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Mystery of Batavia An Interactive Epic Adventure for the Young at Heart at Jakarta Kotatua

February – June 2011

The Mystery Among the many mysteries surrounding Jakarta’s picturesque old town is the legend of the secret chamber that houses the city’s greatest treasure. Some told of a beautiful mural created by an ancient Master Painter, depicting a mysterious story of the city and its inhabitants in the days when Dutch cannons ruled the sea and bandits roamed the countryside. Unfinished and forgotten, everything we knew was just rumors and hearsay --until a group of young artists from UK and Indonesia accidentally rediscovered it in 2010. This is the story of the Mystery of Batavia…

The Mystery

The Project Inspired, the group of UK and Indonesian artists and historians collaborated to retold the ancient story. It’s a tale of looming dangers and treachery but also of personal transformations and absolutions in late 19th century. In the multicultural yet segregated society of that time a group of diverse individuals of different cultures and nationalities had to overcome their suspicions and prejudices to join forces – not only to ensure their own survivals but also the fate of the great city.

The Project

The Project The project mirrors the tale of the lost tale as it brought together diverse talents from UK and Indonesia that includes historians, writers, animators, comic artists, games designers, and stage actors. In recreating the story, this cross-culture, cross-disciplinary, and cross-generation team has now produced what critics are calling a new genre in storytelling –a multi-cultural detective story that is part animation, part theatre, part comic series, and part Amazing-race game that is all interactive. It combines history with creativity and cutting-edge digital technology, taking the audience on a journey from ancient Batavia to today’s Jakarta. This March, British Council in partnership with the City of Jakarta and Logika Interaktif is bringing the Mystery of Batavia live at Kotatua as an epic interactive experience

MoB: The TheInspiration Lost Story

The Lost Story The city of Batavia is awash with rumors. Bandits had stolen the mythical sword of Prince Jayakarta, the protector of the city. Immediately, locals are dreaming of terrible catastrophes: of the city buried under red-hot lava, destroyed by tsunami, and wracked by a plague. Afraid of possible unrest the colonial government reacted swiftly and violently, arresting and executing potential suspects in China Town and the kampongs. This dangerous situation coincides with the presence of a number of high-powered and wealthy individuals in the capital –a Javanese prince, an Arab pirate, a British envoy, and a French merchant among them-- all rumored to be after the sword that will give its owner boundless glory and fortune. Who would win it? And what would befall Batavia if the sword is taken out the city forever?

The Event

2. Interactive Animated Performance

21 meter

1.  10.000+ build community  Sponsorship pages  Online games for prizes  Twitter updates  Previews  Community links  Social Media

2. Interactive Animated Performance  10 week-end performances (Fri-Sun)  21.000+ potential audiences  Combining animation, video-mapping, and special performance by Teater Koma  Special interactive magic torch game to complete the painting by Logika Interaktif (click below for simulated demo)  Brand activation booths for sponsors/partners

3. Digital Comic

 Digital and print comics  50.000 Collectible cards  10.000+ print readers  200.000+ online readers  Sponsorship pages

4. Treasure Hunt Game

 Online competition + Sitespecific Amazing Race-type game  Community + school-based competing teams  50.000+ online players  Mobile apps  TV broadcast

5. Community Events

 Special week-ends proposed and organised by communities (Sat-Sun)  11,000 m2 space for activities at Taman Fatahillah  20,000+ week-end foot traffic  Special booths for engaging with public  Integrated with Mystery of Batavia performances

6. Restoration of the Mural

•Gala Dinner •Online fundraising •Public tickets sales •Merchandising •CSR

The Producers • • •

Co-produced by British Council, creator of the spectacular Video Mapping Projection at Jakarta Kotatua with 45,000 live and 250,000 online audiences in March 2010 (click box) Co-produced by Logika Interaktif, creator of popular online and arcade games such as Need for Speed and Dino Duel that sold millions around the world Supported by the Jakarta Provincial Government and the Minister of Culture & Tourism as part of their Old Town Revitalisasion, I Love Museums, and Weekend at Kotatua programmes

The Collaborators • The collaboration between UK and Indonesia features established and upand-coming writers, animators, comic artists, game creators and theatre performers as well as senior historians. • UK featured artists included Ian Livingstone OBE, producer of the best-selling game Lara Croft Tomb Raider, and Ilya, a graphic novelists whose work has been published by Marvel, DC, and Dark Horse. • Indonesian featured artists included the award-winning Teater Koma, comic artists Oyasujiwo, stage designer Iskandar Loedin, and game designer team of Logika Interaktif.

Contact us! Join in the adventure, today! Facebook: Mystery-of-Batavia Twitter: @MysteryBatavia


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