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Map. ref Utne D 8 Tel: + 47 47 47 98 84 Season: 01.01 - 31.12. Capacity: 2 groups, 45 in each group. Prices (2017): NOK 90/Adult, NOK 80 per pax in group (min. 15 pax)

Hardanger Folk Museum Regional museum for Hardanger, exhibiting Hardanger embroidery, traditional costumes and Norway’s largest collection of old Hardanger fiddles. Temporary art exhibitions. Open air museum with historic buildings and land art. Museum shop and café. Folk music mini-concerts, embroidery courses and other special arrangements for groups on request.

Photo: Hardanger Folk Museum

Map. ref Aga F 8 Tel: + 47 47 47 99 02 / +47 47 47 98 84 Season: 02.05-31.08, groups on request all year Capacity: 45 in each group Prices (2017): NOK 90/Adults, NOK 80 per pax in group (min. 15 pax)

Agatunet Authentic listed hamlet with 30 buildings from the Middle Ages to present-day. Unique courtroom built by the knight and lawmaker Sigurd Brynjulvson Aga around year 1250. Film, art, cultural and historical exhibits. Traditional costume exhibition, cosy café and museum shop. Guided tours for FIT every hour until 16:00 in summer season, guided tours for groups on request.

Photo: Agatunet

Map. ref Kinsarvik E 9 Tel: + 47 53 66 31 12


Map. ref. F 8 Tel: + 47 53 66 31 12

The Pilgrim Trail in Reisæterlia

Map. ref. D 8, E 8, E 7 Tel: + 47 53 66 31 12

Biking: Along the National Tourist Route. Utne-Herand

Map. ref Jåstad E 8 Tel: + 47 41 50 23 11 / +47 92 42 29 23

Hardanger Cideri

Four stunning waterfalls close to each other along the hiking trail from Kinsarvik up to the Hardangervidda mountain plateau. Hike from the car park up to the uppermost fall and back 5-6 hours. Hardanger Fossasti, footpath along a river, is a shorter walk starting in Kinsarvik. Information boards along the way, maps for sale at the tourist information.

Photo: Magnus Hisdal

Trail in Folgefonna National Park, newly upgraded with more than 2,000 stone steps. Hike starts at Reisæter (300 masl), ends at Eggje (1,200 masl), 4-6 hours. The trail is part of the Pilgrim route from Jondal to Røldal stave church, good viewpoints.

Photo: Kåre Grønsnes

Route 550 between Utne and Herand is a quiet road going through orchards and a beautiful landscape. 23 kilometres with amazing views. The bikeride may be combined with the boat service Hardangerfjord sightseeing. For rental bikes, see

Photo: Sverre Hjørnevik/Fjord Norway

Outlet with locally produced juice, cider and wine. Guided tours of the production facilities with sample tastings, tailor-made tours for groups on request.

Season: Groups on request all year Capacity: 50

Photo: Hardanger Cideri


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