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The Hardanger Fjord region offers a wide range of outdoor adventure activities with breathtaking scenery. Several professional suppliers cater for individual travellers and groups. All suppliers will tailor programs that suit your clients needs.


1 Trolltunga Active Offering outdoor adventures in Tyssedal and around Trolltunga. Guided hiking, biking, via ferrata climbing, zip-lines, kayaking and also winter/spring (March to end-May) tours to Trolltunga, on snowshoes or skis. All tours to Trolltunga are demanding full -day tours, 10-12 hours. See page 29 Tel: + 47 90 82 45 72

Photo: Trolltunga Active

2 Folgefonni Glacier Team Outdoor adventures in Jondal and in Folgefonna National Park since 1994. Guided blue ice trip in Juklavass glacier, daily in summer season. Also offering kayaking on the fjord or on glacier lake, tailored glacier tours (summer) and winter activities for groups on request.See page 19. Tel: + 47 55 29 89 21

Photo: Folgefonni Glacier Team, Désiré Weststrate

3 FlatEarth Adventures Offers a wide range of activities for all age groups. Rafting, sea and river kayaking, white water jump and more. Also winter activities for groups on request. See page 13. Tel: + 47 47 60 68 47

Photo: FlatEarth Adventures

4 B-Active Offers activities and rental equipment, bikes, kayaks, rowing boats and a sail boat. Guided hikes, nature theme based courses and workshops, teambuilding activities and more. See page 39 Tel: + 47 91 18 82 37

Foto: Kristoffer Fürstenberg

5 FONNA Glacier Ski Resort Summer ski centre on the glacier Folgefonna. Alpine skiing, also suitable for beginners/families, freestyle park, cross country tracks. Ski/snowshoe rental, accessible by car and public bus from Jondal. See page 20. Tel: + 47 90 08 82 78


6 Hardanger Opplevelse Outdoor adventures and teambuilding activities for groups. Canoeing, cooking on open fire, archery, treasure hunt and more. See page 29 Tel: + 47 41 32 16 10

Photo: Hardanger Opplevelse

7 Biking in Hardanger “Sykkel i Hardanger” offers rental bikes that will be delivered and collected according to the agreed plan for the clients. Discover Norway offers a several day biking package tour along the Hardangerfjord route. Tel: +47 97 16 47 00

Photo: Sverre Hjørnevik/Fjord Norway

8 Hardanger Hiking Offers guided hikes with local experts, for grops on request all year. Regulary hikes for families to summer farms with sheep herding and sheep dog, end-June to midAugust. See page 24.

Photo: Hardanger Hiking


Destination Hardanger Fjord Tel: +47 56 55 38 70 Tel: + 47 90 12 62 70

RHF produktmanual 2018  
RHF produktmanual 2018