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A Cultural Landscape ( Diversity Mural ) LCC Main Campus Building 5, East Side

Art instructor Tom Madison and students in his Mural Painting class created this captivating piece of artwork as part of the first honors class offered at Lane. The concept of this mural is embracing and celebrating diversity by conveying the merging of different cultures through symbols, vivid colors, and abstract shapes. At Lane, we appreciate and support the existence of different student groups.

How Do I Get More Involved...?


tudent clubs are a great way to get involved at Lane and meet new friends! If you’re still not sure about which one to join, you can check out ALL of them at the Student Club Fair on April 17 . Click here to read more about student clubs online – or create your own!

International Student Club ( E-mail: Meeting: TBA ISC is a student club for international students at Lane to share their cultures with others on and off campus through volunteering, fundraising, and other fun events. It’s also a great place to meet more international and American friends!

Asian Pacific Islander Student Union (APISU) E-mail: APISU is a student club that supports and promotes Asian Pacific Islander students and their friends and community. Common events include an annual Luau and participation in Eugene’s Asian Celebration.

Gender and Sexuality Alliance (GSA) E-mail: GSA hosts cultural events and participates in service work such as Trans Day of Remembrance, National Coming Out Day, AIDS Awareness Month, skating fundraisers, National Day of Silence, Creating Change Conference (the largest queer conference in the nation), and movie showings.

Phi Theta Kappa E-mail: Phi Theta Kappa is an honor society for high-performing students at Lane (3.25 GPA or above). Being a member gives students honors recognition on their transcript and diploma and access to a wide range of scholarship opportunities. To join students must fill out an application and pay a $90 fee.

Associated Students of Lane Community College Website: Contact: or (541) 463-5290 ASLCC is the Student Government at LCC. All credit students at the main campus who are currently enrolled and have paid the mandatory student activity fee are members of ASLCC. Yearly, elections are held to choose who will represent ASLCC members in student government. The elected positions in student government are the President, Vice President, Treasurer, Multicultural Coordinator, and 10 Senators-atlarge.

Native American Student Association (NASA) Website: Contact: or 541.463.5238 Meetings: Fridays at 3:30 pm in the Longhouse (Building 31) NASA exists to support and promote Native American culture at Lane and in the community. They host an annual Powwow in December.

Black Student Union (BSU) Website: Contact: or 541.463.5340 This student organization focuses on the cultural, social and academic needs of African-American students at Lane but anyone can join. They are involved with 3 major campus and community events each year: Kwanzaa, the Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration and Black History Month.

Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlan (MEChA) Contact: MEChA exists to provide cultural awareness and equality through visits and trainings in local high schools, community events, fundraisers and scholarships, movie showings and an annual Dia De Los Muertos celebration.

Lane Arts Student Association (LASA) Contact: LASA is a student club for any student interested in art!

Student Production Association (SPA) Contact: 541.463.5761 Meetings: Thursdays 4:15-5 pm in Building 6, Blue Door Theater SPA produces all the performances and shows at Lane Community College – a great option if you’re interested in drama and theater.

The Torch Website: Contact: Byron Hughey – 541.463.5655 or Meetings: every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday 4-5 pm in Building 18, Room 212 The Torch is Lane’s student-run newspaper. If you’re into journalism and want to write articles, you can join. Don’t worry, you don’t have to be a Journalism major and it’s very flexible; you can pitch story ideas or they’ll give you assignments if you’re not sure what you want to write about.

LCC Students for Life E-mail: A student-led group with a human rights focus. They help the community by volunteering for pregnancy resource centers in addition to donating to local families in need.

Learning Garden Club Website: Contact: or 541.463.5899 Meetings: Fridays 12-1 in the Learning Garden This club hosts weekly workshops on topics related to gardening. If you like flowers and plants and being in nature, please join!

Disc Golf Club Meetings: Bi-weekly (every other week) on Friday from 2-3 pm in 1/212 A club that plays in disc golf and participates in field trips and special events.

LANE POLICIES & DEADLINES Dropped from your class? If you don’t attend the first day of class, Lane instructors have the right to give your spot to another student who wants it. If you decide not to attend a class, be sure to log in to MyLane and drop the class yourself so that you won’t be billed for it. Don’t assume that your instructor has officially dropped you even if you don’t come to class!

Late registration Once the term has begun, you cannot register for classes online through MyLane without the instructor’s approval. Instead, you must attend the class and ask the instructor for permission to add it. This is called “crashing” a class – attending the first day and hoping to be given a spot in the class when another student doesn’t show up. If the instructor has room for you, they will fill out an add form and give you instructions on how to add the class. In order to add the class once you’ve been given instructor permission, you will need to register for it yourself in MyLane.

Deadline to drop classes The drop deadline for college-level courses with a 100% refund is 11:59 pm on April 7 (Sunday of Week 1). You can see the drop deadline for classes by visiting

Schedule Changes for ESL If you want to make any changes in your class schedule, you’ll have to get approval from Dao Tran by April 5 (Friday of Week 1). You can contact her at or 541.463.3436.

International Programs Office Closed on Fridays at 2 pm Except for the first week of every term, the International Programs office will be closed at 2 pm every Friday, so be sure to take care of anything you need help with before then! Most other LCC departments close on Fridays at 2 pm as well so keep this in mind as you plan your schedule if you need to meet with anyone to resolve an issue you have.

BE A STAR!!! Sign up to perform at LCC International Day before 4/30/2013! Share music, dance, poetry, and culture from your home country with other Lane students!

“IT’S OUR DAY! Contact: Beth Schenderlein or 541.463.4152


IMMIGRATION UPDATES Full-time status To maintain your F-1 student visa status, you must be registered full-time for 12 credits if you are a college-level student and for 18 hours of class per week if you are an ESL student. If you have any questions about this, please see your international student advisor as soon as possible. Remember, if you are a college-level international student, no more than one online class can count toward your 12 credit minimum!

Health Insurance Information Your international student insurance plan is provided by Firebird International Insurance Group. Please follow this link to print an ID card, find doctors, claim information, print claim forms and much more: If you are a new student, you will receive new insurance cards in the mail. Make sure your new local address is correct in MyLane so your card can be delivered to you. Please watch for these or stop by the International Programs office in Building 11, Room 235 if you don't get them by the third week of the term. Please see Colby Sheldon before Friday, April 5 if you have a private insurance policy and wish to prove that it is equal to Lane's minimum insurance requirements. If you intend to purchase additional coverage for your dependents in the U.S., you must do so before April 5 as well. On your spring term bill, you will see a charge for $538 for your insurance, which includes your Spring and Summer 2013 coverage. If you have any questions about insurance or need help, please see Colby or email her at

Have you moved recently or changed your phone or email address? Remember, if you move or change your contact information you are required by immigration to update your change of address, email or phone in MyLane within 10 days of the change. The International Programs office will then update your SEVIS record with your new information.

DID YOU KNOW? Job Fair Come to the lobby of Building 19 on April 17 from 10-2 to participate in a Job Fair! This is where companies from Eugene and Springfield host tables to recruit new employees and YOU show up with your resume and look for a job. In order to work off-campus, you will have to apply for Curricular Practical Training (CPT) through the International Programs office and work for the company as part of a cooperative education class.

TBA Short for To Be Announced, often used in calendars and events announcement when the date, time, or location is undecided.

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PHOTOS OF THE WEEK If you have any creative, fun, or event photos that you would like to publish, please submit them to

[ Last Coffee Talk of the term /Sushi Talk ] Photo Credits to: Sawyer Ducharme


The following student received a $15 dining card for being the first to answer the LIT pop quiz. YOU could be next!

Haryeon Ha Q: What’s your favorite food? A: Tteokbokki

Coffee Talk Tuesday 11:30 –1:30 1/206

Mar 31 — Apr 13, 2013 Sun 31

Mon 1

Tue 2

Wed 3

Thu 4

Fri 5

Sat 6


Saturday Market


10am-5pm 8th and Oak St.

April Fool’s Day

7 Last day to drop classes and get a full refund! 11:59pm




Coffee Talk

Films From Around the Muslim World 7pm—10 pm LCC Downtown Campus, Room 421

11:30am1:30pm 1/206





Woodburn Tulip Festival

12-1pm 11/208

Leave from Titan Court 10am

Saturday Market 10am-5pm 8th and Oak St.

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