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Enough of Sexual harassment... Time to raise your Voice! Sexual harassment refers to any unwelcomed and unsolicited comments, advances and behaviors that are sexual in nature. It can include a crude comment or derogatory statement in which someone offers benefits like money or a promotion in exchange for sexual favors, or in worst cases, involves hostile behaviors and abuse. The incident can occur at work, school or even in public.

Sexual harassment is the violation of a person’s rights and we are here to ensure that you get connected to the top sexual harassment attorneys in your state that will see to it that your assailant is brought to justice. According to the lawsuit of Los Angeles, sexual harassment is defined as unwanted sexual advances, or visual, verbal or physical conduct in a sexual nature. This definition is extremely broad precisely because sexual harassment can be committed in many shapes and forms. 

Unwelcome sexual advances;

Making threats in retaliation to a victim’s negative response to sexual advances;

Offering employment in exchange for sexual favors

Verbal abuse that is sexual in nature

Visual conduct

Written/electronic conduct

If you are being sexually harassed at work and feel that nothing is being done about it, you should contact an attorney for sexual harassment at work Los Angeles immediately. Harassment lawyers can help explain the law and assert your rights in court if needed.

Enough of Sexual harassment... Time to raise your Voice!