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Jewelry today has become as important to men as it is for women because a number of male friendly designs are coming up which ensure that jewelry look well on men as well. A number of male celebrities and film actors adorn themselves with male jewelry, especially earrings and rings in general. The popularity of a diamond ring for men and other similar jewelry is undoubtedly great nowadays because more men are buying such jewelry from a number of shops, both offline and online. However, the rules for men’s jewelry differ from that of women and men must be aware of the rules before they begin wearing such jewelry. The first rule of men’s jewelry is that the design should be minimal and contemporary and not too loud or big like women’s jewelry. Jewelry designs for women are often very flashy because it suits them and makes them look great. However, such designs tend to fall flat on men and make them look awkward and uncomfortable. So be it an earring or an ordinary ring, jewelry designs for men should be minimal and not too flashily visible as that may take away from them their love of wearing jewelry. Another unwritten rule of men’s jewelry is that men love emulating the latest fashion trends and hence it is advisable for jewelry shops to stock all the latest trends in men’s jewelry. This is especially important in the case of earrings and rings as a number of celebs wear them and change them depending on the latest fashion trends. As it is earrings and rings worn by men have minimal designs and hence men mostly follow the latest trends. Even when buying them online, men look for the latest available designs and then buy the ones which appeal to their jewelry senses. When shopping for men’s diamond rings, the various sizes and shapes must be taken into account. Especially for earrings, men always prefer smaller and more compact sizes with some amount of design but nothing extravagant. Diamond rings for men should be enough to cover the lower part of their earlobe and nothing else unlike diamond rings for women which extend from being tiny to huge ones which almost cover the whole ear. When shopping for diamond rings for men online, the buyer must carefully look at the size of the earring so that it fits the man’s taste and sense of style. Color becomes another important rule in men’s diamond jewelry. Men mostly prefer the color black and sometimes silver so when buying diamond jewelry for men, these two colors must be kept in mind. Other fancy colors are not so appealing to men and unless they are among the latest male jewelry trends, should be avoided. When buying diamond jewelry from offline shops, the color part should be specified, especially if the jewelry is being custom made. These are some of the unwritten rules of men’s jewelry. Buying jewelry for men is a slightly complicated process but these unwritten rules do come in handy.

Rules to keep in mind when buying men’s diamond rings  

Jewelry today has become as important to men as it is for women because a number of male friendly designs are coming up which ensure that je...

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