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In Memoriam Private Robert Poate, killed in Afghanistan 29 August 2012

WAR IN THE SAND PIT Perspectives and Lessons from Australia’s War in Afghanistan and Iraq 2001-2014

Two-Day Conference: 12-13 May 2017

Monash Centre, Gallipoli Barracks, Brisbane In the wake of al-Qaeda’s attacks on the United States in September 2001 Australia embarked on a military-led campaign in Afghanistan and Iraq.

The conference includes a gathering of an impressive array of speakers involved ÄYZ[OHUKH[[OLUH[PVUHSVWLYH[PVUHSHUK tactical levels.

history. This conference will pose some thought provoking questions and push for some coherent answers.

Speakers include Robert Hill, Ric Smith, Dan McDaniel, Mick Ryan, Chris Westwood, Anthony Rawlins, Peter What happened? How well did we Jones, Jim Molan, Col Speedie, David But few, if any, envisaged it would turn \UKLYZ[HUK [OL UH[\YL VM [OL ÄNO[& >O` Savage, Michael Crane, Mick Lehmann, out to be Australia’s longest war. How did Australia contribute the way it did? Peter Daniel, Dan Marston, Garth did this happen? This conference, drawing Were there other viable approaches? Did Pratten, William Maley, Peter Leahy and on key participants and decision makers, Australia’s contribution add value to the John Blaxland. explores how it came about that between coalitions? What lessons can be learned 2001 and 2014 over 50,000 members of for the future? This two-day conference Session chairs include Karen Middleton, Ben Roberts-Smith, John Cantwell, James the Australian Defence Force fought in will examine these and other questions. Brown, Alan Ryan and Craig Stockings. the Middle East Area of Operations... A select group of key participants and ‘War in the Sand Pit’. decision makers in the events of that This event is proudly sponsored by To date, little is known and few works period are gathering together to place into Military History and Heritage Victoria, the have been written about Australia’s [OL W\ISPJ YLJVYK KPɈLYLU[ WLYZWLJ[P]LZ Strategic and Defence Studies Centre SVUNLZ[ VM TPSP[HY` JVUÅPJ[Z >P[O [OL and responses to many questions for (in the Bell School, College of Asia and 6ɉJPHS /PZ[VY` MVY [OLZL ^HYZ Z[PSS ZVTL [OL ILULÄ[ VM OPZ[VY` HUK ZJOVSHYZOPW [OL 7HJPÄJ H[ [OL (\Z[YHSPHU 5H[PVUHS years away it is time to undertake some ;OPZ UH[PVUHSS` ZPNUPÄJHU[ L]LU[ PZ UV[ [V University), and the Returned and Services League Queensland Branch. preliminary analysis of this period in our be missed.

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Wartime Spring 2016  
Wartime Spring 2016