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Vol. LXVIII - Issue No.2

Los Angeles Harbor College – Wilmington, CA, USA

October 11, 2018

In case of an active shooter, close the door Although doors are to remain closed during class some doors remain open as this propped door is held open by a trash can in the North East Academic Building

By Victor Valladares; Staff Writer

“By order of the Work Environment Committee... all classroom doors will be required to be locked for all instructors in the NEA [North East Academic] Hall” This announcement was sent out in a letter to all the teachers in the Northeast Academic Hall by the Work Environment Committee. During the summer the Academic Senate and the Work Environment Committee met to discuss tactics that the Los Angeles Community College District had said it wanted it’s colleges to take in case an active shooter came onto campus. In short it is now required that all classroom doors be locked to prevent a shooter from entering the Classroom. In attendance at this meeting was Work Environment Committee Chair Michael Reid as well as Deputy Sheriff Nikos Guskos. When asked about the new policy of requiring that

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all classroom doors remain locked Committee Chair-

man Michael Reid said, “The reason behind the locked [doors] is to ensure safety for both faculty and students, I think it’s a good idea because [when] using the instructor pass key to enter, [it] mak[es] people, students, and faculty feel safe.” When asked whether these new shooter prevention tactics are beneficial Reid had this to say, “This is beneficial, who’s gonna argue about safety right? You want to be safe...[in] the environment you come to.” Reid also commented on what could be possible

with further faculty training and it’s impact on the students, “Awareness and training for active shooters for faculty then passing that information from faculty to students in their classrooms. We’re looking for a safe environment not just [in] the NEA but for the whole campus and we’re going to do that through training and that includes earthquake and natural disaster training. Faculty has been on board with the changes, I haven’t received any complaints directly.” Director of College Facilities Alex Nelson had this to say about the new rules set forth by the district, “I think it’s safer[and it’s] for everyone’s safety, the district suggests that we do these tactics for all the buildings on campus... by the end of May 2019 mechanical doors will be switched onto classrooms.. all it [will] take [is] a push of a button to lock [the door] from the inside of class.” According to Deputy Sheriff Guskos, “The Sheriff Department had a saying

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“It’s a 50-50 be-

cause what if I’m running during that event trying to get to a safety zone and everything I locked and not able to enter?.” - Henry Johnson III, Student

in... suggesting the tactic to the committee, the committee suggested it would increase safety for the students. We conduct monthly security meeting looking for ways to increase safety on the Campus. The Sheriff ’s Department is ready [for] any emergency including an active shooter.” As for what student’s have to think about this new rule, Henry Johnson

“This is beneficial,

who’s gonna argue about safety right? You want to be safe... [in] the environment you come to.” - Work Environment Committee Chair Michael Reid

III, Sociology Major said, “It’s a 50-50 because what if I’m running during that event trying to get to a safety zone and everything I locked and not able to enter?” Chris Jackson, Sociol-

Colin Kaepernick P. 6

Photo by Victor Valladares

ogy Major voiced a similar sentiment, “It’s a win or lose due to the fact there aren’t many students walking around Campus. As for thoughts on the new rules from teachers, Sociology Instructor Alberto Pimentel had this to say, “I personally want students to have a[n] open classroom where they are able to come early and have a place to relax, I know that there are concerns other students have and I do understand that, but I also want the students to know that there is a welcoming classroom for them”, Andrea Cano, ESL instructor said, “it’s a positive change for the school and can be beneficial for the campus.” As of right now, some instructors have started to lock their doors during lecture while some still have their doors left ajar with a In the previous issue the previous front cover story mispelled staff writer Victor Valladares’ name.

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October 11, 2018

Editorial: On the importance of these upcoming midterms Midterm elections are coming. This issue, this editorial section was going to be filled with a very long winded discussion about the importance of going out to vote these coming midterm elections, yet, while rereading what was written, it dawned onto us. Perhaps a long winded discussion of the intricacies of voting and why you should vote these midterms is not necessary. We are all living the same reality; we have all

heard about the new Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh and the scathing allegations of sexual misconduct against him which allege he may have engaged in sexual harassment while in high school. We all know who the President of the United States is, and we all have an opinion on him. On these midterm election we are all voting to influence important topics that have come into the public eye during the first

two years of this president’s presidency. Issues ranging from climate change, the loosening of poaching laws, allegations of Russian interference in our elections, the mounting evidence of tax fraud committed by our now president while a private citizen, issues of race, and yes, issues of sexual misconduct. All of these issues, and a plethora of more which we do not have the time, or space, to deep dive into,

are all important, but the reality of the matter is, we are living in a time period where breaking news is happening every week, if not every day. It is easy for us to get lost in the amount of news being thrown at us, especially when all of it is so startling. Instead of deep diving into all of these issues we have instead chosen to acknowledge the fact that, whether we like it or not, we are all aware of the poli-

tics surrounding our country at the moment even if we are usually apolitical. So in place of that editorial, we at the Harbor Tides are instead asking every one of our readers and all the students, administrative officials, teachers, and staff on our campus, to go out, register to vote, and vote on these upcoming midterm elections. Our midterm election coverage will be further updated in the next issue.

Widows by Ariel Dorfman now playing By Timothy Rosales; Staff Writer

Juan Baez from the Los Angeles Harbor College Theatre Department has a new play out for the public to watch called “Widows”. Baez will be directing the play based on the original novel written by Ariel Dorfman. Tickets are available for performances from October 4th-6th and October 11th-13th for $15 on advance or $20 a the door. Each performance starts promptly at 7:30 p.m. at the LAHC Arena Theater. The play focuses on a town believed to be cursed as it is populated mostly by women. The women await for their men to return back to them ever since they vanished many years ago. With a vicious fascist government on their backs and the river, where they collect food and wash clothes with, delivers unidentifiable corpses to them and causes distrust amongst each other. Los Angeles Harbor College – Wilmington, CA Student Newspaper

The Harbor Tides is the student newspaper of Los Angeles Harbor College, one of nine campuses in the Los Angeles Community College District. The Harbor Tides is an independent, First Amendment, student-run public forum that covers events of interest to its readership under California Education Code Section 48907. One copy of the Harbor Tides is free. Additional copies may be purchased for $1 at the Harbor Tides newsroom, which is located in Northeast Academic Hall 213. Letters to the editor are welcome. Please limit letters to 200 words or less and include a name, valid email address, phone number and signature. All letters are subject to editing by the editorial board. Send letters to: . You may also drop off the letter at the newsroom in NEA 213 during regularly scheduled class times, or at the Communications Division, office 267 cc: Paul McLeod, journalism adviser. Unsigned editorials in the Harbor Tides represent the views of the editorial board and do not represent the views of Harbor College, its administration, faculty or of the LACCD. Student journalists of the Harbor Tides publish regularly at and on various social media such as Facebook (@lahcharbortides), Instagram (lahc.harbortides) and individually via Twitter. If you have comments or suggestions, or if you would like to inquire about advertising in the Harbor Tides, email staff at or call 310-233-4897.

Harbor Tides Staff, Spring 2018 Co-Editor-in-Chief/Layout: Steven Guzman Co-Editor-in-Chief/Layout: Ian Sloan Staff Writer: Melanie Morales Staff Writer/Website Manager: Victor Valladares Staff Writer: Timothy Rosales Faculty Adviser: Paul McLeod Special thanks to: Communications Division, co-chairs Ann Warren and John Corbally

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October 11, 2018

The view of the parking lot across the street as seen from the top floor of the parking garage on LAHC campus.

To park or not to park? That is the question By; Ian Sloan Co-Editor-in-Chief

Luis Dorado, Vice President of Student Services, is working on a campaign to help students get their parking passes sooner. The campaign is still in its infancy and has not yet been named. “I have asked students recently as to why they park across the street where you have to pay by the hour, and the general consensus was that across the street was more convenient than our own parking areas,” Dorado said. To compare locations: the parking lot across the street goes up and down L street, giving easier access to the Northeast Academic Hall (NEA) whereas the

student parking areas are on the back end of the

student wallets harder. A campus parking pass can

Plenty of students still choose to park across the street from NEA despite the dampener on their wallets. Photo By Ian Sloan

campus. However convenient the location may be, parking across the street more often than not will typically hit

be purchased at $20 per semester at the Business Office. Across the street, payment is done by the hour at one dollar every

hour, or five dollars for the whole day. The campaign was initially brought up during a faculty senate meeting on September 6, where those present got into a debate about the grace period of two weeks for students not to receive citations. “As of right now, there has been a compromise and the grace period will be reduced to one week instead of not having one at all,” Dorado said. This is in line with other community colleges throughout the South Bay who also have a one week grace period. Theater teacher Juan Baez believes that students should be able to park for free and is in support of Dorado’s campaign. “I am

Photos by Ian Sloan

behind Doctor Dorado in this campaign,” Baez said, “In fact, some campuses let full time students do free parking.” When this idea was proposed to Marco Rios, 20, Computer Science, his reaction was positive. “I park mostly on campus and actually don’t like parking across the street since I have seen a car with its window smashed at one point,” Diaz said, “the one week reduction is annoying though because lines are long for parking passes and some people don’t have time to wait.” The campaign that Student Services is working on is slated to come out around December or January before the spring semester starts.

October 11, 2018

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Welcome back to Club Rush: Fall 2018 edition However, problems seemed to have occurred with preparation. “Clubs must turn in their applications by

Rush is a good opportunity for students to acknowledge what extracurricular activities the campus has to offer

some students about majors.” Hernandez said. He then states his big problem about Club Rush “It could

was very busy. There were a lot of students out there, the booths were occupied, ASO celebrated their and people working on the latest Club Rush this year booths looked in mid like they were September having fun.” but unforHe enjoyed tunately seeing the Los Angeles clubs get more Harbor exposure and College beseeing them gan doing grow. He then construcdiscussed a tion on few problems their final that occurred. day. “We ran out Leavof tables... and ing little there was also space for the issue I students to realized some travel and of the clubs looking like weren’t prea battered pared. We also construchad volunteers tion zone This year’s club rushed featured a variety of different clubs and organizations for students to engage with such as APASS show here. Photo by Timothy Rosales who signed up also hurt the event itself. the 6th week and we don’t “Club Rush is a good have been improved on by but didn’t show up the day Students called this sehave all the club applicaadvertising more of what of Club Rush due to being mester a sub-par event in tions in yet. It’s a little tough opportunity for kind of activities clubs in class.” comparison to the previous this semester... as we are While the event seemed students to acknowl- have.” He explained that semester. Was it as sub-par switching to a new system a previous club, E-Sports to have a good amount of edge what extracuras they say? for filing. Clubs are a bit Club, brought a game students participate. Could ricular activities the Jack Adair, 21, Busiconfused, individuals are console and played it out in there have been more withness and Administration, confused what to do becampus has to offer public for students to view. out having the gates up and who works in the ASO. cause it’s a new system.” He or provide knowlIt was packed He thinks in the way? The small probstaff,. explained that this expressed that besides that, more clubs should have lems and changes left clubs edge for some stupast event went pretty well the event was a success. more of that focus to bring and students confused and stating, “We had a larger Another student, Alex staggered applications sign dents about majors.” in more students. student turnout this semes- Hernandez, 21, Undecided, Finally, one Julian Simpups for the clubs. Hopefully -Alex Hernandez ter for sure. Definitely spur felt the event was fine but son, 26, Nursing, who was the students enjoyed it and creation of new clubs.” He more to be desired. He did a volunteer for ASO. spoke the event works better next thought the club turnout think it was because; “Club or provide knowledge for about the event saying, “It time. was amazing this semester. By; Timothy Rosales Staff Writer


Fire department and campus nurse Carole rush to help a student in need

By Victor Valladares; Staff Writer

Wednesday October 10th, the Los Angeles Fire Department arrived onto campus responding to a panic attack that was had occuring in front of the Student Store early that afternoon. A female student (whose name has not been released) was with her friends when she suddenly had a panic attack in the seahawk center. School Nurse Carole was called to the scene where she helped the student

relax in a safe environment. Nurse Carole said, “its unnecessary for the whole Fire Department to come out for one small call that us school officials can take of, we have doctors and nurses on campus that can help the student in need and the Fire Department can go out to other calls that are more import and help those individuals in need.” The student was transported from the quad to an undisclosed location.

October 11, 2018

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There’s a high school on our college campus?

The entrance to new Dr. Richard A. Vladovic Harbor Teacher Preparation Academy building. Before it’s existence students took their classes in bungalows atop old tennis courts.

By; Melanie Morales Staff Writer

it was very limited space.” The school recently opened a new two story building on

we have lockers, we never had any before. So playing soccer I would always have

college. We try to make sure that those are the students that we accept first.”

The Harbor Teacher Preparation Academy (HTPA) is a high school started in 2002 and is located by the football field on the Los Angeles Harbor College campus. It is recognized as a middle

“We have about 67 percent of students who not only get a high school diploma and an Associate of Arts degree” -Jan Murata Principal college which provides the opportunity for students to simultaneously earn a high school diploma and an Associate of Arts degree. “We have about 67 percent of students who not only get a high school diploma but also their AA,” Jan Murata, the principal said. “Last year we had two students that was qualified for four AA’s.” In the past, the high school campus consisted of nine small bungalows for their class rooms. Carina Rodriguez, the school’s student president said, “I was in the old bungalows from 9th to 11th grade and I liked the unity of it. Everyone was forced to be close to each other because

When you walk into HTPA’s main office students and staff are the first to greet you.

Photo by Melanie Morales

The high school’s new accomodations even have lockers for the students to store their things.

August 14. It includes: 14 classrooms, a multimedia center, two science labs, and a multipurpose room. “I think we will grow as far as technology and science,” said Murata. Since the building has provided more space, teachers do not have to share classrooms anymore. “In the new campus I like that

to hold my gym bag and my backpack. We also have a locker room now, we used to have to go to the college.” Rodriguez said. As for who can apply, Principle Murata states, “Our middle college always looks for 3 things: Underserved minorit[ies], those that are disadvantage, and the 1st generation to go to

Photo by Melanie Morales

After applying each student is subject to an interview. The interview is usually one staff member and three students, who are the ones asking the questions. ‘I like my fellow students. I like that we are very different because we are so small. We aren’t as diverse as other schools. Predominantly we are more hispanic and asian

Photo By Melanie Morales

which are usually the minority but in our school the minorities are the majority,” said Rodriguez. The school does it’s best to shape strongly educated students. The senior class who has a small community of 118 students,

“I like my fellow students. I like that we are very different because we are so small. We aren’t as diverse as other schools. Predominantly we are more Hispanic and Asian which are usually the minority but in our school the minorities are the majority.” -Carina Rodriguez Student President is required to take four classes at the highschool and take college classes for a gpa. ”This college has helped my goals because I get my prerequisites out of the way. It has also helped me save time and money.” said Rodriguez. With dual enrollment, the classes students take at college give them credits for high school graduation. For more information contact the Principal, Jan Murata at 310 834 3932.

October 11, 2018

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Colin Kaepernick By; Victor Valladares Staff Writer

The once San Francisco 49ers Quarterback, Colin Kaepernick, takes a seat

After the game the quarterback addressed everyone’s questions by saying “when there is significant change and I feel like that flag represents what its suppose to

San Francisco 49ers vs. Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field on September 9, 2012. Photo by Mike Morbeck via Flickr under Creative Commons

on the bench during the National Anthem, having everyone raise the question, why is he sitting down?

represent and this country is representing people the way they’re suppose to, I’ll stand.”

After sitting down during two national anthems, Colin Kaepernick changed his response to the anthem, instead of sitting he now took a knee. To many fans and coaches of the NFL this was were angry at the fact Kaepernick is kneeling during the anthem. Kaepernick says ”To bring awareness and make people realize what’s really going on in this country, there are a lot injustice actions going on that people aren’t being held accountable for and that’s something that needs to change.” Former United States President Barack Obama told the public that “Mr. Kap is exercising his constitutional right to make statement,i think he cares about some real ligidament issues that need to be talked about.” NBC

News did a voting poll on the most hated player in the NFL having kaepernick as number one in the poll. Kaepernick’s contract with the 49ers expired in early may, kaepernick later told the media that he will be a free agent for the next season. 49ers head coach issued a statement saying “Even if Kaepernick wanted to renew his contract for next season we were not to accept it.” The NFL addressed players during a fall meeting saying “ we want people to be respectful to the National Anthem and for them to stand.” As many individuals have different emotions on how they feel about Kaepernick’s protest, Quincy Criwinal, Sociology Major says “I respect it, he’s protesting the right way, no violence, just the normal way.” Majority of students say, they support Kaepernick’s decision. After becoming a free agent Kaepernick tried out for the Seattle Seahawks, where later was informed that he wasn’t accepted. Seahawks Head coach told the public that Kaepernick’s skills for Quarterback were not meeting the requirements they needed. After being a free agent for nearly two years, Kaepernick hasn’t played since. However, not all was bleak for Kaepernick, Nike reached out and hired himfor their new Just do it commercial. The commercial featured motivational videos of athletes who accomplished their dreams in life, some of the ath-

letes in the video are even disabled. While the each video is being timely played Kaepernick is giving out a motivational speech inspiring individuals to continue their dreams even if people call your dreams crazy. Kaepernick says he will stay with Nike and work

“Mr. Kap is exercising his constitutional right to make statement,i think he cares about some real ligidament issues that need to be talked about.” -Barack Obama, Former U.S President with them on more ads and commercials the company will do. After Nike played their new commercial some fans were angry at the fact Kaepernick was featured in the commercial, where later some individuals started to burn, rip and sell their Nike apparel with many saying “this is our way of protesting on Nikes commercial.” Nike has not lost any numbers in sales but yet has gained more sale numbers in the 2018 year. The company says they will continue to make commercials with the former Quarterback.

Protesting, opposing views within the community of San Pedro say that the shelter is to close to schools and businesses including What started as angry the Harbor Cruise Terminal San Pedro Residents prowhich many say they will be testing about the building affected by the shelter. Resof the Emergency Homeless idents also fear that shelter Shelter, which was approved will cause more homeless and ordered to be built by individuals to come from Mayor and Councilman Joe other cities causing the Buscaino, which in this case number of homeless to rise did not consult with the San in San Pedro. Pedro Community about Measure H was passed the building of the project, in 2018 by state voter which which triggered many Res- says, the County of LA idents to protest. Residents wants to raise the County By; Victor Valladares Staff Writer

sales tax by one quarter of a cent and will be added to existing sale taxes. The Los Angeles city sales tax will go up to nine percent and the sales tax in the city of Long Beach will go up to ten percent bringing three hundred fifty million dollars per year that will used to pay for services and not housing for homeless individuals for example mental health care, medical care, drug and alcohol rehab and more. The sales

tax worked hand in hand with a bond that pays for construction of affordable housing. This proposed sales tax would pay for services making housing an additional service. We called Joes office where we were unable to speak to him but were able to speak with Branimir Kvartuc, Director of Communications for Joe Buscaino were he addressed saying, “It was [the] Mayors initiative to do this due to the measure H that was

passed this last year putting twenty five proposals for the entire City of LA. The goal for this project is to take these people off the streets. Residents are complaining about [homeless] using the restrooms and sleeping [on the] sidewalks, leaving the police to do something but they cant. So we are [coming up with]... the solution to solve all Continued on Next Page

October 11, 2018

Page 7 this. People are sleeping on these sidewalks, they are urinating and shitting on these sidewalks and also suffocating and that needs to stop and that all works one step at a time. There are five hundred homeless indi-

eryday keeping it clean,safe and organized and that’s what residents are not understanding, they think it’s your average shelter but its not, its a emergency living Shelter. People are spending half of their salary on high

aware that residents want to recall the mayor out of office, branimir said, “and that’s their right, but let me tell you it’s not easy to do, so they can try all they want but it’s not easy.” Do you think the city

office recalled, he replied back saying “bring it on” and “If you don’t like it you can move somewhere else? Branimir says “yes, but let me tell you those aren’t even real reporters their fake! Their just a pack of

An older homeless man sits against a railing as he watches a Families Belong Together march walk by in Downtown Los Angeles

viduals living in San Pedro at the moment,a hundred and fifty of them sleep on sidewalks, a hundred and fifty sleep in their cars and the rest sleep in some type of shelter. The city was given four billion dollars to start this project to provide housing to homeless across the cities of LA. By creating this twenty cities across LA we will be taking one hundred thousand homeless individuals off the street by 2019, we started with Wilmington who just opened there shelter today and next it’s San Pedro, Hollywood, Venice, Koreatown, Watts and more. It’s not a traditional shelter where they make a long line by 7 p.m. trying to get a space to sleep then having to leave at 6 a.m. no,its a emergency Shelter that just doesn’t provide shelter and utilities, it offers programs to help those individuals that need help to get them back up on their feet and help their own place to live. Seventy five to one hundred individuals are able to live in the shelter with also having showers and bathrooms to use for personal needs. The Shelter will have five staff clean ups everyday, with 24/7 Los Angeles Police Department patrols ev-

rent or mortgages that need to be paid, people want to live normal lives, go out and do hobbies but cant why, because they spend all their money to pay these super high rent or mortgages. We are also expanding the San Pedro Projects making the from four hundred seventy eight homes to one thousand six hundred and that project is expected to launch very soon this year, we are also gonna push those shitty war bricks that are close by Korean Bell and build homes their ,without those ugly bricks we are able to provide homes to Residents that can afford them. Joe is the biggest proponent in the City of LA, he is building homes to get people off the sidewalks, no other person in office has built more homes than Joe.” When asked if he is aware that residents are protesting publicly about the building of the shelter, Branimir said, “That’s their right, I don’t know why they are protesting and they don’t know why they’re protesting, we do what the people voted on and after we do it they protest, their the ones causing a outbreak.” When asked if he was

will be affected by building this shelter, was another questioned asked to Branimir which he said, “ The city is already affected,

“I don’t know why they are protesting and they don’t know why they’re protesting, we do what the people voted on and after we do it they protest, their the ones causing a[n] outbreak.” -Branimir Kvartuc Communications Director for Councilman Joe Buscaino

there isn’t any affecting to a city that is already affected, why, because we have many homeless who live and suffocate on these sidewalks and also use the sidewalks as restrooms, all that needs a change and after it changes and stops the city won’t be affected anymore.” Final question that asked to Branimir was, is it true when Joe was asked about the protesting and getting his position in

uneducated barking dogs , who just insult people they have in interviews and Joe was getting insulted and bullied in all verbal ways by some barking dogs and naturally Joe got mad and had to defend himself so fuck them.” Many business owners next to the shelter are angry that the fact it’s getting built right next to them, Carl Crawford business owner of Up Creative Pet Supplies says, “ I don’t like it, we already have enough trouble here and around the city with these individuals and don’t want more to come. The city has no plan for clean ups or policing and just planning to dump them here. I understand there’s a homeless issue we have but some don’t wanna get the help they need because these places have rules they have to follow and that’s what stops them. Homeless individuals come into my property to steal cans leaving a mess and also bringing more of them that half of the time cause trouble. I understand its a problem and no one wants them in their neighborhoods but there’s more places far from residents and business that can be a better spot to put them at.” West Marine store

owner Sherry, who did not want to give her last name said, “I agree with the city building a shelter as long as its maintained and staffed right. It doesn’t matter where we put them because we will never be able to

Photo By Steven Guzman

hide from it.” Homeless individual Manuel Uribe, 62, said, “I didn’t know that they are gonna build a shelter but I think it’s good they are because the Street is a dangerous place to live on. Let me tell you the truth, the program will help but this will only be beneficial to the ones who want it and the ones who don’t will continue to live on the streets. I would like to see the shelter provide food, clothes and if the people could classes to learn and study.” Julio Ulas, age 60, retired says, “if you can’t clean up yourself this wont benefit you but with the help of daily clean ups and policing it will help. I would like to see a basketball court or a gym to be built with also having a school to learn from and a job to work at to have money to eat and later buy a home to live in.” Los Angeles Harbor College student Julio Alvarez says “ I think this will help the homeless problem we face in LA especially to the homeless students Harbor has.” The project is undergoing construction where it will be built early 2019 with other Shelters also opening across the city and county of LA.

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October 11, 2018

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Harbor Tides Fall 2018 Issue #2  

The second issue of the fall 2018 semester of the Harbor Tides at Los Angeles Harbor College.

Harbor Tides Fall 2018 Issue #2  

The second issue of the fall 2018 semester of the Harbor Tides at Los Angeles Harbor College.