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Odda 6

Also off season and in wintertime, the Hardangerfjord region is an attractive destination for travellers interested in nature and cultural experiences. Winter activities range from exciting outdoor adventures to calm and cosy tailor-made activities including local history, culture and traditional food.

Winter night at Dyranut. Photo: Konrad Konieczny

Hotels open all year round 1 Hotel Ullensvang, Lofthus 2 Thon Hotel Sandven, Norheimsund 3 Brakanes Hotel, Ulvik 4 Hardangerfjord Hotel, Øystese 5 Quality Hotel Vøringsfoss, Eidfjord


Røldal 7

5 Eidfjord Fjell &Fjord Hotel, Eidfjord 3 Strand Fjordhotel, Ulvik 6 Trolltunga Hotel, Odda 6 Hardanger Hotel, Odda 7 Hordatun Hotel, Røldal


Hotel Ullensvang. Photo: Haakon Photo: Nordvik?


Arrival Bergen airport BGO. Transfer by coach to Hardanger, Norheimsund or Øystese (1.5 hours). Afternoon gathering at Hardanger Maritime Museum or Hardanger Skyspace and The Art Centre Kabuso.


Half day activity around Folgefonna Glacier, snow shoe walking (Folgefonni Glacier Team). Afternoon gathering at Hardanger Folk Museum with tailored program, Hardanger fiddle concert and cider tasting.


Full day activity in Odda area. Soft snow activities with Trolltunga Active or guided snowshoe/ ski tour to Trolltunga (March- End-May), winter-kayaking etc.


Half day activity at Hardangervidda mountain plateu, around Dyranut Mountain Lodge. Dog sledding, snowshoeing, mini-expeditions etc. Afternoon gathering and Dinner at a farm restaurant (Tunet på Haugen or Syse Farm).


Return to Bergen airport BGO.

1 Hardangervidda mountain plateau At the Hardangervidda mountain plateau, around Dyranut Fjellstova, dogsledding, snowshoe hiking, mini-expeditions and other winter activities are available for groups on request. Serving of food at the mountain lodge can be included.

www.dyranut.com post@dyranut.com Tel: +47 94 83 54 30

Photo: Konrad Konieczny

2 Trolltunga Trolltunga Active offers guided tours to Trolltunga on skis or snowshoes, in the period from early March to the end of May. The hike starts and ends in Skjeggedal and is, like the summer hike to Trolltunga, a demanding full day activity (10 to 12 hours). Trolltunga Active also offers other more easy snow- and winter activities.

www.trolltunga-active.com mail@trolltunga-active.com Tel: + 47 90 82 45 72

Photo: Trolltunga Active

3 Folgefonn glacier Snowshoeing with Folgefonni Glacier Team is an easy activity and fits everyone (from 12 years). As the blue ice at Folgefonna Glacier is covered by snow most of the year, tours are available all year round but routes will depend on actual snow conditions. February to June and October to December are very good periods for snowshoe walks on or around the Folgefonna Glacier.

www.folgefonni-breforarlag.no post@folgefonni-breforarlag.no Tel: + 47 55 29 89 21

Photo: Kristoffer Fürstenberg

4 Museums and visitor centres

Photo: Gunn Gravdal Elton

In the historic houses at Hardanger Folk Museum (Utne) and Agatunet (Aga) groups may experience the culture and heritage of Hardanger at close range. Guided tours and special arrangements like Hardanger fiddle concerts, cider tastings or courses are available on request all year round. The permanent site-specific light installation Hardanger Skyspace by James Turrell gives a unique experience of light, perception and space, open all year round (sunrise and sunset).

www.hardangerogvossmuseum.no mail@hardanger.museum.no Tel: + 47 47 47 98 84

Visitor Farms Several farms in the Hardangerfjord region are open for visitors and welcome groups on request all year round. Cosy farm visits with personal stories about farming in western Norway, tastings of local, home made products incl. cider tastings, lunches or dinners. See page 9 Photo: Agurtxane Concellon

Destination Hardanger Fjord www.hardangerfjord.com info@hardangerfjord.com Tel: +47 56 55 38 70


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