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Kjerland Gardsbutikk

Map ref. Granvin C 9 Tel: + 47 56 52 54 36 Season: All year, closed Sundays

Farm shop situated in the yard of a sheep and fruit farm. Traditional food products including fruits, berries, meat and bakery products.

Photo: Olav Seim

Map ref. Granvin C 9 www.hardangerogvossmuseum.no postmottak@granvin.kommune.no Tel: + 47 56 52 40 00 Season: 01.07-31.07, groups on request all year Capacity: 50 Prices (2017): NOK 90/Adult, NOK 80 per pax in group (min. 15 pax). Map ref. Skjervsfossen C 9 www.nasjonaleturistveger.no

Photo: Østengen&Bergo

Season: 01.01-31.12 Capacity: unlimited Prices: Free entrance

Øydve Gardsturisme

Traditional western Norwegian farm with animals and orchards. Guided farm tours, product tastings and coffee/tea & cake in “Besto si stove” (Granma’s living room). Homemade delicacies for sale. Groups served on request.

Map. ref Ulvik C 10 www.oydvin-gard.no anne.marie.oydvin@gmail.com Tel: + 47 95 99 36 15 Season: 01.01.-31.12. Capacity: 25 Prices (2017): On request

Located along the historic route along “Skjervet”, a short detour from route 13 between Granvin and Voss. Consists of two falls in succession, and drops 150 m. Several hiking paths near the waterfall, parking and rest rooms facilities has been improved by National Tourist Routes.

Hikes in Granvin

Tel: + 47 56 52 40 00

Map. ref Ulvik C 10 www.siderruta.no Tel: + 47 41 64 99 06 Season: Groups on request all year

Skjervsfossen waterfall

Ulvik has spectacular areas with varied marked walking trails, starting from from Ulvik center. Examples: • Kvasshovden Opp, 0-1 030 m above sea level, marked trail, 7.5km. Start at Hardanger Gjestehus. • Osa-Osasete through scenic valley with many waterfalls, roundtrip 3-4 hours. • Cultural and historical walks in Ulvik. Map and information handbook available. Fore more details and maps, contact Ulvik Tourist Office.

Photo: B-Nature

A collaboration between Hardanger Saft- og Siderfabrikk, Syse Farm and Ulvik Frukt & Cideri. Cider festival in May, fruit festival in October. All farms welcome groups on request for farm visits and sample tastings, walking distance between the farms, and every farm offers a truly unique experience. See page 39

Open air museum communicating local history. Six old buildings, the oldest from the 1700s. Collection of objects from the area, exhibition of Johan Havaa`s botanic collection, school museum in an old schoolhouse.

Hikes in Ulvik

Map. ref Ulvik C 10, C 11 www.visitulvik.no Tel: + 47 56 52 62 80

Fruit and cider route

Granvin Bygdemuseum

Granvin has many fine hikes to offer. Examples: • The old railway track. A foot- and bike path from Eide to Voss. • Post road to Ulvik, beautiful scenery and cultural sights, 4 hours. • A trip along the Granvinfjord. From Eide to Hamre. Map available at the tourist information, including information on other hikes.

Osa mountain

Scenic mountain area 1 250m above sea level, located between Bergensbana/Rallarvegen and Osa. The Hardangerjøkulen glacier is one of the highest peaks in the area. Open road for traffic between May and September, 20km from the centre of Ulvik. Toll road.

Map. ref Ulvik C 11 www.visitulvik.no ulvikturist@ulvik.org Tel: + 47 56 52 62 80

Hjeltnes Gartnarskule

Oldest horticultural college in Norway and the only one in Fjord Norway. Beautiful park with rare trees, old species of apples, herb garden and shrubs. Guided tours, catering and accommodation for groups.

Map. ref Ulvik C 10 www.hjeltnes.vgs.no post.hgs@hfk.no Tel: + 47 56 53 88 00

Ulvik church

From 1858. Decorated inside with rose painting by artist Lars Osa in 1923.

Map. ref Ulvik C 10 www.visitulvik.no ulvikturist@ulvik.org Tel: + 47 56 52 62 80 Groups on request



Tel. 56 52 61 87 www.fjordcafe.no

Jaunsen Gjestgjevarstad Granvin


Tel. 56 52 51 15 www.jaunsen.no

Brakanes Hotel Ulvik


Tel. 56 52 61 05 www.brakanes-hotel.no

Kvanndal Camping Kvanndal


Tel. 56 52 58 80

Ulvik Hotel Ulvik


Tel. 56 52 62 00 www.brakanes-hotel.no

Osa Kafeen Osa


Tel. 91 18 82 37

Hardanger Gjestehus Ulvik


Tel. 56 52 61 70 www.hardangergjestehus.no


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