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Your boat is ready when you are Minutes from downtown See the city from a completely new perspective out on the water. At Harbourfront Centre Sailing & Powerboating, our fleet has a range of vessels to suit your needs and we are located right in the heart of Toronto. Whether you’re a complete beginner or an experienced sailor, you can rent from us, plan a team outing, sign your kids up for our camps, or learn to sail or powerboat on Toronto’s beautiful harbour.


Courses and Instruction Harbourfront Centre Sailing and Powerboating is an internationally recognized Sail Canada centre of excellencein-training facility and offers practical, on-water experience.

Basic Sailing

Dinghy Sailing

Introduction to Sailing

Our dinghy fleet includes many 420 Performance Racing Dinghies, Hobie Bravos, a Hobie Wave and Laser Picos.

2 hours


If you’ve never been on a boat before, try our Intro to Sailing program and have one of our professional instructors show you the ropes. Spend two hours in Toronto’s beautiful harbour and you will see what a fun and adventurous activity sailing really is.

Sail Canada Basic Cruising 28 hours


(PCOC optional, $45 exam, textbook is additional)

On-the-water experience is the best way to build basic boat handling, sail theory and safety techniques. Smaller custom-designed keelboats make learning easier and build confidence. This course is the first level of four graduated Sail Canada programs designed to equip you for ocean passages.

→→ Course dates can be found on pages 18-19

Sail Canada Dinghy Sailing CANSail 1 & 2 24 hours


This course is designed for beginners and for those wishing to improve their skills on Laser Picos and 420 Performance Racing Dinghies. Based on the Sail Canada CANSail 1 & 2 standard, you will learn fundamental sailing concepts such as direction and balance in this fun and challenging course.

Sail Canada Intermediate Dinghy CANSail 3 & 4 24 hours


This course requires CANSail 1 & 2 and provides you with CANSail 3 & 4 accreditation. It includes training in advanced handling, acceleration, racing fundamentals, theory and spinnaker work. We invite those who attain this level to join the club as members and enjoy on-water adventures.

→→ Ask about our Dinghy Memberships!



Beyond the Basics

Navigation Courses

Sail Canada Intermediate Cruising

Sail Canada Coastal Navigation

5 days, live-aboard


This five-day live-aboard course is designed for the Basic Cruising graduate or sailor with equivalent experience. You will perform controlled sailing maneuvers, prepare meals aboard and pilot the vessel — as both skipper and crew — in an unfamiliar harbour. Upon completion, you will be qualified for the internationally recognized Sail Canada Intermediate Standard – the recommended minimum certification for bareboat chartering. You also have the option of taking this course down south with us in January and February.

Sail Canada Advanced Caribbean Cruising 7 days, live-aboard Pricing varies dependent on location

This course is for the experienced sailor seeking to upgrade skills and develop extended passage experience, including round-the-clock sailing in a broad range of weather conditions.


• Intermediate Cruising or equivalent experience

A comprehensive program designed to develop navigation skills.

Basic Coastal Navigation 19 hours


Charts, aids, navigation instruments, course plotting.

Intermediate Coastal Navigation 19 hours


Running fixes, set and drift, tides and currents.

Full Standard (Basic & Intermediate Navigation) 38 hours


The full Sail Canada Coastal Navigation Standard.

Sail Canada Celestial Navigation 38 hours


Find your position anywhere on the planet using the sun and the stars. From basic concepts to Sun-Run-Sun and more, plus how to use a sextant and the Sight Reduction Tables using HO-249.

• Sail Canada Coastal Navigation • Red Cross or St. John Ambulance


• VHF Radio Certificate

→→ Ask about our $98 Basic Sailing

Emergency First Aid Certificate

(Restricted Operators Certificate)

• Coastal Navigation Full Standard Graduate Memberships!

Instructor Clinic For information about becoming an instructor at HCSP please contact Clive at 416 203 3000 or

Visit us online at or call 416 203 3000


Junior Sailing Camps A great time to learn to sail is when you’re young and ready to take on the world. Our junior sailing camps offer a fun and safe environment for all ages and abilities.


Visit us online at or call 416 203 3000


iCANSail: Ages 6–8

CANSail 3 or 4: Ages 11–15

Designed for younger sailors to familiarize themselves with sailing and develop a solid foundation within the Sail Canada system. Campers participate in sail-related games in this fun and safe approach to sailing.

This comprehensive 4 week course focuses on advanced sail theory and sailing skills. Participants will be required to sail in a variety of weather conditions and prove a high standard of sailing to pass.



No experience required. Successful candidates will receive a recognized CANSail certificate.

Must have CANSail 1 & 2 certification prior to enrolling in this program. Successful candidates will receive a recognized CANSail 3 or 4 certificate.

Harbour Explorers: Ages 6–9 This program introduces our young campers to the wonderful world of sailing, all the while exploring the Toronto Harbour and Islands aboard one the many keelboats in our fleet.

Prerequisites No experience required. Successful candidates will receive a HCSP Harbour Explorers Completion Certificate.

Intro to Cruising: Ages 10–15 This introduction to the exciting world of sailing is geared toward older campers. Campers will safely cruise around the Toronto Harbour, master boat controls, try out racing, and let their imagination run wild with fun activities.

Prerequisites No experience required. Successful candidates will receive a HCSP Intro to Cruising Completion Certificate.

CANSail 1 or 2: Ages 9–12 & 13–15 In this 2-week course, campers will navigate Toronto’s Inner Harbour learning about water and boat safety, boat control, knots, rigging, capsizing and more.

Prerequisites iCANSAIL certification is recommended, but not mandatory. Suitable for first-time sailors. Successful candidates will receive a recognized CANSail certificate for each level.

iCANCatch-up: Ages 9–15 Any CANSail participants who have not completed their certification have the opportunity to come join us for one more week-long session! During this “catch up” week, sailors will be coached by experienced and certified Sail Canada instructors who are eager to make sure every child has equal opportunity to attempt to complete their CANSail level.

Prerequisites Must have participated in a CANSail program. Successful candidates will receive a recognized CANSail certification.

Counsellor-in-Training (Sailing CIT) The HCSP Counsellor in Training program introduces young sailors (14+) with interest in both the sport of sailing and the sector of childcare/education to the responsibilities and daily procedures of Sailing Kids Camp. The overall goal of the HCSP CIT Program is to train future Sailing Instructors and Camp Counsellors.

Prerequisites Participants that have attended a previous sailing camp is preferred. Successful candidates will be guaranteed an interview for a position the following season. Please note that all participants in our marine programmes are provided with a Personal Floatation Device (PFD) and proper use is strictly enforced.


Memberships Getting you on the water is our mission. Enjoyable and accessible boating is our business.

Sailing Club Membership

Membership Structure

Basic Cruising Graduate Sail Membership

We have streamlined our Sailing Club Membership, which now allows members access to our entire fleet of keelboats with no rental or yacht charter fees. Skipper status is based on sailing experience, affording members the opportunity to sail all of the boats in our fleet, including the Niagara 35.


Regular Sailing Membership $170/month*

Spousal and Student Rate $122/month*

Family Membership $288/month*

Children 17 and under sail for free! This is based on a family up to 5 (2 members and up to 3 children). Please contact our offices if you have a larger family.

*Monthly prices are based on an annual payment plan

Unlimited Sailing for $98 per month! Basic Cruising Graduates receive their first year’s Sailing Membership for just $98 per month*

B-Skipper: Basic Skipper Status

• J24s, Sonars, Harbour 20s, Fox 18 • Can crew on Niagara 35, C&C29, and C&C26 until levels are obtained

BI-Skipper: Basic Intermediate Skipper Status

• C&C26, J24s, Sonars, Harbour 20s, Fox 18 • Can crew on Niagara 35, C&C29, until levels are obtained

I-Skipper: Intermediate Skipper Status

• Maximum boat access – Intermediate Skipper Level

• Niagara 35, C&C29, C&C26, J24s, Sonars, Harbour 20s, Fox 18

A-Skipper: Advanced Skipper Status

• Maximum boat access – Advanced Skipper Level

• Niagara 35, C&C29, C&C26, J24s, Sonars, Harbour 20s, Fox 18

• Overnight sailing access

Students have access to the entire fleet, Tuesday Learn to Race Night sessions, and Wednesday Night Competitive Racing, Friday Night Social Sails and various club events throughout the year! *Pricing based on an annual payment plan


Visit us online at or call 416 203 3000


Sailing Club Membership Benefits Social Events

We have a variety of social events throughout the year. Some of our favourites include Pirate Night, The Commodores’ Cup Race and Overnight, the Mirvish Regatta, and winter gatherings. Our social committee welcomes members, so please inquire with our office if you would like to join.

Dinghy Memberships We are excited to bring adults new access to our vast dinghy fleet, including our 420 Performance Sailing Dinghies, Laser Picos, Hobie Bravos and Hobie Waves. Members must have completed CANSail 3&4 standard to be eligible for Dinghy Membership.

Adult Dinghy Membership 21 years and over


Member Club Nights

• Weekly Tuesday evening Skills Building

Sessions: Perfect for sailing graduates and seasoned sailors wishing to improve their skills

• Wednesday Race Series Nights: If you

like competition this is the night for you. Friendly and fun. Perfect for those sailors who want to test what they’ve learned at Tuesday Night Skills Building and become crew on these vessels.

• Friday Night Social Sail: Meet new

friends and sail into the sunset each and every Friday

All Dinghy Membership includes

• No rental fees • Unlimited evening (5–8pm)

and weekend (9am – 6pm) usage

• Guest privileges • Member discounts on HCSP courses and services

• $99 initiation fee applies to all new memberships

• Member Cruises: Great for building

experience (especially those working towards their I-Skipper status)

All Sailing Club Memberships include

• Unlimited boat access with no rental/yacht charter fees

• Guest Privileges • Member discounts on HCSP courses and services

• 6-month or 12-month

payment options available

• $99 initiation fee applies to all new memberships


Corporate Team Building Looking for an economical solution to boost company morale and team productivity? Or maybe you don’t have enough time to plan an event yourself and you’re looking for fresh ideas for a fun team-building activity. You’ve come to the right place! Take your usual corporate event in an exciting new direction with team sailing, an on-the-water adventure in the heart of the city. Your adventure can be customized to engage colleagues in innovative, fun and unique team-building activities. Simply provide our professional staff with your event objective, and we will create a program to suit your requirements. We create challenging activities spanning land and lake to ensure an action packed, outside-the-box approach for your event. Sailing, Racing, Geocache, Treasure Hunts, City Adventures and more. Choose from our exciting blueprints.


Team Racing Regatta 4–44 participants

This classic event features a three-race mini regatta. As with all events, each team is briefed on the dos and don’ts of sailing, and then goes on to harness the exhilarating power of nature. Participants soon learn that communication is everything on the water, just as it is in the office. All positions on a boat are important – each is integral to the team.


Geocache on the Toronto Islands 4–44 participants

Developed by intrepid adventure seekers, geocaching involves hunting for hidden prizes using GPS devices on our beautiful Toronto Islands. Participants sail to each destination with their assigned instructors on the hunt for the geocaches, then it’s a race back to base! Great fun and adventure for those with a competitive streak, and equally enjoyable for those just wanting a fun-packed event!

Cruising the Islands 4–44 participants

If you prefer to cruise, we can set your team sailing on your chosen vessel. Colleagues and clients will enjoy a relaxing sail along Toronto’s breathtaking skyline and islands, and can participate in sailing the boat under the guidance of our trained instructors. You set the pace.

Urban Scavenger Hunt & Sail Regatta Up to 200 participants

A modern take on an old-school scavenger hunt! It’s the most fun you can have with your smartphone and co-workers all year. Complete daring missions, outrageous challenges, and discover your wild and creative side. Explore the city by boat, streetcar and foot, competing in teams while getting to know your colleagues better. From handstands in elevators to kissing live lobsters, busking in front of strangers and standing in front of some of the city’s most loved tourist destinations. Please note that no prior boating experience is necessary to participate in our events. Participants are with an instructor at all times when on the water. For parties of over 44 participants, please contact Emma Wright. For more information please contact Emma Wright at or call 416 203 3000.

Visit us online at or call 416 203 3000


Caribbean Sailing Whatever your skill level, whatever your chosen destination, we provide a great sailing experience for you. We can be your gateway to a whole new world of on-water adventure. Whether you wish to improve your sailing skills or simply want a relaxing vacation, our professional staff is on hand to assist you.



Sailing from one paradise location to another makes for the best vacation experience. Whether you have your own group or want to join a party, we have options. Not only will you enjoy a winter sailing vacation, you’ll meet sailors from all around the world. The days are well planned out, with plenty of sailing and social activities. Sail your heart out during the day and then meet up with the rest of the group in an anchorage for an evening of festivities. Sail with our fleet and join our fun and social gatherings or we can arrange a bareboat charter for you to sail on your own. Our Caribbean program grows stronger each year because our professional instructors can provide customized sailing experiences for all levels of experience. Live aboard and earn your Sail Canada certification. Learning is easy when you are having fun!


Antigua, Montserrat and Isles Des Saintes – 2018 Caribbean Dates

Free Caribbean Info Nights

Jan 27 - Feb 10, 2018

Please ask our staff for the brochure detailing our next trip. Ask about our early bird booking specials!

Courses Jan 27 - Feb 10, 2018

• 50A Intermediate Course

• 50B Intro/Mileage Builder and Advanced St Vincent, Bequia, & The Grenadines 2019 Caribbean Dates

• 50A Intro/Mileage Builder and Intermediate

Info Night Dates 2018

Please look at our website for the free info nights with Clive.

Courses Jan 26 - Feb 2, 2019

• 50B Intermediate and Advanced Courses Feb 2-9, 2019

Prices vary depending on location. Flights and provisions are not included. A 25% deposit is all that is required to reserve your spot, and pricing is inclusive of tax. Caribbean courses are non-refundable if within 90 days of the course start date.

Sail the World

We can also arrange a sailing adventure anywhere in the world. Each route will take you on a journey through the famous and little known treasures of each sailing area. We cater to every taste and ability; all you have to do is choose!

Visit us online at or call 416 203 3000 11

Courses and Instruction Our Instructors provide coaching to all, from first time boaters to seasoned owners looking to improve their confidence. We deliver two courses to suit your needs, as well as Own Boat Tuition for boat owners who wish to train on their own vessel. Introduction to Powerboating 1.5 hours


This course is meant to train beginner boaters to make educated decisions regarding boat ownership and usage. Though no certificate is issued, the session provides hands-on experience and builds confidence with time aboard and in the driver’s seat. This introduction gives an overview to some of the main components covered in the Basic Powerboating syllabus. After an introductory talk on equipment and personal safety, we will head to the boat to familiarize you with the controls and operation. Some confined-space turning, docking and slow-speed maneuvers will give insight into confident boating.

Sail Canada Basic Powerboating 21 hours


(PCOC Optional, $45 to challenge the exam, textbook is an additional fee)

This two-and-a-half day course focuses on building confidence and providing core skills for safe and competent outboard and inboard operation. Focusing primarily on safety, docking, slow- and high-speed maneuvers, you will learn proficient techniques across a number of other areas.

→→ Course dates can be found on pages 18-19

Weekend structure Saturday: 9am – 6pm

• Introduction and safety equipment • Boat familiarization and operation • Slow speed – Prop Walk, Figure 8s • Leaving and docking • Theory on different types of craft, engines and drives

• High-speed S-turns, U-turns, P-Turns and stopping

• Anchoring, securing to a buoy and towing

• Confined-space turning and recovery Sunday: 9am – 6pm

• Introduction to navigation • Practice Saturday’s slow-speed maneuvers

• Man overboard session • Boatyard walk to look at hulls and drives

• Coastal navigation practical passage

• High-speed boat handling • Debrief and where to go from here Monday Evening: 6–9pm

• This final 3–hour session addresses theoretical aspects of the course

12 Visit us online at or call 416 203 3000


Own Boat Tuition $75–160 per hour

We can provide a qualified instructor to teach you the ropes on your own sail or power boat. Potential travel costs are dependent on the location of your boat in relation to our base here in Toronto.


Membership Power Club Memberships Turn up at the dock and your boat is waiting for you. Choose the right boat for the occasion. With a Power Club Membership, leave the stress of the office behind you. Relax on the water, then kick back at your “cottage in the city.” Power members have access to the large powerboats in our fleet, 7 days a week, throughout the season. Power members can reserve their boat between 9am - 12noon on weekends and statutory holidays, and on weekdays they can reserve from 9am - 9pm* in July & August, and from 12noon-9pm* throughout May, June & September. We’ll even provide you with a temporary license so you can get out on the water right away. * Please note that all boats must be back before sunset and closing times may vary based on this.


Power Club Memberships include:

• Tier 2 & Tier 3 boat access with NO RENTAL FEES

• Unlimited Guest Privileges • Access to Club Social Events • Discount on courses at HCSP • Gas is additional for all power membership levels


Membership Levels Power 30 Membership $185 per month*

This membership allows you to take Tier 2 and Tier 3 boats out at your leisure for up to 30 hours with no additional rental fees. This equates to a $74 hourly rate – a 60% saving on the usual rental price! Gas is not included.

Power 60 Membership $265 per month*

The Power 60 Membership allows you to take Tier 2 and Tier 3 boats out for up to 60 hours with no additional rental fees. This is equivalent to a $53 hourly rate – a 70% saving on the usual rental price! Gas is not included.

Power 90 Membership $325 per month*

The Power 90 Membership allows you to take Tier 2 and Tier 3 boats out for up to 90 hours with no additional rental fees. This equates to a $43 hourly rate – a 75% saving on the usual rental price! Gas is not included.

*Pricing is based on an annual payment plan and a $99 initiation fee applies to new memberships

Visit us online at or call 416 203 3000 15

International Yacht Training & ICC Harbourfront Centre Sailing and Powerboating offers the IYT Bareboat Skipper and Yachtmaster Certification in conjunction with International Yacht Training Worldwide. Successful candidates are awarded a prestigious “Master of Yachts 200 Tonnes” Certificate of Competency - a commercial endorsement for operating power or sailing vessels for those wishing to become professional yachters.

International Master of Yachts (MOY) Limited (Offshore) 200 Tonnes Offshore Theory 50 hours


This course is intended for knowledgeable crew with sufficient on-the-water experience. The IYT Master of Yachts 200 Tonne - Limited (Offshore) Certificate is a commercial 200 Tonne Masters Certificate of Competency for operating vessels, sail or power, up to 150 nautical miles from a safe haven. Courses run Monday–Sunday 9am – 5pm, beginning on March 5 (28A) or October 1 (28B).

Practical (One Week) 50 hours

$3,095 USD

(Includes certification, course material and tax)

This course is conducted in Florida, dates available upon request.

International Master of Yachts (MOY) 200 Tonne Unlimited (Ocean) Theory 42 hours


To gain the IYT Master of Yachts 200 Tonne – Unlimited (Ocean) Certification, a theory session must be successfully completed. The theory portion comprises of a 48-hour classroom work which includes celestial navigation, pilot planning and passage planning.


• MOY - Limited (Offshore) Course runs November 19, Monday–Sunday 9am – 5pm (30A).


International Certificate of Competency (ICC) Theory & Practical 16 hours


Includes all material and the IYT processing fee (ICC Certificate). Course runs May 26, Saturday–Sunday 9am – 5pm (11A), June 23 (11B), or July 28 (11C).

International Certificate of Competency (ICC) Practical Test 3 hours


This is a challenge of the afloat test portion of the ICC for either Sail or Power. The candidate must hold the Sail Canada Intermediate Cruising Standard plus the Sail Canada Coastal Navigation Standard or equivalent.

International Certificate of Competency (ICC) In-Class Theory Refresher and Test 13 hours


Includes the challenge (test) and all material and the IYT processing fee (ICC Certificate).

International Certificate of Competency (ICC) Exam Challenge (Test) 3 hours


Includes the test and the IYT processing fee (ICC Certificate). For more information contact Clive Smith at 416 203 3000 or email at

Boat Licences Pleasure Craft Operator Card (PCOC) $55 $45 for HCSP Students and Members. Textbook is an additional fee.

Government legislation requires that all operators of any power-driven vessel — even a Personal Water Craft (PWC) — obtain a Pleasure Craft Operator Card (PCOC). If you are renting a boat, a ‘Rental Boat Safety Checklist’ must be completed before embarking.

Complete an accredited course and carry the card. Once you have successfully obtained a Canadian Coast Guard accredited Pleasure Craft Operator Card issued by the Canadian Yachting Association (CYA), you must carry it with you at all times while operating a power driven vessel (much like a driver’s licence).

New Competency Regulations

• All youth born after April 1, 1983, are now required to carry the card.

• Since September 15, 2002, anyone

operating a powered recreational vessel less than 4 meters (13 feet) in length (including personal water craft) must obtain a Pleasure Craft Operator Card.

Toronto Harbour License 3 hours


To operate any power driven vessel in Toronto Harbour, you are required to have a Harbour License. This course is designed to give you the theoretical knowledge you need to be successful and includes a written and practical test. Previous power boating experience is required.

VHF-DSC Licence 6 hours


“Victor, Zulu, X-Ray...” Learn to communicate on the VHF marine radio with Digital Selective Calling (DSC) and receive your Restricted Operator’s Card (Maritime) – (ROC-M).

Licensing Package Deal $335

This package includes the Pleasure Craft Operators Card, Toronto Harbour License and VHF – DSC License.

→→ Course dates can be found on pages 18-19

• As of September 15, 2009, all

power driven vessel operators must obtain a Pleasure Craft Operator Card.

Visit us online at or call 416 203 3000 17

Course Start Dates 2018 Sail Canada Basic Cruising

Sail Canada Intermediate Cruising

(PCOC optional*)

(Lake Ontario)

28 hours

* For groups of 4 or more, we can accommodate to suit your specific schedule

2 Weekends Saturday-Sunday 9am - 5pm 1A 1B 1C 1D 1E

Apr. 14 Apr. 28 May 12 Jun. 2 Jun. 23

1F 1G 1H 1I

Jul. 7 Aug. 4 Sep. 1 Sep. 15

May 18 Jun. 29

2C 2D

Aug. 3 Aug. 31

Monday, Wednesday, Friday 6-9pm Saturday & Sunday 9am - 5pm 3A 3B

Apr. 23 Jun. 4

3C 3D

Jul. 16 Aug. 13

Monday-Thursday 9am - 5pm 4A 4B 4C

May 21 Jun. 4 Jun. 11


Caribbean pricing varies based on location

2 Weekends Friday 6pm – Sunday 5pm 7A

Jun. 8

5 Days Thursday 6pm - Monday 5pm 8A

Aug. 2


Aug. 30

7 Days Caribbean Cruising

Friday 6-9pm; Saturday, Sunday & Monday 9am - 5pm 2A 2B

24 hours

5 days, live-aboard


4D 4E 4F

Jun. 25 Sep. 3 Sep. 10

50A Jan. 27 Feb. 3, 2018 50B Feb. 3-10, 2018

51A Jan. 26 Feb. 2, 2019 51B Feb. 2-9, 2019

Sail Canada Advanced Cruising 7 days, live-aboard in the Caribbean * Please ask our offices for more information

Monday & Wednesday 6-9pm (4 Weeks)

7 Days Caribbean Cruising

5A 5B

51C Feb. 2-9, 2019

Apr. 30 Jun. 18


Aug. 6

Tuesday & Thursday 6-9pm (4 Weeks) 6A 6B

Jun. 5 Jul. 3


Aug. 21

50C Feb. 3-10, 2018

International Certificate of Competence (ICC) 16 hours


Saturday & Sunday 9am - 5pm 11A May 26 11B Jun. 23

11C Jul. 28

Course schedule is subject to change. Applicable taxes to be added to all fees.


Sail Canada Dinghy CanSail 1 & 2 $485

1 Weekend Saturday & Sunday 9-6pm; 2 Evenings, Monday & Tuesday 5:30-8:30pm 12A May 26 12B Jun. 16

12C Jul. 14 12D Aug. 18

Sail Canada Intermediate Dinghy CanSail 3 & 4 24 hours


1 Weekend Saturday & Sunday 9am - 6pm; 2 Evenings, Monday & Tuesday 5:30-8:30pm 15A Jun. 23

15B Aug. 4

Sail Canada Basic Powerboating (PCOC optional*)

21 hours


Saturday & Sunday 9am - 6pm; Monday 6-9pm 17A 17B 17C 17D

May 5 May 12 Jun. 2 Jul. 7

17E 17F 17G 17H

Jul. 21 Aug. 11 Aug. 25 Sep. 8

Sail Canada Basic Cruising Instructor Clinic 2 Weekends Friday 6-9pm; Saturday & Sunday 9am - 5pm 55A Apr. 13

Introduction to Sailing 2 hours


6 hours

Saturday 1-3pm 40A Jun. 9 40B Jun. 16 40C Jul. 7

40D Aug. 4 40E Aug. 18 40F Sep. 8

Monday 6-8pm 42A May 28 42B Jun. 18 42C Jul. 16

42D Aug. 6 42E Sep. 10

Introduction to Powerboating 1.5 hours

May 26 Jun. 9 Jun. 23 Jul. 14 Jul. 21

43F 43G 43H 43I

Aug. 4 Aug. 18 Sep. 15 Sep. 22

Toronto Harbour License (THL) 3 hours

Monday & Wednesday 6-9pm 22A 22B 22C 22D

Jan. 8 Mar. 5 Apr. 16 May 28

22E Sep. 17 22F Nov. 12 22G Dec. 3

Pleasure Craft Operator Card (PCOC) Simply write the exam (9am - 8pm from May-Sep.) and (9am - 5pm from Oct.-Apr.) * PCOC can be written at any time at an additional cost of $45 for HCSP students. ($55 for non-students)

Licensing Package Deal (THL/VHF/PCOC) Get your Toronto Harbour License, VHF and PCOC for a great price!

Tuesday 6-9pm 20D Jul. 3 20E Jul. 31 20F Sep. 4

Thursday 6-9pm 21A Apr. 26 21B May 10


19 hours



19 hours


Complete Standard 38 hours


2 Weekends: Friday 6-9pm; Saturday & Sunday 9am - 5pm 25A 25B 25C 25D

Jan. 5 Mar. 16 Sep. 21 Oct. 12

25E Jan. 4, 2019 25F Mar. 15, 2019

Celestial Navigation 38 hours


2 Weekends: Friday 6-9pm; Saturday & Sunday 9am - 5pm 26A Nov. 9



20A Apr. 24 20B May 8 20C May 22

Sail Canada Navigation Coastal




Saturday Morning 10-11:30am 43A 43B 43C 43D 43E

VHF - DSC Radio License

21C May 24

Own Boat Tuition $75-160 per hour We can provide a qualified instructor to teach you on your own sailboat or powerboat. Please call us for further information at 416 203 3000.

Transfers and Cancellations For most courses, one change of date is allowed within the same season, up to 14 days prior to the course start date. A $25 fee will apply. Fees will be refunded up to 30 days prior to the start of the course, minus a 15% cancellation charge. For cancellations within 30 days of the course start date, 25% of the course fee will be retained. For cancellations within 10 days of the course start date, no refund will be issued. No fees are refunded after the course has commenced. Offshore and Caribbean courses are non-refundable.

Visit us online at or call 416 203 3000 19

Rental Prices Sailboats Type




FOX 18

2-6 person capacity keelboat

2-5 person capacity keelboat

1-2 person capacity keelboat

HOBIE CAT BRAVO 12 1-2 person capacity dinghy

LASER PICO 12 1-2 person capacity dinghy

3 hours






6 hours






Power Boats Description Proficiency Tier 1

Boat Type

Motor & Damage Deposit

Maximum Capacity



Experience Required

Paradise F13 & F15

25hp – outboard Damage deposit required

2 adults, 1 child




Black Lunds

25hp – outboard Damage deposit required

5 persons




Pontoon Boat (10ppl)

25hp - outboard Damage deposit required

10 persons

$355 for 2 hr. Extra hrs. $75

Extra $20/hr.



135hp - inboard Damage deposit required

6 persons

$355 for 2 hr. Extra hrs. $75



Pontoon Boat (8ppl)

40hp - outboard Damage deposit required

8 persons

$355 for 2 hr. Extra hrs. $75

Extra $20/hr.


New Boaters Inner Harbour Tier 2 Experienced Boaters Inner Harbour Tier 3 Seasoned Boaters Outer Harbour

Yacht Charters Duration


2 Hours

3 Hours

4 Hours

6 Hours

Weekdays (Monday 9am – Friday 9pm) Excluding statutory holidays

2 Hours

3 Hours

4 Hours

6 Hours

Weekends (Saturday 9am – Sunday 9pm) Including statutory holidays










Niagara 35



























Hunter 24









* We can provide a skipper to sail or drive the boat for you at an additional $55-75 per hour. If you would like to book a time frame not outlined above please inquire with our offices 416 203 3000. For bookings made more than 30 days in advance, we require a 25% deposit. For bookings made within 30 days, we require full payment. You may reschedule your booking prior to departure for a $25 fee. In the event of any cancellation by either party due to weather, refunds will not be issued; an alternative date will be booked within the season.

20 Visit us online at or call 416 203 3000

Come Visit Us! Learn more about us at the following events and receive great deals on memberships, courses, yacht charters and boat rentals. Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Membership Early Bird Specials Please call or email our offices for information on these great deals!

Saturday, May 5 – Sunday, May 6, 2018 Annual Open House

Great discounts on courses and memberships.

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Call 416 952 4746 or go online at Registered charitable number: 10746 6575 RR0003

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275 Queens Quay West Toronto, Ontario M5V 1A2 Canada +1 416 203 3000 Sailing & Powerboating


Harbourfront Centre Sailing & Powerboating 2018  

Harbourfront Centre Sailing & Powerboating is located right in the heart of Toronto.

Harbourfront Centre Sailing & Powerboating 2018  

Harbourfront Centre Sailing & Powerboating is located right in the heart of Toronto.