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HardangerFjord NORWAY

Slow cruise by Hardcruise

Slow cruise by Hardcruise


PROBABLY THE MOST SPECTACULAR NATURE IN THE WORLD The Norwegian fjords have repeatedly been elected as one of the top destinations in the world to visit by travel professionals. National Geographic, Conde Nast, Lonely Planet amongst others have all had features on the spectacular nature of the Norwegian Fjords that were created thousands of years ago by the ice that covered most of Scandinavia. Hardangerfjord is called the Queen of Fjords. The beauty of the fjord, its surrounding mountains, some of them clad in snow all year, is breathtaking. The diminutive villages scattered along the fjord like pearls on a string, where people go about with their daily lives around the year, far away from the urban world, is another unique feature. Here you can find local food traditions, nature based activities and rich culture anywhere you turn.












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PROBABLY THE BEST TRAVELLING CONCEPT AROUND The concept of “Small ship cruising� and River cruising has exploded over the past few years and now the time has come to experience this leisurely style of travel in the Hardangerfjord. Slow and easy our small ship glides almost soundless on the fjord reaching places where the bigger ship cant sail and we moor in the most central locations to experience the villages and nature around in small groups. Our floating hotel glides close to land to enable us to decelerate and really enjoy the nature, fruit gardens, churches, fish farms and other sights of the beautiful landscapes of the fjord.

PROBABLY THE "GREENEST" CRUISES IN THE WORLD We are completely committed to sustainability and environmentally friendly solutions. The glacier green color in our logo is our promise to always do our utmost to choose green options. Our mainly electrically propelled ship leaves almost no footprint, less noise, less vibrations, less Co2 and less NOX! We use foremost local suppliers for all services and provisions onboard.

THE HARDCRUISE TEAM Although the concept is new in Norway the management has a vast international experience from cruising and the hospitality business and have put together a team of devoted, service minded staff to make your holidays exceed your expectations.

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Slow cruise by Hardcruise

DAILY PROGRAM 7 NIGHTS 8 DAYS CRUISE (Breakfast, lunch and dinner onboard)

Day 1 Saturday - Bergen and Os Arrival Bergen Airport Transfer from airport, short sightseeing, embarkation in Os Information meeting, crew/staff introduction, welcome dinner Day 2 Sunday - Rosendal Excursion to the Barony from 1665 Optional afternoon excursion to Mauranger and Folgefonna Glacier Day 3 Monday - Ulvik Morning walking tour in Ulvik, see the local sight Optional full day tour via Voss by rail to Myrdal, Flåm, coach to Gudvangen, lunch, coach via Stalheim, Granvin to Ulvik Evening with Folk Dancing performance Day 4 Tuesday - Ulvik Sørfjorden Hardanger tour, history, fruit products, tasting, visit to apple cider processing plant Sailing along Sørfjorden passing Utne, Lofthus Day 5 Wednesday - Odda Morning Excursion to industrial Odda and Tyssedal Optional excursion to Låtefoss, Trolltunga, Pulpit Rock or Røldal Day 6 Thursday - Eidfjord Excursion to Vøringsfoss, one of Norways most spectacular waterfalls, with a free fall of 182 metres Optional excursion to Hardangervidda Natursenter Day 7 Friday - Norheimsund Village walk with visits to Hardanger Fartøyvernsenter, local sights of interest Optional tour to Steinsdalfossen and the salmon farm Aquacenter Farewell party, Captain’s dinner. Day 8 Saturday - Os and Bergen Bergen city sightseeing finishing at Bergen Airport

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BERGEN A World Heritage City! Bergen is the Gateway to the Fjords of Norway. As a UNESCO World Heritage City and a European City of Culture, the Bergen region has the ideal combination of nature, culture and exciting urban life all year around. Bergen has given a warm welcome to its visitors for more than 900 years. Bryggen has become a symbol of the cultural heritage and has gained a place on UNESCO's World Heritage List. The old Hanseatic wharf is architecturally unique and is perhaps one of the most familiar images in all of Norway.

ATTRACTIONS/EXCURSIONS BRYGGEN is one of Bergen's and Norway's main attractions. Bryggen was built after the great fire in 1702 and is included on UNESCO's World Heritage List. The very first buildings in Bergen were situated at Bryggen, which has been a vibrant and important area of the city for many centuries. Bryggen has been ravaged by many fires, the great fire of 1702 in particular. It reduced the whole of the city to ashes. The area was rebuilt on the foundations that had been there since the 12th century, which means that Bryggen is basically unchanged despite the passing centuries. Bryggen is now part of our common heritage and has a place on UNESCO’s World Heritage List, and the city of Bergen is a designated World Heritage City. The world heritage site consists of the


old Hanseatic wharf and buildings, and one of the best known urban areas from the Middle Ages in all of Norway. BERGEN AQUARIUM Meet the sea lions, the creepy - but great crocodiles, fish and the fascinating snakes at Bergen Aquarium. Film screening and feeding daily. You can also experience the great atmosphere created by the young and old citizens of Bergen who keep coming back to say hello to the animals - and to meet each other. Since 1960, the aquarium has formed a vibrant part of our local identity. In more than 50 large and small aquariums you can watch in fascination all the weird and wonderful things that go on beneath the surface at close quarters.

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The picturesque FISH MARKET in Bergen is one of Norway's most visited outdoors markets. The Fish Market sells seafood, fruit and vegetables. The Fish Market has a charming location in the heart of the city between the fjords and Bergen's 7 mountains. The Fish Market in Bergen has since the 1200s been a meeting place for merchants and fishermen.

Take FLØIBANEN funicular to the top of Mount Fløyen. Magnificent view of Bergen, ideal for mountain walks and see all of Bergen in just 6 minutes. It is one of Norway's most famous attractions. The trip starts from the city centre, just 150 metres from the Fish Market and Bryggen. The exiting trip up to the mountain is a magnificent experience in itself. From Mount Fløyen, approx. 320 metres above sea level, you can enjoy the beautiful view, study the cityscape in detail and the seaward approaches and fjord surrounding Bergen.

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OS A village between the mountains and the fjord Os enjoys a perfect location between Bergen and Hardangerfjord close to the airport and have been graced with lots of natural beauty. Archipelago, mountain peaks and a river flowing out through the harbor mixing its waters with the majestic fjord are but some of its assets.

ATTRACTIONS/EXCURSIONS LYSEKLOSTER was founded in 1146 by monks from Fountains Abbey i England. They laid the foundation for something that would come to impact the district of Os for more than 700 years. The Cistercian order demanded hard working monks who took a vow of poverty. However, this did not stop the monastery from becoming both rich and powerful. THE OSELVAR BOATYARD builds boats and safeguards the ancient handicraft of building small, clinker built wooden boats. In 2009 the Oselvar boat was proclaimed to be Norway’s national boat! Here young and


old boat builders work together; the young ones learning the traditional Oselvar handicraft from the older ones. The traditional art of boatbuilding for Oselvar boats is the most detailed and comprehensive remaining today. Oselvarverkstaden in Os gained status as a Econom museum in 2009. OSEANA KUNST- & KULTURSENTER is a unique building in many respects. Here is the local cultural life based as well as The Per Grieg Art collection. VARGAVÅGEN Here you will find burial mounds, rock carvings dating back to 4000 BC and soapstone quarries, and the characteristic Vargahola, a

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cave where soapstone was mined during the Middle Ages or even as early as the Viking Era. HIKING Views from the hills are unhampered and majestic. The eastern reaches of the district are very hilly and there are a number of marked trails providing excellent hillwalking. The hills are not too high – the highest is only 850 metres – but they are so close to the fjord that the views from the tops are unhampered and majestic.

OLE BULL MUSEUM LYSØEN consists of Ole Bull’s villa, a 17th century farm settlement and the island itself. Ole Bull’s summerhouse on Lysøen was constructed in the years 1872-73, and is quite unique in Norwegian architectural history. His “little Alhambra,” as he called it, is considered a high point of Norwegian historicism. With its onion domes and exotic ornamentals both exteriorly and inside the high ceiling of the music hall – all assiduously carved out of Norwegian pine – the villa emerges like a dream of a blue fairytale castle.

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ROSENDAL Historic village near Folgefonna glacier The landscape around Rosendal attracts many visitors the whole year round. Most attractions in the village can be reached on foot, or one can experience splendid waterfalls and see part of the glacier by a bus trip to Sundal. The Folgefonn centre is located on the harbour and gives you the opportunity to learn more about the Folgefonna national park and the nature around Rosendal. The manor house from 1665, the Barony Rosendal is also close by, telling the unique history of this cultural institution. ATTRACTIONS/EXCURSIONS THE FOLGEFONN CENTRE Visitor centre for Folgefonna national park and inspiring exhibition where you will learn more about Norwegian nature, climatic efects on the region and life in the Hardangerford. Distance from port: 100 m GUDDAL ART GALLERY The art gallery in the charming farm yard of Guddal has periodic exhibitions of the best of Norwegian contemporary art. A section devoted to the graphic arts, ceramics, glass, jewelery and textiles. CafĂŠ serving, homemade cheese cake, freshly-baked milk


cakes, etc. Member of Norwegian Cultural Heritage. Distance from port: 5 km GUIDED WALK TO SJETHAUG VIEWPOINT From Rosendal harbour guides will walk from the port up to the Sjethaug viewpoint telling about the village and its history, and the surrounding mountains from the top at 285 m.a.s.l. Distance from port: 5 km walk starting from harbour SUNDAL AND BONDHUSBREA GLACIER Distance: 60 km This is a popular trip on which local coffee

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and cakes can be enjoyed at Olaløo farm restaurant including alt.1: a short walk by foot made to a panoramic viewpoint of the Bondhus icefall (1+1 km) or alt. 2: a walk to the Bondhus lake (3+3 km), and a photo-stop at the fantastic roadside water fall Furebergfossen on the way.

ROSENDAL BY FOOT Distance: 3 km A walking trip from the ship, including a guided tour of the manor, Barony Rosendal, from 1665, a walk through its gardens and a guided visit at the Kvinnherad Church from the 12th century. ROSENDAL BY HORSE AND CARRIAGE Enjoy this nostalgic trip by horse and carriage on oldroads in the village of Rosendal, starting from the port. This is also a goodopportunity to see the ford horse! FLIGHTSEEING FOLGEFONNA GLACIER Duration: 20 min

Capacity: 4 Minimum - 20 pax Take the opportunity to see the beautiful Hardangerford and Folgefonna Glacier from the air!

the last owners left in 1927.

THE BARONY ROSENDAL FROM 1665 In 1658 there was a wedding between Karen Mowat and Ludvig Rosenkrantz. They were given the farm Hatteberg as a wedding present. They built their home here and called it Rosendal. It was finished in 1665. Today you can have a guided tour at the museum Barony Rosendal - a tour through diferent epochs. The rooms have been infuenced by owners over 250 years, and the manor is preserved as a home – the way it was when

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ULVIK The pearl of Hardanger In Ulvik tourism has been a permanent fixture of daily life for more than 150 years. The warm summers, the tranquillity and lush nature have attracted holidaymakers for generations. Ulvik offers an active holiday with a number of outdoor activities. Folklore performances, farm visits and excursions by coach and fjord cruisers are also included in our shorex menu. Ulvik and Hardanger, being the orchard of Norway, are famous for the fruit blossom in May. From July and until late October we harvest sweet cherries, plums, pears and apples. Why not take a stroll through the compact village centre where you will find public services, shops, hotels and cafes as well as different exhibitions of arts and crafts?

ATTRACTIONS/EXCURSIONS “A TASTE OF HARDANGERFJORD” A half-day excursion from the Port of Ulvik, 4 hours. The guided tour by coach or combined with a fjord cruise to the Hardanger Juice & Cider Factory offers a taste of cider, apple juice and local traditional food, including a guided introduction and history of how the cider and juice is made in Hardanger. Distance from port: 3 km. FJORD CRUISE WITH MS LADY ANNE Capacity: 100 passengers ULVIK CHURCH is the third in the line of churches in Ulvik. Consecrated in 1859, the interior was decorated in traditional decorative floral style in 1923 by local artist Lars Osa. Church concerts and organ recitals are offered.


THE OLAV H. HAUGE CENTRE – LITERARY MUSEUM In Ulvik the Nynorsk Kultursentrum is now establishing a research and visitor centre presenting the life and poetry of one of the most important Norwegian poets, Olav H. Hauge (1908-1994). His works have been translated into more than 25 languages. The centre offers exhibitions Monday- Friday 9am-3pm related to Olav H. Hauge and other poets and literature. SKEIESMYLNA was originally built in Bergen and was moved to Ulvik in the 1890s. Grain from the entire Hardanger area was processed here. Today you’ll find different exhibitions and activities in the mill. HJELTNES HORTICULTURAL COLLEGE is the oldest farming school in Norway, founded in 1901. The lovely gardens have a wide range of flowers, rare trees and bushes. It also has a herb garden and many old apple species.

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OSA and its two narrow mountain valleys, rivers and waterfalls are known for their unique flora and o er a unique experience to walkers, hikers and photographers. THE OSA MOUNTAINS, a 20 km drive (toll road) from Ulvik at an altitude of 1000-1250 m has a moonlike landscape of cliffs, rocks and snow. HIKES AND WALKS Duration 1.5-3+ hours Ulvik offers a wide range of guided hikes, walks and strolls, ranging from easy guided strolls in and around the village centre to longer and more strenuous hikes and walks in the surrounding hills. Walking distance: 1.5-7 km. CONCERTS & FOLKLORE PROGRAMMES Concerts and Folklore programmes featuring local musicians, singers and dancers can be arranged in various locations. Distance from port: 0.5-3 km.

FARM VISITS Farm visits, including coffee/tea and cakes, can be booked at several farms in the area. LOCAL CIDER FARMS At local cider farms you have the opportunity to taste apple juice and cider. Your host will tell you about the production and show you around the premises and the orchards. Distance from port: 2-3 km. HARDANGER “SEA TO SKY” Duration: 15 minutes – in the air. Experience the fjords, mountains and glaciers from the air, while the helicopter pilot explains the area to you (Norwegian and English). There is no other way to see so much of the mountain and fjords in such a

short time! OSA AND THE OSA MOUNTAINS Leave Ulvik by coach passing through the green fields and orchards, including a stop at Hjeltnes Horticultural College. The journey continues along Osafjorden, a wild and narrow branch of the Hardangerfjord, to Osa. There is time to visit the Austdalen river and the Hjadlane Gallery before driving up the winding mountain road to the Osa Mountains. Return to Ulvik along the same route. Distance from port: 20 km (Osa mountains.

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THE SOGNEFJORD AND THE FLÅM RAILWAY Various options from Ulvik – for example – bus from Ulvik to Voss – train to Myrdal and Flåm – fjord cruise from Flåm to Gudvangen – bus from Gudvangen to Ulvik – or the opposite way around alternatively – bus from Ulvik to Gudvangen – fjord cruise to Flåm – the Flåm railway to Myrdal – continue by train to Voss – bus to Ulvik.


ODDA Odda – a kaleidoscope of contrasts Come and join us on an adventure between rushing waterfalls, emerald fjords, blue glaciers, silvery peaks, lush valleys – Odda is one of those magic places that has it all. We are surrounded by two national parks, Europe's deepest snow in Røldal, Røldal's unique stave church, the Buerbreen glacier and the historical industrial town of Tyssedal. Our many exciting and varied activities are waiting to be explored!


rivers and streams worth admiring.

TROLLTUNGA is one of the most spectacular scenic cliffs in Norway. 1,100 meters above sea level, hovering about 700 meters above Lake Ringedalsvatnet in Odda. People from all over the world travel to see Trolltunga!

THE PULPIT ROCK “Preikestolen” (in Norwegian)is a plateau 604 meters above the Lysefjorden. The hike to the Pulpit Rock takes around 4 hours (in total). The Pulpit Rock is one of Norway’s best known nature attractions. It is a scenic 3,5 hour drive (200 km, including ferry crossing) each way from Odda along a road which most of the way is classified as “National Tourist Route”.

WATERFALLS Oddadalen is a beautiful piece of countryside along Route 13. In this unique valley the waterfalls are lined up like pearls on a string within a radius of only a few kilometres. The waterfalls are: Tjørnadalsfossen, Strandfossen, Vidfoss, Espelandsfossen and Låtefoss. Oddadalen offers excellent hiking in magnificent terrain. The king of the waterfalls is Låtefoss – one of the most visited nature attractions in Norway. Parking is right next to the main road. Explore Odda, and you will find countless other waterfalls,


RØLDAL STAVE CHURCH The church was built between 1200 and 1250, and is famous for its healing crucifix still in the church. According to legend it sweats once a year on “Olsok” (July 6th after the Julian calendar), and the sweat has healing power. Røldal was one of the most important sites of pilgrimage in Norway

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during the middle ages and pilgrims continued to come until 1835, longer than any other place in Norway. The church is beautifully decorated, and is still the parish church for Røldal. Guided tours during the summer season. There are several pilgrim trails in connection with Røldal stave church.

HIKING Surrounded by the Hardangervidda National Park in the East, Folgefonna National Park in the West and the valley of Odda with impressive waterfalls in the South, the area is an eldorado for hikers from all over the world. A peaceful walk along Lake Sandvinsvatnet, hiking to the egde of the Folgefonna glacier, hiking for days from cabin to cabin in Hardangervidda National Park, climbing one of the peaks reaching more than 1000 metres above sea level or do a historical

walk in Tyssedal – we have plenty to choose from for all types of hikers! NORWEGIAN MUSEUM OF HYDRO POWER and Industry. The beautiful power station at the fjord is a monument of the hydropower adventure that started in 1906. Today it is a museum with guided tours, films and exhibits. Museum shop and cafe. Tailored programs for groups, meetings and seminars.

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ART COLLECTION This historical hotel is home to a spectacular collection of original art. Nils Bergslien, Christian Krogh, Askvold, Adelsten Normann, Morten Müller, Ludvig Shramstad and Hans Dahl are among the artists represented here. The work of Geir Grung, one of Norway's best known modernist architects, is exhibited at the hotel. The hotel is open all year round.


EIDFJORD The fjord and mountain adventure The best that Norway has to offer. Large open spaces and high mountains. Deep valleys and blue-green fjords. Glaciers, mountain lakes, rivers and waterfalls. Our visitors can experience peace and silence in the natural environment in addition to visiting many of our activities and attractions. Eidfjord is the gateway to the Hardangervidda, the largest high mountain plateau in Europe and Norway’s largest national park. Eidford cruise port is able to handle ships up to 350 m in length. Fjord, mountain & waterfalls – all within a 30-minute drive from Eidfjord.

ATTRACTIONS/EXCURSIONS HARDANGERVIDDA NATURE CENTRE EIDFJORD Duration: 1.5 hours (incl. 1 hour stay) Distance: 7 km from port Hardangervidda Nature Centre Eidfjord is a modern and wildly exciting nature and cultural historic exhibit centre for Norwegian nature, climate and environment. Live exhibitions on 3 floors, aquariums and interactive stations. View the great panoramic movie, produced by Ivo Caprino, on 5 large screens. You will experience an exciting trip by helicopter above high mountains, deep valleys, breathtaking waterfalls, wild reindeer and untouched glaciers - an experience for the whole family. Cafe/restaurant, gift shop and tourist information. VØRINGSFOSSEN WATERFALL Duration: 1.5 hours (incl. 45-minute stay) Distance: 20 km from port The most famous waterfall in Norway is an


impressive 182 m high, with a free fall of 145 m. You’ll fnd the most exciting and marvelous viewpoint at Fossli Hotel, which also houses a restaurant and a souvenir shop. SYSENDAMMEN Duration: 1.5 hours (incl. 30-minute stay) Distance: 30 km from port Sysendammen is one of Norway`s largest stone-flled dams. The total length of the dam is 1 160 m, and it consists of 3.6 million m³ of stone and moraine. View of the glacier Hardangerjøkulen from the parking lot. SIMA POWER PLANT Duration: 1.5 hours (incl. 1 hour stay) Distance: 7 km from port The power plant is one of the biggest hydroelectric power plants in Europe, 700 m inside the mountain. The station hall is 200 m long, 20 m wide and 40 m high. The guided tour includes a flm about the construction of the power station as well as a visit to the station hall.

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KJEÅSEN Duration: 1.25-2 hours (incl. 15-60-minute stay) Distance: 15 km from port The famous mountain farm lies like an eagle's nest on a mountain ledge 600 m above the Simaford. “The most inaccessible mountain farm in Norway” has a spectacular view of the ford. Please notice: traffic up to Kjeåsen every full hour, traffic down from Kjeåsen every half hour. One can drive up just to enjoy the view, or groups can book a visit to Bjørg Wiik’s farm. She will welcome you in her front yard and play a CD that tells the story of Kjeåsen. FLATEARTH ADVENTURES Duration: 2.5-3 hours Distance: 7 km from port (kayaking 300 m from port).

The largest outdoor activity centre in Hardanger! Paddling instruction for beginners, sea kayak trips, rafting, climbing, white water jump. Fun rafting in July and August. All activities incl. instruction and guide. Mountain bike-/canoe rental. We’ll give you the best of Norwegian Nature! FROM FJORD TO TABLE Duration: 4 – 6 hours Distance: 100 m from port The local fisherman and famous chef Arthur takes you fishing on his nice fishing boat on the fjord. After the fishing trip you’ll prepare a nice meal of the “catch of the day” and local produce under his supervision and cooperation at his brand new restaurant in a renovated building from 1820. TANDEM SKYDIVE FROM HELICOPTER Duration: approx 1 hour Distance: 7 km (but landing in the park next to the cruise ship) Capacity: 2 tandem jumps per hour Do a tandem skydive with an experienced

instructor from a helicopter in beautiful Eidford. Skydiving from a helicopter is a special sensation. Due to the low forward speed, many compare the exit with that of a BASE- jump, where there is «no air» at frst, until you have accelerated to 200 km/h. HELICOPTER SIGHTSEEING Duration: 30 minutes Distance: 7 km Capacity: 9 / 15 passengers per hour Enjoy views of the Norwegian fjords while sitting in the passenger seat of a helicopter high above the magnifcent mountains and glaciers. In a helicopter, with a capacity of 3 to 5 passengers, it will be an unforgettable experience. TUNET PÅ HAUGEN Duration: 0.75 - 1 hour Distance: 300 m from port (start at the tourist information office) Capacity: 50 Local food shop which sells ecological farm produce. Small cafè. Wok lunch for groups

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in the atmospheric authentic building Grindaløo, can also be served with homemade apple juice produced in the shop. TROLL TRAIN Duration: 1 hour Distance: 30 m from port (start at the tourist information office). The train takes you for a 1 hour sightseeing tour in the centre of Eidfjord. Nice view of the fjord and the mountains, ride through the Viking burial ground and a photo stop by the old, medieval stone church (the church is closed). ART GALLERY N. BERGSLIEN Distance: 30 m from port Free entrance The Quality Hotel Vøringfoss hosts a large, permanent exhibition of the well-known local artist Nils Bergslien (1853 - 1928). The gallery also stages various visiting exhibitions.


NORHEIMSUND A typical Hardanger village Situated at the heart of Hardanger with a main street where you’ll find a number of interesting shops or you can take a walk along the nice fjord promenade that ends up at the historic building of Sandven Hotel that opened in 1857.

ATTRACTIONS/EXCURSIONS HARDANGER AQUA CENTER A visitor centre has been set up at a fullyoperational aquaculture unit, the first of its kind in Norway. In the summer season you can take a short boatride from the welcome centre at Steinstø quay to the salmon farm on the fjord. The guided tour on the salmon farm includes feeding the fish and seeing monitoring systems. Learn about the salmon lifecycle from hatchery to served delicacy.


HARDANGER MARITIME MUSEUM A maritime museum emphasizing activities and open workshops. You will experience ropemaking, forging and wooden boat building. You can make wooden figures, make ropes, build small boats and learn about knots. Hire a traditional wooden rowing boat with life jackets and fishing gear. Exhibits, guided tours and maritime films. Cafe with homemade delicacies. HARDANGER SKYSPACE by the American light artist James Turrell opend 23 September 2016. Kabuso Art Centre has temporary exhibitions, concerts and other arrangements through the year. The Ingebrigt

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Vik museum presents the works of one of Norway’s leading sculptors. Films about Vik, Olav H. Hauge and Geirr Tveitt are shown. Cafe with light meals. Sculpture park, museum shop and children’s corner. THE NEW HARDANGER BRIDGE is the largest suspension bridge in Norway, 1.380 meters long and the towers are more than 200 meters high. Great engineering art and at both ends there are roundabouts in the tunnels with neon lighting.

THE STEINSDALSFOSSEN One of the most popular waterfalls in Norway. It has a fall of 50 m and is special because you can walk safe and dry behind it. The fall occured in 1699 when the river changed course. There is a footpath from the car park up to and under the waterfall. Along National Tourist Route Hardanger.

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TELEPHONE + 47 913 76 866

E-MAIL hans@hardcruise.no

WEB hardcruise.no

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ADDRESS Giljavegen 50 5200 Os Norway

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