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HIKES AND WALKS Hardangerfjord is the perfect region to choose for scenic hikes and walks of all categories. There are options for everyone, from families with children to experienced ramblers. Several hikes in the region are also available in spring and autum, others are in high mountain area, available in summer season only.


1 The Viking burial site at Hæreid Hæreid is the largest burial site with graves from the Iron-and Viking ages in Western Norway (about 400 mounds). Easy and short (1.5 hours) hike from the centre of Eidfjord, historical guide and map at Eidfjord Tourist Office. The Hæreid plateau is about 100 meters above sea level. Excellent view of the fjord along the trail.

turistinfo@visiteidfjord.no Tel: + 47 53 67 34 00 1.5 hours

Photo: Heidi Kvamsdal

3 Steinstølia Old trail to the local summer pasture farms. Starting from the quay at Steinstø, near Steinstø ruit farm. Steep hike with beautiful views of the Hardangerfjord, walking through an orchard on the way.

info@visitkvam.no Tel: + 47 56 55 31 84 1 hour

Photo: Fyksesund Landskapspark

4 Trolltunga Very demanding full day hike (10 - 12 hours) to the famous rock formation, starting Skjeggedal, 7 km from Tyssedal. Ascent of 900 meters, high mountain area, for experienced hikers. Guided tours available (Trolltunga Active). See page 29

mail@trolltunga-active.com Tel: + 47 90 82 45 72 10 hours

Photo: Scott Sporleder/Matador Network/fjordnorway.com

5 Buerdalen valley and glacier Buer glacier is an arm of the Folgefonna glacier, near Odda. Marked footpath to the edge of the glacier, the last part of the hike is in steep terrain. Parking area in Buerdalen near Odda, road from Odda Camping is closed for busses and camper vans. Guided glacier hikes available (Flatearth Adventures) See page 30

turistkontor@odda.kommune.no Tel: + 47 53 65 40 05 4 hours

Photo: Hardanger Opplevelse

6 Husedalen Four stunning waterfalls along the hiking trail from Kinsarvik up to the Hardangervidda mountain plateu. Easy accessible and good alternatives for hikes of different lenth, 5-6 hours to the uppermost fall and back. See page 33

turistinfo@kinsarvik.net Tel: + 47 53 66 31 12 2-6 hours

Photo: Magnus Hisdal

7 HM Queen Sonja’s panoramic hiking trail One of HM Queen Sonja’s favorite hikes in Hardanger, offering stunning fjord views. The trail is in the high mountain, normal Season from July to mid-Spetember. A shorter alternative is to hike parts of the trail starting from Røte in Kinsarvik.

turistinfo@kinsarvik.net Tel: + 47 53 66 31 12 8 hours

Photo: Hotel Ullensvang, Niels Johansen

7 Munketreppene Hike through the orchards in Lofthus, up to a magnificent viewing point. Newly upgraded with stone steps, steep terrain. Several easier options for hiking in Lofthus in addition to Munketreppene.

turistinfo@kinsarvik.net Tel: + 47 53 66 31 12 6 hours

Photo: Hilde Opedal

8 Vøringsfossen waterfall Spectacular canyon trail from 1882 to the foot of Vøringsfossen waterfall. Short but demanding hike in rough terrain. Normal Season from May/June to October, starting from Storegjel along the old raod.

turistinfo@visiteidfjord.no Tel: + 47 53 67 34 00 1.5 hours

Photo: Kristoffer B Fürstenberg

9 The Pilgrim Trail in Reisæterlia Trail in Folgefonna National Park, starting at Reisæter. Upgraded with 2000 stone steps, hight difference approx. 900 meters. The trail is part of the old Pilgrime route from Jondal to Røldal.

turistinfo@kinsarvik.net Tel: + 47 53 66 31 12 6 hours

Photo: Kåre Grønsnes

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