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Map.ref Øvre Eidfjord D 11 Tel: + 47 53 67 40 00 Season (2016): 20.03-15.06 and 21.08-31.10 1-7 10:00-18:00 16.06-20.08 1-7 09:00-19:00 Capacity: 300 Adults NOK 130, Children 65, Families 290. Touroperators 75 Cruise / wholesalers on appointment.

Hardangervidda Nature Centre Eidfjord

Map.ref Vøringsfoss D 12 Tel: + 47 53 67 34 00

Vøringsfossen waterfall

An exciting experience centre for Norwegian nature, climate and environment with thematic exhibits covering 3 floors. In the cinema you can see the panoramic film “Fjord-Mountain- Waterfall” produced by Ivo Caprino, 20 thrilling minutes on a helicopter flight through fjords, between high mountains and canyons and over mighty waterfalls. Hardangerviddahallen Restaurant is adjacent to the Hardangervidda Nature Centre, offering a great combination of local traditions and modern cuisine. Popular lunch stop for groups and individuals. The centre is a National Park Centre for Hardangervidda and one of the most visited attractions in the region.

Photo: Hardangervidda Natursenter Eidfjord

Season (2016): 20.05-15.09 Capacity: unlimited Parking fee

One of the best-known waterfalls in Norway. See vast quantities of water falling 182 meters from the Hardangervidda plateau into the Måbødalen valley. Excellent viewing point at Fossli Hotel, on Rv 7. National Tourist Routes started construction work for viewing platforms and more in 2015. First stage to be finished in 2017, last stage to finish in 2020.

Photo: RHF - Johan Berge

Map.ref Øvre Eidfjord D 11 Tel: + 47 47 60 68 47 Season (2016): 01.06-01.09 Groups all year round on request Capasity: up to 150 pax

FlatEarth Adventures FlatEarth Adventures offers a range of activities during the summer season and winter season. Choose between kayaking, river kayaking, rafting, guided hikes, climbing and glacier hikes. Winter activities on request include ice-climbing and kiting. We offer guided trips for groups on Hardangervidda high mountain plateau: mini-expeditions on Hardangervidda for VIP groups, snow shoeing and kite skiing for FITs.

Photo: RHF - FlatEarth Adventures

Map.ref Simadalen D 11 Tel: + 47 53 67 34 00 Season (2016): 15.06-15.08 1-7 10:00, 12:00, 14:00 Capacity: 50 Group NOK 65 p.p.

Sima Powerplant One of the biggest hydroelectric power stations in Europe. The power plant is built 700m inside the mountain. The turbine hall is 200m long, 20m wide and 40m high. During the summer season there are daily guided tours and film shows.

Open for groups throughout the year by agreement. Photo: Agurtxane Concellon

Map.ref Simadalen D 11 Tel: + 47 53 67 34 00 Season (2016): 15.05-30.09 Capacity: 45 Group NOK 30 p.p.

Kjeåsen Kjeåsen is 530 m above Simafjorden. Visit the mountain farm and experience these unique surroundings. You can drive to Kjeåsen from Simadalen. Traffic up every hour and down every half hour. Open for groups on request.

Photo: RHF - Per Eide

Map.ref Eidfjord D 11, D 12 Tel: + 47 05505 Season 2016: 01.05-30.09 Capacity: on request, unlimited.

Eidfjord Sightseeing 2.5 hours roundtrip through dramatic nature by coach. Starting in Eidfjord, stop at Hardangervidda Nature Centre, continue to Vøringsfossen waterfall and return to Eidfjord. The roundtrip corresponds with the passenger ferry service between Norheimsund and Eidfjord.

Photo: Geir Yngve Kristiansen


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