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Tips on safe data recovery during accidental system black out Losing vital data from your computer might bring havoc loss to your business. So, those who keep backups of their data consider themselves lucky about this issue. However, even this group of ‘conscious’ users are not immune against accidental data loss! They can lose their valuable information when their system hangs up accidentally. What may be the convenient solution now for safe data recovery? The option that needs priority in such situations is data restore. But there are unfortunate situations when there may be permanent data loss. During such occasions, hard drive recovery also becomes critical. Hence, we have some handy tips to share with you in this regard. Read on. •

Look for warnings

Understand the need of the situation. Observe if your hard drive is emitting any typical sound. If you detect any scratching, hitting or clicking sound then be alert. These are warnings that your hard disk is in a vulnerable stage and it can lead to permanent data loss! So, stop whatever you are doing and shut down your system. Immediately call in a technician to fix the problem. •

Unplug power equipments

When your computer blacks out, the flow of electricity through the same can damage your hard drive even more! Actually, when the plugs and sockets remain plugged onto the electrical equipment the static electricity that passes through them make the hard drive prone to damages. Therefore, your attempt will be to prevent this. •

Approach technical person

If you somehow detect that your computer drives have encountered physical damage then stop doing anything on your own. A novice attempt can make your lost data permanently irretrievable as your unwise action will only make their work more complicated! Therefore, it is always wiser to stop fidgeting with your computer. Rather, call a technician from a specialized data recovery agency. The authorized persons representing such firms have technical skills of retrieving lost data even from critical conditions.


Stop upgrading any software

Did your computer hang up while you were upgrading your software? It is highly recommended that you stop pursing the action any further, or else it may overwrite your hard disk memory! Eventually, you will lose all the vital data stored in the hard disk. However, if you have a verified backup of every data you have in the memory then your chances of retrieving lost data will be more. •

Never use unrecognized services

There are people who prioritize money over service and hire unskilled data recovery agencies to fix their problem. You should refrain from it as these agencies have unskilled operators who might fail to retrieve even an easily retrievable datum. Further, they also use unaccredited and worthless diagnostic tools.

Tips on safe data recovery during accidental system black out