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Bridget Gabites Licensed Real Estate Agent HARCOURTS SOLUTIONS INNER CITY M: 0424 628 877 E: W:

Introducing The Harcourts Way GLOBAL.NATIONAL.LOCAL.YOU

In an increasingly fast-paced world, we know that while people want the most professional efficient service, they still prize the fundamentals of honesty and integrity from real estate consultants committed to achieving their clients’ goals. That’s why at Harcourts we combine world-renowned technology, training and systems with a focus on establishing trust and respect with our clients who always remain at the centre of the process. Harcourts is New Zealand’s largest and Australia’s fastest growing real estate group. Founded in New Zealand in 1888, the operation expanded into Australia in 1997. Currently there are over 700 offices in Australia, New Zealand, China, South Africa, Singapore, Zambia, Indonesia, Fiji and United States of America. Harcourts has four key factors that have contributed greatly to our ongoing success – the strength of the Harcourts brand, our superior business and information systems, proven marketing tools and strategies plus our incredibly talented, skilled and committed people. Harcourts is also the exclusive South Pacific member of Leading Real Estate companies of the world TM. This is the world’s largest Real Estate network with over 5,500 offices and 160,000 sales consultants operating in 25 countries.

Introducing Harcourts Solutions Inner City Your Locally Owned Harcourts Office with a fresh approach to Real Estate

We pride ourselves on believing agencies should focus on people, not commissions. A lot of agents make the mistake of thinking the property industry is all about property. We know it’s all about people. When choosing an agent to list your property, it’s hard to know what factors are important. We believe the most important determining factor is success. At Harcourts we are proud of our performance and our agent’s successes, after all at the end of the day our success in selling your property is your success too. We are more than happy to show you our sales results and provide you with a list of references who have previously used our services. With the state of the art Harcourts technology behind it, and the fabulous energetic staff at the front, the service you will receive whether buying, selling or leasing will be second to none. At Harcourts we take our responsibilities to our clients’ incredibly seriously. With our upfront, close and personal selling style we believe we stand out from the crowd.

Introducing Bridget Gabites Licensed Real Estate Agent

“Bridget has a natural enthusiasm and aptitude for real estate.” “Bridget was extremely professional and helpful.”

“We would have no hesitation in using Bridget again in the future and we would recommend her to any owner who wants to have their property sold in a professional, competent and caring manner.” “Bridget did everything she said she would do and kept us very well informed throughout the sales process.”

“I have never encountered such a professional and enthusiastic real estate agent to deal with and I have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone who is buying or selling.”

Introducing Bridget Gabites Local Agent, Superior Results

Service, reliability and dedication are the core of Bridget’s approach to delivering the best outcomes possible for her clients. Having won several awards for excellence in real estate sales, Bridget also brings a wealth of experience from a previous career in international sales and marketing. It is Bridget’s goal to ensure that every client benefits from this depth of knowledge, by providing superior guidance and advice. Bridget has an ability to make your property stand out from the rest by using a range of marketing techniques. Her in-depth knowledge of property sales and management means she will be able to work together with you to successfully achieve your real estate goals. As a early entrant into the real estate market herself, Bridget is aware of the unique personal pressures and challenges of property ownership. She is more than happy to meet with you to discuss what opportunities may be available and to guide you through the whole experience with encouragement and understanding.

Market Overview The what, the where and the why

There are approximately 14,000 residential properties in Inner Brisbane suburbs and at present there is a reasonable supply of properties in the market. The market has changed over the past few years from being a “Balanced Market” to a “Buyers Market”. This has mainly come about by an increase in stock in the market place, giving the buyers more choice. Therefore, it has become even more important that the correct marketing strategy be adopted, as time on the market is starting to increase steadily. However we believe the overall real estate outlook is very positive, as we live and work in suburbs that will continue to attract buyers due to the proximity to the city and the amenities they provide. The Queensland economy is still very strong, with an excess of 60,000 new people arriving each year from overseas and interstate, providing additional demand from the domestic market place. Based on the past six months, the average time on the market in our area is about 100 days (Source: RP DATA). In our office we are averaging a much quicker turn-around time of only 35 days. On average 91% of the properties we list are sold, a further 5% are rented if we are unable to find the perfect buyer for the property.

Our Recent Sales Results speak louder than words....

Address 41 Windsor Rd, RED HILL



4 Bed, 2 Bath, Workers Cottage


11 Confederate St, RED HILL

2 Bed, 2 Bath Miners Cottage


2 Mareeba Rd, ASHGROVE

3 Bed, 1 Bath Post War House


1 Bed + study Apartment


36 Farrell St, ASHGROVE

2 Bed, 1 Bath, Post War Home


124/23 Robinson Pl, KELVIN GROVE

3 Bed, 2 Bath New Apartment


34 Lansbury Pde, ASHGROVE

3 Bed, 2 Bath, Art Deco Home


1/9 Picot St, KELVIN GROVE

1 Bed, 1 Bath, 1970’s Apartment


1 Bed, 1 Bath New Apartment


4 Bed, 2 Bath Reno’d 1970’s Home


4 Bed, 2 Bath Modern Home




25 Walker St, COORPAROO

3 Bed, 1 Bath Post War Home


310/6 Victoria St, KELVIN GROVE

2 Bed, 2 Bath New Apartment


2 Bed, 2 Bath Apartment


2 Bed, 2 Bath New Apartment


2 Bed, 2 Bath Townhouse



4 Bed, 2 Bath House


26 Tullira St, THE GAP

4 Bed, 2 Bath House


2/31 Swann Rd, TARINGA

3 Bed, 2 Bath Apartment


2/21 Dorset St, ASHGROVE

3 Bed, 3 Bath Townhouse


3 Bed, 2 Bath New Apartment


3 Bed, 2 Bath House


3 Bed, 2 Bath Apartment


23 Bushwick St, THE GAP

5 Bed, 3 Bath House


4/10 Trout St, ASHGROVE

3 Bed, 2 Bath Apartment


2 Bed, 2 Bath New Apartment


2307/57 Musk Ave, KELVIN GROVE

1103/72 Victoria Park Rd, KELVIN GROVE 33 Kadina St, THE GAP 39 Hillside Cct, CHERMSIDE WEST 39 Sydney St, KEDRON

2603/57 Musk Ave, KELVIN GROVE 212/6 Victoria St, KELVIN GROVE 6/21 Dorset St, ASHGROVE

101/158 Victoria Park Rd, KELVIN GROVE 100 Glenholm St, MITCHELTON 36/72 Lorimer Tce, KELVIN GROVE

52/40 Ramsgate St, KELVIN GROVE 74 Brookfield Rd, KEDRON 22/599 Payne Rd, THE GAP 1522 Mt Nebo Rd, JOLLY’S LOOKOUT 11 Ungalla St, ENOGGERA 403/158 Victoria Park Rd, KELVIN GROVE

3 Bed, 2 Bath Reno’d House 4 Bed, 2 Bath House

$693,000 $1,060,000

4 Bed, 2 House House


3 Bed, 1 Bath House


2 Bed, 2 Bath Apartment


Selling? How to choose an agent What is important? How to find the ‘X’ Factor

Choosing a real estate agent to sell your property can be a difficult decision and one that many people are not used to. There are so many agents in the business, each well-versed in presenting the benefits of their services – how do you choose? To begin with, any agent that you choose to sell your property should be an expert on your local area. This means that he or she will be attuned to all local trends and market characteristics, and will most probably have a large database of both local residents and outsiders looking to buy in your area that can be marketed to directly. The agent should show enthusiasm about selling your property, and should be able to present you with a clear, step-by-step marketing strategy that shows you exactly how much is allocated to your advertising budget and a justification for why this is needed. The means and frequency by which an agent will report any progress to you is important and should be discussed during the initial interview. The negotiation style of your real estate agent is also very important to consider and will be on display during your initial interview. Prospective sellers should pay attention to the way an agent negotiates their commission for selling your home. Those agents who lower their commission quickly and without much debate should be approached with caution – they may be willing to sacrifice your property’s sale price just as easily. When interviewing an agent, they should present you with customer testimonials or references. These are an important way to ascertain where the agent has sold before and if the client was happy with the service. Qualities to look for in these testimonials include the agent’s honesty, availability and trustworthiness. Finally, first instincts definitely count in the real estate agent selection process. Whomever you choose, you are going to have to work with them closely, welcome them into your home, and trust them with a highly valued asset. If you are comfortable with the agent, this could increase your chances of a smooth selling process.

Why Bridget Gabites The competitive edge

Bridget Gabites isn't just about selling property, she joined the Real Estate industry hoping that she could change the norm and provide such amazing service to her clients that the other agents would follow. The interesting thing is the others didn't follow and that is why after only a few years in the industry Bridget is already an award winning agent and has already had many referrals as a result of her fantastic service. Bridget is an open and honest Real Estate agent, who has built her business on ethical communication, advanced marketing and superior negotiation techniques. What Bridget will do for you:  Provide you with exceptional service from real estate advice to appraisal to settlement of contracts  Provide comprehensive and honest market analyses  A service level guarantee - if we don’t meet the service levels we set - you don’t pay us  Detailed marketing plans & promise calendars  Regular meetings to discuss our progress  Detailed written progress reports  Same day feedback on all inspections  24 Hour availability, 7 days a week  Contact with our extensive local, national and international databases  A comprehensive list of available tradespeople and styling services at your fingertips  Conjunctions offered with other agents on all of our listings  A total commitment to working together

Selling Styles The Method With so many options—what is the best way to sell your property?

Marketing Without a Price A no price strategy places a greater emphasis on the property and typically attracts a greater number of potential buyers, offering premium opportunities and a higher rate of success within a shorter time frame. Selling by Negotiation removes the need for you to set a sale price for your property instead placing the decision in the hands of the buyers. An offer for your property can be received at anytime. You can accept, decline, or negotiate with the prospective purchaser. The most important benefit of selling by negotiation is that this process removes the risk of under-pricing. A no price strategy would allow us to launch your property to the market and gather feedback and opinion from interested buyers. After the initial 10 day period we would have enough information to enable you to make the right decision about the method of sale moving forward. Pricing Your Property This is a big question. Price your property too low and you miss out on the best return. Too high and you miss out on the potential buyers. Realistically priced properties generate more enquiries, which mean higher levels of interest and occasionally an increased competition between buyers. Pricing your property can give buyers the flexibility to make conditional offers if this is of interest to you. You may have met with other agents and have been promised an unrealistically high sales price. These promises can result in the property staying on the market for a longer time, with an eventual sale price reached that is below actual market value. The time spent researching market condition is invaluable here. It also helps to avoid putting any barriers in the way of potential buyers. One such barrier may be price – as many potential buyers can disregard properties based on price alone. Auction Selling by Auction is the preferred option for many. This is because your property is generally on the market for a shorter time, and has the highest sales rate. An intensive, high profile auction marketing program attracts genuinely interested, cash-in-hand buyers. These buyers are focused on the maximum price they’ll pay not how low their offer should be. Combined with the excitement of the big day it’s this natural level of competition that helps establish the highest possible price on the day. We’ll assist you in setting the terms, conditions and auction day deadline. Some of the reasons for selling by auction include: • Builds urgency and a purchase deadline amongst buyers • Creates a competitive transparent purchasing environment • Finds a true ‘cash’ buyer with no conditions • Provides complete control for seller – you set the terms • Option of accepting offers prior to auction • Removes risk of under or over pricing • Focus is on the property and not the price

Consider this Important factors For impressive results

It is often the little things that can make the biggest impact when selling your home. For example, first impressions really do count because it is estimated that over 50% of properties are sold even before the prospective buyer steps through the front door! These are just a few practical ways in which you can make an instant, positive impression, which will go a long way towards making a successful sale. Outside appeal • Remove bikes, tools, and any clutter. • Keep lawns mowed, paths edged, hedges trimmed and gardens weeded. • A few well-positioned flowering potted plants can create a welcoming appearance. • Having the exterior washed and windows cleaned can make an enormous difference. • Paint or wash fences, gates, screens, steps and the front door. • Ensure your pets are secured so that they won’t pose a threat or annoy visitors. • Outside lighting is a must for evening inspections. Positive first impressions Your front door and entranceway can be powerful first impression areas. • A newly decorated front door with attractive topiary shrubs either side can be effective. • Properties yet to be renovated can visually show buyers the potential of the property by decorating the walls, ceiling and floor of the front entrance. • Position an attractive plant or piece of art to add that final touch. Appeal to the senses • A general spring clean will freshen the look and the air. • Turn on sufficient lights when inspections are being held to compensate for any dark areas. • Use odour neutralisers to dispel with cigarette or animal smells. The delicious aroma of brewing coffee or freshly baked bread will convey the impression that you enjoy your property. • Bathrooms should be gleaming. Repair any broken tiles and reseal around the bath and basin if necessary. A dish of scented potpourri or soaps add a nice touch. • Place freshly cut flowers throughout your property. • Interesting knick-knacks, books or artwork in feature areas around your property can encourage visitors to linger. • Turn the radio or TV off, maybe in favour of a restful CD. • Make sure the temperature inside is comfortable – even light the fire in winter. It’s the little things that count Attend to any small maintenance jobs such as sticking doors or windows, dripping taps, squeaking hinges, loose door handles, blown light bulbs or faulty switches. Create a feeling of spaciousness • Ensure your kitchen is spotless, the working areas are uncluttered with tidy cupboards and pantry. • Make sure wardrobes are tidy – they’ll look larger. • Mirrors in smaller rooms can convey the feeling of more space. • To enlarge room size appearance, perhaps store some furniture and ornaments. Lastly Allow your buyers the time and relaxed atmosphere to become emotionally involved in your property by leaving the premises during inspections. Your consultant will maintain security at all times

Bridget Gabites In the News Who’s talking about her...

The Rising Star of Brisbane Real Estate What a year this has been for new real estate talent, Bridget Gabites from Harcourts Inner West. Having begun her real estate career a little over 18 months ago after many years in sales and marketing, Ms Gabites has proven to have the right ingredients for success in the real estate industry. At the recent Harcourts Queensland Annual Awards, Ms Gabites won the coveted Harcourts Rising Star Award which acknowledges the accomplishments of Harcourts Sales Consultants who have been working in the industry for a maximum of 18 months, and earned the highest gross commission for sales in the year. The award aims to identify those within Harcourts with a genuine passion for the real estate industry, who jump at the opportunity to learn and are committed to investing in their own success. Ms Gabites competed against hundreds of new consultants across Queensland, so to be awarded this achievement was a testament to her hard work and dedication to her new career. “Bridget is truly suited to her new career. She is methodical and has mastered the importance of business planning. Her customer service skills are excellent and she has already had repeat business during her short time in this industry,” Ms Gabites’ mentor and Harcourts Inner West Business Owner, Carmen Briggs said. Harcourts Inner West itself was undoubtedly the most highly awarded office on the evening, among more than 100 other offices throughout Queensland. The office achieved third place in the Gross Revenue category, and a Platinum Achievement Award. The office also leapt into the top three for the state after maintaining a fourth place position for the previous two years. “I would like to extend congratulations to Bridget, a true rising star, and express what an honour it has been for us to have her in our team. She has been a real asset to our business,” Harcourts Inner West Business Owner, Stephen Dangerfield said.

END For further comment Hillary Bell, Media Relations Officer, on 07 3227 4209

Queensland Real Estate Rising Star Selected From Among Inner West’s Finest

For Further Information:

Kerry McDuling, PR Consultant Tel:

07 3279 1214 or 0410 578 194

A young local real estate professional with a genuine passion for real estate and commitment to providing exceptional customer service was last week identified as Queensland’s true Rising Star. Bridget Gabites, a Specialist Residential Property Consultant, was selected as Harcourts’ Queensland’s Rising Star of the Quarter. According to Carmen Briggs, Harcourts Inner West joint-business owner, the award is for Harcourts real estate sales consultants who have been working in the industry for less than 18 months, and earned the highest gross commission for sales in the quarter. Ms Gabites operates from within the Centre of Excellence, a team of experienced and skilled professionals led by Ms Briggs. The most cutting edge of real estate technology and systems are utilised within this real estate powerhouse to provide an exceptional and results-driven service. “Bridget is truly suited to her new career. She is methodical and has mastered the importance of business planning. Her customer service skills are excellent and she has already had repeat business during her short time in this industry,” Ms Briggs said. “Her belief in the Harcourts auction process is clearly demonstrated by her 100 % success selling under the hammer. Furthermore, her personality is infectious, and she is a real team player sharing her ideas and strategies freely. She has the potential to become the next number one agent within the Harcourts network.” Ms Gabites capitalises on an impressive suite of skills honed in her ten years in a sales and marketing background, including her previous role in which she was the Business Development Manager for an international distribution company which sold high end equipment. Her career to date has given Bridget a vast knowledge of marketing and sales management. On the same evening, Ms Gabites was also awarded a Silver Sales Award, based on reaching a personal sales milestone. ...ends

The Green Thumb of Real Estate For Further Information: Hilary Bell, Media Relations Officer, on 07 3227 4209

It seems that environmental consciousness is at an all time high amongst individuals and the business world – a trend which also seems to be red hot in the real estate and property industries. According to Harcourts Inner West Property Consultant, Bridget Gabites, more environmentally-friendly and sustainable homes are being built and sold each year as buyers and sellers are becoming more environmentally conscious. “Not only are home owners beginning to be more environmentally aware, but new buyers are becoming more aware also. Peo-ple looking for a new home are definitely influenced by the trend towards adopting green initiatives such as solar power, rain water tanks, reduced flow tap fittings and power monitors,” said Ms Gabites. There is also a trend amongst property developers to incorporate environmentally sound and sustainable initiatives into their designs. Ms Gabites, who works for Harcourts Inner West, recently sold an innovative „green‟ property at Silva Park in the Gap. Silva Park, Brisbane‟s first truly sustainable residential development, is defined by 22 architecturally-designed homes that reflect Brisbane‟s contemporary sub-tropical lifestyle and was designed with best-practice environmental approaches in mind. “A panel of notable architects worked to develop designs that integrated cutting-edge architecture with sustainable living and a respect for the ecologically unique nature of the surrounding Brisbane Forest Park,” said Ms Gabites. “It is truly fantastic to see an environmentally-sustainable development of this calibre in Brisbane and Harcourts was proud to be involved in its sale”. Being an avid environmentalist both in her personal and professional life, Ms Gabites is volunteer and sponsor of the Kelvin Grove Community Garden Group and places a high value on communal green space. “As the years go by and development of the inner-city increases, we do see less and less families living in residences with ac-cess to backyards. Given this, I believe that having access to communal green space, such as parks and gardens, is now more important than ever,” said Ms Gabites. After becoming a member of the committee, Ms Gabites is passionate about the Kelvin Grove Community Garden Group who has been working to develop a community garden within the Kelvin Grove Urban Village. “This project is extremely important given the high density living within the Urban Village; access to green space such as this garden is an incredibly valuable asset to local residents,” said Ms Gabites. ends...

Tuesday, 6th September 2011 Harcourts Urban Open for Business Late last month, real estate office, Harcourts Urban officially opened its doors in the Brisbane suburb of Kelvin Grove with award winning Sales Consultant, Bridget Gabites making her debut as Business Owner. Previously a Sales Consultant with Harcourts Inner West, Ms Gabites has enjoyed a highly successful real estate career over the past two years and has won several achievement awards including the coveted Rising Star of the Year award at this year’s annual Harcourts Conference. Bridget has a strong background in business management and is excited about combining this with her real estate expertise. After living in the Kelvin Grove area for the past few years, Ms Gabites was compelled to open her business in order to provide a premium real estate service within her local area. “With only one other agency in the area before now, Kelvin Grove property owners had to depend on the services of out of area agent’s to sell their homes and manage their investment properties. “I’m sure the community will be glad a finally have a local agency run by a member of their community. My aim is to offer premium service and unparalleled local knowledge to both buyers and sellers in the area,” Ms Gabites said. Ms Gabites is also highly involved in her local community, currently sitting on the board of the Kelvin Grove Business Association which supports local businesses; she is also on the committee and is a supporter of the Kelvin Grove Community Garden at Kundu Park. As a new business owner, Ms Gabites has already set herself some impressive short and long-term goals. “Our short term goals are to offer a premium real estate service to locals in the area and to have a strong portfolio of property managements. “Our key long-term goals are to be the number one agency for sales and property managements in Kelvin Grove, and to expand and grow our business. At the moment there are three people in the team and I’d like to grow this to double figures within the first three years,” Ms Gabites said. Aaron Brooks, Chief Executive Officer of Harcourts Queensland, is thrilled that Ms Gabites has opened her own Harcourts business. “Bridget is one of Harcourts Queensland’s most dynamic young professionals and I’m thrilled that she has opened Harcourts Urban.

Bridget Gabites Awards The Winning Formula

Current Harcourts Rankings Number One Agent Harcourts Solutions Inner City Office Number One Agent Harcourts Solutions Group Top 10 Agent within Harcourts Queensland

July– September 2013 Bridget Gabites - PLATINUM Award

April– June 2013 Bridget Gabites - GOLD Award Sapphire Achievement Pin for $25million in settled sales Quarterly Award for Auction Marketing Ranked 4th in Queensland for Auction Listings 3rd Place in June for Auction Listings

January- March 2013 Bridget Gabites - GOLD Award

2011-2012 Harcourts Queensland Annual Awards Bridget Gabites - SILVER Annual Achievement Award

October - December 2012 Bridget Gabites - GOLD Award

April - May 2012 Bridget Gabites - BRONZE Award

2010-2011 Harcourts Queensland Annual Awards Bridget Gabites - Rising Star of the Year

January - March 2012 Bridget Gabites - SILVER Award

October-December 2011 Bridget Gabites - GOLD Award Ruby Lifetime Achievement Pin

July-September 2011 Bridget Gabites - Bronze Award

April - June 2011 Bridget Gabites - Silver Award Gold Lifetime Achievement Pin

Bridget Gabites Testimonials What our Clients say

Dear Bridget, I would like to thank you for the recent sale of my home at 15 Stonehawke Place, The Gap. I have found your professionalism, integrity and work ethic and the endeavours you put in to ensure my home was sold in a timely fashion to be outstanding. You followed through on everything we discussed and it has been more then a pleasure to deal with you. I only wish I had found you earlier so I wouldn't of had to have dealings with other real estate agents who had no idea what they were doing and certainly didn't follow through on what they had promised, such a waste of my time. So to anyone reading this I would highly recommend you to sell their property as you have been amazing and I myself would not hesitate to sell with you again. I wish you all the very best for the future. Kind regards Tracy Savva

Hi Bridget, We have never worked with a more professional and yet friendly real estate agent in our lives. We would NEVER consider using anybody else ever again! I have never come across a real estate agent that is willing to go the extra mile‌ until I met Bridget. She wowed us over in our listing presentation and we wondered if things would actually go to plan. But Bridget was there 100% along the way and re-assured us every step. Not only did Bridget sell our house for us, but whenever we had questions about a house that we wanted to buy, she gave us guidance the whole time without anything in it for her. I would recommend Bridget to anybody and everybody wishing to trust their house with an amazing agent. Thank you. Kind Regards Davina & Ryan Lacey

Dear Bridget, Firstly CONGRATULATIONS! On the opening of your new offices. I am sure you will do very well. It was such a pleasure to deal with you - not all agents we have come across as professional. We will absolutely recommend your services! Kim Godfrey

To whom it may concern, Bridget was able to take all the stress out of selling our home and at the same time help us to get a great price. She achieved this through her hard work, attention to detail, excellent customer service and knowledge of the market. Bridget was genuinely interested is developing a strategy to sell our home that suited us, rather than taking a one-size-fits all approach. We were able to discuss our ideas and concerns with her, and at no point did we were feel pressured in any way. Bridget's customer service was second to none. She explained things well and ensured we understood each step of the selling process. She was always positive, cheerful and committed to selling our home.' I trust this is helpful and many thanks again for your assistance. Kind regards Darren and Cinaea Dallinger

Dear Bridget, Thank you for all the hard work you’ve done over the past months resulting in the sale of our Kelvin Grove property. Although it took longer than we both hoped it would in a slow market, we are pleased the sale has now been finalised. We appreciated your professional business manner, knowledge and expertise, keeping us informed at all times of the progress with prospective buyers. It was a pleasure to work with you, your positive personality, courteousness, kindness and helpfulness to us, made such a difference during a difficult time for us both personally, as we knew the sale of the property was in good hands and you would do your best for us. . We have no hesitation in recommending your services to others wishing to sell their property. In appreciation, we wish you well for your future, Yours faithfully, Ian & Pauline Ellis

To whom it may concern, It is with great pleasure that I write this testimonial regarding the exceptional service from Bridget Harcourts. We initially met Bridget at the open house of our dream home. Bridget was extremely professional and helpful. We felt completely at ease in her presence. The negotiations began and the professionalism of Bridget was exemplary. Phone calls were always made and returned when they said they would. At such an uncertain time during the negotiation period Bridget always kept us in the loop which is extremely important for an anxious buyer! I have never encountered such a professional and enthusiastic real estate office to deal with and I have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone who is buying or selling. Thank you for all of your help Bridget. Kind regards Tracey & Aaron Sarna

Dear Manager, I have been meaning to send you an e-mail for some time however the impact of the content has not been effected by the delay. I wish to share with you extremely pleasant experience my wife and I had with one of your staff . In fact the experience was so moving that it has restored our faith that real-estate professionals This persons actions and behaviour has done your business proud and should be recognised as having done that . The sales person I am talking about is Bridget Gabites. As people moving from regional NSW, Bridget spent two whole days with us showing us not only Harcourt’s listings but also other agents listings that she thought might fit the bill. This behaviour demonstrates that Bridget had our best interest at heart by showing us just about every property in the GAP. Although the first property we put an offer on was unable to close an alternative was soon found and settlement was negotiated. Although one may expect a salesperson to be keen to close a deal this service did not wane through the entire process including us moving in . I would without hesitation recommend Bridget to anybody looking for property, and you should make a point of congratulating Bridget in front of her peers. If you would like any further information regarding this matter please do not hesitate to ask. Best Regards, Warwick Tisdall

To whom it may concern,

We recently sold our home and are very happy to have had Bridget Gabites assist us in this process. We found Bridget to be extremely professional, prompt and thorough in her approach. Bridget has a natural enthusiasm and aptitude for real estate and was quick to understand the pros, cons and potential renovation options related to our property. We only ever had to explain things once to Bridget. We especially liked that Bridget was able to demonstrate to us a strong sales and marketing strategy for the sale of our home. Bridget has an excellent understanding of the finer points of selling property, and was able to add value in many areas of the sales process, despite us having bought and sold property before. Bridget did everything she said she would do and kept us very well informed throughout the sales process. I would have no hesitation is appointing Bridget Gabites again in the future, or recommending her to any other potential seller.

Regards, Cath and Ben Connell

Dear Future Harcourts Client,

It is with great pleasure that I write to inform you of your local real estate sales consultant, Bridget Gabites’, recent success at the Harcourts Awards Function where she was identified as Harcourts Queensland’s Rising Star of the Year. This award acknowledges the accomplishments of Harcourts real estate sales consultants who have been working in the industry for a maximum of 18 months, and earned the highest gross commission for sales in the quarter. It aims to identify those within our network with a genuine passion for the exciting and rewarding real estate industry, who jump at the opportunity to learn and are committed to investing in their own success. When selecting a local real estate professional with whom to engage in future, no doubt you will also be impressed by Bridget’s exceptional customer service skills, her infectious personality and ability to achieve the best result for her clients. For your future real estate needs, I would like to recommend you take the time to talk with Bridget, one of the few individuals with a genuine talent for her chosen profession. I would personally like to thank you in advance, for being instrumental in her journey to achieving her own personal goals.

Kind regards,

Aaron Brooks CEO Harcourts Queensland

Why Harcourts has The Competitive Edge The Harcourts network—GLOBAL. NATIONAL. LOCAL. YOU

After years of success we understand that the implicit trust and understanding between customer and consultant is still at the heart of each and every sale. We’ve always spoken of an exceptional level of service. Now we have it down on paper. The Harcourts promise is an assurance that you receive the best possible care and attention throughout the sale process. By outlining our responsibilities and actions we have established complete accountability for every step of the way. Successful real estate transactions that fulfill your hopes and dreams are what our people are trained on. We understand the core values at the heart of every sale. Up to the minute technology. With QR codes on advertising, Buyer/ Seller matching system, great professional photos, edgy office meeting the requirements of today’s market. Mortgage express brokers to assist in qualifying buyers face to face and on the phone 24hours a day. Websites – multiple websites for your property to be seen by as many buyers as possible.

Weekly e-mail to over 2,000 prospective purchasers. Our Harcourts websites have over 600,000 unique visitors every month

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Selling Guide - Bridget Gabites Harcourts Solutions  
Selling Guide - Bridget Gabites Harcourts Solutions  

Important information regarding the Real Estate selling process.