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Wonders How odd nature can be Darkened skies, foretelling doom and gloom, and yet, I stand before you, mighty plant‌. for all I care a totem pole? I look up and there, against these ominous grey skies I see a heart, shining like a warm sun, giving me strength to carry on I am smiling‌.


Eruptions Eruptions can be fierce, mother nature shows no mercy and makes us flee to safe land, where life is sweet like fruit, ripened and juicy. Suddenly, eruptions are those of love and harmony, melting together you and me, and anyone in sync, forgetting about those who erupt in anger.. Maybe they are better left at the foot of the volcano Don’t let the ash clouds get into your way


My simple life Even when you move me to your palace, I will return to my place the same day. I feel my best in my own surroundings, as long as I have food, colour and health, I only need the sun to warm up my day. Nothing supersedes The riches of simplicity


My Utopia Further than meets the eye, I let my boat take me to where I want to go. Never looking back, not one minute of regret, with a mind so clear, like a reflection on the water. When my boat grows tired, I will disembark on the shores of my Utopia, where I lay myself down to rest, until I wake up to my new life.


Butterfly You only pumped life into your wings this morning, while I opened my flower buds and pointed them in your direction, I am waiting for you, longing to feel your touch, your soft legs grasping my flowers. and now you come dancing‌. Your colour matches mine, my scent makes you high. I need you to touch me, time and time again. You are beautiful, you are fierce when emptying my sweet surrender. I need you my butterfly, for my existence cannot be without you.


Hibiscus Your petals like butterfly wings fan out for just one day‌ Hibiscus bloom, so pure, tender and bright, bring me the feel of your softness, let it land safely and brush my soul.

It is plain to see that simplicity is rich warm and understood



Soul If I were to carve a picture in my soul I would never complete it. The soul holds everything that cannot be moved. Carving its lining would damage its content. It is therefore, that dreams may be carved into stone, so that once they come true, they can be stored in our soul forever and ever‌.


Agony Life passes me by, I see you as me, day in day out. Love passes me by, no time to see me see you, and feel the colour The sun turns cold, when life and love remain on the threshold of my broken door.

Marjo Rashid-Stals (1956) studied at van Maerlantlyceum Eindhoven, and left the Netherlands in 1977 to live and work in Bahrain. There she ran her own translation office from 1986-1998. She received an Award as Young Entrepreneur of Bahrain in 1996 granted by Ernst & Young and Al-Ahli Commercial Bank. In 1999 she was sworn in as a certified translator in the Netherlands, for the German and English language. Poetry Marjo started writing lyrics and poems from an early age. She never stopped and came with the idea to write poems in the Dutch and English language in combination with works of Art and photographs. She looks at something and starts writing. Sometimes, the words just flow from her head, leaving her no choice but to write them down. Vision Marjo believes that pieces of Art and photographs become more meaningful when accompanied by subtle words. Words are thoughts, and writing them in such way that everybody can relate to them is a real challenge.

Harry Smulders (1956) studied at at the Design Academy in Eindhoven from 1975 to 1980. Works as a freelance designer. He visited many places and cultures; Mexico, Brazil, Indonesia, Italy, France, USA, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, India, China and South-Africa. The impressions gained here are contributed to his inner world. Photography Capturing contrasts between nature and manmade environment. Order and structure against natural harmony. The contrasts in everyday life with its nuances and ambiguties. From the graphic context, mostly 2-dimensional work, interest originated to investigate graphics into 3-dimensional studies, inspired by the harmony of the natural form. Straight lines and shapes placed in a natural setting. Vision It’s not what you see, but how you see it. Triggering an emotional reaction because an image hits you. Trying to catch the soul by subjective interpretation instead of objective recording.