to £105million last year. This is an increase of 43 percent or an extra £35,250 each minute. The peak time for spending is said to be 1:30pm as many venture the online bargains during their lunch break. Nationwide’s figures show that department stores enjoyed the biggest leap in spends, spiking by 211 percent while clothing purchases were only increased by 120 percent. Spending at supermarkets increase on Black Friday by just 14 percent, but it still remains the top place for customers to spend their money. Supermarkets spending on Black Friday 2015 compared to the previous years actually decreased by 0.9 percent – the only area to have actually seen a drop in the market. This may be down to the fact that some supermarkets chains had refrained from offering the Black Friday bargains that in recent years fueled Black Friday frenzies. “With Christmas just around the corner, on Black Friday each year we would always recommend that customers plan their shopping sprees and seek out those offers that provide al value for their money” – Paul Horlock, Nationwide’s Head of Payments. “With deals starting a week or so before the annual Friday this year it will be interesting to see if there are any record levels of Spending this weekend, as customers mainly look at the day to stock up on presents during the sales.” Shoppers are being warned about fake products, a new investigation has been carried out by electrical safety first and they have revealed that an estimated nine million UK shoppers have purchase a fake electrical product as a Christmas gift in the past. The majority of shoppers can’t tell the difference between a fake or real product, so electrical safety first are teaching people about the dangers of fake products, catching fire or even exploding. Shoppers are warned about buying electrical products from reputable retailers, this is to be sure that it is authentic, to read product guarantees, terms and conditions, and returns policies before buying.


White Ribbon Day 2016: Say NO to Domestic Violence


CAPTION: In 2015, Domino’s sales increased as more people ordered from the app

Domino’s uses drones to deliver their orders

A couple from New Zealand are the first people in the world to have their Dominos pizza delivery delivered by drone. Dominos pizza flew the Peri-Peri chicken and chicken cranberry pizzas to the garden of Emma and Johnny Normans home in Whangaparaoa, approximately 20 miles north of Auckland. Dominos claimed the pizza pie touched down Wednesday at 11:19am over flying for less than 5 minutes. In a press release, Dominos group CEO and managing director, Don Meij, said that the successful delivery came just three months after Dominos

announced partnership with flirted drone delivery services. “We invested in this partnership, and technology, because the drone delivery would be an essential component of our pizza deliveries. They can avoid the traffic congestion and traffic lights, and safely reduce the delivery time and distance by traveling quickly and directly to customers homes, this is the future.” Dominos said it is looking for opportunities for there to be trials of drone delieveries in Australia, England, via pan, France and the Netherlands within the next year.

EXCLUSIVE By Chelsey AUSTIN Brake is a road safety charity that works to prevent deaths and injury on the road, make streets and communities and supports victims of road crashes. Road safety week was founded in 1997 by Brake that was used to raise awareness about road safety and promote steps that people in the community can take to stop deaths and injuries year round. Road crashes are the biggest killer of young people worldwide, because of this; schools and colleges are hugely involved in road safety week. Most children remember being taught about road safety at least once in their life. From parents telling them to look both ways before they cross the road, to teachers and professionals explaining the dangers of roads when not used correctly. Road crashes kill five people every single day in the UK and devastate 60 families through life changing injuries. So imagine what its doing to people all over the world. This is why road safety week is a vital national event. You can do plenty to raise money for brake and other charities and do your part in reducing road accidents. You can go to http://www. for ideas on what you can do to help. This year’s theme for road safety week is ‘make the brake pledge’ this involves pledging to do six simple things that can help make drastic improvements. Slow- keeps to the speed limit. It will reduce risk of skidding and the

chance you have of not being able to break in time. Sober- DO NOT DRINK! Even one alcoholic drink can impair your decisions while driving. Stay sober or call a cab. Don’t risk your life or anyone else’s. Secure- WEAR SEATBELTS! Make sure you and everyone else in the car is wearing his or her seatbelt, even on a short journey. You never know what could happen. Seatbelts can save lives. Silent- AVOID DISTRACTIONS! Keep your phone on silent and limit conversations in the car to avoid distracting the driver. Sharp- BOOK A EYE TEST! Make sure your vision is fine and if its not wear glasses when needed. Poor vision is estimated to cause 2,900 casualties. Sustainable- ONLY USE YOUR CAR WHEN IT’S ESSENTIAL! By minimising the amount we drive and walking, cycling or using public transport instead, we are making communities safer. Air pollution is a major killer; there are an estimated 29,000 deaths per year from air pollution, which are attributable to road transport. Not a single offender has been sentenced to the full 14-year sentence for causing death by dangerous driving since the law was issued in 2004. The drive for justice campaign was launched on the 22nd of November by Johnston press. The investigative report revealed that, on average, drivers who kill receive a four year prison sentence. Also, between 2006 and 2015, 111 people convicted of causing death by dangerous driving walked free from court. If you want to get involved you can participate by taking the pledge or organising a fundraising event in your local town. Anything people can do to raise road safety awareness will be a big help in reducing the number of deaths caused by dangerous drivers on the roads.

Winter Wonder By Haniya M WIBAWA


By Chelsey AUSTIN

Make the pledge for Road Safety Week Picture Credits: Road Safety Week

Deaf Awareness Education Week



CAPTION: Crowds gathered around in the Water Gardens to watch the lights turn on

Over the weekend, the Harvey Centre transformed into a Winter Wonderland, while the Water Gardens helped light up the night sky and both events helped the town move into the festive spirit. The tradition of turning on the Christmas lights were carried out by siblings Luca and Romey, whose mother was under the care of St Clare Hospice, and two other friends. Before the light turned on, performers, Church Langley School Choir, Hip Hop Pop and Funky Voice Choir kept everyone entertained in the cold weather and the cast of Harlow Playhouse’s Christmas Pantomime and Beauty and the Beast sang to the crowd and involved them in all the songs that they sang. When the performers took to the stage, sales men and women sold light up toys for

children, to help bring more colourful light to these dark times of the year. Clare the Bear from St Clare Hospice and representatives of the Hastingwood Charity visited and informed people about their light up a life service, which offers support for people to join and remember those that they have lost. The next day, the Harvey Centre converted into a Winter Wonderland from 11am to 4pm for families to enjoy. The Winter Wonderland had its own snow queen that smiled and greeted children, inside a custom-built snow globe. Outside the snow globe, an ice sculpting team made ice into a piece of artwork. Centre manager of the Harvey Centre, Bryan Young, said: “We wanted to make this event a huge success and really mark the beginning of the Christmas season.”

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Student Newspaper - Chelsea, Liv & Haniya