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The Best Stay Venue At The Time Of Big Occasions The other day when I woke up, I was little worried about my daughter’s marriage. It was not exactly about the marriage but about the staying arrangement of in-laws and out-laws. You know how congested and chaotic your house becomes when your all relatives join you for some occasion like marriage ceremony, thread ceremony, tonsure ceremony, and name ceremony etc. Before I continue, it just stuck in my mind that ‘Chaotic’ was the wrong expression I used. How can I use such a derogatory word for my guests? Indeed, it was uncalled for. Though I didn’t say it desperately, it was a slip of tongue. Instead of chaotic, it should have been hustle-bustle. Yes, it is really amazing whenever there is some occasion is held and we get a chance to meet our near and dear ones. But the point I want to make is that when we have so many guests in our house, we can’t give them the kind of hospitality they deserve. For instance, I have my elder sister’s husband coming to attend the marriage and on the other hand my wife’s mother and if these two very important personalities would have to face any problems because of overwhelming guests, then they will keep hounding me for years to come. However, I don’t blame anyone for this, because whenever I go out to attend some occasion I feel the same way.

So, I was contemplating how to deal with this sort of problem and in the process I also called up all my friends, but no concrete result came out. Then after a long while, this idea knocked my mind. The idea was to arrange the stay in a hotel. The outcome was the result of my brainstorming process, and in this process I also realized that I could have been a greater thinker. Jokes apart, when I conveyed this thought to my other family member, they all gave thumps up.

And it was then I started looking for a low cost accommodation in the vicinity of our area. And along with that our primary concern was that it should be one of the best luxury hotels in Delhi. I contacted my liaisons and also did some secondary research. And after taking everything in consideration I came to the conclusion on a name renowned for his hospitality and that was Swati Hotel. It suited all our conditions right from an Economy Hotel to Hotel near our vicinity i.e. Karol Bagh, and most importantly a hotel with good hospitality. Thus, we decide to go with this hotel as the main stay venue for most of in-laws and out-laws members. And you won’t believe the response we received from every single relatives those who stayed there. They didn’t complain or made fuss over anything, which was unbelievable as in occasions like marriage ceremony, how hard you put yourself into appeasing people, some or the other thing goes for a toss. But in my daughter’s marriage everything fell in place. The writer of this article is based out of Delhi. In this article he shared his experience of his daughter’s marriage in a budget hotel in Delhi. He liked it very much that he has shared this article in many web portals.

The best stay venue at the time of big occasions  
The best stay venue at the time of big occasions  

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