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Marketing with Harcourts Northern Midlands

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Northern Midlands WHY US? Harcourts Northern Midlands is dedicated exclusively to servicing the real estate needs of the Northern and Central Midlands. With offices in Longford and Campbell Town; Harcourts Northern Midlands is able to maintain a level of service for all real estate transactions from selling your first home to managing your investment property. Longford was first settled in 1813 and is part of the Northern Midlands Council. The Northern Midlands district is one of Tasmania’s largest and diverse areas. The district extends from mountainous country on its eastern and western boundaries, to extensive grazing lands and the rich agricultural river flats of the Esk, Lake and Maquarie rivers. Campbell Town was established in the 1820s and was originally one of the four garrison towns linking Hobart and Launceston. It’s the main retail centre for much of the southern part of the Northern Midlands. Our purpose is to create successful real estate transaction from buyer to seller. All our staff members at Harcourts Northern Midlands are trained through the Harcourts Academy, which is considered to provide the best training in the industry. No matter where in the world they are, our clients can expect a consistent service with the knowledge from the team from Harcourts Northern Midlands and skill to make their transaction successful.

ROBERT GEALE Robert is a highly successful real estate agent with a reputation for outstanding results and sound advice for all his clients in regards to property matters. Having worked in the Northern Midlands region for nearly 15 years and based in the region Robert has a drive and desire that is surpassed only by his warm personality and genuine empathetic nature. His motivation is to share his skills with sellers and buyers to achieve unparalleled results. “It does not cost you more to use the experience of one of the leading agents for a long time in your region. It is my continuous focus on improvement that keeps me at the top of my game.” Robert has experience in seeing over the successful sales of, land subdivision, unit complexes, acreage properties and residential homes from most eras. “The majority of purchasers move to our region for a lifestyle change, very rarely are there two properties the same be it because of land size, home style or many other reasons. Any person considering selling should take into account is my Agent experienced and successful in selling the property and the lifestyle”. Living locally Robert loves the rural townships in the region. “I love the genuine, down to earth and honest people I meet every day.” Trustworthy and personable, Robert is an agent you can trust with your most important asset.

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0427 945 993

NICK HAY Property Representative Nick Hay is born and bred in Longford, Northern Midlands. He embodies the spirit of a ‘country bloke’ driven to work hard for his clients and provide ‘old fashion country service’ to the Northern and Central Midlands. A graduate of Bachelor of Business from the University of Tasmania in 2010, Nick was awarded a place in the Darley Flying Start International Student Programme in 2010. This programme award Nick with a Graduate Certificate in Management of Thoroughbred Horse Racing and Breeding which he graduated in 2012. Nick was imbued with a strong work ethic from a young age, his father working as a horse trainer and himself spending early mornings employed as a stud groom, stable foreman and farm hand. This is something which Nick still undertakes to this day; managing his passion and commitment to horses and thoroughbred industry to establishing himself as a successful property representative throughout the Northern and Central Midlands. Since transferring to Harcourts Northern Midlands in 2015; Nick has been able to implement the Harcourts technological and training provide to maximize communication channels with clients; both buyers and sellers. Via email, social media, print or an ‘old fashion’ phone call; Nick has been able to provide feedback and be readily available for appointments. By servicing the Northern and Central Midlands; Nick enjoys the challenges faced with selling lifestyle and rural properties throughout this area; knowing every day is different and unique. From market appraisals; open for inspections and private inspections; Nick prides himself on his honesty and the time he takes to find out people’s personal stories: “We are regular people trying to help the public put a roof over their head and look after their family.” Indeed, despite his love of travel, Nick is continually pulled back home, to his apartment with maintain his vegetable patch. “The Northern Midlands offices in Longford and Campbelltown help you remain personable and keep up good communication with the residents and general public in these towns”.

0408 371 760

Northern Midlands


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Northern Midlands

TESTIMONIALS: Our satisfied vendors and buyers say it best.

‘Selling in rural Tasmania is not easy. Houses in Avoca often stay on the market for over six months-even a year. Nick’s sale in a very short time is testament to his abilities. I was very pleased with the result’. David Arney, Fremantle. ‘Robert was of great assistance in many aspects of the purchase, particularly as we were interstate buyers. Answered all communications in a timely manner and happy to assist wherever required’. Robert and Susan Suthers, Longford. ‘Robert was confident of a quick sale and managed to do that. Always easy to contact and is friendly and helpful. Will use him again’. Monty Grima, Evandale. ‘Robert was so easy to deal with and helpful when needed. Wasnt pushy and made the experience very easy and pleasant’. Sam, Longford. ‘Nick was great to deal with. He knew the price that the house would bring, the market at the time and was hassle free, I fully recommend him to anyone!’. Steven Rigby, Fingal. ‘Nick’s a great bloke and more than helpful. We look forward to doing business with him and Harcourts again in the future.’ James and Leonie Dennis, Ross.

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‘Nick’s easy going, no pressure attitude, along with excellent knowledge and communication have restored my faith in the real estate market. It was a real pleasure to deal with Nick, nothing seemed to be too much trouble. In my opinion, he is the best agent I have come across’. Russell Kilbride, Poatina. ‘Robert went up and over his duty to supply us the best service including late after-hours bookings and one of the fastest settlements ever. Very professional and strongly recommend’. Mitchell Kahla. Longford.

Northern Midlands

OUR LOCAL KNOWLEDGE No-one knows Northern Midlands like we do. The Northern Midlands district is one of Tasmania’s largest and diverse areas. The district extends from mountainous country on its eastern and western boundaries, to extensive grazing lands and the rich agricultural river flats of the Esk, Lake and Macquarie Rivers. The districts relaxed country lifestyle in such close proximity to Launceston attracts many residents to the northern towns of Longford, Evandale and Perth. • 55% of populations resides in 5% of area, which is generally in the North of the municipality. • Northern Midlands Council is responsible for the maintenance of 972kms of roads-more than any other council in Tasmania. • Northern Midlands Council has an annual turnover of $16.3m. • 51% of municipal total revenue comes from rates; the remainder is mostly Government grants for various services and user fees. • Northern Midlands contains over 6950 properties, with an assessed annual value of approximately $128m. Northern Midlands Council is committed to providing effective, innovative and efficient service to the community it represents. It aims to encourage active local community of distinct character and to foster a sense of pride in the Northern Midlands Area.

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HOW TO CHOOSE A PROPERTY REPRESENTATIVE When it comes to selling one of your most valuable assets, your home, it makes sense to take the time to choose a qualified and knowledgeable property representative, who has the right tools and strategies at their disposal. When speaking with property representative, don’t be afraid to ask the right questions to make sure you trust your representative and to make sure you’re confident they have the experience to sell your home quickly and for the best price. Is your property representative experienced? Experienced property representative doesn’t know just all there is to know about selling real estate, they also know about your local market, average house and unit prices, what kinds of homes and even features are popular with buyers, important negotiation strategies and how to effectively market your home. That’s why it’s vital to sit down with a prospective sales person and ask detailed questions about your market, how much homes have sold for in the area, and what they’ll be doing to market your property. An experienced property representative should be able to take you through all of this in great details and answer any questions you might have. ALL OFFERS PRESENTED IN WRITING Because it is your property, it is solely your decision whether to accept or decline a specific offer. For your consideration, we will formally present every offer received in writing so that you are better able to make an informed judgement. Obviously, we are only too happy to offer advice, but we will always leave the final choice up to you without exerting any undue influence whatsoever.

Northern Midlands

PRICING YOUR HOME FOR SALE The price of your home must be right. Too low and you lose money. Too high and you lose buyers. That’s where the intimate local market knowledge and expertise from your property representative comes in. Coupled with Harcourts advanced information technologies this knowledge proves invaluable. The price of success. The most difficult task for most sellers is determining the value of their home. Many different elements can combine to create unrealistic expectations – be it uninformed and optimistic opinion, the cost of improvements a seller hopes to recover or the final amount needed to realise future plans. The best method is to study the current real estate market facts and figures. Harcourts Northern Midlands property representative will show you comparisons of other similar homes in your area- those which have sold, those which have yet to sell and those which will represent your competition. Quite simply, the current property market determines the value of your home. Buyers well see your home for what it is and, while you may still look, if the price is too high, they’ll pass on your property for one elsewhere. This is backed by research clearly showing that properties that sell quickest also sell closest to their initial asking price. THE BEST WAY TO SELL YOUR HOME With market conditions constantly changing and no two properties ever the same there’s never on ‘tried and true’ method of selling. The type of property you wish to sell and the timeframe in which you want to do it ultimately determine the most appropriate and effective marketing strategy. Harcourts Northern Midlands are top achievers, no matter what it takes. And, while the result should always be what’s best for you, that outcome can be achieved in a number of different ways. “The best option is listing exclusively with one company”

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OUR INTENTIONS FOR YOUR PROPERTY A Targeted Focus: Our intention is to make sure that we market the property across the whole marketplace, however there is a target market that we will focus on. In particular: • • • • • • •

Intrastate and Interstate Investors Retirees Lifestyle/’tree-changers’ Owner- Occupiers First Home Buyers. Singles Families

COMPARATIVE MARKET ANALYSIS: (CMA) Due to the current, unpredictable marketplace, we provide an estimated price range rather than specify an anticipated price. Depending on the interest achieved during the marketing campaign, it may be necessary to reassess this price expectation. The property’s characteristics and the anticipated level of interest will combine to ensure that a market price is achieved. We have taken into consideration the following in providing our anticipated price range. • Recent sales activity of similar properties (sales evidence) • Existing similar properties currently available in the marketplace. • The likely depend this type of property.

Northern Midlands

OUR COMMITTMENT: Our mission is to create clients for life throughout the Northern Midlands. To achieve this, we commit to a written assurance that we will deliver you an exceptional level of service and, most importantly, deliver on your primary objective – achieve the best possible result for your property. Research has demonstrated that our clients expect an exceptional level of personal and professional service from Harcourts Northern Midlands. Our promise commitment is our way of being held accountable, and your way of assessing our performance every step of the way. Consider it a total commitment to working together to make the whole experience easier, less stressful and far more rewarding. Our Promise is made up of five essential services that you, our clients, need from us so that you’re confident in the process we use to market your property. Our promise is your absolute assurance of how seriously we take out responsibilities on your behalf and the importance we place on our working relationships with you. • • • • •

Detailed Marketing Plan Post-Inspection Feedback Weekly Progress Reports Marketing Review Meetings All Offers presented in writing.

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Northern Midlands

PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY First impressions last a lifetime, and this could very well be true when it comes to attracting clients in enquiry and achieve the best result of your property. Before buyers come to inspect any property, they will first get these impressions from listing photographs featuring and highlighting the unique aspects of your property. As a result, these photographs are of the utmost importance, because they could be the deciding factor between a client enquiring on your property or not. Harcourts Northern Midlands team employe the services of a professional photographer who will take quality, well-lit pictures of your property. As a part of the professional photography; a measured floor plan is produced to online the dimensions of your property. Interested clients will be able to visualize the placement of personally belongs in your property.

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Northern Midlands

TWILIGHT PHOTOGRAPHY Twilight photography shows any property in a more intimate light, giving it an elegant, classy look. Some houses just don’t look as appealing in daylight whereas on twilight they can look amazing. Having beautiful twilight photos of your photos of your house will encourage more clients to enquiry on your property.

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Northern Midlands

3D and 2D FLOORPLANS Both 2D and 3D floor plans provide superior visualization produced in actual and exact dimensions of intended physical design of any property. Advantages of a 3D floor plans are the following: • • • • • • • •

They are easier to understand because they are closer to real life They enable you to see the volume and amount of space in every room They illustrate how a room may look with furniture They enable you to understand the relationships between rooms and proximity They give reference for planning wall hangings and furniture Shows entry and exit doors to the outside Clearly shows window locations They can be rendered in different views and therefore enabling you to see the full view of the house.

3D architectural floor plans are suitable for marketing campaigns with any properties. This would help create a good impression in the minds of the potential purchasers. The small details would play a huge part in interacting vendors and purchasers.

VIDEO Potential buyers searching for property on can now watch a video of your property as easily as viewing the photos on the photo carousel. Why not give yourself another opportunity to stand out and grab buyer attention? There is no better way to show off the virtues of your property than through video (apart from doing an actual, in-person walk-through, of course!). Video gives the prospective buyer the feeling of moving through the home, and is far more descriptive of the space than still images can ever hope to be. Video marketing conveys information effortlessly and quickly. Interested clients can see how rooms and spaces connect and get a feel for the flow of the house or property. Video is also a great way to show accurate room size and home features. People generally go online to obtain information, to solve a problem or to be entertained. You can also convey the necessary information in a fraction of the time about your property to a targeted market. Potential vendors and buyers use real estate portals to search for homes, first and foremost. The average visitor spends a mere 48 seconds on a website, that time increases to a full 5 minutes, 50 seconds when the website includes relevant video. When listing and selling your property with Harcourts Northern Midlands; that relevant video would be a video of your property.

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Northern Midlands

AERIAL PHOTOGRAPHY Professional Aerial Photography stand to “elevate” the unique aspects of a property and its surroundings. The team at Harcourts Northern Midlands have successfully sold properties with using aerial photography throughout the Northern and Central Midlands. The benefits of aerial photography for showing potential buyers are as follows: • Encompassing high aerial shots with map style views showcasing the entire property and land. • Medium aerial shots that capture all angles of the home, it’s layout, features, and property line. • Low elevated shots that give a unique and slightly raised angle of the property that typical property photography cannot. • The neighborhood and surrounding area, including the home’s proximity to amenities.

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Northern Midlands

DIGITAL MARKETING Harcourts Northern Midlands database marketing With our extensive contracts throughout the Harcourts Tasmania network, we are able to mass promote your property to a range of buyers both intrastate, nationally and internationally. Direct to client marketing. The Harcourts Northern Midlands team offers a comprehensive database of local clients which we will directly promote your property to.

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Client Login: The Harcourts client login service is a portal for exclusive clients to use keep up-to- date with everything that is happening with your property. This tool will house the marketing plan, reports and feedback about your property. In addition to this all of the document relating to the property will be held here, and you will be able to see how your property is performing on various real estate portals where your property is marketed. Social Media: In this day and age as many clients are becoming connected via social media; the Harcourts Northern Midlands team utilizes this platform to market your property to a wider audience, but also promote community events throughout the Northern Midlands. Both Robert Geale and Nick Hay have Facebook pages to maximize this social platform of promoting your property.

Northern Midlands

ONLINE MARKETING Exposure of your property online is paramount to achieving the best possible result to maintain Harcourts Northern Midlands commitment and intentions for your property. All properties listed with Harcourts Northern Midlands are lodged on the following real estate portals:

Your property listed on Australia’s biggest and most-viewed real estate website. Maintain maximum exposure over a 45 day period; which will position your property above all standard online listed properties. In addition, an e-brochure, direct marketing subscription to clients you have previously subscripted to property listed in the Northern and Central Midlands.

Australian second most-viewed website. Your property will be exposure in elite priority placement which will attract significant more interest by securing a position above all standard listings.

Australia’s third most-viewed website. Our website - Our Harcourts Northern Midlands website that all advertised will be directed to for buyers to view more details. It is promoted internationally and received traffic from all over the world.

An industry owned portal with an exciting applications to view listed properties for sale.

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Northern Midlands

PRINT ADVERTISING: A media campaign will not only attract interested parties not already known by ourselves but guarantees broad exposure to the market. In addition to our relationship with The Examiner’s Domain Guide weekly lift out and Country Courier monthly publication, expose your property to a readership group. We recommend a targeted approach with a combination of print and online to have a successful real estate transaction. SIGNAGE: In addition to the complementary Harcourts Northern Midlands signage; we recommend installing a high profile, strategically placed signboard on the property. This board will be Harcourts branded and will include key features of the property and heading unique to the listed property. BROCHURES: Designed and produced by Harcourts Northern Midlands, brochures are part of the services we provide. Of good quality; the brochures key features of the property, a measured floor plan, highlight dimensions of all rooms and contract details of the Harcourts Northern Midlands team. Quoted as the ‘silent agent’; complementary window displays in both Harcourts Northern Midlands offices in Longford and Campbell Town; provide interested clients and passerby to opportunity to enquiry on current properties for sale or market research on what has been sold throughout the Northern Midlands. Designed and produced by Harcourts Northern Midlands team, the window displays market the unique features of the property and are changed on a regularly basis.

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Northern Midlands

THE FUNDAMENTALS We propose a sole agency that will continue 120 days. The agreed terms and conditions of our agency will be reflected in the Agency Authority to Sell document. Conveyance services. Harcourts Northern Midlands has established relationships with various solicitors/ conveyances in Launceston and throughout Tasmania. The team will be able to refer your details on to some of the preferred providers. Commission. An appropriate commission structure is one that fairly reflects rewards for effort, and from your point of view, reward for results. With the above mentioned in mind, and being mindful of our desire to establish and grow our business relationship with you, we propose that the commission payable to Harcourts Northern Midlands shall be payable on the settlement sale date on your property.

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Northern Midlands

“It doesn’t cost you more to use the best”.


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Northern Midlands Harcourts Northern Midlands 2/30 Marlborough Street Longford. Ph: 03 6391 2911

Marketing with Harcourts Northern Midlands  
Marketing with Harcourts Northern Midlands  

Harcourts Northern Midlands is dedicated exclusively to servicing the real estate needs of the Northern and Central Midlands. With offices i...