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moving house

be organised 4 weeks before you move • • • • •

Discard, sell or give away any unwanted items. Notify the Post Office for mail redirection and send out change of address cards. Ensure all important documents are stored safely. Notify your insurance company and cancel or transfer all policies (life, house, car). Advise electoral office, IRD, local municipal authority, government departments, (if any family allowances are paid), solicitor, church, local clubs etc.

2 weeks before you move • • •

If you are using a removal company, confirm packing and moving dates. If moving yourself, obtain a supply of boxes, packaging tape and marker pens. Arrange cancellation or redirection of gas, electricity and phone service.

Just before you move • • • • • • • • • •

Redirect all delivery services, newspaper, rubbish. Clean out medicine cabinet and dispose of unwanted medicine etc. Remove fuel from mowers etc. Remove food from fridge/freezers and defrost freezers at least 24 hours before moving. Set aside items you will need the day you move so you can take them with you (ie. food, drinks, cleaning products). Make suitable arrangements for any pets. Water all your pot plants well, 2 or 3 days before. Disconnect all electrical appliances. Confirm moving in/moving out details and exchange keys with your Harcourts Grenadier consultant. Organise services for your new home (ie. newspaper, telephone, internet, gas, electricity etc) if they have not yet been redirected.

On moving day • • • •

Be on hand or have an authorised person there to answer questions and to have a last look around to ensure nothing has been overlooked. Sign inventory with packer and retain your copy in a safe place. Make sure all travel and other important documents are set aside to avoid any possibility of these items being packed. Unplug phone, if owned.

After it’s all over • • •

Have spare keys cut. Make an insurance claim if any damage has occurred during the move. Enjoy your new home and keep in touch.



At Harcourts we know it’s who we are that makes us what we are. How we engage, not just with our clients, but with our community and each other is just as important to us as getting you the best result possible. We believe in putting people first, and because of this we are honoured to have been voted New Zealand’s Most Trusted Real Estate Brand for the seventh year in a row. It’s recognition of our values, ones that have made us a family we all love being a part of. Thank you New Zealand.

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Moving house  

Moving house