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Harlem Council of Elders By Sheila Evans The Harlem Council of Elders (HCE) is spearheaded by President and founder Galen Kirkland, who grew up in Harlem and is currently Commissioner of The New York State Division of Human Rights. Mr. Kirkland was mentored into the role of President by Dr. John S. Holloman. Dr. Holloman was the Medical Director of the nationally acclaimed Ryan Health Center, which r e c e n t l y c e l e b r a t e d i t s 4 0 th anniversary as a community health care prototype. In addition, Preston Wilcox, founder of AFRAM, Alice Kornegay of the East Harlem Triangle, former Assemblywoman Marie Runyon, and Judge Bruce Wright were contributing founders of the HCE.


Photo Credit: Alonna Cole

Harlem Torch Magazine Archive - Elinor Tatum Cover  
Harlem Torch Magazine Archive - Elinor Tatum Cover  

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