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Photo: Innovasjon Norge

By the Hardangerfjord where romance, fairytales and adventure meet… Surrounded by majestic mountains and the deep blue Hardangerfjord, Brakanes and Hardangerfjord Hotel provide the perfect frame for wonderful experiences and genuine Hardanger culture. With us we would like you to eat and sleep well, taste apple cider on the farms, visit spectacular waterfalls, cycle along the fjord, visit local museums or just rest your eyes on award-winning fjord landscape. Hardangerfjord Hotel in Øystese, 1.5h from Bergen


Brakanes Hotel in Ulvik, 2h from Bergen

BRAKANES HOTEL Ulvik T: +47 56 52 61 05 | www.brakanes-hotel.no

HARDANGERFJORD HOTEL Øystese T: +47 56 55 63 00 | www.hardangerfjord-hotell.no

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