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hanging earrings are available in long or small, thick or thin in sizes. Large, thin hoop earrings give you a youthful and fashionable look, while small hoop earrings give you an elegant look. Hoop earrings can be made with solid metal or set with diamonds or gemstones. A variety of hoop earrings like metal hoops, diamond studded hoops, huggies etc. Matching with the dress colour and dress style you can find earrings in the market. Some of the examples of long earrings include drop earrings, chandelier earrings, metal earrings, gemstones earrings, hoop earrings and diamond earrings Drop Earrings These earrings make a swinging effect on the ears. They are made up of different gemstones and semi precious metals. They have a long length till shoulders. Chandelier Earrings These earrings dangle from the earlobes in various levels. They can be one inch or two inches in length. On wearing these earrings face looks graceful, charming and beautiful. Metal Fashion Earrings As the name suggests these earrings are made up of metals like shiny Gold, elegant silver, or trendy platinum. These drop earrings with round shape gives a unique and stylish look. They reach to the shoulder length with elegant curves and fine finish. Metal Hoops Earrings These earrings are made using a wide range of metals like lustrous gold, sterling silver, awesome platinum etc. They can be worn on a traditional occasion or trendy parties. They are found in circular, oval, heart shape and other geometrical shapes. Diamond studded hoops Earrings: Diamonds are set in a hoop pattern which adds elegance and sparkle to the ears of the wearer. It gives a rich charming look by covering entire or selective area of the hoop. Any number of diamonds with size matching to the pattern can be inserted in the hoop earrings. Having known the different varieties of long earrings let us look some of the tips for purchasing these earrings: • When choosing earrings for someone else, always consider give priority to the style and taste of that person. If they wear mire of the traditional dresses then choose an earring which gives elegant and graceful look. If they wear more of the western clothing then long dangling earrings of shoulder length is best for them • Decide the length of the earrings according to the face cut of the person. Earrings gives a whole new look to the face. When wearing long earrings it seems to enlarge the face length. • When giving it as a gift or buying for you make sure that the jewellery is safe to the skin and is not allergic to all skin.

Various different types of long earrings  

hanging earrings are available in long or small, thick or thin in sizes. Large, thin hoop earrings give you a youthful and fashionable look,...

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