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BodyTite London BodyTite is a type of liposuction that utilizes radiofrequency energy to exactly target the fat cells that require to be melted without damaging the surrounding tissues. BodyTite is fundamentally radiofrequency assisted liposuction (RFAL) that removes undesirable fat in an painless procedure. The radiofrequency energy is converted in to electricity that generates heat to melt the target cells but does so without causing any amount of harm to the surrounding area & therefore eliminating needless blood loss & other complications. The treatment is run through a bipolar radiofrequency gizmo held in the hand by the surgeon as well as a RFAL computer. These make up the Invasix BodyTite method. The surgical removal of fat with the help of radio-frequency is not something new, but there has been a breakthrough in this sort of surgical procedure & the result of which is BodyTite, which is a brand spanking new skin tightening procedure. This can & will help plenty of people definitely in london. BodyTite is a treatment that makes use of radiofrequency energy to melt the fat cells and also contour the body. The buttocks, saddle bags, love handles, abdomen, hip, chin, inner thighs, chin, face, and neck can be effectively contoured with the wrinkles removed for a more attractive look.

Wide Range of Options with BodyTite: Now there is virtually no area in your body from where fat cannot be removed in a safe manner - buttocks, inner thighs, hips, abdomen, saddle bags, love handles, knees, face, & chin. In short, in the event you require to look lovely, feel lovely & enhance your body picture, BodyTite body contouring is for you. The bipolar radiofrequency exactly directs the energy & controls the intensity of heat that passes through the skin to the fat cells & blood vessels. This sort of liposuction also offers excellent skin tightening results. You benefit from a smooth, youthful looking skin.

BodyTite Benefits: • Superior body contouring and firming results • Less downtime • Less painful recovery • Improved safety • Less bruising, swelling • Minimal discomfort • Requires only local anesthesia, therefore no side effects

BodyTite is under testing & clinical trials in the UK but it is already available in BodyTite London Clinic. BodyTite is based on radio-frequency assistance that has progressed through these years. BodyTite is compatible for both men and women. BodyTite combines body sculpting and skin tightening, since when fat is removed from the body then the skin tends to become loose in those places. BodyTite results in less patient downtime and offers the surgeons more control over the surgery. For more details Please Visit: and do a mail You can call on the no.: 020 7436 4441

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BodyTite works on the same principal as liposuction in as much as it removes fat, however BodyTite melts the fat before it is removed to hel...