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Gold chains are all time favourite for men and women of all age groups. Earlier gold chains were simple with round or oval links, but now gold chains comes with unique bending and shaping styles. Gold chains for men are a means to show their style and status. Gold chains are always preferred over other metals since ages. Gold chains are perfect gift for those you love and show your love and care towards them. It is must to wear in festive occasions and functions. It is sign of prestige, prosperity and happiness. When planning to buy a gold chain for men, look at some of the popular styles of gold chains available in the market: • Curb Chains: These chains have a twisted link so that to make them interlocked and stay flat. The shape of the links can be square or round. This is the most common type of gold chain worn by men. • Figaro Chains: In these chains third and fourth link is stretched in such a way so as to form an elongated shape. This variation is loved by various men all over the world. • Rolo Chains: These chains have broad and thick links for interlocking which makes them suitable to carry heavy pendants. • Box Chains: These chains also have thick links which makes them robust. These links are formed by flattening gold bars and giving it a square shape. If you want to wear heavy pendants then these chains makes the perfect choice. • Rope Chains: In these chains, various links are joined together to form a rope like shape. These rings give a unique look and are liked by major chunk of men. Looking at the interest of gold in women, Gold chains for women are available in numerous of styles, designs and shapes. Some of the popular kinds of gold chains among women are bead chains, locket chains, box chains, multi stone gold chain etc. Bead chains are available in various colours of gold and look graceful and elegant. Locket chains are simple, all time favourite and timeless in style. In multi stone gold chain, various gemstones like amethyst, ruby, garnet etc are set which makes it multi coloured and goes with various colours of dresses. It gives more of a trendy and attractive look to the person wearing it. With a bright yellow gold chain and links between the stones makes it look awesome and charming. Box chains are another variety of gold chain preferred by various women. A box chain can be worn on a daily basis and looks gorgeous when worn on traditional and western dresses.

Different varieties of gold chain for men