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Welcome To UV Gullas Medical College One of the world's PREMIER ACADEMIC AND RESEARCH INSTITUTIONS, the UV Gullas Medical College has driven new ways of thinking since our 1919 founding. We o er students high quality teaching and research in a safe and friendly setting for their studies, the perfect place to learn and grow. We takes pride in providing varied training at International standard to develop sensible minds which will face challenges of individuals lives.

UV Gullas faculty of Medicine belongs to the royalty and excels in giving educational by broadening the scholar ready to face the career challenges.

We hold the principles of affection and humanity service supported the education regarding the community development alongside the economic development programs.

The students are created to be outstanding personalities through the learning method alongside leadership ability development.

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Medical education is tough, but deciding on the right college would not need to be. In case you are a top scholar seeking out a top- ratedcollege, this listing should provide you with an excellent idea of where to use. Even though many Philippines medical colleges do no longer take delivery of worldwide college students for medicine, most of the best ones do. Selecting the professional college is almost as essential as deciding on the best principal. Studying at UV Gullas College of Medicine, our object to qualify for students for personal achievement and direct usefulness in lifestyles; And our functions to promote the public welfare through exercise a power in behalf of humanity and civilization teaching the blessings of liberty regulated with the aid of regulation and inculcating love and reverence for the notable standards of authorities as derived from the inalienable rights of man to life,liberty and the pursuit of happiness ď †

Similar tropical weather as India

ď †

Graduation Station for International Students in Middle English

Scholarship for foreign students

Quality of English classes

100% VISA & counseling help

More than 90% success rate in MCI screening test

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OUR DEPARTMENTS Welcome to the Department of UVGCM.


OUR EXPERTIES Know-how UV Gullas Medical College will provide you high-quality education with skilled experts in medicine whos are eager to help you to comprehend your dream of turning into a medical practitioner. We are the Best Medical Faculty in Philippines. University of Visayas is the MCI Approved Medical College. Study MBBs In top rated medical college in Abroad. Join MBBS in Philippines best medical college at low fee, the quality of education is high. Our object to

qualify for students for personal achievement and direct usefulness in lifestyles. The candidates are not required to get PASS any entrance test for Admission in Abroad .

About Us We (UV Gullas Medical College) are the world's leading educational and research institutions, since our founding in 1919, the UV Gullas Medical College has driven fresh methods of thinking. We give high quality teaching and research to learners in a secure and friendly environment for their studies. Read more

Benefits of Choosing UV Gullas College of Medicine American Standard at UV Gullas medical college is attainable but inexpensive.

Management belongs to the Royal Family and is therefore particularly concerned and encourages each and every student to have their PG / Career@ USA.

Well established USMLE platform at UV Gullas Medical College .

All global learners receive one to one care.

Special support & dedicated service is accessible from the International Students Office.

Available tuition fee & mode of installation. Healthy & environment friendly.

No Language Barrier, as English is the training medium and 99 percent of Cebu individuals speak English.

1400+ Indian students, on campus already. Daily regular interaction between students and parents.

Highlights : UV Gullas College of Medicine is a center of excellence that inspires almighty belief, leadership and service to humanity.

No prevalent test of entry and inexpensive charges;Cebu City has a similarity to India's Chennai City.

Tropical climate similar to that of India.;The achievement rate in the MCI screening test is over 90 percent.

American system of clinical education with hands-on exercise;1 Of the 10 Philippines doctors in the United States, graduated from UV Gullas .

Student Reviews : I found the teachers to be very friendly and encouring being taught in small groups helped to get work done quickly loved to be a part of UV Gullas Medical College.

The faculty here are top-class, and they teach very well. The faculty are very cooperative, and they will clear your doubts at any time you want. They will also boost you up for medical research work also.

Excellent Medical College to learn and enrich skills. At UV Gullas College of medicine, they provide us with the well-equipped laboratory facility. Also, very cooperative management who takes keen care on every student.

This college is one of the finest medical college. This college has a big and tidy campus The lecturers are so friendly and always help enhance the e iciency of the learners. Once you are admitted to this college, you will be settled for your entire lives.

UV Gullas Campus : UV Gullas Medical College has evolved into an eight-campus, province wide greater education scheme, and lower-level laboratory schools.

The College has two campuses in Cebu City, the primary university campus in downtown Cebu City, and a high school laboratory. Cebu City's main campus, with six multistory buildings including a gymnasium, occupies nearly one town block bounced by Banilad, Mandaue City,6014,Cebu, Philippines. The College of Dentistry and Nursing is situated at the Vicente Gullas Memorial Hospital and the Gullas College of Medicine site on a distinct campus in Banilad, Mandaue City. The Mandaue Campus (formerly Mandaue Academy) UV Gullas College of Medicine is situated in downtown Banilad, Mandaue City.


MBBS Admissions in India (State-wise) Every Indian State contacts MBBS entrance examination. Below are the details of the State Wise Medical Admission Entrance Exam. Also, a list of all the MBBS Admissions in India. Indian has many governments and private colleges/universities where learners can pursue their Medical College UV Gullas. MBBS are nowadays trend classes among learners. Besides the length of the course, some universities also give the internship facility. There are so many reputable institutions in India where you can finish your medical research like UV Gullas medicine college(UVGCM), and many others. Interested applicants can obtain full data on Indian MBBS Admission 2019 through this article.

If you're a dedicated candidate looking for MBBS admission entry then you're in the correct location. We're here to guide you through the 2019 MBBS entry system and make sure you've e ectively qualified for some of India's renowned medical colleges like UV Gullas College of Medicine You can refer to the connections below for the state-wise counseling procedure for MBBS Admissions in India via NEET: S. No.

Medical to 2019 Admissions


Andhra Pradesh MBBS Admission 2019


Assam MBBS Admission 2019


Bihar MBBS Admission 2019


Chhattisgarh MBBS Admission 2019


DU MBBS Admission 2019


Goa MBBS Admission 2019


Haryana MBBS Admission 2019


J & K MBBS Admission 2019


Jharkhand MBBS Admission 2019


Karnataka MBBS Admission 2019


Kerala MBBS Admission 2019


Madhya Pradesh MBBS Admission 2019


Maharashtra MBBS Admission 2019


Odisha MBBS Admission 2019


Punjab MBBS Admission 2019


Rajasthan MBBS Admission 2019


Telangana MBBS Admission 2019


Tripura MBBS Admission 2019


Tamil Nadu MBBS Admission 2019


Uttar Pradesh MBBS Admission 2019


Uttarakhand MBBS Admission 2019


West Bengal MBBS Admission 2019


Sikkin MBBS Admission 2019


Manipur MBBS Admission 2019


Nagaland MBBS Admission 2019


Miloran MBBS Admission 2019


Meghalaya MBBS Admission 2019


Himachal Pradesh MBBS Admission 2019


Arunachal Pradesh MBBS Admission 2019

In developed countries, the demand for qualified and semi-skilled experts is growing. UV Gullas applicants can, therefore, search for possibilities to study abroad and create a successful career. Stay tuned to UV Gullas College of Medicine for more information on admission to MBBS.

ABOUT US UV Gullas College of Medicine, is a Private University which was established in the year 1919. The University is approved by WHO and MCI. UVGCM Courses are o ered through its Departments and Distance Education. It is a center for scientific, educational, technological & spiritual development for the youth.



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uv gullas college of medicine - medical college  

UV Gullas College of Medicine's largest medical college in the Philippines. uv gullas of Medicine delivers excellent preparation to graduate...

uv gullas college of medicine - medical college  

UV Gullas College of Medicine's largest medical college in the Philippines. uv gullas of Medicine delivers excellent preparation to graduate...