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What a year it was. Our fourteenth year of business in the beautiful Cleveland Redlands area, was one of our strongest yet. 2018 brought with it many surprises, achievements as well as changes for Harbour Day Spa and we’d love to share it with you. We have recently just celebrated our 15th Birthday in support for International Women's Day and are determined to remain industry leaders in 2019.

Introducing our Online Booking Service Kitomba!

In July 2018, Harbour Day

We’ve incorporated some new technologies to simplify our service. We’ve expanded to cater to younger skin types with our variety of summer packages and skin consultations that can be tailored to sooth any assortment of requirements. Prevention is

Spa launched an online booking service that allows you to book and re-schedule appointments at your convenience.

key! And for our regular clients… if you’re here more often than not, we offer skin memberships to cater for your routine

Kitomba features a shared


platform between you, and us so you gain real time access

We’ve also expanded our product line so you can refresh your

to appointment availabilities.

skin or hair in-between visits and stay in charge of your beauty. Many of your favourite products are now stocked in travel-sizes for when you’re on the go. To top it all off, our disapproval of animal testing has encouraged us to source only the best, cruelty free, quality products for your usage.

If you have a favourite staff member, working hours are accessible so you can choose when best suits the both of you.

And our staff… We’re pleased to support some of the most hardworking and gracious people on the HDS team. In 2018 alone, our team excelled in the spa and in their personal lives and we’re permanently grateful for their commitment to us at Harbour Day Spa.

Now, the whole booking system is at your fingertips 24/7 for your convenience, as we understand how busy life gets.

And finally, last year wouldn’t have been possible without our wonderful clients. Helping you to look and feeling amazing undeniably motivate us each day. This is why every detail matters to us, as it should to you too. We’d love to extend a warm thank you for coming along on this journey with us, and we hope you’ll join us this year for yet another fabulous 2019.

See you in the salon

Warm regards, Tracey and Leanne.


In celebration of our 15th Birthday, we decided to join forces for International Women's Day. With 15 years of experience in the industry, we decided to celebrate, make a difference and give back. So we joined forces with three charities that are close to our heart.

Halcyon Domestic Violence and Safe House Aunties and Uncles Sarz Sanctuary

The morning was filled with women guest speakers, great deals, packages and prizes that were won. Oh, and don't forget the lunch and bubbles. Our celebrations took place on Tuesday, March 5th, 9 AM, at Harbour Day Spa. Tickets were available for purchase at the cost of $75. With all guests able to redeem a $25 voucher to Harbour Day Spa as well as contribute to a $50 donation to your choice of charity. We over 30 women coming to join forces it was a great success and even better day.


THE LAUNCH OF OUR ONLINE STORE Harbour Day Spa takes pride in allowing you to take home the benefits of our salon with you. Our products span from A to Z, whether you want it for your face, your body, your hair or your skin… we’ve got you covered. And now, you don’t even need to be local. If you run out of your absolute must have hair-treatment, texturizing powder, or foundation we promise to get it to you as fast as we can! With the launch of our online store, Harbour Day Spa can grant you access to O Cosmedics prescription skincare range as well as our entire Cosmedix skincare range at the click of a button. As for hair, you can purchase our Evy hair straighteners and dryers, as well as Davine’s washing, styling and treatment hair products to maintain that salon feel from the comfort of your own home… and yes, our Opalex treatments are available to have your hair at it’s strongest throughout the entire year.   We have researched and traveled the world visiting anti-age clinics looking for products and services that offer an affordable maintenance program for our clients. Now, it’s available at the click of a button to have your skin feeling and looking years younger. As this is a fairly new development and we’d love for you to become accustomed with the process of our online store… we are offering you the option of a 10% discount or free Australia wide shipping! So, if you have a gift idea in mind, simply load our website, browse our products, and order your favourites.   Don't forget to join our mailing list to stay informed and receive exclusive offers and discounts, straight to your inbox. Oh and in case you didn't already know.... Harbour Day Spa has introduced Zip Pay and After Pay, meaning you can shop now and pay later with the click of a button. Leave the bad hair days at home and After Pay it!

TEEN SKIN CLINIC With prevention contributing to the quality of your pigment, Harbour Day Spa is adamant that young, teenage skin must be looked after before skin care becomes a cure. Your skin is the largest organ of your body, and sadly, it is often the most neglected. Harbour Day Spa is recently catering for the modern teenager’s unique individual

So, let’s talk about it... The last thing we want is for teenagers to believe their skin

requirements, in order to preserve

condition is abnormal. So, bring them in for a visit and we’ll treat them to a $50

the longevity of youthful skin’s

facial and deep cleanse, as well as inform on the positive impacts of skin care.


A commonly used product to treat oily, teenage skin is retinoid. However, retinoid

Our knowledgeable staff are aware that one-size does not fit all, especially when it comes to skin care. That’s why a skin assessment is essential before any treatment or product application - to prevent unwanted side effects. Our staff can educate on the importance of keeping your skin clean and healthy, and help

requires a prescription, so it may be out of reach for some. The team at HDS suggests using a Retinol Concentrate or Serum with V8 Peptide Complex, to hydrate, renew and even out skin tones. The O-Cosmetics (cruelty-free) Retinol Concentrate cream uses the highest allowable concentration of Retinol before a prescription, making it a must have to battle acne. Retinol, supercharged with powerful Vitamin A, combats acne, reduces sun damage and eases any unwanted signs of aging.   Some tips that you can implement straight away, include:

choose products that have the

Cleanse your face at least once a day

potential to realise a drastic change in

Wash off your makeup before bed

your skin’s health.

Keep your hands clean and avoid touching your face

Acne is one of the most common skin conditions faced by the younger generation, and it can be extremely damaging to self-esteem.


Wear sunscreen daily Get the right acne products for your skin type

Upon visit, ask our friendly staff about our Teen Aspect Starter Kit $60.

SPRAYTONIQS AT HARBOUR DAY SPA, WE DON’T DO MEDIOCRE That’s why we’re the only spa in Brisbane that uses the Spraytoniqs tanning formula, the highest quality spray tan on the market. This modern, original product eliminates all of the undesirable effects that come with fake tanning including streaky application, wastage, cleanliness and hygiene. How? The patent-pending, extremely fine spray gun, along with the all-inclusive spray booth minimises the potential for mess by containing the formula during the tanning process.

Spraytoniqs was created by the owner of Bronzalicious, Australia’s leading tanners, designed to resist our hot weather, whilst giving an even, natural tan that fades away evenly. The innovative nature of the product comes down to the extensive number of shades to perfectly match your skin. Before application, the tan is matched to your individual colouring, skin condition and skin type to create a beautiful natural looking tan. There are 60 tan combinations prescribed specifically to your skin type and tone to guarantee you will leave the spa glowing a sensual, summer bronze colour. We cater for everyone, so if you’d love to continue your tan at home, the Spraytoniqs range also features a tan-off mitt and self-tan mitt so you can prepare and tan in the comfort of your own home.


The COSMEDIX range features a high-level of active ingredients to ensure it is competent in completing its anti-aging goals. The ingredients are clean, clinical, with natural botanicals and lavish textures to deliver transformative results for every skin type, safely.

Cruelty free as well as void of unwanted, irritating ingredients such as parabens, petrolatum and artificial fragrances and colouring, COSMEDIX is leading the field for professional treatments at day spas, like ours. Inclusive of all skin shades and requirements, there is a product for everyone.


Our latest range of hair products are Australian made, PETA approved, packaged in recyclable material and paraben free!

“Haircare doesn’t need to be complicated, it just needs to work.” – Joey Scandizzo   These products are simple to use - with clear instructions, extremely affordable and vegan friendly. The price point of ELEVEN won’t break the bank with the majority of these products sitting at less than $30. And if you’re on the go, their travel range consists of tiny, must-have products for safe and hygienic travelling. A perfect gift for a loved one or yourself… to have everything you need in a compact pack, wherever you go.  

Olieve & Olie

We’re excited for this! Olieve & Olie, an Australian designed, innovative, olive oil based skin care range just hit the shelves at Harbour Day Spa this December. This range is harvested naturally, ethically and sustainably resulting in no chemicals in their products. Rich in antioxidants and Vitamin E, the benefits of these products are the anti-aging capabilities and ability to restore your skins smoothness.

Olieve & Olie would make the perfect addition to your environmentally conscious best friends bathroom. The body washes, gels and scrubs are 100% vegan, gluten free, palm oil free, and cruelty free. The remainder of the product range including the creams, soaps and lip balms may not be vegan but they’re still an effective favourite. Check out their catalogue or visit us at the salon to view the entire range.



SKIN CONSULTATION AND CLINIC FACIAL Our experienced team of Dermal Therapists offer Skin Consultations to provide the opportunity to try before you buy. We cater for a range of skin conditions and requirements whilst ensuring you feel comfortable and at ease. The sampling of these products will check for any allergies or irritations, before you purchase to

remove any risk and difficulties involved with sensitive skin.

By undergoing a consult with the latest diagnostic

equipment and our highly qualified skin specialists who encourage you to talk about your concerns, you leave understanding any areas for improvement.

We believe everyone should have access to treatments and products that can be trusted to deliver results they never thought possible, without breaking the bank. After a consultation, we will record the products used and forward them through to you, so after a twenty-four hour window, you can select the ones the worked best for your skin type. This way, you can go home with the products you will actually use rather than allowing them to collect dust or to be passed on as a gift.



6 RESOLUTIONS YOUR HAIR AND SKIN WILL THANK YOU FOR THIS SUMMER In a fast-paced world where priority is often placed on the latest gizmos and gadgets, it’s easy to get swept up in hectic schedules and neglect our most precious possession – our own body and mind. Yes, that means looking after your hair and skin, as if it were alive. Neglect happens, unintentionally, and is the worst thing we can do to ourselves in this busy time.

It really is the small things that make the biggest difference, and long-term your skin and hair will thank you for the due care you provide. We’ve compiled a list of some simple tasks that will encourage health, beauty and benefit to your precious bodies.

1. Wear Sunscreen

Sun damage is a condition that is often treated too late. We see clients undergoing laser treatments to lessen the years of damage they have placed on their skin by not protecting it from the sun’s UV rays. In summer, sun protection is essential, however it really is an essential year-round preventative health measure. Especially in Australia, where it’s so hot, and even on the cloudiest of days, the UV rays are harmful.  By applying sunscreen daily, you significantly mitigate the risk of getting Skin Cancer, whilst also preventing premature aging of the skin. Some easily identifiable signs of aging of the skin are discolouration of pigment, a leathery appearance, as well as lines, sagging and wrinkles – all caused by the breakdown of healthy collagen in the skin. By wearing sunscreen, you ensure to avoid discolouration and dark spots of the skin, contributing to an even skin tone all year round.

A minimum SPF of 15 is required for protection, whilst some doctors refuse to recommend any lower SPF protection of 30. At Harbour Day Spa, we provide access to the Ultraceuticals SPF 50+ Face and Body Cream ($49), a guaranteed way to protect your skin, for longer periods at a time. However, when you’re in the sun, it is always recommended you reapply after two hours of sun exposure to maintain constant protection and not forego the risk of damaging your body’s largest organ.

2. Drink more water

Water is often the most overlooked nutrient for your health. The benefits of drinking water are limitless, and the best part… you won’t gain a pound… you may even lose weight. Nearly all of our systems do not function as well without proper water intake. Our bodies consist of over 50% water, so throughout the day, replenishing the water your body is so reliant on is essential to avoid dehydration. Dehydration can cause many poor health effects that are just not needed to add to the stress of our busy lives. Fighting off pesky signs of dehydration such as confusion and anger, an increase in water intake works to clear the mind, contributing to increased happiness and clarity. Drinking more water and staying hydrated also contributes to increased performance of muscle performance, eliminating signs of weakness, fatigue, joint pain and


dizziness some of us may fight daily.

Some more benefits? Water consumption aids in preventing cancer. This is primarily due to water’s ability to flush toxins from the body, reducing risk of tumorous cells in the colon, bladder and breast. By drinking water, your body becomes capable of flushing out waste by increasing the flow of your body’s transportation system, thus reducing a myriad of problems in your gut and digestive system. Regular and plentiful water consumption also reduces any troublesome headaches you may suffer from, as well as increasing the vibrancy of your skin. Staying hydrated contributes to that commonly sought-after glow and luminosity that you’ll always be complemented on.

If you’re already consuming bounteous water, why not hydrate your skin from the outside in with Cosmedix Emulsion Intense Hydrator ($115), or for a more affordable option that holds similar hydration power, the Ultraceuticals B2 Hydrating Serum ($95) may be for you. Both products are available online and in store.

3. Apply and Use an Eye Cream

By incorporating an eye-cream into your skincare routine, you are able to reduce signs of aging, naturally. High quality eye creams help to reduce puffiness around the eye, dark circles and fine lines or crows feet. Many benefits stem from the continued application of eye-cream as it works as a moisturiser, hydrator and brightener all in one. The eye area doesn’t produce much oil, so it may dry quicker than other areas of the face. If you’re an avid makeup wearer, you may notice that your concealer moulds to the skin underneath the eye, causing it to flake if you aren’t properly hydrated or moisturized. As well as this, the dewy nature of a quality eye-cream, helps to brighten and revitalise the skin around the eyes, inflicting the appearance of agelessness, as well as preventing further signs of aging. This works by firming and tightening the skin around the eye, to fight those unsightly workings of gravity. The O Cosmedics Eye Fusion ($129) is an award winning formula that offers access to ingredients such as collagen, elastin and hyaluronic filling technology using a new source of bio-energy to reactive lazy cells.

An alternative to this product, often referred to as Mermaid Tears due to its chromatic glow and thick consistency, is the Cosmedix Elite Eye Doctor ($220). This product features Retinol as a core product to encourage cell turnover and production of new cells that really inspires a difference.

4. Use a Hair Treatment to Prevent Salt Water Damage

You may find that lying on the beach for hours may be relaxing, however the overexposure to salt water can be extremely damaging to your hair. If too much water is drawn from your hair, and replaced with salt, it can have dehydrating effects leading to dry and brittle hair. Especially if you’ve put colour through your locks, the salt water can create a firm texture making it difficult to comb or brush, leading to breakages and lost length. Options for DIY treatments to cure delicate strands include honey, coconut oil as well as avocado to increase moisture formation that targets split ends. If that sounds a little bit messy for you, Harbour Day Spa stocks hair products that will revitalise and reverse salt damage with consistent use.


Eleven’s 3-Minute Repair Treatment ($26.95) contains a protein and moisture blend to strengthen and nourish dry, damaged hair. Ingredients of Shea butter and hydrolysed wheat proteins treat and repair damaged ends. And it only takes three minutes, making it simple and effective to use.

Another option available at Harbour Day Spa to hydrate salty hair is Davine’s MOMO Hair Potion ($39.95). This is a leave-on formula with a lightweight silky formula. The benefit of using a leave-in conditioning product is the ability to put it in your hair before swimming in the ocean as it forms around your locks, making it more difficult for the salt to permeate and remove existing moisture from your hair.

5. Exfoliation

Removing dry/dead skin cells from the surface of your skin is essential in taking care of your face and body. By doing so, new skin cell production is encouraged, increasing blood circulation as well as the formation of healthy and glowing skin. Moderation is important so that you’re not stripping your body of its natural oils. Exfoliating the skin affords a cure to blemished skin, red and dark marks, clogged pores, pigmentation, dry skin, ingrown hairs, and overall wellbeing. Often overlooked, exfoliating encourages a healthy lymphatic system and increased blood circulation to break down fatty tissues, drains unwanted toxins from the skin and encourages the development of new skin cells. It is essential to follow this with a good moisturiser, as your skin is at its most porous and open to remedy healing. O Cosmedics Exfoliating Cleanser, with V8 Peptide Complex ($64) is a cleanser and scrub in one. This product is empowered with four exfoliating beads to offer the skin an invigorating and deep cleansing experience. The ingredients in this professional strength product include cranberry seeds, jojaba beads, and diatomaceous earth and hydrated silicone crystals… a rare find and powerful product.  

Another quality, mask style exfoliator, stocked at Harbour Day Spa, is the O Cosmedics 3 in 1 Fruit Peel ($64), Mask and Gommage that exfoliates by releasing redundant cells and stimulating the growth of new, healthy ones. This is a professional strength product with V8 Peptide Complex that is applied, left to dry and peeled from the skin.

6. Balanced Diet

A healthy diet is the most important aspect to remaining happy and healthy in the New Year. There are many benefits of eating in moderation such as fighting off obesity and cardiovascular diseases. Including a broad range of vitamins and minerals in your diet are essential for booting immunity and healthy development so your body is able to fight of unwelcome conditions such as cancer and skeletal disorders. A healthy diet will also contribute to positive impacts on your mood and concentration levels by optimising and sustaining energy levels throughout the day. The benefits of eating well are endless…by improving your eating habits, you will sleep better each night, you will experience fewer cravings for sweets and will experience healthy glowing skin, shinier hair, stronger nails and healthy teeth.


At Harbour Day Spa, the In Skin Cosmedics Skintrition capsule range includes two products. The EFA’s 1000mg Max Complex capsules ($40) assist in blood circulation, improves general well-being, supports maintenance of healthy skin and hair whilst also helping to maintain a healthy heart and cardiovascular system. The Spirulina Plus ($40) formula is a Super Food, which is rich in protein content, amino acids, Iodine, B12, B1 & B1, has detoxifying properties whilst also helping to boost and maintain energy levels.

OUR MID-WEEK MENU We understand how difficult work can be, and we know you deserve a break. It’s always the right time to pamper yourself and have that moment of pure relaxation, even on weekdays…. Especially on weekdays. Catch a break every Tuesday and Wednesday to get you through the week with our Mid-Week Salon Specials. Enjoy luxury at a discounted price at Harbour Day Spa’s salon with our experienced team of hair stylists.

Full Colour Specials

Cut and Finish Specials

Short $75

Hair Cut and Blow Dry $80 (Save $13)

Medium $85

Short/Medium $50 (Save $10)

Long $95

Long $60 (Save $15)

Regrowth Colour $65 (Save $15)

Dry only $20

Regrowth/Cut/Blow Dry

Combinations Short $140 (Save $50) Medium $150 (Save $50)

Long $160 (Save $50


SKIN MEMBERSHIPS Age Prevention Membership $918.75 Save 25% If you can’t resist indulging in your skin every now and then, and absolutely adore the way you feel

This treatment plan is completed in 6 month or within 3

leaving the treatment room, these skin memberships

months accelerated

are for you! We’re here to meet for a consultation beforehand to discuss your specific requirements and

A-Zyme Workout Facial Dermapen

needs. These memberships are flexible with their implementation timeframes and we will do our best to cater for your external commitments.

IPL Skin Rejuvenation Prescriptive Facial Pro Dermal Facial x2 10% off Skin Care Products

Free Mineral Pro SPF 30 (Valued at $47)

It’s every ladies dream come true, a trusted therapist looking after every aspect of your body and skin to save you the time, the trouble and simply allow you more time for relaxation.

Anti-Ageing Membership $2217.00 Save 25%

There is one for every age group and they are

This treatment plan is completed in 12 months or 6 months

designed to suit different requirements. All of


Harbour Skin Clinic’s memberships include a 25% Saving, 10% off all skincare purchases, invitations to exclusive VIP events, preview access to product promotions and a complementary skin report.

A-Zyme Workout Facial x3 Dermapen x3 IPL Skin Rejuvenation x3 Pro Dermal Facial with LED Light Therapy 10% off Skin Care Products Free Mineral Pro SPF 30 (Valued at $47)


Clear Skin Membership $893.25 Save 25%

This treatment plan is completed in 6months or 3months accelerated

Skin Workout Facial with LED Light Therapy x3 Vita-Brasion Treatment with LED Light Therapy x3 10% off Skin Care Products Free Mineral Pro (Valued at $47)

Complexion Perfection Membership Scar Revision Membership $1088.25 Save 25% $2243.25 Save 25% This treatment plan is completed in 4 months accelerated

This treatment plan is completed in 12 months Deep Sea Peel with LED Light Therapy IPL Skin Rejuvenation x3

Deep Sea Peel with LED Light Therapy

Prescriptive Facial

IPL Skin Rejuvenation x3

Radiance+ Facial x3

Prescriptive Facial

10% off Skin Care Products

Radiance + Facial x3

Free Mineral Pro SPF 30 (Valued at $47)

10% off Skin Care Products Free Mineral Pro SPF 30 (Valued at $47)

Teen Skin Membership $891.00 Save 25%

This membership is completed in 6months or 3months

Skin Vitality Membership $955.50 Save 25%

This treatment plan is completed in 6months


Prescriptive Facial with Neck & Décolletage Peel x2 Skin Workout Facial with LED Light Therapy and Extractions x6 10% Off Skincare Free Teen Skincare Kit

Pro Dermal Treatment with Neck and Décolletage Peel x2 Vita-Brasion Treatment x2 10% off Skin Care Products Free Mineral Pro SPF 30 (Valued at $47)


STAFF ACHIEVEMENTS Our trusted staffs pride themselves on the level of professionalism, approach-ability and customer care at Harbour Day Spa. Constant smiles and friendliness have always ensured a calming aura, with the trust and guarantee of their expertise and skill. Every single team member of the Harbour Day Spa Team deserves recognition for their talent and genuine passion for our industry. Our crew consistently inspires us with the quality of their work, both inside Harbour Day Spa, and externally.

Jordan Jordan is a dermal therapist at Harbour Day Spa; she is an accredited Dermal Aesthetician and has just completed her final year of study to become a Registered Nurse. Graduating in January, Jordan will offer an abundance of medical treatments in 2019, including cosmetic injectables, driven by her love for skincare.

Lani Lani is a dermal therapist at Harbour Day Spa, holding a Diploma in Beauty Therapy, and an Advanced Diploma in Cosmetic Dermal Science. With her sights being set on becoming a registered nurse, Lani has just completed her first year studying a Bachelor of Nursing at the Queensland University of Technology (QUT).



We also placed first in the 2018 ‘Luxury Travel Guide Awards – Australia – Treatment Excellence Award.’ We are overwhelmed with this response and extremely grateful to be given the opportunity to have created a comforting space where people can relax. It’s an honour to have our highly trained staff deliver indulgent services that focus on well being with a certain level of consistency and care. This recognition is a unique way to ensure we’re on track, whilst monitoring for areas to improve and provide only the best possible service.

We are honoured to announce that we have won ‘Best Luxury Beauty Spa Globally 2018’, in the World Luxury Spa Awards! We would like to thank everyone who has supported Harbour Day Spa over the past year. We are so appreciative of your continued encouragement and votes from our loyal, returning clients. This prestigious award recognises the best in the Luxury Spa industry and pushed standards to be raised across the globe.


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Our sole mission, at Harbour Day Spa, is to create a luxurious escape and spa retreat for our clients, in which they may feel perfectly at h...

Harbour Day Spa Digital Magazine  

Our sole mission, at Harbour Day Spa, is to create a luxurious escape and spa retreat for our clients, in which they may feel perfectly at h...